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>he thinks that crypto will moon if we have hyperinflation

lmao if even the dollar lose its value what the fuck do you think it'll happen to imaginarý coins that can't be used for nothing?

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They will skyrocket in value compared to the dollar. BTC price increases are not a reflection of its overall value, but rather a reflection of the weakness of fiat

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Everything will "moon" relative to the dollar, retard. That's the definition of hyper-inflation.

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Are you the farmer retard?

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this is your brain on liberalism. literal retardation

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lmao you guys are delusional
talking about how the dollar will lose it's value but don't realizing that cyptos only are worth anything because you can trade them for dollars

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Its true, people are not going to trade their food for buttcoins lol

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I can also trade them for euros or yuan.

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you sir are a giant faggot

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If the cost of bread is going to go up with hyperinflation, you can bet the cost to buy crypto coins are going to go up too lol.

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>that cyptos only are worth anything because you can trade them for dollars
Retard doesn't know what pairs are LMFAO

Neither for gold, shithead. I know you guys are the same faggots from the other thread

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You might be the smoothest brain on biz and that is an accomplishment

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>implying just the dollar is going to hyperinflation

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>implying for one second the Yuan is going the way of the dollar and euro

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it is
knowing that, absolutely everything is going to increase in "dollar value"

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Yeah I'd be really happy to have an asset that has very little purchase power anywhere with a main method of exchange being to acquire fiat. Boy I'm sure hordes of people would place value in such an asset if fiat became worthless.

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>not realizing that china is the biggest holder of dollars and if the dollar is worthless they're going to get fucked too

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The midwit posting is really getting out of hand.
This is bullish though.

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I've heard these arguments all the way from 1k.
Look where we're at now.

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the retard I destroyed is back

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>guys that are all in in crypto are so delusional they are negating clear reallity

bearish as fuck, they're on new paradigm lmao

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have fun staying poor dumbfuck slave

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who the fuck was talking about hyperinflation of the dollar because of the trillions impressed in 2020 when bitcoin was at 1k anon?
the guys are fucking delusional bros lmaaaooooo

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based schizo

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The dollar had tangible buying power for that period of time. What do you think people with cryptocurrency will do when they can barely afford to stay afloat, when shit like a load of bread costs 30 fucking dollars. Dont be delusional. Until cryptocurrency has more tangible purchasing power and more public faith behind it it will absolutely fucking tank if the dollar becomes worthless. Anyone saying otherwise is an absolute moron

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Are you retarded? If the dollar inflates, then that means it's ability to purchase things goes down. If your dollar has inflated 2x, then that means you can only buy half as much of something. That includes bitcoin. If your dollar can only buy half as much bitcoin as before, then the nominal value of bitcoin has increased 2x.

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See you at 75k

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Thanks sold all my bitcoin

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Trade btwn cryptos and get even more dollars

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bro bitcoin will only keep it's price up with the inflation on the best case scenario, and even then the real gains will be mostly zero (everything goes up 2x and bitcoin goes up 2x too so nothing really changed)
like that other anon said, in case of hyperinflation bitcoin will be probably a shit thing to have because of it's tight relation with fiat
you'll probably get much more gains investing on real state or shit that actually matters in the world

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In that case he aint THAT wrong, you just mantain the value of your dollars on crypto (in that specific case)

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you're either larping as a retard or an actual brainlet. Do you have any idea what the word inflation means?

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You can also trade them for goods and services. Shocking!

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Venezuelans are using Runescape gold to survive, crypto just makes this arrangement easier.

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>ITT no coiner with donkey brain goes full retard

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Not only are they imaginary and can't be used for anything, they are not based on anything at all. Fiat currency isn't backed by gold, but goddam, at least it's based on something. Money = time x labor. Crypto is based on wagecuck fantasy. Idiots invest in crypto.

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t. smoothbrain

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cope nocoiner

What I'm saying is that in a vacuum, in addition to whatever price action it receives against a non-inflationary metric. For example, I've predicted since before the meme virus crash that bitcoin was going to 100-200k this cycle. But if we have severe hyperinflation in addition to that, then my prediction gets adjusted, and we could see much higher than that in nominal dollar values.

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you know now that I think about it, you could still trade your bitcoins for some other stable fiat currency so maybe it'd still retain its value.
Unless all fiat currencies shit the bed.

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no way man, just like money then?
my mind is blown brother now I'm going to buy some cyptos

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>he thinks crypto is american
most miners are in china anon

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Explain to me why a person struggling to fucking survive is going to place value in an asset they cant use to purchase goods and services while things become more and more expensive. Explain to me why investors wouldn't start hoarding commodities and real items that are necessary for humans to prosper and survive in the wake of a massive economic crash. Why would investors have faith in a digital asset that has no real use case. The average layman couldn't afford to hold on to an asset like that when he has to put food on the table.

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Most crypto is pegged to BTC and BTC is pegged to nothing. Literally whatever happens to BTC will happen to the rest of crypto. Many scenarios can occur, but the one we are all banking on is BTC steady rises during hyperinflation and becomes a true currency, taking all the altcoins with it. This is likely to happen since the APY on BTC has only ever been great.

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>thinks fiat dictate money

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If the USD is in the gutter every other currency will be too

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>cope nocoiner
good argument, now i'm buying some bitcoin
>I've predicted since before the meme virus crash that bitcoin was going to 100-200k this cycle
uhh how you reached those specific numbers?

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There is no place to hide
Plugged in your mind
Conformed design
To concede your rights
Concede your mind
Surrender to authority

Circumventing circuses,
Lamenting in protest,
To visible police,
Presence sponsored fear,
Battalions of riot police,
With rubber bullet kisses,
Baton courtesy,
Service with a smile

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You think that bitcoin is representitive of all crypto. DeFi is going eat legacy finance and banking. Smart contracts will become the defacto standard. Owning a piece of this digital infrastructure is a wise choice. So please shut the fuck up about things you lack knowledge of.

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well if every currency shits the bed then bye bye funny monies.
Maybe we'll finally use cocoa beans as currency like nature intended.

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You have never experienced the mass duplication of a currency before, have you?

I played Diablo 2 for 6 years straight. During this time we had a functioning economy where the currency (stone of jordan ring) was only found by manually farming (mining). When a dupe method was released, all the idiots thought duplicating the currency we used (stone of jordan rings) would be the best way to get rich. You know what happened when there was a flood of purchasing power through the increased availability of the currency? It lost its value overnight. The only items that retained any value were assets. Things that were rare, or otherwise not commonly duped. Their supply was fixed in a world of ever inflating currency. And those who held onto assets, were the new 1%. I was one of them. It won't be any different this time either.

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>person struggling to fucking survive
A person struggling to survive will not invest in anything regardless of if it's crypto or not because they live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings

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No one does that.

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>he thinks crypto is american
when i said that? if the dollar is fucked eveything is fucked too
want these answers too from people betting on crypto

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Well no fucking shit. What will people do with non essentials in times of panic, mass fear, and struggle? People holding shit like cryptocurrency are going to start cashing as fast as possible to try to exchange it into fiat and then into essentials or their fucking bills. We need a massive public psychology shift to have cryptocurrency hold value through a fiat crash and we aren't anywhere close to that yet. Cryptocurrency still has very little tangible purchasing power and real use cases. Until large public adoption and faith starts to take hold it will blow up along with fiat if a massive crash or depression happens

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>USD hyperinflates
>Everyone just bails from it and uses crypto instead

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>real state

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>what incels actually believe

This is just another variation of your apocalyptic revenge fantasies.

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this may be one of the funniest posts I ever read here the guy is investing on crypto because of Diablo 2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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It's boomers with their pms that have the apocalyptic revenge fantasies.
They mad they raised an entire generation of faggots.

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People holding crypto are either giant corps or above-median earners (have expendable income). Neither one of those groups care about what you are describing. I make plenty of money and have all of my shit in order even if I lose 500% of what I have in crypto. I am not rich at all, but the point is most crypto holders are not desperate for the money they have "tied-up" in the market

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It's a no brainer. You can't print more bitcoin and the crooked bank can't touch your bitcoin. If shit starts hyperinflating, then BTC will be more price stable than the dollar. That's what the doubters hate so much about it, right? You can't depend on a cup of coffee being 1e-6 BTC one day and 13 bitcoins the next.

Either that or transaction speed. Transaction speed is going to require more modern coins, that's why alts are so important IMO. But ultimately, if collapse happens, I hope we have another decade or two for the project to flourish into something easily usable before it has to become the defacto standard.

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the problem is that crypto isn't really an asset. Its value is speculative.

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Not only did assets moon during this time period, but a new currency was found basically overnight as well. (this event happened several times over the years in fact, always it was the same). The native currency became debased, assets became traded directly, and a new currency eventually formed.

As it stands, the official currency of Diablo 2 is actually d2jsp.org forum gold (fg), which is essentially a primitive version of cryptocurrency (entirely centralized however). Since this currency was immune from the duping bugs in Diablo 2, it was never debased, and has been the de facto currency for over a decade now.

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this so much this
those same guys were talking about how cypto would moon when the stock market crashed then the stock market crashed last year and crypto crashed too
it takes a lot of cope to have these fantasies

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You can laugh if you want, I had several years of economic experience by the time I was 18. Diablo 2 had a real functioning economy. The individual who owns Kraken was the former owner of a Diablo 2 item shop.


If you visit there now, it takes you directly to Kraken.

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>what incels actually believe
>this so much this

kek just leave you braindead reddit niggers. Virtually no one here is an actual incel. If you don't believe in the chance of a societal collapse in the USA, you are exceptionally ignorance and low-IQ

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>yeah bro just take your 12k savings and invest it in real estate bro it's probably more gains bro
jesus fuck

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>braindead reddit niggers
>no one here is an actual incel
>societal collapse in the USA

so... so this is how the mind of a guy that buy crypto works?

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struck a nerve, did I? keep coping on r/buttcoin and poor-posting for reddit gold points. No matter the mental gymnastics you do to convince yourself "crypto people are stupid incels", you will never actually make it

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holy shit if that aint a group of stupid incels in that pic...

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take your meds

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It's value is literally just a reflection of its future speculative value you moron.

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>it'll happen to imaginarý coins that can't be used for nothing?
Like the US dollar?

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yes, both are getting fucked

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get that tranny shit outtta here

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>15 post by this user
biden lost

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OP is one obnoxious little boy. He needs a chimney sweep up the as doused in castor oil

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