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only 70m marketcap
easy 500m marketcap token

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I don't think normies will prefer this over BSC tho, less convenient and still gotta pay a hefty gas fee to move assets off of it.

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What the fuck is this shit

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matic/polygon bullshit

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Sweet Vishnu

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$1.5B marketcap by mid March or im gay

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Imagine betting on the centralization of the internet with a $10B price tag vs a decentralized internet with a $60M price tag and it’s faster than anything in existence for the next several months at least

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we super early, let them fomo after we will be same as ETH price...

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Imagine not buying the only real solution to Uniswap fees

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Pajeet Redemption is my favorite arc of the Ethereum Mainnet Saga.

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Current mcap still ONLY 75 million

IMO this will go an easy x10 from here

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Comfy AF.

New narrative is L2, imagine not having some $QUICK

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If I have ETH in my Metamask I can just buy it on Quick, for less than on Uni?

Sorry, brainlet here.

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competitors with 1b+ marketcaps. QUICK only 70m and much better.
lol so early and biz sleeping again

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to use Quickswap you have to connect your metamask to Matic.

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did anyone forget about matic hiring some pajeet who made bot threads on /biz/ for them for at least 6 months?

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So what is left, faggots.