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This is unironically headed out of the Top 5 this year, isn't it?

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No shit, it got outperformed by a chink coin

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bitcoin maxies were right.
altcoins are a dead end.

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they want you to believe that
but make no mistake the next gen gods will drop their camouflage when time strikes right

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This capitulation is a good sign

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it's about to get its ass fucked by Cardano this year

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you people are fucking retarded

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no chance of that

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Most likely . BNB,DOT, and ADA will see to it. It might stay at number 5. Depends on where tether lands.

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You sound like a ripple-shizo

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nah the fud is just really really strong right now. if youi want a voice of sanity on ETH just watch benjamin cowen's channel. honestly senpai, stop reading /biz/ threads about ETH and be patient. if you were here in december 2020 you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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its going to 9k
check dubs

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I'm here since 2017 and I hope it's going to zero

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okay well... that's nice but we both know you're going to be sorely disappointed

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Top kek

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everyone is tired of paying 50 USD per swap and BNB only showed ethfags a taste of what's coming when Cardano releases dapps

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except eth fees are not a problem anymore

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keep an eye on BTC.D

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>This is unironically headed out of the Top 5 this year, isn't it?

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are you retarded by chance?

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no, but I think you are in case you are missing what quickswap is doing

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Ah yes the BSV scheme. We call Charles the CSW of smart contracts for a reason.

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ETH fees aren't high because the price of ETH is high, the fees are high because the network is under massive load from being used so much

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yes goy, sell all your holdings

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>actually having to ask such an obvious question
it is over for ethereum, let the ethfags cope, they think because a 1000 shitcoins are in its ecosystem it means it is too big to fail, they are in for a nasty surprise. And we all know BNB is going to be the new number 2.

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ETH will likely get passed by BNB,ADA and DOT this cycle

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Not happening little buddy.

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Ben has close to zero knowledge of fundamentals. He uses TA exclusively and he's not even that good at it. "We won't have a sustained 20k btc this year" "eth will gain against btc in q1" both of those predictions fell flat. I like that he tries to present data objectively without coming across as a moonboi but most of the predictions he does make end up wrong.

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Ben definitely relies on TA too much, that said he's alright to watch.

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Yeah bcoz FTM and AVAX are doing so well...

It's shit, it's expensive, but it fucking works

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And bitcoin will be number 2. Tezos will be number 1

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They are long term dead ends. I believe that Bitcoin will always be there essentially but altcoins will keep frogleaping each other based on the technological advances they offer for further building the cryptofinancial infrastructure.

ETH -> DOT -> CARDANO -> Something else -> Something else -> Something else

While Bitcoin will always be there for the foreseeable future

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Tezos will replace both bitcoin and ETH. It´s over for the shitcoins soon

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Lol FTM been dead all day. Have fun with your bags. The non retards will be mooning on the MATIC network with Quickswap.

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Its ok anon, reading is hard

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Lol if ADA gets to #2 during this bullrun I will personally liveStream myself eating my own cum becasue I’d be a multimillionaire and I wouldn’t give a shit. Cap this faggot.

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The only reason i hold eth is for gas fees or exhange fees.

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What if they're shaking out weak hands now institutions are buying?

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As it should Gas Fees are ridiculous