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>bro just go to the gym
>bro just shave your head
>bro just take a shower
>bro just grow a beard
>bro just go outside and get some sun
>bro just stop giving a fuck, be confident, be tough, the pussy and job offers will come crawling to you

Yikes. It looks like Chad's advice was bullshit. In life you have to look a part to play a part. And beta males just don't have the looks because of their shitty genetics.

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He'd look better if he trimmed his beard and avoided showing off his egg head.

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I don't get it this guy looks fine, what are you trying to project

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It all comes down to genetics.

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What if I told you life isn't about women and what others think of you

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Ok but how is this related to business and finance?

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Tehee he looks a nice guy to me :)

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I'd tell you to go back to r*eddit, where you belong

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holy fuck get off my board you total fucking retard

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Idk maybe you just have shit personality and nobody fucking likes you?

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just make money. you will have plenty of female attention.

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That is the 120IQ look

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Lol. You look like one dude from my work.

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>/biz/ - Business & Finance

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This guy needs a hair transplant no way he can rock bald. Other than that looks ok

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looks like an average human that needs to trim his beard.

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This. Although his beard is probably hiding even more feminine facial features. Guy should've just become a tranny if he wanted attention, they still get to fuck girls sometimes.

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He'd look pretty decent if he hit chest way more. It's looking beta cos there's no chest. As someone who never had a chest, bench 3x a week and learn how to bench properly.

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Uh, someone who looks like that can definitely get laid. The cone head is unfortunate and they'd probably be better of balding than shaved desu. But this exact picture(maybe sans garbage can and a decent background) will get you matches. You can make some easy aesthetic optimizations, trim the beard and wear a fitted shirt definitely show off the forearms if you can do it in a way that isn't obvious about it.

That'll get you a relationship, now job offers, I don't know who promised you that but they're retarded, you need to actually be good at something or already have connections. Looks can help with connections but they were never going to be all that matters unless you went the model route.

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What exactly are you trying to say? The dude is shredded. His beard could use some trimming but other than that he looks fairly normal. OP are you perhaps a fucking nigger?!

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People who say this get lots of pussy and money or none

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That dude would slay pussy if he had a zero fucks given attitude. Maybe he does and OP is just a cum-guzzler.

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Just get a haircut OP

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bro just go to r9k and stop shitting up this board

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nice egghead

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Being fit is only the first step retard.
You still have to develop people skills and stop being an unlikable cunt

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Tell what it's about then

This lol

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Respect the egghead.

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he seems like a great guy any woman would be lucky to have, i mean not me personally my bf is 6'6 lol

hang in there guys! there is someone for everyone!

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don't tell them

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This guy just needs to start lifting and putting on some mass.

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Self improvement is mostly a meme. Some people work hard their entire life and end up in a dinky shack. Others aren't even sure if they deserve their mansion. We're living on auto pilot for the most part.

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Based af. Let thise retards found out by themselves.

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really shows you that face>everything

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>being this insecure
#1 Don't take yourself so seriously, if you're short, ugly or bald own it. It's when you make excuses for yourself is when you start getting hated.

#2 Intelligence and wealth go a long way, women love confidence, but money is their crack. If you get money, you'll realize women will compete for you nonstop so you'll stop getting so nervous around them and start being confident.

Live your life, do what you want to do with it. Women are attracted to that. If you're life's goal is to get with a woman they'll think you're pathetic and they're right because women are naturally beneath men. If a woman doesn't like you or hates you, fuck her, move on.

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>this kills the crab

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god tier troll or roastie

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Work more on your chest Dumbo

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That is literally and unironically an FtM tranny, she is an influencer
The state of this board

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bro jsut take a shower
bro just grind till you're 30
bro just grind till you'rre 40
bro 18 yo's love 50 year old seniors
bro just focus on making money
bro women aint shit
bro don't procreate just consume

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beards are a bad move if you're short
prefer buzzed face or clean shaven
also he probably could do fine if he got one of those men hair weaves monthly
its unfortunate he has that head structure so that he can't pull off bald

but its not game over for guy by far.

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Looks more masculin than most of men today.

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Trim that beard with a #2 clipper once a week. Women like a beard if it doesn't look like a dumpster fire.

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