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based, i followed him yesterday when i found out he deved quickswap.

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Yeah it’s going to be nuts when people in and we start to get any announcements, released and people actually talking about the project. Right now it’s just pretty much just waiting for audit and release which will probably be this week. Just based off partnerships alone this thing is going to be fucking insane. They have 12 partnerships and most of them are top 100 projects or top 200 at least.

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FOMO in**

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My hope is that.... Yeah BSC is fantastic. But all the rugpulls and greed will become a turn off. (Some influencers have been burned by shit like sodaswap and saltswap.) And they will see how polygon presents a future with Ethereum. And will invest in the Uniswap of Polygon. This will be like being on BSC last november.

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>the Uniswap of Polygon

Is that Quickswap?

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As far as we know. Yes. This appears to be the prime swapping platform for the Polygon network. You would be early on this project.

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QuickSwap has gone from 30$ to 500+ in the past 10 days. Sameep developed QuickSwap. BOND is going to not only 10x+ in the next 10 days but we will also be partnering and on QuickSwap in the near future too. Screen cap this. BOND will 20x in March.

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whats the suicide stack

t. 100k BOND ?

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Everyone is going nuts over QuickSwap right now anyways. Even people involved in AAVE were talking about it and they have a shit ton of liquidity added there now. People will start to find out the connection between Sameep, QuickSwap and BOND starting today and we will 10x short term. We’ve been in accumulation for 3 months and we are literally at presale price right now and below IDO price.

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im tempted to get some BOND now. since im just now learning about sameep

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Quickswap lead dev is literally part of the AAVE team kek. This is the surest moonshot in the market right now.

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50k-100k is probably sui stack. Bond is under the radar as fuck. Once the word starts spreading about all of this and the partnerships they have. People will realize the value and we will likely be at a 50 cent floor. This could happen any time. Sameep + QuickSwap might accelerate that happening a lot sooner too. QuickSwap is pretty much the best DEX in the world right now.

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man i wanna get on aave, aavegatchi, quickswap, matic, bond. And I'm hearing route is something in our ecosystem as well.

i wish i didn't get fucked over my asko. but i gotta keep my head up. I'm lucky i found this in time.

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Yeah as soon as word spreads about this alone we’re going parabolic. 50 cents to 1$ in the next few months for sure is not a joke at all. Audit and product release could be this week and that will get us there, they said probably EOM.

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$1 would be unbelievable. I'd have borderline made it.

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I didnt knew which to buy...
Quick or Matic...
So I bought both...
And threw them into the liquidity pool.
Yeah, I'm thinking I'm based.

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ive basically been going up at least $800 a day with my stack. I know it'll slow down and even drop. but i'm not afraid, considering this is a bluechip type coin.

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that is indeed based. enjoy your gains on both sides of the pool.

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the question i have is. the ticker is shared with barnbridge. so what gives?

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Bonded Finance is the real BOND. Tyler is seething that the ticker is the same and tried to FUD bonded finance for months. Many of us have been waiting since December. The time for waiting is almost up though. Sameep will save us all. 1$ is FUD.

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Barnbridge is retarded and picked a ticker which does not actually reflect their token name. It's like if apple stock had the ticker PHONE. Barnbridge product is what they call "Bonds" which are just literally just debt collateralization products. For some reason they picked one of their products as their token ticker.

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both great points

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How are the rewards? I might join you as another cofy owner of Matic and Quick

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Pretty much what he said too. Tyler is the head of barn bridge and it makes no sense that it’s called BOND, BARN would have been better for them. Either way BOND is going to make a lot of people make it. Can’t believe some people will buy today and still get the same gains we have been waiting 3 months for.

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desu i kinda wanna wait for it to be on matic network. i just hate the eth prices right now.

unless you know of the matic contract for bonded? i'll have to think about it.

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Checked. It’s not on MATIC yet but will 100% be added and will be partnering with QuickSwap. See pic related. BOND still under the radar as fuck. Once people here about BOND we will 10x easy as fuck. Sameep retweeted this, is the founder and lead dev of QuickSwap and lead dev of BOND.


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the second it's on ill buy a bunch

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Quickswap success is attributed to polygon technology and success. Quickswap wouldn’t existed if it wasn’t for the underlying tech. Uniswap wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for ETH. Bcs without ETH ur wouldn’t have no smart contracts nor any ERC20 tokens to swap. Stop being a toutou

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Spoon feed me on project?

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bond my ass inside of your mouth and together we will ride to uranus son that is what it does, now don't be a fucking gag and get bonded

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AAVE/Compound but with alts / more tokens. Targeting 50b in untapped altcoin capital. Look at partnerships on medium too for project specific partnership info. 12+ partnerships with top 100-200 projects.

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bless sameep

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>ITT Samesafe same fagging.

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This will be the threads in biz in the next week for people who missed out. And idk who you’re referring to. Just look into it yourself kek.

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Obviously you didn't get what I meant.
Go scam somewhere else fag. Kill yourself.
you've posted 14 times in this thread with a few other ID's still same fagging. Pajeet jew.

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can't wait for the bonded pink wojaks

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Not same fagging I know what you mean kek.

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where have you been the best 3 months fren
we have crabbed the entire time while every scamcoin mooned
our time is now

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You have no idea where is this project atm. Its a complete mess and you may wait 6 months till minimum progress is made on this. Get away from this promise of a project and a total shitcoin

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i'm financially bonded.

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yes pls fud more
need to become more BONDED

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Bond will unironically flood /biz for months to come. Everybody will complain about how they missed such an obvious 100x. Feels comfy knowing my bags are packed and ready.

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Based I agree. Sameep is our savior.

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i sold 30k thanks to FUDfucks. shame on me. 30k remaining though, and i'm willing to wait years for my lambo.

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100% based

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What's consensus on the make it stack? 1m?

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Bond is Bonded.Finance