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>gme pumps and dumps within 48 hours

/biz/zaelis vindicated

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how do i short it

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I bought at $46 yesterday, sold at $170 this morning and I plan on buying more sub $100 tomorrow. Fuck you OP.

This shit is going through $400 at least maybe in the thousands. :)

Have fun with your 7% APY

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>t. bought the top coper

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you really think itll shoot up tommorow?

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If it doesnt shoot up tomorrow, then whoever bought 100-150k @800 calls will be really pissed when they all expire worthless tomorrow

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Timing a market like this one is foolish. Could fucking tank to sub $50 tomorrow. My bet is that it will eventually (sooner rather than later) way past its ATH.

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put it into your vagene

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imagine unironically believing investing into this shit stock does something good

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You silly nigger, they bought all of those for 1 cent last month when it dumped. You redditards made them a 38x profit.

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Classic /biz/.

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>bought at 400 the first time
>dumps immediately and sell at 60
>buy again yesterday at 140
>go to sleep
>wake up and sell at 110 before I lose it all again
10k this shit stock us cost me, all my gains are out the window

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lmao happens to me way to often, I wait patiently, make my gains, then I ape into some shit, panic sell and lose a good chunk of my gains.

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There was millions spent on 800 calls today but expiring in next few months

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Please tell me you didn't secure some profits from FOMOing redditards.

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I sold even though I bought at $300. Rather swallow the loss while I still have the chance at this price. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, make that expensive lesson just a little less expensive. Trust me son.

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Why are "calls", "longs" and "shorts" even allowed? Its literary fucking gambling, all on green 0, what does that have to do with investing.

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Maybe they're gonna try to rugpull reddiy a 3rd time?

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>Please tell me you didn't FOMO
no I was still holding

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GME threads should be an insta ban.

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hopefully by now you've learned your lesson to just hold. even if you have to hold for a year or more, you only lose that money if you sell. hell, you may have to even hold for half a century, but it will be worth it friend

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show me another stock with a x5 win ratio from this day


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>some dumbfuck on reddit bought 50k worth of GMED
Go look at the Google chart it's fucking hilarious.
Emotional buyers are the best.

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no, you dumbass. They bought 50k of them just today. They might be dirt cheap, but if you look at the options sold, it's all set up for a chain reaction

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Based retard

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couldnt that have been a bunch of fomo autists buying in today thinking the price was actually gonna hit 1k?

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>not buying more at the bottom and holding until today's peak
Got rid of this shit reddit meme and made a cool $500 today

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the scam only works by creating delusional bagholders who repeat the just hold mantra for the few to take profits while you lose all your money.

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I'm still waiting for a confirmed
>buy 513
>sell 38
>buy 200

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So stock holders can generate additional income by running a game of "guess the price"

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The new meme target is over 100k. The computer simulation said so.

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Because shorts are supposed to keep markets rational and prevent turbo-charged bubbles, and derivatives are supposed to reduce and minimize risk (you're using them wrong)

Maybe read about the shit you're throwing your life savings into before you do it?

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That could indeed explain 50k dirt options. But not the 10-15k options every 100 strike price that are worth around 1$ each. Nor 30k @200 calls that are worth 4,5$ each. Autists are poor and disorganized. Even if they pile up, there's no way they could've pulled that off.

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Yeah well the smart traders have been selling these bozos calls (myself included). Rather than risk scalping or shorting.

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You may be able to get out of that if there's a retard fomo bounce tomorrow

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Fair enough. Normal stocks would never go that high. However, what do you think is gonna happen if this abnomination breaks through 200$ tomorrow, even for a moment?

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I'm a GME fomo newfag and this is probably my first of many times getting cucked.
oh well, hopefully I learned my lesson.

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Because gambling is fun. Now try not to get a boner from my puffy breads.

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How did you get fucked?? What'd you buy in at?

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This fag >>29704064 probably bought the initial spike and then sold as soon as he saw it going down.

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Not investing, it's called trading. Learn the difference.

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I'm not a r*dittor

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Its not trading if they diamond hands never sell suicide cult that shit.

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I didnt buy this shit, I just dont get it.
>keep markets rational
Yeah thats been working well for the US.

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I put $1000 in GME when it was 124, and $1000 in AMC when it was 9 something.
Haven't sold yet, but pretty pessimistic about making any money off of these soon. And I want that money to put into new stocks next week.

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big if true

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If you buy the dips and sell the highs, it's not diamond handing, it's trading.

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I did fomo... fomo’d out of that steaming pile of shit, I dumped my 500 shares on you faggots at $170

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Not enough incentive to short sell is the problem though.
It makes it to risky to short something with meme energy so people just short known losers.
And ride or die memes like
>stonks only go up
are part of the problem as well.

Social media age has genuinely changed how markets function.

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This is a no-brainer, really. Over 200k contracts (representing over 20M shares) are currently out of money and are gonna expire tomorrow. That's basically the main buy pressure that propells the stock up. A.K.A. tomorrow gme is either skyrocketing or crashing straight into hell.

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Bought bunch of puts at the top. The easiest money ever.

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the biz way.

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>It makes it to risky to short something with meme energy so people just short known losers.
Bruh, do you even know how much this shit it shorted right now?

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Historic lows.

Read about how short sellers have been demonized every single time retail fomos and buys the top and you'll see what's really going on.

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Lmao I saw that

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Yeah same, I need to get out tomorrow

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So what, you're under $100? Cry me a river

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The worst. Escape and find a new broker that lets you day trade with only cash.

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Who lets you do that

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TD Ameritrade. Just don't open a margin.

It'll still say you can only day trade 3 times but that's a UI glitch.

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>Historic lows.
>Backs it up with an article from 24 August 2020.
No. I mean today, not 6 months ago.

The other article was informative, thanks. Can't see why the witch hunt for shorts would be uncalled for, though, seeing how lifting shortselling regulations in 2007 literally led to market crash of 2008.
Retail has no fucking power. We just jump in and out of ships governed by whales who want to devour eachother.
Smart shorting can be healthy for the market.
Shorthing fraud companies is good, Small shorting failing companies to make money is ok.
But shorting over 100% of a stock and going as far as shorting the hell out of entire ETFs that contain that stock is a receipt for disaster.

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It's your dirt-poor broker covering their ass from increasing margins required by clearing houses.

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