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i feel comfy, and you anons?

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>The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping
help a newfag

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What are you swapping?

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Comfy af. $1000 EOY

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Quick n comfy.

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eth to quick

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put more slippage...
and buy from uniswap

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i upped the slippage and it worked
sorry i'm retarded

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This could have been a waiting room for AAVE

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what's the difference in buying it on uniswap vs quickswap?

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if I ape in right fucking now are you pajeets gonna dump on me? this shit has been going straight up since 200

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Uniswap is layer 1 and you will pay high fees each trade. QuickSwap is layer 2 and you pay a fee to move tokens from layer 1 to layer 2 to trade with no fees.

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and continue to 1000$.. 1000$ will be resistance

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I think this will go to $4000-5000

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Optimism is releasing in a couple of weeks which will allow all layer one apps to migrate to layer. It done boys... BSC and ADA never had a chance.

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You guys are in the $1,000 waiting room

I’m in the $10,000 waiting room.

Stay frosty.

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3 days

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If I have ETH in my Metamask I can just buy it on Quick, for less than on Uni?

Sorry, brainlet here.

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Just Fomo'd in with 49 ETH.
Hoping this will make me a wealthy man some day.

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141K followers just tweeted about QUICK!

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Jezus this thread is dying. Am I the only one with FOMO?

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DYOR and judge for yourself if you made the right investment or not. Hint: go to their first Medium article and look at the team.

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dont sell at 1K lets go higher

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Only bought 1.5 QUICKs a few days ago.

I don't want to be late to the next BSC/CAKE.

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The pajeets have scaled Ethereum. Bizraelis will stay assmad and red wojaks will fill the boards when they finally realize this.

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You bought right into the Twitter shill campaign lmfao. Big fat dump inc.

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I bit the pillow and bought in with 3.9 eth

Now i kno wat u fags mean when u say comfy

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nice it's dumping

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Called it almost on point.

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everyfucking time, i never learn
good thing i only invested gains

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You're a retard. Stop looking at the Unishit price.

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I got a bunch. Lets hope it pays off.

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kek just dropped 10%

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This just wicked $600 bros. wagmi

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kek, learn buy the dips before next legup

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