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bruh this is interestng, bump

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Dubs if bullish for HBAR.

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give me a quick rundown

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guess all these normies should have bought monero

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money printer go xrra brrrrrrrrrr

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A couple of geniuses on Pol predicted the M1 fuckfest that happened today and a bunch of other shit a couple months ago. Ties into weird occult dates. Basically hyperinflation and crash incoming. There was hidden text in the image. Predicted doge. All of it mooned. Poster added more about the M1 and hyperinflation. I'd give it a browse.

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How do we make money from this before everything comes tumbling down?

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Buy [an unknown amount] of Monero while it's still cheapish.

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Apparently btc chain will freeze soon. Open onlyfans I guess.

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>the M1 fuckfest
what fuckfest? The FED discontinued the chart on their site where can I see it?

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Too much printing. They stopped showing it because the news will scare everyone.

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but you said something particular happened today. What was it and where can I see it.

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Another genius here also.

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From what I understand there was a lot scheduled to be added to the M1 yesterday and today. What they are saying is that today is the official start of the collapse.

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let's see. Unless something actually happens today I'm thinking LARP

None of the other info you've given is particularly new or interesting.

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The end of US economy happens today.
Like the end of the world on 2012 and 2000

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I guess i should have saved that can of spaghettios.

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ok so tell me which cryptos do i invest in to save myself from the pedogarchy?

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Anyone bothered to check the tor website at the bottom, when you max the exposure of the picture?

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If you think internet monopoly money will save you, you don't quite understand the gravity of the situation.

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>The Great Reset

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>numerology and symbolisms
Q-tier psyop detected, OP is a glownigger

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Its GME, UNI DOGE and a couple of others. Just negative it and it shows okay.

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anyone can decipher this?

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02/21/21 and possibly talking about the fed reserve bank foobar of 02/24/21?

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Oh, it's just a christcuck thing.

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Why TODAY though? I expect things to die slowly

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happened yesterday

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Frens. I want off this ride. Can we stop, please

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midwits detected

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This ride has no brakes.

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You should want ON this ride. Bullish for bitcoin

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When was the post published? We need proofs, Billy. Proofs

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Sure bro your Jew mossiach will save you, along with all your catholic nigger buddies in south america.

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you just described the antichrist

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It's a fun LARP but none of that happened, Gamestop didn't cause any bank to crash and didn't cause any new regulation.

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Cash your crypto for a nice reliable 4x4, guns, body armor, food, water, medical supplies and make sure your friends do the same

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New printing would show up on M2. This is due to M1 being forced to include savings accounts (and others) which were previously barred by federal law from making over a certain number of transfers per month.

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Bitcoin wasn't mentioned once so it's a larp.

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>"gamestop" is code for "the game stops"
take your meds

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Certain thinkers within the schizo mainstream refuse to even acknowledge crypto.

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>UNI= coin
>DOGE= coin
>GME= gamestop
>AMC= AMC entertainment
>NAK= Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd. canadian mining company some anon mentioned Canada hitting hyper inflation first
>DNO= Norwegian oil and gas company
>KOO= ??
>KO= Coca Cola
>OZSC= Ozop Energy Solutions
>DG= Dollar General
>TW=Trade web
>ZSC= medical disposal healthcare company
some of these make sense the rest of it doesnt come up with anything

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But it happened. They stopped added the money and stopped the info. We aren't going to hear much about it but it already started.

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It's a repost illiterate faggot.

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there are markers between each

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These posts have been as old as time. Every "prophecy" is just a bunch of miserable fags unhappy with life and want everybody else to be like them and to be praised high and low. Whatever happens, happens. Don't believe anyone and make up your own mind. If you were to believe this fag, you would've sold everything in march 2020 and we all know where that would leave you today: sudoku or cucked for eternity.

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F for the Pajeet shill thread that died for this schizo qoomer shit

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This is crazy bros its like we are in a video game

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To the anon I was talking to about my daughter I’m looking for you I made an account if you see this bc1qpqxzcq5ar9u4p6zkh3vzten2stl2uvn08sue6w thank you your saving her life!

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You don't understand. Its because you shut down the Adrenochrome chain supply and child trafficking supply down. So all these boomers are having to get their shit from China.

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They figured it out already. Periods on the bottom separate. 2 coins, 4 memes, 4 pink sheets. some kind of message? Jesus. UNI.DOGE.GME.AMC.NAKD,NOK.OZSC.DTW.CLWD.WOGI. All are suspicious and have mooned.

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thanks barley noticed that, so buy up all those stickers based on a larp, seems peak biz advice

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>/pol/ larp
yeah no

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Hold me anon im scared of whats to happen

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Jesus is Lord.

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CL is Chainlink or Chainlink Labs

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/pol/ has been and never will be right about anything. Bunch of racists should prove to you how fucking dumb they are. You cannot be racists and hold a logical and correct world view.

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the ride never ends freinds, might as well enjoy it

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weak bait

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Soo nothingburger

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YEA GUIS TRUST THE PLAN GUYS 1 WEEK LATER GUYS *insert random date * its gonna happen trust the qtip guys fuck off

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He's true though. Since the place was filled with trumpbots anything non-nazi or trumpist was pushed out. The place has no value anymore, except as a safe space for american alt righters and some euro nazis. No wonder why the "/pol/ is always right" meme is nowhere to be seen today.

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>hes true
back to india

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Give me one single thread of evidence to prove the contrary.

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You cannot wipe away nigger crime by publishing a few science articles that say race isn't real
One of us is ignoring data

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posts like this make me realise how unwell most people here are

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>Just ignore systemic and cultural oppression
>One of us is ignoring the data

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ok but why GME? did millions of americans lose their life on GME and the govt. is trying to soften the blow?

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>did millions of americans lose their life on GME
i seriously doubt even on reddit it was this bad

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Oh go fuck yourself, "Opression" isn't a fucking excuse to commit crime

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Polkadex Performance
The current testnet transaction throughput of 300 TPS, more than enough to support the current crypto exchange .


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Not exactly supporting the other anon here, but why does the idea of questioning the factors of race bother you so much?

Genes can attribute to things as small as fears and hobbies. It's not so hard to think that this world just isn't ready for such a head-on clash of races and cultures.

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god damn you identity politics niggers are actually retarded. go back to your containment board

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Damn, I wish I knew how to read so that I could understand what this anon was saying.

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How do I profit from this?

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Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger. It's just skin color adaptions based on closeness to the equator (son strength)

Where exactly is my containment board? Am I supposed to go to a board filled with literal nazi's?

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No fuck you nigger, i hope i get a new video of a nigger getting shot by a cop today so i can laugh to it

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>Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger

Who is educating these children?!?

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Drink your onions midwit.
Back to your shirhole.

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It's just another doomsday prediction by someone with a shit life. All they want is for things to end like their favorite apocalypse movie.

>> No.29653811

Holy fuck get out now
>It's just skin color adaptions based
How retarded can you be? You have seen photos of albino negroes?

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>Oh go fuck yourself

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>When they are trumped by logic they start resorting to violence verbal or otherwise.

You rightwingers are a disgrace. I can't wait for white people to be gone and people to stop caring about race.

>> No.29653890

yes leftpol retards like you are a much bigger burden on society than the evil nazis you're so afraid of. you're a loser who has been brainwashed by politics without an independent thought. everyone hates you online and everyone hates you in real life. you are a failure.

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There was this thread earlier today and one anon said its just coming from a new definition of M1

>> No.29653919

Good luck with that faggot, we have the guns, niggers have the abortions and lack of ability to properly maintain guns
>no u

>> No.29653950

Stop this antisemitic caricature!
What is your race then?

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>Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger
Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger
>Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger
Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger
>Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger
Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger

opinion discarded. argument discounted. position devalued.

>> No.29654078

Go look at your failed coup.

I am raceless but I white passing so I have the privilege that goes hand in hand with it.

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Thought on sale

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It says right at the start that it's a fictional story retards

>> No.29654130

Read a book.

>> No.29654154

Do we know what teh source of this image is? I require more info (not necessarily hard proof or anything just more info)

>> No.29654155

>"Opression" isn't a fucking excuse to commit crime

>In today's news, President Biden signed an executive order making the drinking of clean water illegal in all states. Every gallon of water must contain at least 500,000ppm of human fecal mater and estrogen. Effective immediately, anyone caught with clean water will be subject to imprisonment and fines, as well as be placed on a dangerous persons list.

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You are jewish and thats your privilege.
Whites are the most oppressed group in modern america (im european)

>> No.29654161

No one "cares" about race. You're just highlighting your own inability to properly discuss it outside of your sphere of "knowledge".

See how you instantly jump to labeling people under 1 term to help make yourself feel comfortable in your bubble, that "they" are always the wrong and evil ones, just because they don't live in your precise bubble of indoctrination

>> No.29654190

How did you know I am Jewish?

>> No.29654247

You said "you whites" and then im raceless but i am passing as white WTF thats a better giveaway then to say i had bar mitzwa in tel aviv

>> No.29654254

Well that's just what evil people do

>> No.29654279

Shalom! These goys will never understand the systemic oppression they perpetuate, no use engaging

>> No.29654292

I will remember this for my future discussions on the chans.

>> No.29654339

Yeah you will always get caught

>> No.29654374

Evil people oppress by creating laws that suppress dissent. You're either retard or trolling but either way I hope you wake up quick.

>> No.29654387

It’s never going away. Not ever. Ask any other race how they feel about blacks and see the truth.
Also, we aren’t going anywhere. It’s the liberals that are failing to reproduce and dying off. Conservative-types are still pumping out kids.

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Being Jewish isn't a crime and I will just deny it in future posts.

>> No.29654479

No its no crime, but you are caught in tyring to meddle with our opinions. And change them against our favor .

>> No.29654487

Pedos, anarchists, schizos, and drug dealers win every time. I just do whatever they do.

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Found the kike.

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>they will tell you what happens in advance because discreet disclosure is part of their ritual


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im not american you retarded kike. jews as hated around the world, dont let your western media bubble fool you

>> No.29654862

So the feds want a crash sale to buy back crypto cheaply

>> No.29655009

Nah i dont think so.
They maybe want a crash to buy houses and land.
At least thats what i think and thats what they did in march.
Hyperinflation is crazy bullish for crypto .

>> No.29655075

This. Oldfags know

>> No.29655141

Lovely, some qanon tier hogwash had surely worked this out as they have always done! Thank you for the fine tips sir

>> No.29655190

Go back to plebbit faggot.

>> No.29655235

nothing ever happens

>> No.29655256

kek he's not an oldfag you pedantic cock sucking nigger faggot loving bitch boy
Go fuck yourself in your mangled hole then bleed about it til you rope yourself, neck hanger.

>> No.29655394

You're supposed to go to Reddit if you are a nigger or nigger lover.

>> No.29655460

>said while living through the largest sustained and fucked up happening in the last 50 years at least

>> No.29655519 [DELETED] 

Id like to say that the KOO segment can be
KO = coca cola
O = Realty Income Corp

>> No.29655652

It's expected to die within a few months or weeks.

>> No.29655842

yep, that moron wrote out an extra O

>> No.29655923

>this entire thread
All I know is, the schizos have yet to be wrong, and also say Chainlink will be worth the same as Bitcoin so let's fuckin go fuck fiat

>> No.29656173

>A couple of schizos on /pol/

>> No.29656406

This has to be the most retarded thread I've ever seen on this board. Keep this shit retarded shit off of /biz/

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>> No.29656527

two more weeks

>> No.29656598

It's the first post in this thread, retard. I'm gonna suggest you don't waste your time reading it, you won't understand anything anyways.

>> No.29656628

I'll be here tomorrow with screen caps to laugh at you tards. Why must everything turn into some boomer Q bullshit? Yes the Fed is fucked but it's gonna be a slow and painful insersion into the asshole with no lube, they want us to bleed. I wish the end would be quick and easy too but we are goyim left in a dirty corral.

>> No.29656819

Get back on your meds anon, holy shit.

>> No.29656881

>All I know is, the schizos have yet to be wrong
polredditors latched onto schizoposts and spun it as an attack solely on (((white people)))
they're only right about the mass gaslighting but it isn't only against white people, it's on everyone that isn't (them)
also the (((jews))) are white, as the ashkenaz are all european converts

>> No.29656988

Nobody is oppressing niggers but themselves

>> No.29656999

>dude just read these 100 pages of schizo ramblings, it is all true the guy is a genius, can confirm you just have to click

>> No.29657030

Right now, millions of people around the planet are going to work, at work, or are enjoying their lives otherwise. Economies are chugging along for better or worse, mines are running, cars are being made, new Nike sneakers are rolling off the line, Stacy and Becky are still buying the newest makeup shilled by their favorite influencers... it will never stop.

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File: 338 KB, 1170x1169, d39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There may not be flags but this post reeks of curry.

>> No.29657278

I'm sure they thought the exact same thing in 2008

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It will today

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Do not fight frens, just buy REEF!

>> No.29657363

Lmfao why UNI. Makes no sense

>> No.29657409

Checked and non-schizopilled.

>> No.29657652

Cope. You watched on the sidelines like a cuck while the rest of us made 3 years of gains for you in a month.

>> No.29657690

150 posts, and no one still has any proof that this wasn't created yesterday.

>> No.29657723

I'm looking to buy stocks into silver mining companies, but most of these companies are based in Canada. It was suggested that Canada would be the first to hit hyperinflation. Is there a good alternative next to physical silver? I've read that iShares have their physical silver locked up in the UK. I don't know if it's a dangerous environment for a mining company when their country's financial system collapses. Anyone has some thoughts on this?

>> No.29657778
File: 880 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200307-123044_Adobe Acrobat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't ignore this either pig skin.

>> No.29658048

Look up the image on warosu retard

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File: 13 KB, 644x800, soy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being blind to race is racist itself you fucking racist scumbag!

>> No.29658099


>> No.29658336

screeeeeeeeeee peeeewwwwww bee boop boop dee boop brrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaap
printer broke sorry boys

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File: 17 KB, 474x331, 1614234111899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the seething from niggers never ceases to be hilarious, keep it up boy.

>> No.29658352

Shut up fag. /pol/ is like the bear posts here saying bitcoin is about to dip. They make the same predictions every single day that some of the shit is bound to come true.

>> No.29658694

You shizo boomers need to shut the fuck up. If society collapses THAT BADLY then you and your families will be gang raped and robbed within 30 days and no, you’re not trained well enough to prevent that. Stop with the hardass wannabe attitudes.

>> No.29658869

Whatever fag, it's not like the price of silver will tank anytime soon. Better safu than sorry. Whatever scenario happens, inflation will occur due to massive increase of circulating supply of basicly every currency in the world, retard. And IF hyperinflation will occur, signs are it will hit Canada first due to CAD's CDS ratings for yields within 5 years.

>> No.29658932

This. Its because deep down boomers know they wasted their lives not building on themselves or strengthening their family. They are now alone and fat, drinking diet coke and on a number of medications required to do basic daily functions.

>> No.29659346
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>> No.29659430

Read until "outright ban cryptocurrencies". We are early. Pol doesn't understand crypto. Even biz doesn't understand crypto

>> No.29659517

You are here forever.

>> No.29659801

They're already doing it in new york. All it takes is one false flag terror attack blamed on bitcoin and they'll shut it down

>> No.29659896

Remember that their last coin of choice was btc and look where it is now

>> No.29659913
File: 1.31 MB, 1280x720, 1588971003411.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29660247

>Being Jewish isn't a crime
you're right, being jewish is the punishment

>> No.29660504

Names of assets to be hyperinflated, then the 'x', which can be read as 'multiplied by' or shortened often in maths to just 'by'. So it's saying get them by 22121 (2/21/21)

Withdrawalsstopx24 either means withdrawals from these will be stopped 'by' the 24th (yesterday) or they will be stopped once they've done a 24x from the 21st

>> No.29660692

Oh yes let me try to interpret bullshit so when I'm wrong I can keep claiming 2 more weeks.

>> No.29660831

Lmao the leftoids are the ones not reproducing if anything whites will become more conservative and tribal as time goes on

>> No.29660962

At the end of the schizo copycola, there is the phrase "in his name you will be saved". This invalidates the whole text, making it look like mumblings of religious zealots. Typical /pol/ stuff.

>> No.29660990

I've never typed 2 weeks, go fuck yourself

>> No.29661035

>All it takes is one false flag terror attack blamed on bitcoin and they'll shut it down
Stop running your mouth about things you don’t understand. Bitcoin CANNOT be shutdown. Fiat on-ramps like Coinbase could be shutdown, but not Bitcoin itself. Faggot.

>> No.29661121

If the government bans it no one will use it, retard

>> No.29661153

so much glowing this week.

>> No.29661267

You know you could apply that schizo math to something useful right? Or are you gonna sit there until one of these assets does a 24x just so you can say you were right? Throw enough shit at the wall and eventually it will stick.

>> No.29661304

How much have they printed this time?

>> No.29661320


>> No.29661395


>> No.29661402

Not enough

>> No.29661680

Fuck off nigger

>> No.29661724

Deus Ex 01 level shit

>> No.29661851
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Can't wait to get my Augmentations installed.

>> No.29661957

They reproduce by raping children and importing beaners, niggers, poos.

>> No.29662102

My vision is Bogmented

>> No.29662111


>> No.29662185

Don't you fucking talk back to me

>> No.29662215

So how fucked are we? Should I start bugging out now or wait?

>> No.29662546

If you search by image size on 4plebs you can see it was first posted Jan 31. After the initial GME fiasco so the story isn't too impressive, it's more about them predicting Feb 25 and then all of a sudden GME comes back to life on the 24th in the last hour.

>> No.29662676

Why is every doom and gloom have to start with America? Can this obese country die already

>> No.29662875

Thank you

>> No.29663002

Step away from the internet and rethink your life.

>> No.29663323

Oh look it's reddit

>> No.29663638

This is so reddit it fucking hurts. Get the fuck out, you blind, unquestioning child

>> No.29663745

It's probably still ongoing. The GME squeeze was over and everyone thought it had sunk, but now it's bouncing back. The other shit is interesting too if you take a look. AI Blockchain 5G NWO shit. The dates check out too. Combine that with the fact that a lot of the shorts were literally supposed to cover by today and the M1 fiasco combined?! Whoever it is, is not a regular schizo. Burry genius fag trader or legit insider. Either way all info checks out an we are fucked.

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>> No.29663875

why are you so stupid

>> No.29664035

Why deny it?

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>Genes have been proven to be a nothing burger.

Found the nigger

>> No.29664572

meh, stupid plan. Everyone still has guns. Take everything from people, but leaving them armed is going to result in an insurgency.

>> No.29664803

>if the gubberment bans drugs no one will use them, retard

>> No.29665019

this is one of the the biggest piles of donkey shit in the history of /pol/

>> No.29665331

that being said it can be tanked into the fucking dirt

>> No.29665396

Pol, Burry, Schiff = right.
Biz retards = always wrong. gullible morons. always played. bag holder city.

>> No.29665409
File: 14 KB, 197x255, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He wants off the ride
>Implying the ride ever ends
Buy guns
Buy ammo
Buy hard liquor
Buy bic lighters
Buy matches
Buy cigarette cartons
Buy coffee
Buy first aids kits
Buy some silver if you can afford it
Read Mein Kampf: Stalag Edition

But most importantly...



>> No.29665760

you can't eat/shoot/dress wounds in shitcoin retard

>> No.29665820

hbar to $1 eom

>> No.29665964

I must be brainlet, I still don’t see this. Someone explain how this was transmitted through the image?

>> No.29666021

They just changed the definition of m1 didn't they? They said that they had to consider savings acoounts (m2) as m1 now because some bill or something that got rid of the limit on the number of transactions on saving accounts.

>> No.29666049

Very few people do yeah. It will crash retard

>> No.29666288
File: 11 KB, 216x233, brainlet1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29666351
File: 665 KB, 684x2304, 45D9829E-BB9B-4B8A-B4F5-52A3074436D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nevermind. Other brainlets see bottom of pic

>> No.29667033

There will be a huge sell off. It'll go back to the few dollars it was worth when it was only used for illegal activities.

>> No.29667473

so blabla aside, what should i buy next?

>> No.29668689

Silver is pretty schizo proof. Yeah there are boomer memes & whatnot but it actually retains its value, and if what schizoposter says actually does come true, silver will moon.

>> No.29669033

Can you post the warosu link, I cannot find the original posting of the image.

>> No.29669095


>> No.29669144

/pol/ is always right

>> No.29669180

schizo = genius = schizo

>> No.29669333

He is right though, 23andme is a retarded jewish sham and your personality and tastes are largely determined by your upbringing

>> No.29669580
File: 181 KB, 2660x980, 6A793144-6B41-46ED-899D-8668F890F731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The M1 supply referenced.

>> No.29669655

yea did anyone look up that link? Im not ryna open up some wied shit

>> No.29669716

Personality and tastes are not the same as inclination towards crime and iq.

>> No.29669898
File: 458 KB, 828x1355, 2795B0FA-3959-4F8C-A22A-8C749E4B565D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s true, they’re not disclosing the data anymore.

>> No.29669963
File: 69 KB, 724x1024, 1611791852252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found the original post. If you look up the user ID, he posted 8more times after first post in the bread.

>> No.29670325

That anon copied the info from the original. The original post was the same info but in a different picture from someone else. It was spamming pol the same time GME was blowing up. The one we are seeing happened after or during. So it was right about GME DOGE M1 and all that shit before it happened. No announcement yet so maybe 4/5.

>> No.29670591

About a 90% chance this is some Qtard tier schizo shit. But since Burry started warning of hyperinflation as well I allocated 15% of my folio to silver mining stocks.

>> No.29670822

cope harder. your network cant even work unless sergey keeps selling link. open your fucking eyes moron.

>> No.29670836

LOL! You're not getting it m8. If it's real (which it's now been confirmed it was posted end of Jan and is scarily accurate so far), stocks are useless.
Walk out tomorrow and purchase silver bullions or end up in despair.

>> No.29670965

if i bought gold and not crypto i wouldnt even be an 1/8 up of where i am....fucking retard. how can i even buy the fucking rocks? i literally cant..

>> No.29671146
File: 60 KB, 1024x544, 1607728467403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean bitcoin? https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47130268

>> No.29671176

i wonder about people like you who say "nothing will happen, nothing ever happens"...what exactly needs to happen for you to say something is happening? do you physically need a black dick up your asshole for you to finally say "wow its happening"

>> No.29671257

So what I’m getting from this is that we should stay locked down forever. And nobody waste any money.

>> No.29671762

flags now kike jannies.

>> No.29671846

Nothing is happening though. It's still just schizo rambling. The Fed has always been fucked this is nothing new.

>> No.29672031

I was gonna brush this shit off, but the amount of discussion derailment from shills ITT makes me probe more into this.

>> No.29672310

Bonds almost hit 1.5% but have since gone back down. Until that goes over or another major market crash happens, nothing is happening other than the normal fuckery.

>> No.29672444

Avoid debt and buy assets you can trust

>> No.29672502

I trust greg more than these schizos always memeing with the dates and shifting goalposts wverytime nothing happens.
He has called everything correct and has been for last 3 years Ive watched him.

>> No.29672682

Ya dude paid shills come to fucking 4chan to convince the broke kids here that the market isn't going to collapse for some reason. You're a childlike narcissist.

>> No.29672758

Mckill yourself

>> No.29672813

>trust Greg some influencer
>dig deeper into this
You already came into this thread looking to match doom

>> No.29673336

The gun owners are too fat, lazy and comfortable to organize an serious insurgency. People historically only went for violent revolts when they have nothing to lose

>> No.29674322

I also predicted it in the fall, only 4months after FED announced its accounting changes from March 2020

>> No.29674598
File: 279 KB, 240x266, 1590021854937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, but why though?
There's never been so many fighting age man with nothing to lose if you add on top of that the huge number of boomer dads that'll have their families completely ruined by this.

There will be blood, a fucking lot of it. So why? I can't see them taking this risk. (((Their))) method was always the slow burn, why would they take this much of a risk?

>> No.29674857
File: 150 KB, 1080x1080, 152132210_2567216273583345_6483378272388865803_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bitcoin is sold at 72k in Nigeria after banning.
Get fucked kike.

>> No.29674999
File: 199 KB, 672x672, 1463275690835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And if doesn't? Two more weeks?

>> No.29675075

because the frog is already boiled

>> No.29675213
File: 407 KB, 250x250, disgruntled bruce willis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking waste of time.

>> No.29675673

Like that time when they banned alcohol, right?

>> No.29676156

Bruh today is the 25.

>> No.29676723

Yes. You're retarded if you think alcohol is as widely used during prohibition as it is now. You stupid smoothbrain retard. If they ban crypto sure some people will use it but the price of your meme coins will drop 99percent and you will shit yourself after you rope and your mother walks in on your shit covered corpse.

>> No.29677382

Buy a gun,bullets and food

>> No.29678033

Why did you hide it then

>> No.29678123

That was posted yesterday though

>> No.29678645

You're so special and important that shady organizations pay teams of 'shills' to counter the critical information you're sharing on 4chan.

Or you're just a nobody loser who likes to fantasize that anything he's ever said or done has had any bearing on anything.

Which could it possibly be? Now respond with a tired cliche like 'reddit spacing', 'cope', or 'seethe', because you're a mindless child who has never had a unique thought in your life.

>> No.29678893

Went totally off the rails in the "what occurs next" paragraph
>banks wiped out by gamestop
Stretchy but I'll buy it for shits and gigs
>no more investment allowed
Silly as fuck
>bank runs occur AND -ive interest rates AND inflation
>inflation higher but bonds sell off
>economy destroyed by business bankruptcies yet hyperinflation still happening
Then a bunch of more silly slash pole stuff
It seems a really popular idea that in a hyperinflation condition, everything dumps and is worthless, but the reality is that the money is worthless, not assets.
Assets do not shit the bed when the money they're denominated in is worth less. They boom both because everyone would rather have them instead of money and because the money is worth less and more is required to correctly price assets.
Like many such doobie stories it misses the mark by assuming that any adverse condition = total apocalyptic destruction. Friendly reminder typical studio rents in Tokyo are ¥71,000 per month, about $667; the currency can inflate to a high degree without completely wrecking society. We also control our currency and are not retarded zimbabweans, there are many effective tools to snuff inflation such as raising interest rates (why would we see negative rates in a hyperinflation condition? Lol) raising rates even to just 5% would drop a fat nuke on any inflation spike.

>> No.29679108


>> No.29679527
File: 12 KB, 474x316, downloadfile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29679720

I love how you're still posting smug shit like that while literally nothing from op is happening. What fun pic will you post at 5pm?

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