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>The benchmark Treasury note jumped above 1.50% on Thursday afternoon after investors showed tepid demand for $62 billion of 7-year notes. The 10-year note yield TMUBMUSD10Y, climbed 15 basis points to 1.54%.

>Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at the Bleakley Advisory Group, described the 7-year note auction results as "awful," after it tailed by 4.2 basis points, the most in the auction's history. The tail is the gap between the highest yield the Treasury sold in the auction and the yield before the auction began.

>Analysts have cited the 1.50% level as a key threshold for the bond market that could portend trouble for U.S. equities.

People are losing faith in US bonds. Debt / currency crisis incoming

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Fed will just monetize.

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>Debt / currency crisis incoming
Monetization results in a currency crisis

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That's the problem, more and more people are losing faith in the money.

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Didnt bother anyone in 2010

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wtf does any of this shit mean
money shouldn't be this complicated
i blame the jews

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It means you have about 30 days to prepare for major price increase everywhere

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Good thing I'm all in on the yuan.

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If only it were that easy doom and gloomer. You're stuck on this hell ride and as much as you want that fun drop to come from the climax, it's going to be a nice slow decent.

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Your wife will be sucking me off for a single Mercury dime in 32 months time, boomer.

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FED rugpull confirmed

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i doubt it

slow decent into shit sounds more likely

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No one was given free money to stay at home while being unable to spend it then.

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1 + Bond Yield = Return / Price

When price crashes, the yield does up. Easy math

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Imagine the panic when it reaches 2%

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omfg!!!! nooo it's all over!!! apocalypse now!!!


Zoom out.

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Explain this to me like i'm retarded because I am.

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Mainstream media is already priming normies with articles on meat prices surging in the next month. Being blamed on China buying $12B worth of feed grain causing shortages globally.

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people with money are looking at 1.5% returns of the bonds and deciding it's a better bet than staying in any other market.

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kek imagine buying a 1.5% yielder that will halve in price if interest rates go up and food prices go up 3% a year
this has to be the biggest scam ever for retard boomers

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>adults getting a whopping $1800 one time means hyperinflation and economic catastrophe
sure buddy

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Go back faggot

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If more people buy bonds doesn’t that make the yield go up?

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No, people are refusing to buy bonds unless they're compensated with higher yields

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Retard i am all in crypto. Your boomer rocks that can be made in a lab will still be worthless even as we approach wiemar levels of inflation.




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If Trump was doing it it would work out. Since that is not the case we are fucked.

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Worst case scenario we end up like Argentina. They still have functioning internet and utilities, stop pretending we're heading for Mad Max world just because the Fed printed too much this past year.

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who attends these auctions? how often do they occur?

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>bond market
People are saying the inflation is the problem, people are saying the silver squeeze is the problem. It's the bond market that is going to crash this plane, with no survivors.

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Bonds don't actively "do" anything they reflect the sentiment of the overarching investor class

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Which means, it will go up even more. And boom it goes.

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>boomer rocks that can be made in a lab
This, i have two gallons of synthetic liquid gold in empty pepsi bottles under my work station.

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>USD falling
>Joe "Boomer" Biden is the president
Are you ready for another war?

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These boomer rock niggers are completel
Faggots and think we are going back to the dark ages or something.

Lights will stay on. Internet will stay on. Crime will surge and so will poverty

The same faggots in charge will still be in charge and likely any tangible asset you do own will be levied or siezed by the state. Theres tons of precedent for this in histoty so dont be suprised...you wont be safe in your little suburban castle with bmws and silver. You best bet was some farmland and a mobile home with a dirt road and solar panels where people didnt know you exist

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>can be made in a lab
lmao wut

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>they mad because they have no shiny rocks
don’t laugh, just pity the poor fools

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You can make gold and silver in a small reactor retard. Its not hard. China is hard at work doing this and making it more efficient then mining and dumping it on markets.

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You can't use logic. Boomers want everything to burn to the ground with them because it's the egotistical consoooomerism or nothing. They don't want to hear that's what they should have been investing in all these years.

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Imagine investing in preparation for a literal unprecedented apocalypse, not to say it's impossible but what a miserable way to live life. In that case everybody is going to be poor and your rocks are going to get stolen by powerful mobs and forces, there isn't going to be some kind of peaceful exchange to use them at.

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I meant through the stock and crypto markets.. also most people who weren't already wfh had been technically given a rise equivalent to previous commute/etc expenses, and that money has also mainly been saved because, again, no one has been able to really spend any of it.

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How to profit from this?

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China just wraps lead in gold foil, why would they bother making anything real. Also if you can magically generate a valuable asset you don't dump it into the market and crash the price, you control the markets and continually profit until another country gets close to your magic alchemy machine.

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When was the exact moment we failed our youth?

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bonds are sold by governments. they'll pay you back in X years, typically the longer you have to wait, the better your interest rate. The health of the economy is heavily tied to this "yield curve" ratio scaling sensibly.

an auction was held today for 7 year bonds, which is a relatively short bond maturity timeline. the rate was reaaaaaaaally high, and people still wouldn't buy. Demand was not there given the rate.

stocks are dropping because people in stocks are thinking, "shit i should just put my money in that instead"

PMs are stagnant today because strong short-term bond yields suggest "pent up" energy and a strong economy and strong dollar.

the reality: the fed printed so much god damn fuckin money in the past year that the 7 year bond yields are up strictly because of inflation, and the true price isn't even fully sussed out.

this is huge. this is seriously the end. the fact that nobody is covering it besides biz and zerohedge tells you just how big this really is.

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>rocks that can be made in a lab
Anon, you've made me reconsider my life choices.

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>suburban castle or rural mobile home
why not both? you can always sell the suburban castle and move into the mobile home

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Bullshit. Get out of this thread you retard.

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When dads became absent. 50% of homes don't have a father. And then another 25% have a shitty/lackadaisical dad. Leave kids and women to their own devices and they come up with the dumbest shit.

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And remember to dump those shiny rocks when the process is perfected this summer

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I'm mining mine on asteroids. Get with the times retard

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>You can make gold and silver in a small reactor retard.
How do i invest?
Gimme a link anon, you can have all my monies.

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Smart money knows gold and silver about to be made worthless by this proces.

Thats why the price never goes anywhere. It isnt a conspiracy

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>These boomer rock niggers are completel Faggots and think we are going back to the dark ages or something
No, that would be you fucking faggots coming over on /pmg/ spouting how boomer rocks would be useless in a mad max scenario while shilling that it would be a mad max scenario.

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Ok doomer.

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Buy the bond dip

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>source: my ass

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Ok doomer.

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>he thinks space is real

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>similar properties to gold
Faggot it’s not GOLD, since it doesn’t have the same protons and NEUTRONS as gold.
It’s the same properties because of ELECTRONS.
Learn chemistry faggot

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Check out the debt at the time it was higher. The more debt that exists the lower the rate must go to sustain the system.

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It's been possible to turn lead into gold for a little over two decades now. It never caught on and that was actual gold, not Chinese knockoff gold.

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I don't understand what's "awful" about it except that the treasury is butthurt that nobody wants their shitty debt. Am I wrong?

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>you can make gold with “le reactors”
>gold made by literal SUN explosions can be built in TINY reactors fueled by “le elements”
Ye good luck adding this many protons and neutrons to whatever to make it into gold
I fucking hate brainlets

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a fantastic self-own you just posted, dyslexic faggot

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Well they can spend it, just on chinese shit from ebay and amazon.

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how to profit from this?

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Boomers and dooomers gonna boom and doom.

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>So in order to transmute 1 kilo mercury into 1 kilo gold we would need 7300 protons for each "hit" x 1.8x10-9 J/gold atom x 3.1x10^24 atoms per kg = 4.1x10^19 J/kg. This equals 1.3x10^13 kWh! The price per kWh varies but roughly it is $0.05 per KWh, thus the price would be around $827,858,500,000 per kg gold for transmutation from mercury.
>$827,858,500,000 per kg gold

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treasury rates go up = mortgage rates go up.

which means housing prices go down. housing crash

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i would bet ANY money that you're too young to remember how the markets behaved during the GFC or 9/11. Crashes can and do happen. It's really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that finance is so complicated that nothing really dramatic ever happens, but the older you get, the more you'll realize it can and does happen.

Traditionally, you'd be right to think that a diverse portfolio can weather any storm. But hyperinflation is the black swan event that you *need* to get right for financial success, where diversification suddenly becomes a problem rather than a solution.

See this post: https://www.epsilontheory.com/things-fall-apart-part-3-markets/

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Based post refuting the FUD.

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as an actual physicist your post is appalling

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ah yes gold that will make my kids skin peel off due to radiation. i would like a truckload please

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I'm gonna open a store called 'CASH' FOR 'GOLD'

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That's OK. At least I'll be alive to enjoy the crash. You won't survive it without your insulin or diet coke. Better stock up bud.

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Its hard to say. You are going to have to try to guess the top in equities or the bottom in bonds, while also predicting what the Fed will do.
If you think the Fed will do nothing, you can try puts on the S&P or calls on the near month VIX contracts, and perhaps calls on the dollare (UUP, etc.).
If you think Fed will intervene with say, YCC, then calls on TLT, (or TMF for big balls leverage), and calls on QQQ and frens, again.

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Mad Max would be fun as fuck though
>just got the select all tractors captcha
i'll take my dad's old tractors and mad max the fuck out of them hahaha

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what was the rate? wtf is the significance of the 1.5% number?

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I'm the 70s when we switched from a somewhat regulated market to a completely unchecked speculative corporate state.

>> No.29690580

This post for reference
You'll die off from not being able to shove cheetos down your gullet long before a total collapse

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Guys, where can I get essential meds like antibiotics in preparation for the collapse??? I'm honestly pretty worried.

t. health problems

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i need to read kierkagaard again

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Sadly the weak perish first. Your gone along with boomers. Sucks being tied to the medical jew.

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These digits confirm housing collapse

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>he didn't invest in guns, ammo, and body armor

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Fish medication - everyone knows that. Go to a pet store.

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>the reality: the fed printed so much god damn fuckin money in the past year that the 7 year bond yields are up strictly because of inflation, and the true price isn't even fully sussed out.
you fucking idiot it hasn't been spent yet so it literally hasn't done anything yet

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Imagine a civilization so smug you cannot even imagine its failure. You are imagining Rome.

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Is this why the market is shit today? I got stopped out of all my boomer ETFs, and I see the VIX is up like 30% already

And is this gonna be good for me, looking to buy a house within the next year?

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Thanks Biden

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if it doesn't have 79 protons, it isn't gold.

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The process of producing antibiotics is simple enough that it was depicted in a children's cartoon in Japan. Just make your own.

>> No.29691425

what do you think the large hadron collider is for? they're using bismuth by the way.

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Just eat some slightly moldy bread.

>> No.29691473

Name of that “children” cartoon?

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at lower percentages, any small change up or down is yuge. do you even shitcoin, brah?

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>magic alchemy machine
Retard, nuclear transmutation has been known for over a century, and has been performed since the 50s. It's just not economically viable.

>> No.29691847

Descent* you fucking idiots

>> No.29691995

Look at the outstanding debt to GDP ratio then and now faggot. EVERYTHING from 2008 till now has been rigged and fake. The entire house of cards is coming down.

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Good shit, I'll wait to buy a house then

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Is the US going to go through a Japanese lost decade or a Rome (republic) economic shitshow ?

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based fellow etf boomer

>> No.29692318


On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is this gonna get

1 being things just go up in price a bit and its done

10 being roving bands of armed mechanized niggers combing through the countryside stealing everything they find

>> No.29692336

famous last words, faggot

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probably. more likely than hyperinflation.

>> No.29692509

This is basic ass CFA level 1 fixed income knowledge. Honestly should be considered common knowledege here on /biz, but we've got a bunch of neet do-nothings running around.

>> No.29692526

What about the consequence for btc & crypto (ie link)?

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i'm getting scared guys...
how tf do i make it out of this alive?
Should i buy calls on this?
i'm literally shaking.

Is everything about to come crashing down?

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Very good read. Basically trying to imagine the unknown unknowns, but he names inflation, which to me is pretty much a known by now. Also the media attention it gets makes me doubtful.

What about real unknown unknowns? Completely unseen risks, like Great Reset type shit. Like bank / broker-dealer "bail-ins" or outright confiscation of assets. By now these have more than 1% probability of being realistic.

>> No.29692548

Just google lazy fag.

The latter. We have too many natural resources to have a real lost decade.

>> No.29692613

Argentina is shithole it’s like every other South America drug controlled 10 murders a day hell. Fuck Argentina the only value they have is their big tits women

>> No.29692673

That's the problem, that's the ONLY reason the inflation hasn't hit. The supply is huge but velocity isn't. The moment the velocity starts up, the effects of the supply will manifest.

Don't be dumb.

>> No.29692822

So basically we have a bomb that's gonna go off at some point soon and have at least 2008 housing crisis damage, huh? Lovely

>> No.29692887

unironically a 5, it's why the national guard is still at the capital. Shit will get bad but the United States Government is the largest and most technologically advanced state to ever exist. They will be able to keep order for the most part.

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File: 11 KB, 170x128, 1576528670-effondrosceptiquefdp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's cyclic anyway, even if it doesn't drop tomorrow, it will at some point

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"There are four kinds of countries in the world: developed countries, undeveloped countries, Japan and Argentina" - Simon Kuznets.

The choice is Japan with an extremely powerful government which manages corporate banks (disinflation/deflation, negative interest rates - everything is backwards; or, Argentina with an extremely weak government which allows banks to bail themselves "in" by stealing money from the population (inflation/hyperinflation, bizarre fluctuating interest rates).

>> No.29693059

>United States Government is the largest and most technologically advanced state to ever exist
winnie the pooh is on the phone

>> No.29693119

People were saying that 1.7% is apocalyptic. We're at flipping 1.55%

>> No.29693132

>Pending home sales data for January also showed a 2.8% decline compared with the previous month, missing estimates.

This is all I care about. Fuck all the idiots and chinks fucking up the housing market at the moment. I hope it all burns so I can actually find a place. a 2.25% rate doesn't do me any good when I have to fight 800 chinks and indians who magically can pay cash on literally any property within 2 days of listing.

>> No.29693171

I am not too smart. I just buy expensive metal and popular crypto. Will I make it?

>> No.29693172

I don't think it will be runaway inflation like Weimar era, as Michael Bury suggests, but I do think you'll see prices get high as supply doesn't meet demand. All these people with $1,400 to spend when things open up properly, but suppressed economic activity due to covid = inflationary prices.

>> No.29693224

nvm you're right but the US is a close runner up and the government is XBOX HUEG when it's not supposed to be

>> No.29693297

>Muh non-whites are buying my housing
Just build more housing. You don't live in a leftist shit hole like america.

>> No.29693369

Do you even realize how low of a rate that is. Most of the world has to pay way more.

>> No.29693579

>no one wants the bonds
>they're selling their stocks because they want bonds
Which one is it faggot?

>> No.29693674

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works

>> No.29693824

ok doomer

>> No.29693848

right so why is gold also down?

because dumb fucking zoomers can short $100 leverage 50X on any derivative and any sort of volatility up or down is fucked up.

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it's over niggers

>> No.29694006

>the state of reddit

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>synthetic liquid gold

>> No.29694243

Granted it's dependent on the area, but again, 2.25% doesn't matter when -- at least in my globalhomo area -- there are like, 30 houses for 5000+ buyers across an entire metropolitan area, and 90% of them are chink, indian, and arab money with the ability to make 50k-over-ask offers sight-unseen. And they do it.
I'd take a housing crash and fucking 7 or 8% rate if it meant I didn't have to just buy the first thing I see because there are 800 chinks waiting to pay cash without ever physically seeing the property.

>> No.29694272

Metal prices don't make any sense anon. Some say they're manipulated, personally I don't fucking know, I just know metal prices don't make any sense lately

>> No.29694284

The bond market is an absolute meme

>> No.29694319

Nothing is happening. If it was I wouldn't be shit posting. You either stock up or you don't. I love watching the boomers cry because they know it's over for them.

>> No.29694440

>if it was I wouldn't
I don't think you're an authority on what's happening here, retard

>> No.29694511

yeah, tradable contracts and synthetics are a plague. "experts" argue they help price discovery and market efficiency. I think it just fucks everything up and adds volatility. forwards, futures, options, and swaps ought to be between two parties only. The contracts themselves ought not be buyable and sellable by others. Synthetics compounds it.

>> No.29694516

Argentina money wasn't the world reserve currency nor the basis of the entire modern global economy.

>> No.29694532

Silver is manipulated but it may be because people are transitioning to crypto as store of wealth instead of gold.

That or we find gold on Mars.

>> No.29694696


>> No.29694817

That means the power is on you fucking mong.

>> No.29694844
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AHHH goddamn it I don't wanna be like Argentina :/

I read a blog of a guy who lived through it years back and he mentioned how at stop lights the starving kids begging for food. He said African children you are used to, but when they are white it strikes close to home.

>> No.29695200

>stealing money from the population (inflation/hyperinflation, bizarre fluctuating interest rates)
that sounds like the US in effect tbqh

>> No.29695237

its almost like we need to invent useless 'jobs' to keep the wheels turning

>> No.29695239

So what do I buy to hedge against inflation? REITs?

>> No.29695375

What I don't get though is if people aren't buying bonds at 1.5% doesn't that mean equities bring better returns and people would rather buy those?

>> No.29695422

doest matter, if you can have something that is behaves the same gold looses its "intrinsic" value

>> No.29695777

If you have arable land in a SHTF scenario, you can employ those children in your large garden / fields of wheat and they can earn food for themselves.

>> No.29695996
File: 91 KB, 1007x625, causes-of-inflation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The article posted here >>29689916 gives some idea. Its basically, real assets, or equity in ACTUAL cash flow, meaning businesses that don't cheat like their doing now in the 0%-rate environment (buying back stocks, buying free revenue, etc.).

I think its bigger than just the 1st-grade level monetary inflation. Think about cost-push caused by pic and by what I mentioned above.
>business can't bloat their revenue and can't do share buybacks.
>have to make actual profits.
>only way is to increase margins is higher prices.
>prices increase for producer, increase for manufacturer, increase for distributor, etc.
By the time it gets to the consumercuck, its exponentially more expensive.

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File: 2.29 MB, 2592x3456, YUKON Goldbacks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What medicines are you looking for?

Human-grade insulin is $25 over the counter. It's not the stuff your doctor prescribes and timing is much more important, but it'll hold you over until better medical help is available.

Fish and bird antibiotics are often human grade - just do your research and use a brand that simply relabels their human meds as pet meds.

What else are you looking for?

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File: 74 KB, 818x864, 20gbr8jp7c441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes we have a farm but have been losing money because no one shops at farmers markets anymore and COVID has made it non-existent. Fruit rotting on the trees because we would rather that happen then sell it to the corpos and make nothing due to their fees. So would be better than right now, at least without the massive crime.

>> No.29696363

It’s the modern day fall of Rome. Sit back and enjoy the show.

>> No.29696432

Followed closely by the burning of the Second Great Library.

>> No.29696434

You still haven't proven your wild claims earlier.
I know it's you samefagging. Try harder next time.

>> No.29696555

Rome took hundreds of years to fall. By the time Rome was sacked it hadn't been the Capitol for a hundred years, and wasn't even the capitol in the West for 40, Ravenna was.

>> No.29696656

who will be the modern Aetius ?

>> No.29696897
File: 63 KB, 828x960, ae34f8ae00000177d9f02b620000098d_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

December 23rd 1913

>> No.29696986

idk but he was killed by a jealous emperor like stilicho was, so not a good position to be in

>> No.29698622

is this bad? i'm in the uk just about to finish uni for a bachelors degree in maths. am i fucked for getting a job

>> No.29698952

Ty seriously

Also fuck jannies n niggers

Ur why i've been coming to this board since 16

>> No.29699012

you would be fucked even if there wasnt gonna be a crisis,
t. mathematics and economics bachelors
learn to code

>> No.29699467

got any good resources? i was thinking about doing a masters in data science

>> No.29699827

You fucking idiot its the complete opposite. Yields are rising because holders are selling them

>> No.29700328

Durrr but number go up mean money man buy

>> No.29700577


2008 when Obungo got in

>> No.29700786
File: 34 KB, 458x344, 15259535575490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

T-bills,Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS

series I savings bonds

commodities will be where the real money is made though

>> No.29701813

I invested in china after poland bowed down to German demands if they wanted to keep receiving gibs. Also finish your mandarin homework

>> No.29701947

Reminds me of when jesus drove the merchants of the temple

>> No.29702399

thank you!

>> No.29703051

I have $30k in a mutual fund that us reinvesting dividends. Im thinking about pulling out of it and buying land. What do biz?

>> No.29703099

lead + proton capture

>> No.29703841

Faggot it DOES matter.
It would NEVER behave EXACTLY like gold, since it doesn’t have the EXACT amount of protons and neutrons

>> No.29704211

One, China doesn't want the yuan to appreciate they artificially drive it down
Two a recent chinese survey says they also want to be streamers/marketing shills

>> No.29705399

>people who fud gold are brainlets
don't get frustrated about this. It means you're on the right horse.

>> No.29706059

I have nearly $1m AUD in the bank and houses are selling like crazy here. Do I wait or jump in? Aus anons?

>> No.29706241

You can turn anything into gold technically, but it'd be very expensive. Much more expensive than digging some ground up. That's why it's not being done in practice. Applies to most of anything, really.

>> No.29707634

Ahahahaha USD is such a meme currency. I want to see it crash so bad that some Polaks will be able to buy 100$ for 10PLN

>> No.29708605

>the reality: the fed printed so much god damn fuckin money in the past year that the 7 year bond yields are up strictly because of inflation, and the true price isn't even fully sussed out.

This simply isn't true. It's not the Fed driving up the debt, it's congress with all the deficit spending due to stimulus.

Keep this in mind, in 2020 the federal government did 3.7 trillion in deficit spending accounting for 18% of GDP.

In 2019 they only did 984 billion in deficit spending, only 4% of GDP.

For brainlets, deficit spending is when the federal govt spends more than it rakes in through taxes, so like a credit card, except the credit card is the US Treasury.

For most of the past decade the Fed has been able to buy treasuries to keep rates low, however now that the Federal Government is going on a spending bonanza with all this debt, the Fed can't keep up with the TBill purchases to keep the debt low. Right now they're doing 80 billion, but really it needs to be like 4x that.

The US is the drunk at the bar running up a crazy tab and the bartender is either going to go broke letting him run it up further or he has to start charging him interest.

>> No.29708693

if it's being artificially dumped then a buying opportunity presents itself and you profit off of the madness
retards will always think that amplifying their leverage irrespective of the intrinsic asset will gather them more good goy credits

>> No.29708701

**keep the rate low

>> No.29708766

>aahahah i want to be fucked by chinks 24/7

>> No.29708787

Too late. Buy guns, gold, and ammo.

>> No.29708909

the amount of seethe you generated, bravo anon

>> No.29709150

Underrated post desu

Do you think it can reach 3.00% by Friday of next week?

>> No.29709532

That doesnt sound good.

>> No.29709719

Not even bothered.
But there are TOO many brainlets around

>> No.29709765

> This simply isn't true. It's not the Fed driving up the debt, it's congress with all the deficit spending due to stimulus.
you're right, but this is really just semantics. Whether it's the fed printing money or congress printing money or the treasury printing money really doesn't change the point.

>> No.29709803

It’s more expensive than Astro mining.
You literally need to do what stats with their VAST amount of energy did

>> No.29709905

>says stupid shit like a brainlet
>got put into his place
>hurr durr nice trolling you did

>> No.29709944

what the fuck is a bond?

>> No.29710026

You didn't Know they could be artificially created? Debeers ran the biggest fud campaign because of synthetic diamonds

>> No.29710222

It's not about faith. Governments need it to buy stuff like oil and gas.

>> No.29710565
File: 107 KB, 996x620, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hes so mad that hes mad at me for saying that the other guy made people mad

>> No.29710728

Haha, fuck the jewmericans.

>> No.29710769

What will happen though (what did happen in argentina and ancient Rome) was that even though there was tons of arable land it was so poorly managed, which huge amounts owned by a few wealthy people that many areas were just left to waste instead of being cultivated leading to shortages

This is already happening in the USA where corporate farming is incredibly inefficient and almost entirely focused on the export market.

>> No.29710906
File: 219 KB, 1024x680, LionChase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

>> No.29710912

Oh no! What if the obesity rate actually drops??
Short all US stocks now!

>> No.29711068


>> No.29711187

i mean it's not like it matters because 90% of people are going to be minimum wage workers / subemployed / collecting UBI when they grow up

>> No.29711335

Kek, comparing a period during economic devastation and thinking we're normal now.

>> No.29711437

It's not true that the Fed printed money?
The Fed and the treasury are the same guys (/gals). Literally. It's a revolving door.

>> No.29711829

So how do I make money off of this nigga

>> No.29712025

short everything?

>> No.29712076

I would argue that the root cause of the recent spike on yields has less to do with Fed printing money and moreso Congress and all the MMT cheerleaders decision to give everyone free money instead of catching the flu.

>> No.29712167

You cant short a black swan on fiat, if the currency goes down everyone is fucked

>> No.29712336

>Divorce courts and the destruction of the two parent household
>Runaway debt
>The kneecapping of school curriculums by lowering every bar imaginable so that retarded kids could pass
Take your pick

>> No.29712449

I doubt 70 years old people browse this

>> No.29712500

That's pretty bad even for a worst case scenario

>> No.29712584

Summarize please, what does this mean?

>> No.29712680

No fault divorce laws were the final insult.
It goes back farther but up to that point we were firmly in "a nation has much ruin" territory.

>> No.29712683

Man just imagine having 15% bond yields again. All my cash would be parked in that. Now I'm forced to keep my money in wildly speculative shit like stocks and crypto.

>> No.29712763

We let them use ipads

>> No.29712809

No I am mad that you encourage a retard to be retarded
Making people mad with facts is alright
Making people mad by being retarded is nothing to be proud of

>> No.29713111

>the falling rate of profit is real\

>> No.29713117

Lol, the sheer level of inflation and money printing in action

>> No.29713196

>If you have arable land in a SHTF scenario, you can employ those children in your large garden / fields of wheat and they can earn food for themselves.
You're not gonna get far with this without government connections and embedding yourself with people in power. I don't think you know what "weak" government means.

>> No.29713245

china is so based, holy shit

>> No.29713363

why would the threat of inflation cause everything to dump? I thought equities are a hedge AGAINST inflation?

>> No.29713369

lol imagine not thinking that like all other wagies central bankers won't keep kicking the can down the road and let their successors deal with the shitstorm. All this should tell you is that you have to start planning the exit strategy.

>> No.29713611

If the economy suffers, because of rising interest rates so will stocks.

>> No.29713641

no dumbass, when nobody wants the bonds they sell at lower than par value to increase the effective yield of the bond.. these bond yields are making everyone panic because it signals that institutions want a higher rate of return on the bonds due to increased risk of exposure to inflation on their balance sheets

>> No.29713719


>> No.29713795

and btc is being driven down...
i wonder who are catching this knife? and rubbing hands.

>> No.29713904

Fed and Treasury need to (1) buy up Federal paper at 50bps yield and (2) let inflation run hot, hot, hot

>> No.29714112

Equities aren't a hedge against inflation, equities are - at the end of a day - strictly a FINANCIAL asset. In a financial crisis the price of all FINANCIAL assets are devalued as the CASH that they are backed by also devalue.

Think of it this way, if you owe someone $50K, and then hyper-inflation were to occur, the money you owe him would now be worthless. You don't see Venezuelans rushing to buy bonds or company equity, right?

I'm not sure if hyper-inflation is going to occur - its not clear if modern monetary theory is sustainable. But if it were to occur, tangible assets such as real estate or similar stores of wealth would inflate along with the dollar.

>> No.29714124

Historically we still have the lowest rates in history. Learn some context OP. These rates were literally 16 percent in the 80s kek

>> No.29714270

That's going to fuck everyone over. Inflation is terrible for the economy cause it essentially devalues debt. If you're a lending company and you house student debt, if hyper-inflation occurs, now all of your company's financial assets would be worth zero.

Everything would literally go bust imo

>> No.29714284

The debt was also ALOT lower. How hard is this to comprehend?

>> No.29714523

14 August 1971

>> No.29714607
File: 508 KB, 1481x950, macro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1.5% interest
sounds like a defi scam.

>> No.29714688

If they don’t get control of the government debt market and we sell off to a yield of 3 or 4%, the carnage will be big long and hard

>> No.29714934

>J Pow Funbuck$
Fucking kek

>> No.29714963

Bonds are made and put to market. Competition to buy a bond makes the rate go lower, since the institution selling you the bond promises to pay you back for the bond, with interest. If 3 people want a 7-year bond at 2.0%, the government can offer it instead at 1.9%. Now only 2 people want it. They lower it to 1.8%, and now 1 person wants it. The bond is sold to the "lowest" bidder, at 1.8%.
This works in reverse. If people aren't confident you will pay back the bond, i.e. that it is a risky investment, they will ask for higher interest rates. Today America offered more promises of future payment, and the world asked them to raise the rate or they won't buy.
That last bit is the most important thing of note.

>> No.29714997
File: 98 KB, 720x911, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Google trends search hyperinflation. Breakout. Time to buckle up chaps.

>> No.29715014

I’ve been hearing these soon arguments for so many years I just can’t believe them anymore. Every time it’s “were days Away from complete collapse and it’s going to be long and painful” then nothing happens. Even the COVID crash was over in a week

>> No.29715078

I am a senior executive in the home goods industry and we’ve raised our prices two times this year with another coming next month due to inflation everywhere.

>> No.29715249
File: 123 KB, 720x960, 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29715416

Is anyone TLT gang?

>> No.29715453

Silver has many industrial uses, one of which being the production of modern electronics.
"Boomer rocks" will always have value, unlike your pump-and-dump meme currencies that come and go like the wind.

>> No.29715491


>> No.29715503

lol inflation has always been around
..jew hedge fund managers now saying o look inflation iz just came out of nowhere. ask poor people about inflation in the last 5 years and they will tell u

>> No.29715626

Now put "quarantine" in translate from English to Latin a few times and post results.

>> No.29715708

nothingburger. and i care because...???

>> No.29715783

by that logic gold and silver contracts don't hedge against inflation

>> No.29715786

buy signal

>> No.29715913

silver and gold are also ponzi schemes, do you think an industry demand alone would lead to 8% CAGR

>> No.29715986



>> No.29716003

This was my thinking too. The idea that anyone is leaving the stock market to chase a 1.5% yield is laughable

>> No.29716077

Yeah they don't .. thats why defi projects are a hot topic..

When you buy a financial contract its an obligation of the counterparty to pay. What if they become insolvent due to the effects of hyper-inflation on their balance sheets? They can't pay everyone out

>> No.29716385

Hi Greg! What's with the funny pants and big ass chain?

>> No.29716577

just because you get scammed doesn't mean necessitate it doesn't undergo inflation

>> No.29716707

In fact you will both be poor, you are poor now. Your fantasies of being anything other than poor are well illustrated in your posts where you fantasies about one of you being less poor than the other. I have a 150 acre estate, homes in a few countries, millions in liquid assets. I don;t consider myself any mans kind or want to rape their wife or child. You will both be poor and desperate with a taste of crypto or your Mercury dime. You will get poorer because your food and electricity bills and internet subscription and mobile subscription and health insurance and car insurance and fuel and heating and rents and mortgages and credit card bets will all rise far faster than any money you make will. If you had serious money in play (enough that you could live off so at least 1M plus) carefully and well places in staocks, PMs, assets or crypto now then you would not be in difficulty later. However I don;t think either of you do and on one hand a loon who things his silver coin will be priceless and he will be 'rich' and another with some numbers in a database (crypto) who thinks he will be rich and they will just be what they are now, poor. The poor like them get poorer, the rich get richer. Frabnkly this is a good thing. The poor are fastly overrated which is partly the fault of the media (and of course the poor) which tells the poor that they are actually wonderful, valuable, not responsible for their own poverty and entitled not to be poor. I always suspected this was to stop the poor having a rage riot because its blisteringly obvious that if the poor had any real say in how the world works or economics or anything they would reduce civilisation to a room with faeces on the floor while they club each other with thigh bones over who's wife gets raped to pay the drug debts. Much of the worlds recent decline is the poor, Instagram. tik tok, reality TV all that shit. Its great they are about to get slapped.

>> No.29716712


>> No.29716731

europe also?

>> No.29716809

I work for a homebuilder and we’ve seen lumber and windows go through the roof. The entire supply chain has gone up and we’ve had to raise prices significantly.

>> No.29716977

should i pay off my credit card or house?

>> No.29717119

What's the bottom line here.
Is crypto going up or down?

>> No.29717132

You are fucked either way if interest rates actually start climbing rapidly. I suggest you invest in a really good cardboard box

>> No.29717234
File: 32 KB, 477x688, E0E2CD1A-A932-427E-9BA5-2F17274DEAD3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thank you for explaining.

But what does it mean for crypto

>> No.29717314

I have such a small portion of my portfolio in defi that it doesn't matter .. I think its an interesting concept where you aren't exposed to counterparty risk when trading derivatives. Hasn't been possible before this

>> No.29717343

You are fucked either way if interest rates actually start climbing rapidly. I suggest you invest in a really good cardboard box OR cancel your internet subscription, your mobile phone subscription, your netflix subscription, your steam subscription, your world of warcraft subscription, that AR-15 your can't shoot very well (because no mad max apocalyptic wasteland where you will be kang is coming)sell your house and move to the smallest cheapest one you can afford, or buy a parking stand and a mobile homework two jobs to immediately clear as much or all debt. You can sell me your link

>> No.29717356

Cool I guess I should let all those municipalities know I want my useless money back.

>> No.29717408

double post, or double retarded post?

>> No.29717434

No I'm ready for TOTAL WAR.
I fucking hated what a pussy trump was with his "peace".


>> No.29717447

>blames jews
>ignorant bastard is... 100% correct on a basic elemental level
4ch is power to the people

>> No.29717463

Generally negative as borrowed monkey supports forth like tsla and doge etc. Typically idiots with a credit card thinking they can gamble their way out of their poor life where they must do the only thing that they are able to do to make money, lift and carry, sell drugs or prostitution

>> No.29717484

what if i pay it al off now like next week, house and cards?

>> No.29717521

Yea this is trying to spook the cattle. The question is why? What are they playing? Sometimes it obvious, this time I'm not sure.

>> No.29717544

The guy with credit card and mortgage debt who is placing bets on crypto or little silver coins or amc with borrowed button money is calling me retarded?

>> No.29717646

pay off the lower interest one instead of investing that money

>> No.29717735

When we decided to raise them "anti-authoritarian", and basically started to let them do whatever they want instead of more or less strongly guiding them to what is best for them and our society.

>> No.29717741

Yeah i also have only 1% of my portfolio in 100 retarded things just to ensure that my intelligence doesn't get warmer than room temperature

>> No.29717751

that wasn't me anon. if inflation runs wild, isn't it good to have credit card debrt and mortgage debt because it spuld be easier to pay off?

>> No.29717877

ooOOO look at the big brain on bret!!!
fucking faggot ass math-faggot. "in theory, i theorize, theoretically"
fuck you gay ass nigga
ive seen this shit with mine own two eyes and the reagents are 90% available at the local scrap yard.
fucking moron
if you were so smart you'd be making gold you scared faggot

>> No.29717949

This country literally encourages children to becoming interested in sucking cocks (boys and girls) and chemically sterilizing them before the age of 18....this country needs cleansing fire

>> No.29718084

when we declared war on germany

>> No.29718135

I've seen this before, yes in theory if you owe 200-500K then inflation will over time reduce that debt. However the key part if over time. One example. In 1990 in the UK there was a property boom, plebs bought mid low range houses to do them up live in and sell on (Thatcher let the plebs buy council houses, she belived property ownership was good for democracy) anyway after thatcher was gone, john majors government was an absolute disaster in mismanagement and that forced the UK out of the ERM to summaroise without going into that intrest rates shot up to 17 percent from single digit. Monthly repayments were massive and at the same time many self employed and employed were out of work. This they could not make repayments and were living out of cars bankrupt long before the mythical effect of inflation reducing debt ever mattered to them. Not just that but the bankruptcy placed them in financial limbo for a decade to ever get going again. Of course the property market collapses, mortgage lending is too expensive for most applicants, bui8lders loose work and the whole thing spirals creating bankruptcies with negative equity

>> No.29718211
File: 68 KB, 453x583, 1613756466438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29718267

Germany declare war on the white race. They had to be stop. Deal with it germoid.

>> No.29718301

thank you anon

>> No.29718387
File: 321 KB, 220x220, C4C82100612244BB925C107FC35F3446.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone please spoonfeed for a brainlet?
I never understood treasuries or what their interest rate means

>> No.29718407
File: 982 KB, 500x227, war.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah I see you are a man of culture as well.

>> No.29718420

You seem stupooid and poor and your memery is weak . Please go back to your collapsing hive and gamble your student loan on GME with all your s o y drinking retarded poorfag peers. I'm sure someone upvoting you will make you feel like you belong. Unlike here where I will just point out I have seen people with downs syndrome counting pocket money with more awareness of financial management than you. You are poor for a reason. The reason is you.

>> No.29718516

Post examples

>> No.29718548

Why do they always talk about the yield surging instead of the price of the Treasurys falling? Doesn't the coupon stays the same?

>> No.29718622
File: 7 KB, 232x217, reoi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29718660


>> No.29718673

>actually its the Treasury crashing the economy, not the fed

>> No.29718820

It is the same thing

>> No.29718845

So I shouldn't bother using my stimulus to pay off one of my smaller loans then, right?

>> No.29718861

I don;t know what shitter the stink of plebbit from you or the weak forced memery. That's the thing about this board rtecently, yes it always had the prajeets and scam shillers but there was intelligence behind the rise of ETH, antshares and link and insight. Now with the flood of useless shitbreath zoomer re edit poors and brainlets (I'm buying GME to fight the ebil system bullshit) that has gone. Don;t worry though, you sell your link and they will be cozy with me, I can afford risky speculation on future fintech. You can't.

>> No.29718882

t. Kike
Go promote white genocide elsewhere thanks

>> No.29718898

But tdoes this mean that people are not trusting the US to pay back the bond, or does it mean that people are simply not happy with the yield because they think it will underperform inflation for example? Or something else?
Thanks for the explanation by the way.

>> No.29718914

They have no control over their bonds, the markets decide what they are worth and from there flows the interest rates.....sooner or later

>> No.29718937


>> No.29719042

>collecting UBI when they grow up

People have been saying this for a decade. UBI isn't going to happen outside of a few small Euro Countries at best.

>> No.29719054

even my fucking $vti and $vwo are gonna crash tomorrow aren’t they

>> No.29719091
File: 122 KB, 1139x900, dude tulips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't make money, everyone else loses money. you maintain your current level of wealth by hedging with assets like PMs, cryptos, land (good luck finding land that isn't massively inflated in value), and other shit that will still be worth money.

>> No.29719106


>> No.29719187
File: 274 KB, 980x1012, 1607978418942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't speak kike. Again fuck off before I strangle your faggot ass.

>> No.29719199

Control for how much debt the US govt has to service.

>> No.29719206

you realize they have already started giving out pseudo-ubi with the stimulus checks right
you can't use this website and be that stupid.

>> No.29719219

youtube raises kids now, news flash

>> No.29719306

It's over. Empire's don't collapse in a day, or even a decade. But Western Civilization has been toppling over for a few decades now, and it's becoming readily apparent that we're more than half way there.

>> No.29719327

So the idea is that because the treasuries are cheap it is bad for equities, because people will sell stock to buy treasuries? But the only reason treasuries are cheap is because no one wants to buy them, and no one wants to buy them because the fed has said they are going to run inflation at about 2%/year, so even at the higher 1.5% yield they are at today owning them would be losing money vs inflation? seems weird that this would cause a sell off.

>> No.29719381

Smartest doomer tuber
just ask him

>> No.29719459

Blah blah blah empires collapsing, empires can have severe currency crisis and reform and continue, happened under Constantine in the roman empire when currency debasement was causing issues. Empires can easily survive a currency crisis, empires are based on military might

>> No.29719473

theyre the ones buying the bonds you fucking idiot

>> No.29719668

A generation of children that want to be vloggers and youtubers, versus a generation of children that want to be astronauts.

I know which military is going to have more capable personnel, and increasingly over time, better research and development human resources, and thus, a more technologically capable military. Western Civilization is at a tipping point right now, and it doesn't look like anything is going to happen to prevent it from toppling over the edge of a very, very tall cliff.

>> No.29719709
File: 312 KB, 1440x1080, 1567271735668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All these big brain niggers are busy fishing up historical precedent with date stamps and this faggot answers the question in one word.

>> No.29719714

Its bad for crap equities because the idiots who borrow or trade on margin get removed reducing the liquidity in the market. However in the current market there is a bubble in shit stawks like tsla, apple, twitter, facebook etc that really have no merit in the actually economy while ones that do like oil, food production, utilities, banking etc are all relatively healthy and 1/3 down from highs so no bubble. What are curiously referred to as growth stocks, public companies with no PE, negligible turnover as a % of market capitalisation, margins based on discretionary SME spending etc, you know, nonsense like tsla, gme.

>> No.29719727

>happened under Constantine in the roman empire when currency debasement was causing issues
yeah but their currency was backed by something :) something that the modern currency is no longer backed by ;) hmmm i wonder what it is
>empires are based on military might
yeah empires that paid their troops wages of silver coinage. oh wait we cant do that now.

go back to eating baked beans out of the can

>> No.29719871


>> No.29719887
File: 618 KB, 500x375, Janniesdidnothingwrong.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29720007

Smartphones and social media were the nail in the coffin.

>> No.29720028

The markets set the rate. You'll figure it out eventually.
More like genetically lower intelligence evident in milennials and zoomers, thus dispite declarations of rage and 'creativity' two generations that have produced no music, literature, art, new technology, innovation, cinema or even comedy of note. Not everyone is in fact a unique and worthy snowflake it turns out. What a surprise. Zoomers thought that gretta ranting at the UN was a moment of generational glory, when in fact it was the moment the whole planet realised that collectively the anglosphere zoomers were actually mentally retarded and no one had told them

>> No.29720030

Our currency is backed by international oil demand. Please learn anything about geopolitics before thinking you understand monetary systems.
The gold standard would be retarded and a cursory look into the markets of the 1800s would explain why.

>> No.29720037

Are you fucking retarded?Rome collapsed due to military spending.

Constantine reforms only worked in the eastern roman empire because they moved back to a gold standard (because it was easier to bribe the hordes aproaching from the balkands than fighting them)

And the barbarians did not wanted fiat currency, so the eastern roman empire went back to a gold standard, the western empire continued with a fiat monetary system and feudalized.


Justinian reconquest of italy almost doomed the eastern empire and let it weakened once again leading to the arab conquests of the eastern empire lands.

>> No.29720128

Yield goes down if more people buy because the margin they get back at maturation is the yield. If you pay more for the bond then you have less gain at maturation (or yield).

>> No.29720169

>Our currency is backed by an international resource we don't control
>muh geopolitics
nice buzzword when you don't have an answer. the USD is collapsing and nobody gives a shit. what are you gonna do, nuke china when they stop buying bonds? lol. eat those beans boy

>> No.29720175

This is a commie / eurocuck lie, all us wars for oil actually destroyed the dxy and the oil never went to the usa anyway but to europe and china.

The usd demand is high because the usa used to have a free banking system until 2001, 2001-2008 people waited for a fix and return to normal and 2008-2020 the boomers larped that nothing was wrong.

>> No.29720308

I know a lot about PMs as currency in Rome. I was there. It can be debased as easily as paper, just a lower % of silver or gold in the coin., Which is what happened. Then Constantine ( a great man) arrived and began reversing that. The issue is not the material the currency is made of it the matter of debasing the currency by making too much. The USA will not collapse or even come close to collapse and neither will the global economy or markets. Poor people will (mostly deservedly) become poorer after a period of unprecedented prosperity. Shocking for them but what did they expect? five six digit student loans to sit on their arses, five digit auto loans, mortgages they could only afford with a 2% rate, five digit credit card bills etc etc

>> No.29720377

Any resource you have in space has a lot of extrinsic value because it doesn't have to be brought up to space.

>> No.29720513

I'm not talking about wars for Israel and oil, I mean that the petro dollar gives the American dollar value, because it must. I'm not saying inflation is good, just that the dollar is backed by a gun being held to the world, compelling it to trade in dollars for oil, and that the gold standard is stupid because it isn't feasible and would result in boom and busts that are short, rapid, and unmanageable.

I don't like fiat more than you, but I'm actually informed. Learn so you can find a real solution.

>> No.29720579
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cringe post

>> No.29720580

I have money in a brokerage account that can’t be withdrawn, what stocks can I buy to hedge? Etfs? Short etfs?

>> No.29720582

>I was there.
annnnd stopped reading.
actual mouth breathing schizos on this board.

>> No.29720597

Why would this bring the market down? If this suggests insane inflation it's good to hold equities right?

>> No.29720637

>I thought equities are a hedge AGAINST inflation?
some are. not fucking bumble and tesla trading at 100x revenue or whatever

>> No.29720687
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>imagine LARPing this hard when you're poor as fuck and work at Target.
lmfao, you talk like a poor person

>> No.29720721

If you want to exchange views with isiots and normies from re edit go back there. You know nothing about the debasement of currency in ancient rome and nothing about the inflation it caused. I do. How you wish to deal with that other than by pathetically sulking like the retarded zoomer halfwit you are is your business

>> No.29720755

another buzzword when you don't have an answer. read currency wars by james rickards

>> No.29720812

>Converting mass to energy
If you used some chemical process you could get those protons from something else like uranium or something.

>> No.29720813

Has pol 2016 arrived with re edit? Why yes it has....

>> No.29720819

>hes still typing

>> No.29720881


How can you be rich with such poor fucking English

>> No.29720884

Would now be a good time to get a fixed rate mortgage?

>> No.29720892

And this gentleanons is why zoomers are stupid. You should go watch youtube some more, double down on that stupid.

>> No.29720974

Dr. Stone

>> No.29720982

I often wonder how people like you can eat and use the toilet. Mysteries of life hey?

>> No.29720983
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>another buzzword when you don't have an answer. read currency wars by james rickards
Are you actually this dumb? It's not a buzzword, it's literally real. Look at the world and see how they trade oil. Look at the reserves all these thirdie shitholes use.
>lmao read a book
Actually use your eyes and do any research, holy shit you're retarded.
The argument is that American currency is backed by its demand in the world to be used to buy and sell oil. It isn't an official standard, it's just the only backing it has.

>> No.29721024
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>> No.29721048
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>> No.29721074

It's not about confidence. Bonds are considered zero risk. It's about the returns.

>> No.29721127

>I don;t know what shitter the stink of plebbit from you or the weak forced memery.

>> No.29721152

>backed by its demand in the world to be used to buy and sell oil
jesus christ you're thick... where do you think that demand comes from? what do you think happens when the money supply starts going parabolic like it has been?
>durr everything fine
on one hand you will get what you deserve but on the other i'm not sadistic enough to enjoy seeing people suffer so i pity you

>> No.29721222

nobodies reading that lol

>> No.29721307

>In a financial crisis the price of all FINANCIAL assets are devalued as the CASH that they are backed by also devalue.
The stock market is backed by shares, not currency. If the dollar 10x less tomorrow I still hold the same percentage of Tesla.

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