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Sergey again with the perfect fucking timing, announcing a technical breakthrough during the a fucking 30% full market dump and nobody cares and nobody is bullish. If the fat fuck was 2 days quicker, we would be at 100$ easy by now

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Yeah it's the worst time again, we pumped the least during the run up and dumped the hardest on doomsday. And now here we go with a bullish announcement but everything's red and nobody is bullish about this. We can only hope that Chainlink just randomly pumps out of nowhere just like it did multiple times in the past, as if the price randomly decided to catch up with fundamentals.

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It doesn't matter. Everybody's so obsessed with useless, centralized, Chinese food token rugpulls that they don't give a shit about actual technology. Why do zoomers have to ruin everything?

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I doubt it, OCR was never as bullish as people here were hyping.

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Yeah it's not the biggest announcement but I think it really helps the narrative that Chainlink is changing the crypto space fundamentally. So many altcoin bag holders love the gas fees narrative and Chainlink will show it, already in practise. But then again, it's not like anyone who doesn't already know and is invested in Chainlink will read these news

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Link likes to aggregate bullish news and then send it the green candle in a single transaction.

Like what happened in August.

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we can only hope frens

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