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ayo nigga hand ova em bihcoins and efferiums an shi nigga or im finna put some lead in yo head nigga

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Glad you're out bobby

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go ahead stupid its locked in cold storage with multisig and the other key holders are in different continents you stupid fuck.

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You'd have seventeen holes in you before you even finished that sentence. They havs no ides what you're talking about and have the impulse control of a child on cocaine.

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alright man, just calm down. I'm sending you everything now, the networks just a little congested, could you send me some eth for the transfer f- TYRONE, NO!! *BLAM BLAM BLAM*

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It’s like biz never heard an actual black person speak before

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nah man that shit is going to crash, what you want is $DONUT

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Its nigger, redditor. And this is exactly how they speak. Where do you think "efferium" came from.

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You serious with this? There are black people talking like this all over pdx.

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You've got to be joking right? They talk like this! Every fucking nigger on worldstar, on twitter, on tv, and god forbid if you see a few of them on the streets. Talking to each other. Like a fucking jungle.

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you cracker gotta watch "the wire"
feel me?

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fuck you saydme nigga? ionwant no pastries and shi nigga gimme you fuckin krytos righ now nigga

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These threads are so important // I've created /biz/k/ threads in the past and they only take off partially.

Most folks on /biz/ are Asian/Indian/White and of the frail variety. Niggas think they made it because they have 0s near their name, but if a nigga can wipe them off the face of the earth, no kin, were they ever really here in the first place?

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I unironically would shoot you anyway for being a smart ass. If someone has a gun and you are unarmed, don't be a smart ass, you're asking for a bad time

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nigga da fuck is you saying, we aint getting put in no chain-links ever again BAM BAM BAM

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>being white in 2023

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Yoo broh put da shi down

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Ayo nigga chill bruh all I gots is dem graffe I just got 2 graffs homie... Please don't do this

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Darnell why you be ackin a fool again?

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bro that gun is worth more than what i own in crypto

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This is the kind of fantasy that runs through CZ's head on a regular basis, multiple times a day. And he chuckles to himself each time.

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Shanikwa's ol fine ass.

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Nigga I have nothing but love for my black friends but to think a frail white nigga with 7-8 digits aint gonna be strapped and surrounded by female bodyguards, or smart enough to never be in the company of some loose-cannon hoodrat, is just retarded you feel me

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>give me your efferuimms
>can't its in multi-sig cold storage
>get shot anyway
stop masturbating to hypotheticals. If I am going to die anyways then i would rather die rich. he gets nothing.

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>but to think a frail white nigga with 7-8 digits aint gonna be strapped and surrounded by female bodyguards, or smart enough to never be in the company of some loose-cannon hoodrat

Anon, I...


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raggidy ass whiteboi hand ova yo ledga else imma put a bullet in yo bitchass

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>S-sure, have my ETH

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Ten seconds later:
>more than fifteen bullet shells were found near anon's barely recognisable corpse.

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Checked but thats some 90s shit, times have changed, real niggas have upped they game, plus Bill is a gaynigger faggot

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Bobby Ocean is the best meth dealer on the streets.
its a damn crime every time they put him behind bars.

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Kek, my nigga redemption arc just like on The Wire you feel me

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>kill someone and get nothing
>end up getting sentenced to life

On the Next 48...Only on A&E

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I remember when he was still one of my idols

I got into software because it made him rich lmao

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wtf is this shit

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No dice jogger, Sell your bitcorn stocks now, this is a bobo neighborhood.

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you just hate niggers admit it.
You hate that they can't speak normal and they talk like cockney accents version of british.
You hate that their speech signals low class and low IQ so you want them to be like you; more white and higher IQ but this isn't possible.
The blacks you have today are the biproduct of generations of incest among the african tribes and the only time this changed is when the white and jewish man raped them which diversified their dna.

Most blacks on the left hemisphere of the world (minus Haiti) are diluted enough to be saved from incest IQ, Africa is a lost cause