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Post em bros, and don't forget to rate others

Let's fucking go bros

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Algorland makes me think it is All Gore land. This leaves a stinky smell in my nose

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A Jewish man no doubt created this.

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>22% AVAX

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This is the portfolio, this is the ONE.

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Way too diversified

GMI probably has big cock too

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If the natural fudd is that good then you gotta hold your nose and click buy.

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40% XBD

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>Way too diversified
Literally not a thing. Also, 80% are in five fairly safe mid-caps.

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idk what I'm doing
I like the logos

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good taste in logos at least

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thanks anon, white and sleek is the future

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you forgot WAVES you will miss pump

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50% TRAC 25% NOIA 25% NIOX

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>alt season thread
>nobody is posting anything I hold

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then look into HBAR, ATOM and ALGO

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Trac seems good, but unsure of its future gains

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I hope one of those last 3 are a moonshot

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The last one is AMP I forgot to scroll

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Will there be an alt season. I don't plan on selling anything anyways, but I can't tell if we're mid way up a bull run, stuck forever, or about to crash with no alt season.

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Don't have a break down but

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100% XRP


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When alt season sirs

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Alpha Sigma did a report on TRAC, the devs are already earning a profit from the current OT network so people are using it and it isn't complete shit. Also blablabla partnership with GS1 barcode standard maintainers and soon therelease of SFC to escape ETH gas fees choking the system.

NIOX got a tech utilization partnership with crypto.com, big demand expected when deployed.

NOIA = -10% ping in Minecraft, think of the gaming snake oil market size, what more do I need to say.

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Rate me please, all BAO is locked

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My make it stake after getting rugged by Wynaut

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80% usdc, enjoy the crash retards

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Read em and weep

>muh diversification

The true aryan chad wants his portfolio to be as diverse as his country

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why do newfags buy these absolute scamcoins?

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absolutely not

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Can always tell a newfag when they use dollar and cents change instead of % change

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Nigger I have been in crypto since 2016

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What app is this? I hate Delta, slow as fuck.

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100% ALGO

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Wynaut? I figured I was early and could bail after 10x and went to bed. Woke up to dev rug

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All garbage. 0/10
Bnb is aight, rest trash. 3/10
All garbage 0/10
3/10 for bnb rest garbage
3/10 for cro. Rbc pnd garbage.

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It just means you're in early....unless they're shitcoins....

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Thanks, anon. Way better.

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PNK, YAX, DXD, GYSR, RNDR. All absolute SHITCOINS I've been holding for too long.

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My Rubic stays cubic

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GBOI 100%
Mooning right now

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>tfw no one ever holds my alt despite the fact it’s held strong throughout the recent dump
Feels good man.

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fixed for you OP

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Wanted to buy some INJ but just wasn't feeling the energy for some reason. Will probably pick up some MIR or COTI instead.

I'm not sure if you should be including locked BAO since there is a good chance it will be worthless by the time it unlocked. I have 10m locked from when I (regretably) staked it, but I fully expect it to be worthless so I've basically already forgotten about it.

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Top 50 rubic wallet reporting in... Bought it at 1.5 cents so no point in me selling it for awhile

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which app is this that I see everywhere? thanks anon

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3000 chainlink
400000 kleros
20 quickswap
3000 tezos
400 uni

A pretty good roster I would say.. all hand picked by me based on technological merit. let's see how they do in the big game

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No Hbar ?! You don’t like money?

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fucking kek I was in this thread, he's going to make it ngl

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HBAR centralized trash

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Get rugged kek

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Damn you are one salty little faggot. Arent you?

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absolutely based but dump AVAX as well. Double spend error.

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Feeling pretty comfy even after the volatility the last few days.

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I don’t care if centralized. I just wanna make it with whatever will take me.

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if you're investing in centralized shit coins you're fundamentally missing the point.

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Also have a few more 2018 bags that are down. Am I going to make it?

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Almost the exact same minus the xlm garbage. Seriously, get out of it as soon as you break even. Xlm is gonna be a reward for Coinbase card users and that’s gonna tank it and put a permanent ceiling on it

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OPs fagfolio has to be bate he has every top scam coin going. If Bitcoin crashes and you don’t take your money out of those coins that’s it they’ll never recover ever.

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Lol, seething poorfag with a shit portfolio.

normies don't care if it's centralized or not.

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10% of your portfolio in doge?? Are you retarded? The absolute highest doge could reach is at most 14 cents ... And that's if whales stop dumping the entire way up.

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erowan Curry ?

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Bro, it's just the coinbase free giveaway shit. I appreciate you looking out and agree. Xlm price action is absolute dog shit.

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I bought that Doge for $30 in 2015. It’s 10% because of how much it’s gained but it’s less than half a percent of the money I invested

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Does work good to transfer onto shit exchange to sell and buy something good

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Holding it is the equivalent of reinvesting fyi...

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No nigger, that’s the coin name

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This PF will skip 6 figure hell in a eye blink

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Yeah, its ameasly amount but I might consider. I've honestly thought about dumping my xrp because of sec clout but feel it would be maybe stupid at this point to not just ride it out. Shit, I'd be way more in the green if it wasnt for xrp. (Eff the SEC)

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No circ supply no market cap no nothing buy on UniScam. Ffs

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kek confirms 6 figure hell skip

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>OP doesn't have NUTS
you should have at least some staking insurance

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Just got started a few weeks ago when doge became mainstream. Bought doge at .0011 and sold at .008. then moved into other coins with that profit. Just getting into this so still learning. What would you do with my setup so far?

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Imagine being this insecure hiding the amount and being this braindead to think people cant just do simple math. Holy shit

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Take 1k from LTC and put on OMI

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GRT 75%
AMP 16.67%
ALGO 8.33%

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It appreciated 28,000% and you are calling him the retard.....

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>falling for the rubic rugpull

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Not selling is the same as reinvesting.

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>way too diversified

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no algo? NGMI

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I'm not saying his initial investment is bad, obviously it worked out for him. But part of investing also knowing when to pull out. With the total circulating supply of doge coins being like 231 trillion and the vast amount whales dogecoin has, it's always been a pump/dump coin.

There are better coins he could pivot to.

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And good thing I didn’t sell doge because it outperformed bitcoin, Eth, and a bunch of other shit this year. Retard

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A good pull out game is key

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wow dude, you know an exact amount will lead to a specific wallet if you search on etherscan. This way im widening the pool to a couple dozen
But thanks for the dubs
kek confirms 2 x with 66 dubs that this portfolio will make me leave 6 figure hell in an eye blink

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>Bought doge at .0011
>sold at .008
>with that profit

Is this the type of person in the market right now?

I'm seriously considering selling because of this post.

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>results oriented thinking


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wtf? now even same end number doublekek
My PF has kek's blessing and I have never felt better

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I should have bought more L1s. I'm NGMI. I want to consolidate a lot into GRT but I'm worried about that supply

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not too late to get into BOND

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I officially have kek's blessing now.
If you wanna make it, buy BOND.
Sameep's code blessings will do the needful

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Like I said faggot I just bought my first crypto a few weeks ago. Started with $500 now up to 13k? It's niggers like you that won't make it.

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this fucking piece of shit. I held it for months under 2c, sold at 1.9c and now it's 2.3c and looks like it will start climbing. fucking pajeet dev playing games

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nice graph and bao stack. you have a shitload of coins though, hard to manage

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>ITT poor fag no coiner talks shit

>> No.29672470

better get back in fast, 20% less stack isn't that tragic when you know where it's going.

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This place is worthless just shills trying to pump thier own bags. Barely ever anyone with decent research and feedback. Or nocoiners spewing utter mouth poop. It's worse than /b

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you really have no idea what that word means, do you?

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I literally bought on uniswap yesterday retard

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Comfy on AERGO and GET
Regreting the ARPA but still bagholding
I also have the same amount in ETH/BNB 50/50 that I use for swinging shitcoins/farming so I don't update it in blockfolio

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This is my portfolio from a week ago. Sold FTM exactly at the beginning of the pump. Kill me.

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This is my portfolio now. Only if I didn't sell my fanties :(((

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Absolutely, people are seething

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60% BNT
30% FTM
10% GRT

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kill yourself chang

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>be me
>poor fag on neetbux
>just started coining this month
>feel autistic for even sharing this

How much longer until my Casey nyestat lifestyle bro's?

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What app/wallet do you guys recommend or use

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Lol newfag babys second bullrun?

i've been here since mtgox and silkroad

>> No.29677062

Shut up nibba is this your 1st 10% profit ?
don’t be a faggot who says shit here
share what bot r u using for it
I am clever enough to realize how it’s working
Bot Ocean - that what u need

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>Been around since 2010
>Still hasnt made it
>Brags about being around since 2010
>still hasnt made it

>> No.29677678

I have 20k to put into a shitcoin. What do I buyed to get a 50x?

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>Implying I havn't made it

I've made it but I still like seeing numbers go up.


my portfolio

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Here you go

>> No.29679504

How much ADA and AVAX are you still holding

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Only have this. Thinking of buying HBAR or BNT... Idk if to go 50/50 or just all in in one, suggestions?

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You're fucked

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If only I had swung GRT or had money to buy more during the dip.

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All in ADA last year.

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File: 6 KB, 786x117, ss (2021-02-25 at 01.35.01).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

comfy AF

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move it to kucoin and all in LUKSO

You either /makeit/ or it hits 0, but it's one of the better moonshots

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Am I going to make it by end of 2021 bros ? I just need 200k

>> No.29682240

Get out of AVAX

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I am going to make it

>> No.29682845

No it isn’t

>> No.29684120

Gonna google your coins and let you know

QUICK- uniswap fork. Why? Uniswap exists and eth is the problem
FRONT- Pajeet lead dev on yet another defi coin, no whitepaper
SALE- literally what? literally who? No whitepaper, anonymous team, another Defi memecoin

Honestly, I see all of these going to 0 so either you're an idiot or I am. How the fuck did you even find these #2000 ranked coins?

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quick is on the polygon network m8

>> No.29685465

how come nobody is holding BNT

>> No.29685786

100% DNT, yes, IGMI