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We will never see .49 ever again

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How much is a make it stack? This project seems undervalued as fuck with a sub 1 billion marketcap

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The bear market is once again upon us, boys. No matter. I'm never touching my BAT again after what happened last time. If it drops low as fuck I'll buy more. I 100% believe in this project and in Fourth Reich Eich

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Make it 100k, Sui 10k.

chance at 50-100x by end of 2022

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this shitcoin will never gain value because its given away so easily. like how many people use brave? at least 50 million? not scarce = no valvue

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it's nearing its volume cap, dumbass. only 1.5 billion will be available

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They can change the amount they give away based on the price though

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A heavy single device user is only looking at $200/yr worth of brave tops. Seeing how many just convert right to gift cards and dont know how to send to a exchange or wallet it is pretty safe to assume it wont be as common as suspected.

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Advertisers need to buy it to run ads. The more BAT is out of circulation, the batter. Most people who use the browser get a very small amount of BAT and the higher the price of BAT goes, the less they will receive. Early adopters of BAT that kept the tokens will be rewarded, the same way that early adopters of any other crypto are rewarded.

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Spoken like someone who doesn't use brave much. You do not get a lot of this.
I can't even imagine getting 20 BAT a year. And i get a decent amount of ads.

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The stupidity displayed in this comment is staggering.

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>I can't even imagine getting 20 BAT a year.
Only been using a few months.
No way it goes to $40 or whatever people are saying, I'm not getting a 4-5 figure sum from some free BAT.

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Why not? People got free BTC from faucets and donations that if they kept it is worth hundreds of thousands now. If you're an early adopter, you're lucky and get rewarded. It's not like everyone has thousands of BAT laying around. The higher the price of BAT goes, the less of it people will receive. They will receive the same (or probably more as more advertisers jump on board) in $ value, but smaller amounts of BAT.

The price of BAT rising is inevitable once self-serve comes out and if they manage to keep the userbase growing which they seem to be capable of doing. Unlike other tokens an external source (advertisers) actually needs BAT to reach an otherwise unreachable audience of almost 30 million people. Case studies have already shown that CTR and profitability is higher with Brave Ads than with any other ad network so advertisers will definitely want to get a piece of that. BAT is one of the only tokens so far that's actually being used and has real demand outside of speculation.

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Honestly I don't know. I'd like for it to go up but to me it like the spare change crypto, I can really value it beyond .25.

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.... did you read the 2.0 road map for Brave? They're making a DEX and wallet system built into the browser. A browser used by tens of millions of people already. At it's volume cap, there's no reason to think it can't keep gaining in value as more and more people begin trading on the platform.

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Looking to sell? I'm always buying.