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What is dollar cost averaging?

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if you have $10,000 to invest, it means spacing out that $10,000 investment over a period of time to get an averaged cost basis rather than buying all at once on a single day and potentially buying the top (or buying the bottom, or the middle, or whatever.)

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You cannot and will not time the top or bottom.
I dca'd ETH from 325-350 to 191. Buy dips to lower your over all investment.

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As long as you're not DCAing into a dead asset/sec or scam then sure. It still assumes it'll rise over time, you're just averaging out the small dips and hills

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cost/profit ratio
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But what’s the point of averaging up/down over the course of a few months rather than just buy all at once? Instead of gambling on timing the top/bottom you’re gambling whether price will go up or down, averaging your cost up or down

Isn’t it a gamble regardless so you might as well just save yourself time and just buy it all immediately? Also if you’re bullish you might miss out by being slowmon your staking

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The difference is negligible between DCA and buying upfront as long as you have the finances and will be holding over a long period

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I thought it meant if you buy something at $10 dollars, then you buy more when it dips, like at $8, $7, and $5 so the average that you bought in at was a lot lower than the initial one.

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it's all the same concept.

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It means you take all the dollars you have and then count how many types of dollars you have.. The average is everything added together divided by the number of bills you have

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Its the same idea

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Basically keep dumping money into the same investment over a long period of time. It will average out, you won't always buy the top or bottom and you should make a steady amount over time.

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It happens when you buy and it goes down so you buy more to average down. But your bags are still heavy so when it drops another 5 no wait 10% you buy a bunch more bringing your average down and destroying your portfolio. Then you eventually sell and buy AQB and you're making 2x overnight!

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both ways you're minimizing risk over time, but the main difference is that buying the same amount every time eliminates judgement from the calculation altogether.
if you're saving money in reserve to buy more during dips then you're introducing a judgement call that you don't think the current price is the new floor, and in that case you risk leaving money on the table. maybe that risk is worth the reward if you can gauge the market accurately, but then you're still mentally on the hook for making those adjustments vs. just making robotic purchases no matter what.

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is now a good time to DCA since crypto is dumping?

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It’s actually been shown that lump sum is better if you have it, but you should always buy at dips and never on parabolic moves. DCA is better to do if you don’t have lump sum. You definitely want to dca over hoarding cash.

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