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Anon who shilled QUICK at $200 here.

MATIC to $5.

QUICKSWAP to $4000.

>Only working layer 2 solution
>Only working layer 2 dex

This shit is a no brainer guys. Fuck avax, fuck dot, fuck ADA. This is the real play.

>Aavegotchi being released on Quickswap soon
>The next BSC but decentralized

MATIC will do a BNB very soon as everyone will want to get in on Quickswap shitcoin moonshots. This will drive a SHITLOAD of demand for MATIC and everyone will quickly realize how good the MATIC network is as a layer 2 solution.

Go all in QUICK/MATIC. You won't regret it.

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>POOTIC aka Poolygon

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We have to admit that we slept on Matic for so long because we got filtered by the Indian team. I know I did. But that was NO excuse for us to go over to BSC. Anyone who left for that chink's shitcoin casino should hang their head in shame and kneel the fuck down to our new pajeet overlords.

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Fuck yes. I got in both like 3 days ago.

Won't be happy till i have double of each.

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Is MATIC the positive karma rebound for all of the Pajeet rugpulls in crypto history?

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Lmao, yes.

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#RBC has layer 2 solutions (BSC, Matic, soon ENQ, Dot, Avax) which gives you access to layer 2 Dexs.

True limit orders start tomorrow.

March 1st able to buy from multiple excanges based on price.

Their own L2 solution with anonymizer Q1/Q2

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What's your thoughts on BOND?

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the first decentralized exchange on MATIC has been released at: https://quickswap.exchange/
governance token (not needed but similar to UNI and mooning): https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/quick
previous threads: >>29493461 >>29389799
how to use:
>go to https://wallet.matic.network/
>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)
>pay gas fee once to transfer on/off layer 2.
>add Matic Network to Metamask (instructions here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/))
>your ETH is now on layer 2 and you can use Quickswap and swap tokens for less than a penny. takes a few seconds.

devs from top projects like aave, 10/10 team
To avoid being raped by etheruem gas fees and jump straight onto the matic network either use:
I personally just used ramp and it worked fine for me, although thought I'd include alternatives


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>then matic's chosen project, rubic, steps into the ring and does everyone up the ASS

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Hate that website of theirs. Will buy a fat stack as soon as they add liquidity on QuickSwap though. And I'll buy absolutely everything else decent that does too. Hell, I might even buy Rubic when those fucks add liquidity this weekend.

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fuck does bridging to matic really take 3 days min?

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>dat image

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No, if you use the PoS bridge it takes 8-9 minutes after the Ethereum mainnet tx confirms.

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cant i just send matic i own on bnb to my layer 2 ethereum wallet instead of wasting money on gas fees transferring eth from layer 1 to layer 2?

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$4k is fucking fud. This shit will hit $10k at minimum.

Anon tears of regret will make great lube

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ZKswap seems to be working just fine, isn't it?

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do you see any smart contract intensive dapps on it? also check out dex ranking on coingecko, this is actually crazy adoption

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I have MATIC on Binance and Eth on coinbase, should i swap that matic to eth before sending it all to metamask so I can deposit eth from layer 1 to 2?

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I want to buy some but i dont know how. I need to put eth on a bridge wtf is with that?

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Jesus, someone dropped 60 eth into this

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have crypto in metamask

go to matic wallet website


go to quickswap website

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dude we're literally just getting started

every day is day 1

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You know what? Im buying more and Im adding more matic projects like DB and Game

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and sportx :$ sportx.bet

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Thanks for making these threads anon. MATIC? More like MAKEIT

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So i have to buyed matic or quickswap?

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Anon who shilled quickswap at $80 here.

Quickswap is actually going to hit $1.5B+, over $10K per Quick, because:
1. same economics that made uni token balloon
2. its the only dex on the same layer as the layer that Dapps will transact on right now - and it will be the Uni of liquidity on layer 2. All other dexes are planning to move to layer 2, but it's not happening any time soon and liquidity is needed today. Rewards are still way better on quick than on Uni or Sushi, and layer 1 does not need to be interacted with as often as it is being now.

w'ere seeing the future unfold infront of us

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Bought 4K right now, brace for dump.

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Matic is lower risk lower reward.

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Matic is awsome and prob will top at 2-4 range but its not l2 lol
On other hand it is sidechain with 100+nodes so its like 1000% decentralized than CZ chain

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So i have to buy quickswap!! Thank you

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>>Only working layer 2 solution
>>Only working layer 2 dex
This is objectively wrong.
Who falls for shills like these?

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It’s not L2?

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It is lmao. The fudders have to lie to keep you from buying. DYOR

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they're saying it's not the only one that's working

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just sold all my matic for ONE

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bought a little stack at 0.20 thanks anon

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all other layer 2s were built for transacting and not for Dapps. Matic is the only layer 2 that supports both right now. DYOR. Liquidity needs to be on the same layer to have no ETH fees. if your DApp is on Layer 1 and you have to send it to BSC or xDAI or Loopring, you'lll need eth fees back and forth. If the dapp was built on those layer 2s (which it cant be), they'd be competitors (which they arent...)

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Move to quickswap retard

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Bro vietnamese groups bought it under $30. You’re gonna get dumped

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I went all in
If bogdanoff gets a call I’m jumping ship though

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OP what are you on about? xDai ($STAKE) has been running over 150,000 transactions per day and has multiple L2 dexes feeding off it, most notably HoneySwap. It’s the third biggest chain outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum. I get the shill, no need to lie tho

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No its sidechain you are at mearcy of 100 nodes akak matic security not eth, l2s draw security frome eth
I just sad its awsome i have 500k bag sicne 2019 lol
I mean its literally 3x faster and cheeper bsc and 50x decentralised
fucking mongos

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Bought a lil, but wouldnt this go to 0 if india bans cryptocurrency?

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honeyswap has $5m in liquidity and dapps cant build on that layer so you can use it for things like running a binance competitor or uni compeitior with no fees, but the DApps won't build on that layer and plus there are no fiat ramps to that layer

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hey vietnamese fudder, is it 30 dollars or 6 dollars you peabrain?

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You're a fucking idiot

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You sound knowledgeable so why do you type stupid?

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Aavegotchi worth it? I don't get this nft hype but what do you guys think will faggots use/buy it?

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sad to hear you think that, your socks will be blown off shortly from the developments ahead of us in the following 30 days

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Are you all acually retarded lol?

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slow down on the shilling i need to reach 10,000 before reinvesting so i can escape 5 figure hell

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Was shilling this earlier now im worried I overshilled before I had time to stack up.

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You type stupid, what does that have to do with my intelligence? I believed the things you said

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I bought the top of Quickswap, didn't I?

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it's shocking to me that BSC is centralized but all the projects are scams by scandinavian crackers. matic is decentralized, but they have 5head jeets developing real shit on there. am i in bizarro world?

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How do I transfer matic to my Metamask without getting kiked in fees REEEEEEEE

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oh i recognize this faggot who fuds every thread about Quick

carry on boys

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yeah we need to slow down as it pumps so we can accumulate

top is relative. I bought bunny/egg/rubic/asko all at the top and they all did a 3-5x from what i bought it at.

>> No.29691167

they are not even that high, I just did it and paid something like 15 usd

>> No.29691252

I took out my initial after a 100%, at some point this thing will have to dump a little, but long term (6 months) it will go up

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>I bought bunny/egg/rubic/asko
strongest FUD I've read about QUICK all fucking week. go back to your shitcoins faggot.

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I'm trying to swap some eth for 1 matic so i can just have that for fees but I get an undefined error on QuickSwap

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Are sidechains really L2?

>> No.29691410

solidity has scaled

>> No.29691441

Increase slippage and try again. There's a routing bug with small transactions that they're working on.

Matic is just a sidechain. Polygon is way more.

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anon i bought quick. im just telling anon that "buying the top" isn't always true if the token has moon potential.

it turned out asko was PnD that's the only bad thing. quick is being handled by a brilliant dev that's working on bonded. I have no fear about holding quick.

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This isn't Tomochain you nigger

>> No.29691818

there are no whales yet. this one flew under the whales noses.

>> No.29691981

fair launch brother, best way to do it

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It held up extremely well during that btc dip

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>no btc pairings
>thinking BTC effects QUICK price

>not realizing binance was $6 last bullrun now its $300 cause exchanges don't go down in value when volume goes up
>not realizing that Quick is a fork of Uni which was also engineered to succeed

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literally seems like a shill, stupid nigga sCum

> do u think we are real retards here?
>I bought bot ocean coins and wait for full project for dex trading release

smart boy knows what tools to use for best trading

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>fraction of a pennies
>not rupees
stopped reading there

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What's the difference between this and loopring?

>> No.29694102

how do u buy this quikswap? uniswap? I dont see quickswap on matic network wtf?

>> No.29694221

Literally did it in a half hour yesterday

>> No.29694253

Loopring has fixed pairs and no dApp support

>on which exchange can I SWAP for QuickSWAP tokens?
the absolute fucking state of this board. this bullrun is absolutely over.

>> No.29694277

add matic to metamask
go to matic wallet
convert eth to wrapped eth
go to quickswap
buy whatever you want

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$10k stack at $500, wish me luck

>> No.29694537

why is there uniswap listing for quickswap then? Im confused. Why cant you just buy quickswap on uniswap then convert to matic network? Explain please. Because Im on matic network on quickswap right now, I see no tokens, I have to add the contract address myself

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Godspeed friend. Bought 5k to ride the wave with you.
To Valhalla

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because if you buy in uniswap you are going to pay your ass in fees

>> No.29694684

You can but I don’t know why you would

>> No.29694795

the team added liquidity on Uniswap to have more exposure. if you go on Quickswap all you have to do is select the Quickswap token list and type in QUICK... it's exactly the same as Uniswap.


>> No.29694906

I see friends. Thank you. Let us go to the moon!

>> No.29695068

whats the gas like for the l1 to l2 swap

>> No.29695191

How much MATIC to make it?

>> No.29695510

depends on the token you bridge. if you use ETH it's fairly cheap, otherwise it's your regular
$50 extortion

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Aren't Optimism and Arbitrum being released in March for Ethereum? Won't it make Matic pretty much redundant?

>> No.29696137

>released in March
uh, sure. trust the plan

>> No.29696141

>Kindly be aware that liquidity provided in Automated Market Maker platforms (eg. Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer) can be removed (also known as rug pulling), resulting in a collapse of available liquidity. Please exercise caution when trading! This notice is NOT directed at any project in particular, and is more of a cautionary reminder for our users.

Coingecko shows this only when looking up QUICK for me. Thanks based Coingecko, wouldn't have touched this shit anyway

>> No.29696230

Is Optimism its own protocol/token? or something embedded in Ethereum?

>> No.29696310

transfer your eth here. it will cost between 20-30$ in ethereum fees.

then you will received the matic ethereum tokens. you can use those to trade on matic network.

>> No.29696312

Nobody builds on shit matic too or on loopring or any other working Dex...god you fudders

>> No.29696320

ur really not gonna make it man

>> No.29696345

IF it gets released in march you mean.

own protocol

anyways plasma, optimism, all those side chains are supposed to be interoperable

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>> No.29696511

I cant stop buying at the top boys

>> No.29696733

Was about to drop 3k last week at 10c (half stack) but didn't bite. Fucking regret it hard now and can't bring myself to buy at ath.

>> No.29697748

I dropped in 3.5k just now. Won't matter if this this moons

>> No.29697921

its going to at least 1 dollar.

at least,

>> No.29697925

What's the circulating supply of QUICK and where can I see it?

>> No.29698054

some news: airdrop to Uniswap holders coming soon

>> No.29698265

I dunno bros I have a knack for buying shit at the top and with a 4fig stack that stuff hurts.

>> No.29698368

bought 50 QUICK at 33$ am i gonna make it guys?

>> No.29698523

Can someone pls debunk this?

>> No.29698557

I'ma help you out anon. On pumping coins, space your buys out to 4 or 5 separate ones. Place your largest order around the 20h ma

>> No.29698735

It's always tough to time the market. You don't want to look back and regret it even more though when the price is 0.5 and not moving lower. Just buy and set it aside

>> No.29699634

holy fuck! congrats

>> No.29699776

I'm not sure. How does $0.00 sound?

>> No.29700556

Comfy af QUICK is going to $5000

>> No.29700846

>>Only working layer 2 solution
>>Only working layer 2 dex
Both of these are lies btw.
Ask yourselves:
>why do they need to lie in order to sell their pajeet coin?
>why can't they sell their pajeet coin on its own merits?

>> No.29700973

You need to pay gas fees "back and forth" to interact with matic as well, paid pajeet shill.

>> No.29701263

Or don't, most of my portfolio is ETH :)

>> No.29701798

>stakes LP tokens on Ethereum mainnet once
>pays $20 to approve, $50 to pool and $50 to stake
>this is fine

>> No.29701802

??? the fuck are you talking about

>> No.29702068

nigger and or faggot
your pick

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Forgives, sirs. I shat that post out in seconds and didn’t properly do the needful.

>> No.29703175

OP is wrong about it being the only layer 2 dex, but this project is legit nonetheless

>> No.29704229

wrong, late, retarded, ngmi

>> No.29704302


imagine thinking it's actually going to work, sorry

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brother what LMFAO

>> No.29705328


basedboys vs pajeets - the final showdown

premiers some time in March maybe we think

no refunds

>> No.29705442

looks like onions is corrected to based

>> No.29705587


>> No.29705905

Quick's chart is unreal. The most beautiful chart I think I have ever seen for an ALT.

This things going to break $1000 in a few days like a sword cutting through butter.

>> No.29706335

The 0.1 they give you on each chain in order to trade.

>> No.29706438

Not only this, it's a functioning cheaper and faster uniswap. Soon we will have their volume and mcap.

>> No.29707220

matic tokens are not supported though and need to use plasma. Takes 7 days. ouch.

>> No.29707454

bro try to write


its not me its autocorrecting that to random words

>> No.29708011

How much of a dump are we gonna see on MATIC if BTC takes a shit here? Should i sell now and buy back in later? Seems to be holding up pretty strong.

>> No.29708642


whatever it is, it's temporary cause the second we get any upwards movement we re-enter hyperspace. Just need some patience and in 2-3 weeks we will be a $1B+ exchange

>> No.29708647

up to you Im not selling , I did that before and lost my entry, I gonna leave my stack there for weeks or months whatever it takes to reach bigger figures.

>> No.29708689