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alright biz i went from $12k to $300. how can I possibly use this $300 to build back up? Im thinking cardano may be an option but I just dont know. Would appreciate some advice, thanks.

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cardano, stake and follow the news on possible airdrops

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alright doing the exchange now, Ill end up getting 266 ada which aint much but its something. Thanks for the input anon.

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how the fuck did you lose 11k? did you get rugged? jesus anon i feel for you. i like your attitude.

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all in bnb noobshit

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Unironically buy tulip and lotus, especially lotus since it just started and it's picking up traction very quickly

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if i had it id pitch in a little op, good luck. you seem determined

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short eth 100x

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got the ada finally, wish me luck bros

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Are u retarded Cardano is Not gonna do a 40x

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yeah but it might 5-10x. I seriously doubt theres a chance I make my $12k back off of 1 asset.

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and here I thought that I was fucked because I lost 50% with the BTC crash
wagmi OP, I'm betting on ADA and DOT, hope I can atleast get back what I lost

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I can totally see how you managed to go from 12k to 300 in a bullrun

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cardano is a pretty solid choice, gl anon. everyone has lost alot at some point i hope you can get it back.

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This is how OP lost 11k don't be mean

This is also correct. Ada is likely not gonna go higher than $5 but it's probably safe to dump in $300 and hold

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If it gives you any hope, I lost everything but to like $500 and I’m now back at $2k within a few days. It just takes time and effort and maybe some luck

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Hope you can get back up man, seems you are already on the way to. Gave me some hope, good luck.

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Now just delegate it and enjoy your free $0.17 EoM. You'll be back in shape in no time.

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Does swing trading shitcoins really get you that much?

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how did you manage this loss? Just stay away from trading buy 300 dollars worth of lottery tickets.

my advice: short BTC, hope crash continues and then invest in one last low-cap moonshoot potential and hope you get enough to maybe make it next bull run.

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Buy matic or quickswap you retard. ADA is a good hold but moon potential is limited due to high market cap.

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i know its not gonna be much but Im just trying to be a bit safer and rebuild you know. doing my best.

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I like your style kid, give dem bogs hell!

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Buy an ico, right now theres Student coin but on March 1 the ICO for kylin network starts and also aluna social but i recommend student coin and kylin network over aluna.

literally no way you can lose money, you will be buying at its cheapest.

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i see pajeets get money all the time on biz, but its guys like op who deserve it. guy just lost 10k and is in good spirits, determined to rebuild. i like him.

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bump for op

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Tell me more about these airdrops please.

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enjoy going to 0

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How the fuck did you lose $11k? Did you get rugpulled on shitcoins or something?

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get a job and dump every spare $ in BTC. If you managed to go from 12k to 300 in a bull market active trading is not for you and you'll be better off just holding BTC. Check out the price of altcoins in sats, almost none outperform BTC in the long run. there are some outliers like LINK or ETH but the majority have a temporary rise and then fall back down again in sats

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lmao pretty much. I dont wanna end up being the cold stone wagie nooooooooooooo

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