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>Lost 20 ETH in the bullrun to rugpulls
>Back to wagie cagie
Tell me it gets better /biz/. Any of you lose everything to make it back?

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>being totally exhausted after making a couple pizzas
I fucking hate zoomers

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Not everyone can’t make it.

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Kek’d and you’re right. They are the biggest complainers on the planet outside of millennials

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Many times.

Lost everything in 2017 buying the top of Link and selling the bottom. Then I took all my crypto to etheroll and played Dice, lost it all. (20k). Then I put 5k fiat in to play more dice. Worked it up to about 60k back when Link was 20 cents and ETH was 80 bucks. Couldn't stop though and eventually lost it all plus another 20k in fiat I put in.

Stayed out a couple years and raised new fiat and bought back in May 2020 with 8k and worked it up to about 40k riding early Uniswap pump and dumps like DMG and BZRX before getting it all rugged on Yams and Dave Portnoy Coin. Put 10k in in August plus with the Uni airdrop and now I have about 120k in crypto from pumps. I only keep about 15% of my portfolio in metamask and on exchanges now and move all profits over to a ledger in my dads safe for my own protection.

Other highlights bought 30,000 Waltoncoin for $1 and sold at 50 cents before it ran to $50 and had 80,000 Link I sold at 20 cents to play Dice and lost it all.

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This spiclet and cuck look like they're in their 30s.

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We never complained about shit except entering the workforce post-recession and being passed over for niggers, indians and spics.

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>I took all my crypto to etheroll and played Dice, lost it all. (20k). Then I put 5k fiat in to play more dice.
Are you mentally ill

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if you read the story they ran out of ingredients after 3 hours
this bitch is crying because she had to make pizzas for three hours

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>boo hoo other people can do my job for cheaper and diversity helps prevent unionization
get over it pussy lmao

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>diversity helps prevent unionization
Not everyone works at amazon, faggot.

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>>Lost 20 ETH in the bullrun to rugpulls
jeez - which tokens?
>We never complained about shit except entering the workforce post-recession and being passed over for niggers, indians and spics.
that's because they show up to work & don't want $150k because they have a certificate from freecodecamp.com.
anyway you dingbats brought it down on your own heads with all that cancel culture bullshit.

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this so much. I have an easy job lab and all my younger co workers constantly complain about having to be on their feet. I’ve seen multiple people sit on the floor in their gowns and ppe. If you don’t want to work, don’t get a job.

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keep on gambling on BSC until you make it fren

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>being passed over for niggers, indians and spics.
Elites use immigration as large-scale scab labor, then if anyone complains about it the Corporat Media calls them names and millennials show up to beat them with sticks
is there a more cucked group of people on Earth? Violently defending this own oppression. Pretty sad desu

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Maybe you didn't, but millennials are such faggot complainer victim crybaby niggers that we are now forced to wear face diapers in public and suck niggercock in the workplace
Even boomers wouldn't have done any of this shit in the 70s

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I wonder just HOW MUCH shady lobbyist money these politicians get transferred to propose stuff like that. They wouldn't just come up with this shit on their own and out of nowhere.

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Maybe millennials should stop voting for politicians who want to replace them with third worlders. Instead they just turn to communism like the lazy, entitled fucks they are

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nice this is pretty much how i do crypto too. ive been to 6 figures and back to zero about 3 times since 2013

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>millennials are behind the quarantine
kys zoomer

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It's strange how much I didn't like work when I was young, but I'd at least just tough out the stiff legs til I got used to standing for hours at a time.

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Yes, and not only that, millennials broke the resistance for the feminization of men. Millennials normalized faggotry, latte sipping soicuckery, iPhone shit, all of it. Millennials are literal subhuman trash and are completely responsible for Weimar 2.0

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We're going to make it fellow degens.

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why dont they just FUCK? i dont understand

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If it makes you feel any better 20eth will only worth about $200 before long

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It isn't millenials or zoomers, it is just that these type of easy jobs tend to have a fuck ton of drama queens and complainers. Either the person th inks they are too good for the job, or they are just too lazy to put in the effort get a better job.

I ended up getting promotions at every single retail job I had in the past simply because I didn't complain about every little goddamn thing or act like I was supposed to get paid to do nothing.

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I’m a millennial, literally the worst generation. The only silver lining is that they are gay, sterilizing themselves, or otherwise removing themself from the gene pool in numbers not seen in centuries. In a couple decades more than half of marriage eligible women will be single, unmarried, etc without children. It’s an ideology that is breeding itself out of existence.

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>casting stones

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Yeah but the biggest, whiniest crybabies who feel entitled are millennials since gen z hasn’t entered the workforce wholesale yet. Millennials haven’t figured out that they are only worth what someone is willing to pay you for. They all have over inflated sense of self worth, this seems to be exclusively a millennial problem

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That couple should've bought APU Coins

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I'm a millennial too, and I feel primal rage against my peers. You are not wrong about the birthrates, but it just means that niggers and minorities will out breed whites

I'm not a zoomer you deluded faggot. Maybe you aren't typical, but in general, this generation is absolute filth. Boomers' faggotry caused the millennial generation and started the snowball. But millennials turned that snowball into an avalanche and now zoomers exist to turn that avalanche into a giant, western civilization-sized dildo to fuck everyone in the ass with

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start making money to make it on the next bull run
wonder if this guy knows thousands have thought about punching him in the face

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Correct and I say this as an older millennial

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Ado that fucking nose is a dead giveaway

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I member.
I used to work in dominos too.
It was fucking comfy.
Cleaning was a bitch.
But the free pizza, good tips and drunk retards made it tolerable.
The worst part of cleaning was when you drain the water.
Imagine sausage, beef and veggies Jucie marinated in a WARM moist and dark environment (perfect ecoli environment) for a week.
It smelled like literal shit.
But it lasted 1 min per week.

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Nigs don’t breed, still only 13% of population after decades. Spics breed quick but the real danger is letting them in too fast. Cut off the immigration and incentivize whites to have families. Problem fixed. Our govt is anti white tho

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>the zoomer gets angered and confused by this image

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how u lose dem efferiums niga

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The ratio is the problem. This generation of whites is not breeding at a replacement rate while others are. You are also right about immigration, and nothing will stop that. In 50 years, whites will be a minority in many of their homelands

I already responded to you here faggot, I am not a zoomer: >>29686535

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Fuck off boomer. Wish I could afford to raise a family and secure a mortgage when I was 22 with a basic fucking job.

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Yeah no shit which points to the fact that it's not a generation divisible problem. There IS a common denominator here, Anon.

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abortions keep things in check. if republicans against abortion got their wish, the black population would be much higher now.

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Low black population is due to them being a target of population control. The jews made sure to discourage them from creating loving families and encouraged them to abort.

Mexicans have strong families that take care of one another and are super religious so they are much less likely to abort. Perfect combination for a population boom.

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I’ll be honest, I have no hope for this country anymore. I want the accelerate the collapse so we can rebuild it and not make the same mistakes the second time around. I’m actually looking to leave the US and renounce my citizenship if it gets worse. I’d rather go live in Dubai or something that’s not as chucked.

Born in 1988 faggot get gud

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This image makes me want to go to the gym.

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Why do they do it, anons? Why are there people who actually wagecuck at McDonalds? They could wagecuck selling clothes or any small shops instead they pick the most cancerous fast food there is. Even KFC is calmer.

How the fuck do you even have time to invest in crypto? 9-10 hours you wagecuck(plus getting and leaving there) and the other 8 you sleep them, you have 4 hours left effectively.

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Millennials are still responsible for the worst culture to exist in a country that has been run by kikes for 200 years

I accelerationist on some issues, but I practice the "drop out and survive" philosophy more personally

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This (((country))) NEED to fall. This is the Jewish nest, their foreign HQ.
I hate great reset, but I love their “us won’t be number 1 and instead several countries will replace USA power”
Once USA falls, then the Jews fall.
The reason white npc are so BRAINWASHED is because of USA propogandas
I mean why the FUCK a white Frenchman need to protest for a nigger fentyl death in USA? What else BUT USA cultural corruptive force?
When USA falls, propoganda falls.
Jews can’t do (((fellow Chinese))) and they also won’t bother to do “anti white” propoganda anymore, since they would be full force into achieving great isreal and their arab slaves

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You're a fucking millenial then lmao

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Yes you braindead nigger, I literally just said it here: >>29686535

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Didn't read the post. Dude there are plenty of other millenials who aren't complete shit. Maybe your peers all fucking suck but that means you need to meet better people. A good number of my friends and coworkers are hard working people that have their shit together

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wait what the fuck is that picture anon

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I know conehead on the right is what makes this image funny but everytime I see it I laugh because the blonde guy on the left looks fucking exactly like this dude I went to highschool with

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