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post your best

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love this one so much

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Does it get set off when one of the workers stands near it?

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clean it up wagie

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clean it up wagie!

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KEK. Why the fuck did he care if they film a screen.

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he's doing it for good boy points and a 0.20c raise

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They probably charge people like $40 to print those pictures off

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they charge a shit ton for those ride pictures. this hero was just trying to do the right thing and prevent theft. I think he did a good job and should get his yearly 0.001% raise a few months early

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Le shiggy

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The next Terminator movie is going to take a scary turn....

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What is the point of this thing?
Wouldnt just sending some minimum wage drone around the store to find dropped items be way quicker and cheaper?

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What a waste of money lmao

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For now
The cost will inevitably fall if these early deployments are useful

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something like 35k for one of these, lmao. that could have been a nice raise for everyone, or a solid marketing campaign to increase store profits. better to spend it on this retarded shit though

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It would be better if it had the audio telling the wagie clean up in aisle "x". The bot then stands at the spill and it's lights turn yellow until you press a button on him. His name is Marty.

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Why are we this late, frens?

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It's to map out the store. Thing is filled with cameras.

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kek I did 1 month in retail and I would rather live on neetbucks for the rest of my life instead of ever doing this again.

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i love mega motors

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This makes me really sad desu :(

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Holy shit this one has to be the most degrading one I've seen so far.
>I-Im coming sir

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This isn't wagie posting friend.

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Why? She just got financed for a '98 dodge neon. Shits fire.

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wagie, get back in your cagie

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based marty

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See! Told you faggots automation wouldn't take over your jobs.
Robots are just your bosses now and you get to keep your job!

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Imagine a Saturday AND Sunday weekend. What a prize.

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I'm guessing that having one of those in the store cuts the liability insurance enough to justify its purchase long term. Insurance companies are the biggest scam. It's still funny as hell though

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KEK I remember 2 years ago one of my friends went to a similar ride in LA and had those clip on zoom accessories for the iphone so he was able to have x8 zoom and nobody thought he was taking a picture of the monitor from so far away

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yeah there's probably some big write off with that, you're probably right

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it stops crying before it returns to work

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>spare tire installed
well, at least that little mutt baby will splatter when queen of the wiggers takes that shitbox over 55mph

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yeah,the managers of retail stores tend to see their workers like cattle and its not uncommon that they use every tax evasion trick in the book where I live.

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that fucking spare tire is killing me

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The constant beeping on this thing would drive me insane. I am spurred to violence.

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>mutt baby
you cant make this shit up

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Jesus Christ that thing is gonna last her 1000 miles and the engine will just blow up

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lol @2:11 a woman drops her phone and it actually looks at it for a second before she picks it up

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What is the context for this?

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You have to pay to have your picture of you on the ride, wagie is trying to stop them "stealing" a picture from the monitor.

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They have a great clientele

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At amusement/theme park rides, there is a hidden camera that photographs you during an intense moment of the ride, hopefully you're making a funny face and they charge you $40 for a hard copy (the photo "shop" is located near the exit and you get jumped as you leave, asking if you want to pay $40 for a hard copy of a photo you didn't consent to)
You have to point to the screens behind him and say "that's me/mykid, print that one please". Everywhere is posted "PLEASE NO PHOTOS", because they want their $40. This wagie is willing to put his life on the line to keep someone from filming with their phone (for $7.50/hr)

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$350 with approved application. That was just the down payment. That would be a steal. The car was priced for around $1500 if I had to guess, then she put $350 down and 39% apr for the rest. These types of dealerships exist and they help people get mobile like this individual.

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Thank you

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Why? Just another coal burner

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Shit these are great

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>spare tire
>shitty tatto
God bless America

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Oh come on anon, he might a SENIOR or a BOOTB MANAGER and could be making $12 an hour. Do not judge so quick

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Really makes a guy wanna come in early and stay late and show up for a double while sick or with an injury... all the while getting talked down to by the biggest fish in the smallest pond and being yelled at and chastised by retarded boomers who remind you The Customer is Always Right. So glad I got out of retail. I feel for the anons still stuck in the blender

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I remember once bringing in a jar of pennies to a snack shop, and the guy working there said "I'm not counting all of that." when I brought it to the counter. The manager shouted at him "OH YES YOU WILL!" and made him count them in front of me. Wageys BTFO

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You think this is the end result. These will keep becoming more advanced so thy can micro mange and torture the wagies. Maybe even eventually punishment. And its a show of force. Keep the wagies in check

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The classic

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Purchases related to the "benefit of the store" is deducted from taxes, up to like 200k. The American tax system is so funny when exploited.

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This should be illegal desu

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It's not about the money. Its about sending a message

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the place where I worked got robbed at gunpoint shortly after I quit.it was truly a gift from god.lets hope no anon here is stupid enough to work in a retirement home because these people are even more nasty and shit their entire bed and yet act as if they got any dignity left.

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True. I bet they take the depreciation on "asset" every year too

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agreed. mulattos make me sick.

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>mutt baby
Fucking kill this gay earth already

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Good timing! And I couldnt imagine working a nursing home. I'd prob rather die

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Lol reminds me of this guy
>Defend your life wagey?

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why would anybody make something like this

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>It's not afraid.

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You just know

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pls post more mega motors

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the wagetrix

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Anybody actually do this? I never actually have but it seems like it would be so easy to just give yourself a lil discount on some groceries

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every fast food crew ever

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>Someone had to clean up all that sticky liquid and glass

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a friend always sends me pictures of his working place and its disgusting.he almost killed himself last year until I told him about this place.

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They have a Facebook page. It's hilarious and sad

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*robbery occurs*
*wagie defends himself*

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The basilisk is real isnt it...

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When I was poor I would sneak a thing or two. I stole only what I couldn't afford.

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Submission through humiliation.

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wtf is it with everyone wearing sandals?

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Back when I was in my early 20s I'd always go to the bulk sections, get a buttload of Reeses minis and then run them as sun flower seeds. Never got caught. These days the most I shoplift are grocery bags, which cost $.10 in California. I'm never paying for that lol.

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No thats what the car is worth in real life but here thats her down payment. Shes probably paying like $5k for this pos in total.

Poors gonna poor.

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they have these things at the supermarket near me

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I feel like one might not be as bad as it looks to clean up. If there is a drain on the floor you might be able to just tear the bag a few inches above the piss then walk away as the weight slow expands the tear down to the piss. Once all the piss has settled, hose down the floor and walls for a few minutes then mop. Still horribly demeaning of course.

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How demeaning

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Don't worry, Marty put someone on it.

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>the most I shoplift are grocery bags, which cost $.10 in California. I'm never paying for that lol.
This isn't shoplifting, you're doing the right thing, god speed.

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Judeo-Negroid-American "culture"
Just look at how people dress today vs how they did in the early 1900s, hell up to the 50s. If you still dont think we're living in a dark age idk you dumb

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>It was at this very moment that I decided to work for the cartel.

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i stole 10 bucks worth of toilet paper by not scanning it a few months ago, then was anxious for like a month that they were going to find the footage and arrest me

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you would think instead of wasting money on this crap the buy some new tiles

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With tube socks no less

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fucking kek

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Had a roommate in college who stole so much shit from wal-mart. He told me about his exploits and I didn't believe him so he took me with him. He got a few grocery items, a coffee maker and a big ass rug he stashed under the cart. Scanned only some of the groceries, paid, and walked out with his loot. I was astounded.
He was a really cool guy and also morbidly obese, like 400 lbs which somehow makes it doubly hilarious. I don't know if he was lying about never getting caught but after seeing him pull that shit there was no doubt he was a regular.

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Tipping is the stupidiest shit ever.
Why in the hell would you tip someone for doing the thing that they get a salary to do.

>> No.29707602

It's very easy to pretend to scan the item then throw it in the bag if you do stuff very quickly. Grab 3+ items, scan them all rapidly in a row, and "accidentally" don't scan the more expensive stuff.
However, I would never do this, because I'm white. I would never steal from a grocery store like some kind of lowlife thug.

>> No.29707813

Is that amount actually bad? how much do you actually tip over there?
The only people i tip over here are uber drivers i actually liked and i'm pretty sure thats only cos the thing pops up.

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Once I make it, I will franchise a walmart, and order 20 of these things just to dab on wagie. Better yet, add in automated kiosks a few months later just to lay off the wagecucks. They will be the shittest kiosks gains can buy, and will force my wageslaves to do impromptu tech support for half-blind boomers. They will work overtime and they will receive no raise. I will mix in at least 1 retard and 2 morbidly obese sheboons for every 5 of my working wagies just to make them suffer. At random, I shall draw straws and promote one of the sheboons to manager to work as black drivers for my wageslaves. If I catch any wagie complain, I will fire them for racism and sexism, and will make sure every other employer knows just how much of a bigot they are.

Now clean it up wagie.

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dare i say, a professional wagie?

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you ain't gonna be buying 20 of anything while living on a weekly allowance from mom

>> No.29708185

We stray further from god every day

>> No.29708259

t. passed for promotion for a based obese sheboon

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Hmm? Did I strike a nerve wagie?

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lol underrated

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people making fun of wagies are pathetic.
it's like the second ugliest and poorest kid picking on the ugliest and poorest lmao.

nothing wrong with hard exploitative labor, it makes you appreciate it all the more when you make it .

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I tip because I like to be generous and bring a smile to people who may otherwise be having a tough day.

>> No.29708575

This is no different than a bogcat having a cage. It's so when retards knock shit over they don't fucking die

>> No.29708584

America is so evil you make a return to corporation owned mining towns seem like freedom. Fucking christ.

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These are the people who make fun of wagies:
1. A trust fund kid
2. A Pajeet
3. A leech
4. Lives with parents
5. Kids who are wagies
6. Neets who bought eth in 2016
I am going to assume you are not in the upper 85 percentile of reasons you would be calling someone wagie

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>t. wagie

>> No.29708900

15% is considered baseline at normal places. I have a baseline tip based around how long I am in the place. It isn't right I go to steak and shake and the lady gets 1.50$ for an hour of her time vs going to jack ruby's and the cunt making 50$ and me not having any fucking water all night

>> No.29708919

Nice cope bro. Do you really think all the billionaires who REALLY made it do anything differently? Someone makes these wagies do these things after all. If you aren't willing to fuck someone over, be it for gains or lulz, you are ngmi.

>> No.29708966

Well there definitely won't be any spills on that one tiny bit of floor it keeps circling

>> No.29709057

>t. 20k net worth

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>> No.29709139

every fruit or vegetable that goes through self checkout is bananas

>> No.29709204

>These are the people who make fun of wagies
There are people who work to make money to provide for themselves and a potential future and then there is pathetic losers like the dipshit in the OP who ape when you do something "against da rules". The former is respectable. The latter is pathetic boot licking and being a mindless drone

>> No.29709222

You forgot all the Mexican flags

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yes because everyone in this thread is a billionaire.
my point is that most people here havent even made it and need to make fun of others to feel better.

pretty sad imo but do you

also, if you are poor and wagecuck until you make it, thats more respectable than people born middle class or rich obviously

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good tipping is suppose to be 18-22% so with that bill it should be like 36$. Its stupid only because even if the person sucks dick, they tip out 3% of tips ( sometimes varies) to bartender, host, bus boy, etc. If u dont get tipped u sometimes pay money out for people. Its the shitty labor laws in us that cause this.

>> No.29709517

bot needs to be going peepeepoopoo all over the floor and shelves and wagie

>> No.29709543

Besides the 20 martys you just described a regular walmart

>> No.29709619

Not really. The guy is doing his job. I'm assuming you understand the context of that scenario. In share holder capitalism, this man is just being a dutiful employee. The fact that he seems like an autist is kind of funny though and the way he handles it is easy to make fun of. I'd give the guy a raise.

>> No.29709694

I literally steal as much as I can get away with every time and I'm not even poor

>> No.29709718

>The guy is doing his job
The guy is being a spas because his overlords won't make a sale they wouldn't have made regardless.

>> No.29709740


>> No.29709807

Unskilled labor is a sad fate
Once people stop having kids (soon), there wont be any teenager left for those jobs

it will be all old people
that will be depressing

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a daring synthesis

>> No.29709834

Seems copish. Now go on moralfag wagies, clean up my mess. We wouldn't want the floor to be sticky for our dear customers, now would we?

>> No.29709866

this is horrifying

>> No.29709912

The guy is taking a picture with his phone, it's not allowed. Period, end of story. Don't want the picture, fine, but put your phone away. I hope the guy recording was ejected from the park, he deserved it.

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>> No.29710005

Kek. Saved.

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I cannot imagine going to a restaurant and tipping that much. Why not just, not tip? It's not like they're even cooking the food, they're just carrying the food around, and taking way too long to bring it to the table. Tipping 20%, what a ridiculous notion.

>> No.29710045

>good tipping is suppose to be 18-22% so with that bill it should be like 36$
Yeah fuck that and fuck that cunt. I tip out the ass at shitty restaurants and when I do go to nice places I put CASH in the tip line and don't actually give them a tip. I was asked about it once and just said someone must have swiped it. Since the place was fucking packed. She asked how much and I lied saying it was 50$ to which she was extremely upset

>> No.29710068


That might be the best job he can get. The same way you see retail cucks being jerks. It'll be the best job they'll get till they die

>> No.29710129

I'll go to the US someday and not tip anyone fuck these entitled cunts.

>> No.29710162


>> No.29710218

God damn that second one top made me laugh
>clean it up wagie!!

>> No.29710257

kek, based anon. Can I fuck one of your cute wagies? Not a retard or one of the sheboons.

>> No.29710275

>The guy is taking a picture with his phone, it's not allowed. Period, end of story
Found the drone. Just because it is against the rules doesn't mean it isn't pathetic. If they didn't want people doing exactly that then don't have them on a fucking huge screen or put a billion water marks on the image
Probably. The unfortunate fact of the matter is there are millions of people who are ultimately worthless as far as the economy is concerned

>> No.29710285

this is sad

>> No.29710394

I don't know who made this, but I busted out laughing for a minute straight. This is pure poetry.

>> No.29710410

>The unfortunate fact of the matter is there are millions of people who are ultimately worthless as far as the economy is concerned

Yes, most jobs aren't needed. Covid showed us that

>> No.29710431

>this guy is doing his job
I bet nowhere in his faggy job description does it tell him to act like this. He's a fucking lover just like you that will always be mad at other people for having a better place in this world.

>> No.29710440

OC my friend

>> No.29710460

that's amazing. my record is 2 weeks of a decent paying office job. that was enough to never wage again.

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man imagine if you showed this shit to someone living in 2019

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File: 255 KB, 1140x797, NS-BOSSANOVA-20171103arBossaNova04-3-1-1578939166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Partly true, the vertical height is just because there's a single column bank of camera's used for scanning product bardcodes on all the merchandise shelving rows at once. Secretly tho
>All the drone producers are actually deep***** shell companies effectively implementing 24 hr live surveillance all over america, while also compiling biometric profiles of all its citizens

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>> No.29710566

How does this happen

>> No.29710569


>> No.29710609

So, if someone comes into your house, goes to the toilet, and takes a SHIT in the toilets water tank, you should have bolted your lid shut, or wait, let me guess you don't even let people use your bathroom, right?

>> No.29710621

No the customer is always right. You should know this wagie. Now begone to your cage.

>> No.29710640

This is just sad

>> No.29710662

waitressing is the most overpaid job in the world and the main reason why women in their 20's out-earn their male counterparts.

i dated a waitress when I was in college, she was 24, and would work sat and sunday night and bring in on average $650/wk. It's a joke.

Meanwhile I was a cook and was cutting and burning myself regularly, almost cut off my thumb (at the start of a shift, had to wrap in in plastic and finish my double anyway, back to work wagie!) and would be lucky to see $40 in tips on a weekend with an $11/hr base.

fuck women. life on easy mode when they're young.

>> No.29710736

What did I just read? Fucking kek no wonder you'll wage slave for life.

>> No.29710737


>> No.29710773

It's actually closer to 9%, but I guess that's why she's a waitress.

>> No.29710808

Of course it's part of his job description. You think he'll have a job if he lets everyone take a picture instead of buying one? Are you retarded or you just don't give a fuck and ride the coat tails of greater men?

>> No.29710814

urinal outlet pipes all go to the left, something is backed up, so everything flows out of the leftmost urinal instead

>> No.29710838

>So, if someone comes into your house
If someone comes in my house they are getting an ounce of lead in them. If someone comes in my business and takes a shit on the floor it is something that is expected to happen on the occasion frankly because anything that can happen when you work with the public will happen. Also if you have ever seen a public toilet you would notice THE FUCKING TANK ISN'T ACCESSABLE GOR THAT EXACT REASON YOUR TROGLODYTE

>> No.29710863

To trick store owners into thinking they can lay off some workers by buying your robots.

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>All the drone producers are actually deep***** shell companies effectively implementing 24 hr live surveillance all over america, while also compiling biometric profiles of all its citizens
This but unironically

>> No.29710885

I used to think that if you walked out with any unpaid items it would set off those door alarms and you’d get caught. Then I started wage slaveing at Target and found out only clothing and tech products are protected. Want a new blender? You can walk right out with one and nobody will notice or care that it’s missing.

>> No.29710901
File: 89 KB, 540x540, eotm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29710903

lol how is that even remotely comparable

>> No.29710951

impeccably based

>> No.29710977

Something that obviously short circuited your mid witted thought process. Answer the question or fuck off nigger.

>> No.29711026
File: 381 KB, 600x655, 1599742897156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29711064

Private property and disrespect/rule breaking. Is everyone fucking retarded here?

>> No.29711128

I don’t get it

>> No.29711169

once you get a taste of the neet life its very hard to not miss this inner peace.if I ever get rich then I will probably just relax and do not much else.

>> No.29711170
File: 56 KB, 645x729, 837f8cf1fe7ef5a54a690a1e8c5b797a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Calls out a waitress for being bad at math
Is even worse. OH NO NO NO.

>> No.29711216

What a faggot.

>> No.29711234

I have a better solution.
Instead of tipping, I just don’t order form restaurants that make their employee rely on tips
Is that a better solution?

>> No.29711244

when the drone has enough meta-data about the store, they can give it a mop and vacuum, and have it restock shelves too. Skynet will be the wagie.

>> No.29711289
File: 205 KB, 1242x541, E81FF0DC-EA68-4DF0-BF1A-D16B195785DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29711310

You are either exceptionally retarded or a lie effort troll. Either way I pity you

>> No.29711316

Fun fact: Nevada is passing legislation so that corporations can do that again. Form their own countries in fact. You will own nothing and like it!

>where do you live anon?
>I like in Walmarton how about you?
>I’m right next door in Amazonville
>Ooolala fancy!

>> No.29711339

>that profile pic

>> No.29711357

Imagine the smell

>> No.29711412


Can someone please explain this to a non American that doesn't know anything about cars?
Is the car only 350?
Isnt that a good deal?

>> No.29711448

This. Low effort troll posting

>> No.29711451

Good, retards pity things.

>> No.29711486

I kneel

>> No.29711512

>see you again soon

>> No.29711520

Millennials and zoomers only tip if it's a big titted teen and even then less than 10%. Boomers tip 30% or more because they're retarded.

>> No.29711526


>> No.29711528

Cool, maybe you should suck his dick.

>> No.29711546


Ahh how times have changed; these days the coppers would have shown up and arrested that guy for misgendering xir.

>> No.29711552

People you have to tip don't get salary you retard.

>> No.29711610


>> No.29711634

This is how I imagine Texas except most "white" people are fatter and older and less poor. Upgrade the car to like a corolla with 2 different color doors.

>> No.29711635

You are a perfect fit for the job

>> No.29711651

Go ahead, take it out and suck.

>> No.29711664

>Millennials and zoomers only tip if it's a big titted teen and even then less than 10%. Boomers tip 30% or more because they're retarded.
You quite literally have it backwards. Whining white of course. Minorites unironically don't tip unless they are in a date trying to look well off

>> No.29711709

What? How drunk are you? fucking loser wagie

>> No.29711742
File: 1.57 MB, 2048x2048, DF7F2988-6871-47C1-B578-489F71CD853C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just made this one to try and put in another thread, but it got archived before I could post

>> No.29711757
File: 729 KB, 808x853, 1611803351243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Petition to make Marty, the Robot a player for the /4cc/ and /biz/'s mascot.

>> No.29711765

The reason for this is businesses hiring lazy niggers.
You can fire white employees that shit on the toilet for hours.
But you can't fire lazy nogs without being accused of discriminating against their bowels.
So businesses have to try tricks to make pooping for too long uncomfortable.
The only solution to this toilet problem is to make discrimination legal.

>> No.29711774

The newer machines use AI to detect this. It literally doubled two of my item because it added it when it was in my hand close to the bag before I scanned it. It then made some wagie come over and verify that all the items were correct.

>> No.29711823

>Feeding trolls
Don't be retarded

>> No.29711882
File: 288 KB, 220x219, 1585926077809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29711888

I tip based on service. If service is even fair, I go 15 percent. If it's average 20 percent. If I get any kind of attitude, I stiff them completely.

>> No.29711929
File: 394 KB, 1024x1280, 1613911371557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She (male) is all yours anon.

>> No.29711936

that man's soul left many years ago

>> No.29711956

Suck my dick nigger. Go find something else to do.

>> No.29712042
File: 442 KB, 588x703, 1613313313697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29712094

Posting based on percentage makes no sense. I had a nice quick meal at an nice place before a movie right before coof were the total was right under 200$ and I was in the place for less than half an hour. I'm not paying the lady who visited my table twice while it was completely dead 40 fucking dollars for 10 minutes of her time

>> No.29712112

I'll slide off and hurt myself fucker.

>> No.29712126
File: 1.68 MB, 2048x1111, 1547224416137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29712146

It is a nice gesture. I would appreciate it.

>> No.29712164

Niggers aren't people, retard. Obviously I'm discussing whites.

>> No.29712172

8% of 184.14 = 14.73 - difference from 15.86 = 1.13

9% of 184.14 = 16.57 - difference from 15.86 = 0.71

I've never been absolutely and unequivocally correct on the internet before, never been able to prove to someone mathematically why they are wrong. It feels good man.

>> No.29712254
File: 147 KB, 1024x768, HTotO65h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29712265

Well, I support your decision to pay whatever you see fit. It's a tip and it's your money.

>> No.29712287

>hurrr I can into math
braincucks get the rope

>> No.29712344

Why would they use a human for this

>> No.29712346

Checked and just poke a tiny hole in it so you can direct the stream into a bucket (or 3), then pour in the urinal next to it.

>> No.29712360


As much as I hate these corporate Ks, it was probably done by local managers who knew him

>> No.29712367


>> No.29712419

Should I join the air force or go to college? I'm 21 and live with my family and my life is going nowhere. Maybe while I go through all the air force training shit my crypto will moon.

>> No.29712434
File: 163 KB, 1702x1384, 1612060634580.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that could have been a nice raise for everyone
>average 150 entry level employees for a single store
>$230 per employee
>approx 2080 base hours worked in a year for a full time worker
i dont know which is more insulting. the robot, or an 11 cent raise.

>> No.29712460

You know this isn't a real sign/poster/whatever, right?

>> No.29712462

Hey now, Pontiacs used to be pretty based.

>> No.29712475

I do the percentage too. It's to keep wage attitudes in check. I haven't gone out since the coof but I could bet the service is good if the wagies are hungry.

>> No.29712479


>> No.29712518


>> No.29712538

no i don't. but there are others like it that are dead serious.

>> No.29712554

mommys kinda cute

>> No.29712563

After falling dead from eating McDonalds all his life def a good gesture

>> No.29712570

I unironically tip more at shithole nasty joints because I know they make fuck all. Had a niece who worked at a high end place and she was making 75$ an hour on a slow fucking weekend working 4 hours saturday and sunday

>> No.29712573

Just join a union and take on an apprenticeship. Trade school if you can't get in for whatever reason. I'd recommend IBEW because you can get hired on at a muni or coop and fuck off all day while making 80k/y with no student loans.

>> No.29712641

>The australian in the background

>> No.29712696

>it's an argument solely about math
>on a board with finance in the name

i'm sorry if this doesn't apply to you, but this board literally has the most retarded people on it

>> No.29712707

>Should I join the air force or go to college
Neither. Learn a trade m if your are any good employers will suck your dick since getting good people in skilled labor is so fucking hard

>> No.29712749

How do you know he didn't die in a car crash?

You don't.

>> No.29712820

t. Jean_Marie_1989

>> No.29712865

kek, I can't stop laughing at this

>> No.29712885


>> No.29712927

Great, good for you. You want to argue or something? You can take your money and give every dime you have to a waiter, none at all, or a percent. Shit you can even give them a crypto. I don't care, it's your money.

>> No.29712999

If this is in the US, just shoot the damn bag from the door.

>> No.29713034


>> No.29713070

Checked and hand cannon-pilled

>> No.29713122
File: 62 KB, 612x612, rx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I go to the store I pocket some of these, I've got a huge stack of every flavor sitting on my desk

>> No.29713180

When i was at the point i was borrowing from future paychecks i started to "accidentally" forget to scan shit.
its strange how you behave when you are on the knifes edge of financial ruin
>be very poor
>only just enough money to cover bills, begin to steal food, basic amenities, and vidya
>get a job that pays wells
>no longer care about paying for vidya, theft no longer enters your mind. Dont worry about price as much.
i get and understand the frustration with the shit pay of an entry level job, but for many wagies, its their own fault for being complacent or apathetic enough to the point they hate their job, but cant be bothered to apply for something better.

>> No.29713251

No idea what trade I'd even learn. I'm kind of retarded. Windmill technician seems kinda interesting. No idea how you even get started on this type of shit.

>> No.29713256

That guys profile pic says “teenage white male” but the way he types says “middle aged nigger woman”
Fucking disgusting

>> No.29713267
File: 33 KB, 373x550, 1612061775122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that repo truck lurking in the background, just knowing it will soon have another meal.

>> No.29713278

because its funny to them

>> No.29713321

>If this is in the US, just shoot the damn bag from the door
Virtually every country in the world allows BB guns

>> No.29713344

Ya this one is fucked because that kid is a teenager just trying to figure out life and absolutely hates homself

>> No.29713393

What is he doing? I don't understand this webm

>> No.29713405

>I'm kind of retarded
HVAC and plummer are retard proof and if you are any good you will be a commodity. Welding is also extremely good

>> No.29713413

Whatever, go die for oil then if you're too stupid to sign a union book.

>> No.29713422

We live in such a cucked society that we have to wait for the police men to handle everything otherwise we could get in trouble if we take matters in our own hands. So sad, in the old days she’d get rekted and the king would thank you for disposing of such vermin.

>> No.29713428

>getting a job where your income depends on the kindness of strangers
Seems pretty stupid desu and there’s no doubt in my mind that she has recieved tips much higher than she deserved as well.

>> No.29713450

absolutely demonic that is terrible

>> No.29713499

They're all retard proof. I'm the dumbest mother fucker within 6 miles at any time and I was able to be trained to interact with 7200v.

>> No.29713524
File: 314 KB, 1080x1844, 3f3e3eb1bccc2d10149e5cf0a7d8f2f9ac234a6c6d9ace9663a64c9b3e008f1c_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a higher resolution. You can win a cupcake!

>> No.29713617

Saved. Shout out to my nigga Quartize.

>> No.29713621

amusement parks take your pictures on some rides but you have to pay to keep them. Wagie is trying is absolute hardest to prevent the chad from just recording the pictures with his phone for free

>> No.29713635

it is closer to 9% than 8% though and the way you typed your post and the flippant use of oh no no no meme tells me you need to lurk a lil more

>> No.29713639

do you think staff at nice places are loaded? are you retarded?

>> No.29713658

Those even good?

>> No.29713721

I do plumbing outside with city water. It's not retard proof, smart people just clean up the mess retarded people make.

>> No.29713724

i've never seen a walmart with such a putrid lime green

>> No.29713757

>Neither. Learn a trade
you can join the military and learn a trade without the 15 years of apprenticeship.

>> No.29713794

What happens if you don't tip in america? Do you get shot, or why do people make such fuss about it?

>> No.29713801

Sounds like you're both poor

>> No.29713830

Who is this someone? Nobody who is INVITED into my home would do something like that. If a random stranger wanted to come into my home to use the bathroom I wouldn’t let them because I don’t know what the fuck they would do.

>> No.29713862
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1613613351179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Always old and stale pics in these threads, so ill add some OC story of mine.

Before I had the good job I do now, i worked many different jobs, but 11 years ago I work at burger king for a little over a year. I worked my ass off, ran one of the fastest drive thru times. They time how fast a car is in and out from the moment you get to the ordering microphone to the time you leave after receiving your food, theres sensors that detects the cars position. I could get cars in and out under 2 mins consistently. I also cleaned and mopped the store, bathrooms and toilets, and at the end of the night i had to clean the grill which filled a 5 gallon bucket with white grease. Your shoes and clothes had a layer of like slime after a shift. So after a while of asking I was finally offered a raise. I was sat down with my manager and the regional manager. They both were smiling and acting proud to give me a raise. The raise? 10 fucking CENTS. TEN. FUCKING. CENTS. For all of that. "It adds up anon" blow my fucking dick. After that I just started taking free food, milkshakes, i didnt give a fuck.

>> No.29713919

eventually they will move so fast you won't even be able to see them

>> No.29713921

>do you think staff at nice places are loaded
No I think waitresses that are 6+/10 get preferential "hot" hours and make what most wagies make doing a 10th of the work in 20% of the time. So like the woman version of /biz/

>15 years of apprenticeship.
What fucking hole do you live in?

>> No.29713923

A guest.

>> No.29713949
File: 1.02 MB, 265x200, 1611000976454.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are some wagies butt hurt on OP's post? It's funny. I bussed tables and did some other crap in the military. Faggot supervisors wanted me to help clean our bathoom on the ship because of low rank. Shit smelled like hell, had to help mop flooded shit floors and watched some dude on his knees in front of shit-filled toilets as it was the dude's job to be close to the toilet and make sure it flushes shit down.

Everyone's gotta do some kind of work at some point. But I think a reminder like that stupid dude trying to block the screens is how shit these jobs are.

How much of a reminder it should be to gtfo and invest. Some are destined to wagie for life, no stopping them there. My loser friend is stuck in NYC as some secretary. Spends about 10-11hrs of his miserable life commuting and working. I give him some suggestions on leaving but nothing. Makes peanuts. His family values are there, since his senpai lives there, but he should work on his future.

>> No.29713959

It's for extracting money from middle-managers who love wasting money to feel smart.

>> No.29713974

>you need to win a holiday off on the price wheel

>> No.29713977

if things ever kick off those cocksuckers should be the first to get the wall

>> No.29713978
File: 105 KB, 698x699, clean it up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29713991
File: 34 KB, 1278x112, Screenshot_176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29713999

For the price? no. For free? absolutely. It's definitely good quality stuff. Nice and portable for snacking on during my daily nature walks too.

>> No.29714025

LMAO this

>> No.29714063
File: 95 KB, 958x960, POV when you pass out at the COC and your DD214 doesn't protect you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recently separated ssgt airfag here, don't do it unless you're totally sure. Some of the benefits are great once you're done but it's been a rough transition. I was making 62k a year working 48 hour weeks rotating days and nights, 12 hour shifts. God help you if you're a cop or maintenance.

>> No.29714110

Maybe she used 200 instead of 184.14:
15.86 / 200 = 7.93%

>> No.29714114

The retards you've been around had shit training then my friend. I broke my leg walking on a perfect grade in 75° weather. I once put my car in a ditch in the middle of the day in August with nobody else around. I am literally retarded and I've never come close to injuring myself or anyone else on the job.

>> No.29714123

This except it was arby's and I never asked for a raise. I just stole thousands of dollars worth of food. I fucking miss that job sometimes

>> No.29714132

I don’t mind tipping but why would I pay anything more than $15 for a tip? I’ve only gone a little bit over because the owner gave us 2 free bottles of soju at kbbq once

>> No.29714198

Oh, that makes sense. I thought the wagie was having a wank to women having orgasms on the slingshot and accidentally streamed it through to the customer display monitors.

>> No.29714249

literally pulled a rug out from under wal-mart

>> No.29714290


>> No.29714300

If you have a wagie job, you should do it well. The prosperity of the economy is dependent upon production and people doing their jobs well. The fact people laugh at this mentality is a sure sign of the tough times ahead.

>> No.29714312

It’s only “bad” because it’s under 18% but why should the cost of the food be a huge factor in how much someone should tip? $15 for 30 mins of work, not counting the other tables she’s serving is good money

>> No.29714318

fucking 10 cents? that's fucked. my first raise was $1. Only adds up if you spend the next 5-10 years there, has for me working in a store for the last 6 years but I sure do want to shoot myself now.

>> No.29714336

I don’t have guests that would shit in my water tank.

>> No.29714382

He'll get caught eventually and end up with a criminal record

>> No.29714417

Let's put it this way, if it wasn't for retards, I wouldn't have a job, so thank you.

>> No.29714441

Should definitely be a player at least.

>> No.29714471

You're a hero anon. My hero.

>> No.29714498

It's a metaphor. Use your imagination.

>> No.29714564

lmao and you're still here, don't take such shitty bait newfag

>> No.29714670

was* this was years ago, as a broke college student it was really frustrating. think I make more than her now but she's long gone.

>> No.29714692

Actually, it's called a "thought experiment" now that I recall my learnings in community college philosophy class.

>> No.29714711

Obviously, I thought the total was 200 and then she got that tip. Good to see you can calculate percentages though, you're very smart.
Was here before you born faggot.

>> No.29714740

Here in Aus the scanned items have to go on the scale and the machine calls a wagie if it's out of balance

>> No.29714755
File: 30 KB, 384x512, FB_IMG_1604101366173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should also mention there are not a ton of jobs with real world application, air traffic control and medical equipment repair are fucking massive because of the certifications you get. ATC sucks, mandatory 6 year contract and a very high failure rate. Medical repair tech is office hours. Tbh medical in general has hot women and fantastic hours with decent real life application.

>> No.29714829

It’s a low res image but one of the options is cupcake. Fucking kek

>> No.29714966


>> No.29715062

That's like a $800 car and she's paying $350. month for years probably lmao

>> No.29715066

Could go to the chair force. The apprenticeship idea that anon suggested sounds like a better idea imo. I've seen another anon suggest something similar to it as an electrican. I went to the Navy but I don't regret it. I saved a bunch and backpacked South America after I got out. Now going to school.