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This is the last time I listen to you fucks.

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comfy farming for 300% apy

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At the end of the day it's still a cute logo even if UNI mogs it

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Buy QUICK anon, the real UNI flipper

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on pancakebunny you can get 450% staking cake, p comfy

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>why is it not getting me rich RICH NOW???
I bet you sold your UNI airdrop at $3.

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nigger, most of the shills bought at CAKE $0.3 or lower and BNB at $40

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It's funny how even the highest yielding farming ponzis like pic related are still less profitable than just low leverage longing btc where you can make that in a week or so with 1 good trade.

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1inch now on BSC

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this, desu

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>omg it didn't change the world in one week literally useless
I'm starting to understand why zoom zooms get drugged by doctors. You faggots cannot function on normal timeframes. Put down the tiktoks and get a job faggot.

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That's what every faggot says yet they keep getting liquidated every other day.
>n-not me I-I n-never make bad trades
ok liar

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I got liquidated a couple times on 20x leverage but I made way more than what I lost on my successful trades and now I'm just hodling and sticking to 5x with about 5% of my holdings. Also it would be kind of impossible to get 6.7M% gain in one trade lol, but the true apy of this ponzi is obviously much lower, I've already lost about 3% due to IL lol.

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You can use leveraged tokens where you don't get liquidated or avoid Binance which is riddled with scam wicks

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I don't understand charts I just get a feeling and act on it. Never read up, just look at BTC and decide to buy or sell depending how I feel. Haven't made a bad trade since last month and trade most days

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That's Rubics job

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you have two options:
a) wait until the correction is over and then this will pump to $50 in a matter of weeks (which would still be below uni's mcap)
b) sell everything because this correction might be the beginning of the end of this crypto bull run

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autofarm is legit, not a ponzi

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>not comfy farming in the stake pool for 130% APR/370% APY with zero permanent loss
>cake has literally found support around the $13 area

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it's currently below that

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>farming in the stake pool for 130% APR/370% APY with zero permanent loss
Link please, fren?

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just stake it retard

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>investing into a layer 1 dex thinking that it will defeat another layer 1 dex with more users

i dont really get it

i sold pancake yesterday and went all in on quickswap

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Who in the fuck is the dragon here?

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QuickSwap, good sirs.

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should have bought bake

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should have bought lotus