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Wat be da easiest way fo a young my bitch of color to make sum Benjamins?

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The sex trade

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Stop acting like a nigger. It's not funny, not endearing, and will only harm you in the long run.

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Damn sis you ain't heard? Dee be buying them efferium stock and be STACKING dorm serious paper you gotta holla at him

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the meme is kinda getting better, surprised really

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kill yourself dumb nigger

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tell her to lay with the lord farquad

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Nigga they Tubmans now.

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Lord Farquad was a brutal blackpill, if he had not been so short he would been a total chad. But being short is what made him so unattractive

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I don’t know someone mentioned Mochimo I am looking into it and its look great

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Eyy youssa be so fiine, my amffeterium be wildin

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These threads aren’t funny, tip me to interrupt these retarded unfunny memes, op is a faggot.

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Have five kids with five different men. Collect welfare.

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only fans.

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These are the best threads on biz, kys

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Here’s a tip...

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Do your research. Following NEXT Chain? Earn NEXT by staking or by providing liquidity to Uniswap. NEXT will be available on Uniswap with many pairs, they will pair NEXT with ETH, wBTC, USDT and USDC. Join them on Telegram @nextchain

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pssshhhhhh. Hey girl you ever been with a green frog? Come over and I'll show you my mining rigs. If you want to make quick money we can skip that and just let me shit on your face.

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Dindu muffin

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A black woman calling herself a bitch? OP youve clearly never met a black woman.

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>easiest way fo a young my bitch of color to make sum Benjamins

get involved in an organised pump group
invites just opened on this one - they pump this saturday
discord gg/SNqPpk5Pjw
we hit some low marketcap coin, pump it, organised shill, sell. It happens all the time here - everyone shilling their shit they bought, why not try an organised version of it

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Have someone film you getting brutalized by police then start a go fund me.

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hey dat our hair

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Seeing these threads always make me smile. Shit is pretty funny frankly.

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Beb, buy zero easy moon. So we can honeymoon in the moon and i lick yuor vegana

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Post titties pls

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>It's not funny, not endearing

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Sit urself on this bwc

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Ayyo you right lil sis. I be holdin up these pale ass mufuggas in the street "gimme all yo bit's coin!" These bitch ass fool talcmbout "Its a digital currency!" Nigg wtf is a digital currency and how dafuk ion steel it from ya!

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Prostitution. Also leave white people alone. In every fucking way.

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You sure showed him nigger

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Agreed. Kind of like how Norf-FC memes were originally just pics of a fat retarded wojak, then they evolved into something oddly endearing.