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To the ones who made it: how does it feel to not have to worry about bills and being able to purchase whatever you please for the rest of your life?

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well you could feel the same way if you used the sugon method

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It's actually remarkable how many people don't know about that method.

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Are you me?

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>sugon method

>nothing in google
t-thanks anon.

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I got a feeling OP already uses the sugon method

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there’s an adjustment time That has depression as a major element, but once that evens out things are fine. you have to make your own projects.

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Truly, the company‘s rise to prominence in such a short time has been incredible. Their methodologies are fascinating.

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ur retarded

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sugon on gun?

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>To the ones who made it
whats stopping you from making it?
join a decent pump & shill group with some comfy gains
invites just opened on this one - they pump this saturday
discord gg/SNqPpk5Pjw
we hit some low marketcap coin, pump it, organised shill, sell. It happens all the time here - everyone shilling their shit they bought, why not try an organised version of it

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I greatly prefer Slaw Bundy's method.

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It's alright, but what building is that?

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Amazing method, make millions off it.

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lol, don't even tell them about the Marty McFly Maneuver

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what is the sugon method?

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sugon his nuts

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sugon what?

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What is this method - google is not conclusive

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why dont you sugon deez nuts and find out

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I'm a ligma practitioner myself

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Based on your response very gay and faggot.

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Buying stuff is nice but as someone who spent his whole 20s broke, the feeling that you don't have to worry about money is 100x more pleasurable than any particular bit of consoomption.
Also it's funny how you dream about mansions and lambos when you're poor, but now that I could afford all sorts of gaudy shit it just seems like retards showing off and i want nothing to do with it.
Like when I had no money I dressed as well as i could, now i dress like absolute shit kek.

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I'm in my late 20s and I just started with crypto, made a very small profit and (no matter how small it is) it feels nice (got lucky because of the bull market). But it got me thinking what people who made big gains and have experienced living paycheck-to-paycheck feel now that they don't have to struggle to pay bills and shit.

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Once you realize your money can go 5x overnight, everything you could consoom seems 5x more expensive.

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Kek’d out loud

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well. you see, the whole trick is to not have anything at all..

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sug on meth, OD?

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the whole trick is to live far below your means.
i live beyond lower than poverty level
but have stacks of crypto.
i was so used to being poor and going hungry and some seasons even starving that money stopped meaning much to me..
i dont care about material things much.

also i like to go to work and earn my food for the day ya know.

it works out ok..
make about 10-20k a year...
worth 6figs.

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>still using McFly manouver
>he hasn't upgraded to the McSweeney initiative

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You never run out of things to purchase. When you buy your "dream items", the only reason people purchase more is to be vain, think chandeliers, designer clothes, paintings, homologation exotics, etc.

Financial freedom however, let's you be who you want to. You have time and resources to help others, waste your life away in pleasure, learn, gain power, etc. It all depends on the person.

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