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This is most ez x10 ive seen in a while. just hold it bois.

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Ethereum though?

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no boomercoins here

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That pic is outdated. RBC mcap is 3x higher now.

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The rubic play was to buy anywhere from half a cent to 10c and unload on the newfags in the 50-70c range

We have moved to LUA since then, didnt you get the memo? There is still time anon, target it $1 and above

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How do I buy rubic?

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how are you not banned yet you disgusting jeet fuck?

anyone who bothers reading this - by 'we' he means 'me'

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No trust me, he definitely means "we"
Lots of talk going on in private in the Rubic telegram...

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checked and realitypilled. still very low though

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does it have any plans to move to ethereum's optimism network? if not it's DOA

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Clean this shit up jannies. This faggot is in every thread.

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God damn

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fuck off

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based, I sold my rubic for LUA as well

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Local Rubic dealer

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haha you scared?

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>rbc 20m mcap
how old is this shit?

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for a dex that has to depend on shills piggybacking in Rubic threads? Nah I’m good

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so as the mcaps for other coins, we need someone to update this pic

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>spam rugpull for 4 days
chink moot needs to ip ban india holy shit

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Work on your FUD, faggot, it sucks as hard as your lips on cock

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Here you go.

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Faggots schilling their crypto in Rubic threads in the last three days
LUA, Quickswap, and now EYE
Positve signal, still gay though

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Thanks, anon!

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>spam the board with countless RBC threads for weeks
>rarely see any LUA thread
>noooooooo!! Jannies ban the LUA spammer

Get fucked you newfag RBC bagholder

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What the fuck.

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Lamest twitter avatar of all time.

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LUA Rugpull
Projection, so sad
You hate see it

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Shit the fuck up you monkey ass street shitter. Find your own thread.

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market cap is actually twice what you have there, but it's still a good buy

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you used that same image before when replying to threads
makes it easy for me to see it's the same guy over and over

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This is exactly the type of chart you want to buy anon

>bottomed out
>went to $1-2 so it can go there again
>people bought for way more than current prices so won't be dumping on you anytime soon
>coin has been up for nearly 6 months so you know it's not a rugpull

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how many days in a row are you gonna use the same gif

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no wonder you’re piggybacking Rubic threads

go play in traffic retard

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Rubic Total Victory

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the gods determined that the jews were abusing their eldritch powers.

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quickswap and rubic are both in collaboration with matic. except that quickswap is already on network.

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>try to short sell it
>it grows
>"okay, shit, let's just buy and stake"
>it dumps
Schizo crypto, I swear to God.

I got only one lesson, wanna trade with profit - try bots. Waiting for Bot Ocean release to use best instruments

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fuck off mass effect you're such a fucking nigger monkey god damn. the few moments where peace can be had on earth are the rare times you decide to stay in your gay fucking moonshot hunters/MCDC telegrams and not bother civilized society here

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Oh, it's this image again. Did you not save any others during your 2 week stay here on vacation from reddit?

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No one wants your POO IN THE LUA scam token MassEffect. Go make a thread on it to prove how good it is. You got burned hard on RUBIC and again on MCDC. Just admit it you fucked up and should never be involved in crypto again. You have to go back.

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Too many early holders who are dumping on every rise. Project is still in development while Uniswap with Optimiser will be up in March.

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LUA is up x2 since 24 hours and this is only the start. Again guys, don't marry your bags. You could DOUBLED your RBC stack FOR FREE, just by going into LUA yesterday

And guess what; LUA is only starting
50c in a week, screencap this

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Fuck of PnDer

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Check Dexg

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Don't reply to me if you're not going to answer my question, fucking newfaggot.

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false. more like 2x

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This is my 1st post in the thread fellow RBC chad (I still have a bag left) what's your question exactly?

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What's this LUA chart all about?
LUA not looking so hot
It looks like it got rug pulled
I think I will pass

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>the curry is strong with this one