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I've lost so much fucking money

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I dont even know this shit lol

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that's strange, a few weeks after CZ was pimping this garbage on twitter there's suddenly more and more people here posting about losing large amounts of money on BSC. I wonder what happened?

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it was 30 last week I jumped in early on this one and chased out at 160. People are just getting scared of scams and/or following the scams that gives them more money. I went from bunny to egg then to viking then back to egg and now lotus. Too poor to afford loses

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>food tokens
>swap tokens

"I wOnDeR wHaT hApPeNeD???"

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go back

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the chink menace didn't even bother to think it through. what else is new?

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Go for proper projects
Space will moon soon, liquidity will be locked, and just started

w w w . t . me / SpaceOfficialFinance

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