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>Low MCap
>Second Largest DEX on BSC
>Papa CZ loves us
Buy up those sweet dips, once BTC stabilises we will be rewarded greatly with a nice price surge. Patience is key, remember that CZ loves BSC and we are a big part of BSC. You're still early

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Just bought some more, feeling comfy. This is the bottom, frens

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can't wait for it to dump further during the weekend to buy some

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I can't hate on this coin but unlike most of the other BSC shit it's not a rug pull. I'd rather have this crab then lose money

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Pwease mr yellow man can you pump for us pweeaaazeee

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uuh, wouldn't count on it

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Let's get the energy up bakebros. Keep on staking and baking while we wait.

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Would help if we had a gay photoshop community pumping out new memes for bake like the rubic shills

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>once BTC stabilises
surely it's more tied to bnb than btc? bake reached ATH around same time as bnb

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I did this last time and it pumped during the weekend. Not making the same mistake again, I got my bags ready.

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and bnb moves along with btc

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Yes it is more tied to BNB, but BNB is tied to BTC, so yeah

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BTC will keep dumping until the end of the weekend

the pump comes after


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you should swap all bake to CAKE and farm 400% apr via squirrel.finance

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Thats a good shout im gonna look into this

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You can also stake BAKE on BakerySwap

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Yeah the returns aren't that brilliant though but cheers,
How legit is squirrel, the website looks pretty basic

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i think if they would do a better job explaining how to use their chain people would actually do. setting up metamask adding custum token etc is fucking annoying. yeah iam retarded but so are many people. make it easy on us if you want us to use it.

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Finally some activity bois

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I think we goin up bois

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What the fuck was that huge sell

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Just a little oooooO for our bakebro to get going lets see what he's got

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Can I lose my BAKE by staking it? I have like 1000BAKE but I'm scared to stake

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No you can't lose it, you can earn more BAKE with it.
And for the new anons asking how is it deflationary then?
>>1. Only rewarding $BAKE related pools to support $BAKE value.

2. Aggregating the liquidities of non-$BAKE related pairs from all the other swap exchanges, instead of relying on $BAKE rewarding to attract the non-$BAKE liquidity providers.

3. Constructing Bakery devs ecosystem to attract more innovative projects to use $BAKE to farm other tokens or consume $BAKE, which including the following strategies:

3.1 Launchpad: projects may use any of the $BAKE pair LP tokens for fundraising, and after redeeming the LPs token, the corresponding $BAKE will be burned, and the other tokens will be distributed to the project team.

3.2 $BAKE staking pools: users can stake $BAKE to farm new project tokens or assets within the projects.

3.3 Paying with $BAKE — for partners selling their crypto assets on Bakery, they have to accept $BAKE payments and split the profit with us, and we will burn our shares of $BAKE.

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Is there a minimum amount for staking? Can I do it on binance? Im pretty new to this

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I’m trying to stake it and it’s so fucking confusing. I installed meta mask and have managed to get bake into my wallet and then have linked my wallet to bakery swap. I am trying to stake bake for bry, i go onto approve bake and it won’t let me confirm it. Is it because I don’t have any eth for the transaction fee?

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I’ve watched this video but cryptodad doesn’t experience the same issue as me. It won’t let me confirm as you can see

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Post bake hodl face

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This is fucking bullshit it won’t let me do anything

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calm down newfag, you need to transfer BNB to pay for gas or else you can't do anything

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Wtf is with the amount is that normal?

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VIKING is the one that will make you money. Rugproof, audits in and others ongoing. You keep holding this shit and are missing the Viking boat.

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Bought at 1.5, I only trust cake and bake, I'm not buying anything else

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you need BNB for any transaction on the binance smart chain. go on binance and buy a bit of BNB

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Shut up about fucking Viking you shilling your shitty fuckcoin doesn’t help me sort out the fucking mess I’m in for spending 5k on some retard cake thing does it I hate you so much

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Oh damn nigga what did you buy in at

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Thank you both I don’t know why it deleted my post. I have like 5 BnB on Binance so I’ll just withdraw a bit of that

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I bought a lot of it

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I'm only trying to help you make money bro.

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Bake was a mistake

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>that APY
>it's fucking nothing .jpg
What does BAKE actually have outside of speculative pump if the Chinaman tweets?
Elon Musk NFTs?
Buy EGG instead while it's still cheap, you already missed it once.

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We are stuck in 1.4 hell

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1inch is coming to BSC. What does that mean to BAKE?

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So you think that APY is sustainable?

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Huge buy and sell orders rn. It had very low volume before

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What should I stake my bake on? Some anon said bry

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Whats goin on fellow bakers? Are we gonna recover or is it donezo because of 1inch going to BSC

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Should I just sell it all and accept a 30% loss?

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It sounds like you're flustered and in a.risj to recoup the money you've put in, if you don't need the money hold because it will pump eventually. BNB is having a hard time at the minute and the bake price is mirroring BNB

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so last week...

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In a rush**
But dubs dubs says you hold and endure the pain with us im afraid desu

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Ok, thanks. Should I just stake the 3k BAKE I own then and sort of forget about it for now then?

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how is it mirroring bnb? bnb is around 3% loss/24h bake 13% down

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that apy lookin juicy. Feels too good to be true so i'll sit back and watch until I'm convinced it isn't a scam

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It goes down more and up more as well. Or it used to. Lately it doesn't pump as much.
Also it seems to have 1.27-1.3 as a bottom, while bnb has around 220 bottom.

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No, but it's free money in the short term on a project that is destined to grow more than something like CAKE or BAKE can.

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>he doesn't know
Better than Aave.

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Not sure if I should buy the dip, or keep my BNBs. BAKE should probably recover more.

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Whats the staking apy on the official site? I dont see any %.

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If it doesn’t recover I’m killing myself. So there’s that

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all i've ever known is crab

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As I've said PATIENCE is key. Keep in mind Binance has yet to release USDT pairs and more.

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What happens when they do?

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Price go up

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It becomes more available to people, as more people have USDT than BUSD, putting myself in that number too.

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What about BRY? Any bakebros holding? It just keeps dumping.

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squirrel is very legit, it's been existing for 6 months on ethereum, migrated to bsc for farming insurance

dev is known/has older projects too

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I have heard good thing about BRY, but am not invested in it.
BAKE on the other hand, it's rug proof, shilled by CZ and once the whales stop dumping it the price will surge like crazy. Strap in boys.

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We are going downnnnnnn niggassss

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So would you suggest staking in bry or bake?

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I'm still on profit, will buy 10k more if it hits 1$ that will be a fucking steal

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Thanks for shilling bought a stack

>> No.29683079

You're welcome.

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last chance to buy the dip

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(unless you bought at 2+ dollars, stay put if you did)

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okay, i bought above 2

>> No.29684664

I dont blame you because of the crash, but you got a bit optimistic mate, i mean we are reaching 5$ easily but still

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why matic with almost 1B mcap should do 20x?

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lel just bought 150$ worth actually, only free money I had unfortunately.

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