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Where were you when the rug was pulled?

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theres no rug, the project is just not interesting enough, Burning BTC for TRDL is a crime.

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sushi was delayed
literally just buy more

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>burning gold for monopoly money

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unironically this is going to $1, things have been delayed every week until the start of the month

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You know that you don't burn BTC for TRDL don't you? BTC is burnt for vBNT which is the equalent to wBTC or renBTC but trustless. TRDL is the governance token which you get as a reward for bridging BTC to ETH. If you don't understand how important a trustless bridge from BTC to ETH is I can't help you. Just stay with wBTC than and get ruged by the signatures or custodians lol

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The whole protocol is working already like a charm. The website and logo is getting an update rn. They already shared the VS logo and website on a landing page. The founder and core dev of the backend is a sushi swap dev, it will be in sushi onsen in the coming days. Fucking 6mm market cap is just insane. If you hate money stay away

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Tried to warn you with my shitpost. None of you euphoria monkeys listened

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I won't sell now, but fuck those delays, what a bad look. Fucking inexperienced devs.
Also the way they're accruing in the TG is cringe

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No, it doesn't work. vBTC is $20k USD below real BTC, it's a failure. Stop scamming people.

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Look for yourselves, this is the vBTC peg, its terrible and TRDL will soon go to 0 cuz the idea doesn't work. You have been warned.


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The sushidev also has 1m strudel unlocked today and could dump on you any day now, this coin is unironically going to 0.

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Show me proof and I’ll market sell everything right now

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its not too hard to find, if u own strudel u better sell today cuz it'll go to 0.50 cent any day now.

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the final rugpull is in 11hrs

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Thank you bros. I’m dumping this shit. Thank you so much.

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No problem, make sure to complain to Sushiswap that their dev Keno is scamming people with his friends. Here's his linked inn.

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Pics of this piece of shit strudel scammer, I'm calling german police on him, hope he rots in jail.

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I've been warning Strudeltards since the very first thread, although I wouldn't be surprised if most replies to me were by the devs themselves

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more pics of this conman, he is running a fraud ring with his friends at n3rd finance. its called finance cuz u financing his new mansion u dumb pieces of shit strudel holders

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Or their community cucks

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Asked why he's learning Chinese, Budde, who previously studied English and French, replied, "I made the decision after I saw clearly what will happen in the future, and with which country I will most likely interact the most."


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>be me
>read strudel thread
>that sounds retarded wtf
why do I do this

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If this piece of shit rugs me I'm calling his mom's line.

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Holy shit take your meds

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they're not rugging, just slowly dumping on you. the literally farmed for months at crazy APY while the project was inactive and then suddenly decided to launch it in the middle of a bullrun... I wonder why

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Anyone still holding this after 2 weeks of false promises and delays conveniently RIGHT up until 250k dev tokens unlock deserves to be rugged desu

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no, if this does get rugged i promise im going to find keno and beat him up. i live in germany and it wont be difficult, assault charges are nothing here

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Wew man glad I dropped these bags I want to beat that curly haired Jew cunt in the face in Minecraft until he stops smiling in

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Ah so you are a bagholder? Why don't you just dump them if this is a scam?

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Why dont u go back to telegram u dumb piece of shit?

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ETH/an is that you?

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i am sharpening my hunting knife rn in minecraft in order to eviscerate sb in minecraft

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>not interesting enough
That MS paint logo gives it away without anyone saying it

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Answer my question faggot

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I'll go all in at that point.

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>sushi was delayed
>pic related
its dummies in telegram that buy this story.

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>Show me proof and I’ll market sell everything right now
Wallet #1 was locked, it unlocked yesterday, those tokens are distributed. If you look in the TG, you can see the guy that brought up the link showing the lock on wallet #1 and the contact lock. He was banned from the TG for bringing it up and asking wtf was going on and how suspicious all the "JUST WAIT, V2 SOON, SUSHI NEXT WEEK" shilling was non-stop spamming as a delay right as that wallet unlocked.

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>literally farmed for months at crazy APY while the project was inactive
exactly, this project has been live like 140 days. They were farming the first 125 days and then started shilling it. Anyone can see the fucking contract launch on etherscan.

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Feeding the village with my gains. Thanks you sirs for doing the needful

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If I learned anything on biz is that the more a project gets shit posted the better the returns are (rubic, fantom).

All your shit arguments were already destroyed by amas and transparent communication. The whole development is shown to the investors on a daily basis. I invite you to check out their telegram. But you're probably some fudding bots trying to scoop up some cheap TRDL. Fuckyou!

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kek, the TG is borderline a cult at this point. If you bring up a legitimate concern like the token unlock or the neverending "soon ;)" you're a FUDDER and are getting banned

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Agreed with the first part. But the telegram is arguably the worst part of this project. Admins banning people bringing up legitimate concerns is not a good look

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trying to escape this shit pit but its tied up with eth and im too poor fag to invest more money into gas fees rn :(

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Getting rugged by Wynaut

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>Agreed with the first part. But the telegram is arguably the worst part of this project. Admins banning people bringing up legitimate concerns is not a good look

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kek, onsen cancelled. i did not think it could dump further but looks like it will

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>kek, onsen cancelled. i did not think it could dump further but looks like it will
are you serial right now???

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hahahah its coming next week strudels, just like we said last month the badger partnership is coming

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So let's do a recap, it is EOD thursday for the pakistani devteam and they are 2 weeks late with:
>New website (1 broken landing page is not a new website)
>No onsen

Don't bring any of this or the 250k dev tokens being unlocked in 10hrs up in the TG tho, or you'll get instabanned by the cucks

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Xi Xi Bee is the new JOOOO!

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You fudders are making me bullish af.

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Lol I made 25$ off this gay shit as soon as I realized the ? Was a single buyer pumping the price in the circulating volume fuck that shit. Also who would be dumb enough to shred a btc with that thing

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That shitty logo and ppl invested in it? LOL