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How profitable is it to open a steak house in India? Seems like a niche that can be filled with little to no competition.

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I think it's death if you kill a cow over there

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It will fail

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>Steak House
>Hindus who do eat meat, often distinguish all other meat from beef. The respect for cow is part of Hindu belief, and most Hindus avoid meat sourced from cow as cows are treated as a motherly giving animal, considered as another member of the family.

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thanks, just invested 1 godzillion dollars

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Not if he uses onions-based beef

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It would be a high buy and a low sell move irl

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Try opening a Yak meat place.
You can call it Yak Donalds...

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I think a sushi joint would do well in the more affluent parts like new delhi

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Cow are considered sacred in India you dunce.

They would kill you if you tried killing a cow

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Very profitable. There is a surplus of cows in Hindi countries. Nepal for example, you aren't allowed to eat cows if you're nepali so they have no purpose and just roam around and are a financial burden on whoever cares for them. So they pay other people to take the cows. Nobody wants the competing with domesticated buffalo which they are actually allowed to eat.

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So, charging people to "take care" of their cows, then butchering, freezing, and shipping the meat overseas would be quite a devilish business plan.

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You could always open a cow pie bar instead of a beef restaurant

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what's the cow thinking?

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>what's the cow thinking?

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Come on this is 2021. You really think with their supposed claims of becoming the next superpower they would have abandoned such archaic religious ideals by now?

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They are gonna kill you. Or make you eat cow poop and piss, mixed with coconut milk. And then kill you.


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cows are based

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>baseless fud

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>next superpower
This is hurting Indians so much you have no idea

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Hindu sects can and do kill one another over weather eating Buffalo is ok. Good luck.

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OP, I give you a well kept truth. If you go to India, you can dwell in some obscure quarters where nobody goes ever. The Muslim quarter.

There you might find some young Indians with their motorbike and their girlfriend. Guess what? They can eat meat there and consume all their sinful lusts untouched.

Also, Indians eat very tasty mutton in their own restaurants

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Y'all aren't thinking this through.
>literal shitcoin
x10000 guaranteed

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as profitable as it will be to go with OXEN instead of Ethereum

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>kill you for killing a cow
>upholding the life of an unintelligent livestock animal over a functioning human being
Holy shit why are poo in loos such unreasonable fucking faggots?

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Homo homini lupus

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>country that will kill you for killing a cow
>baseless fud


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>outdated and irrelevant thoughts from a bygone non-globohomo era

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ha ha ha well memes sire

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Please don’t kill my waifu

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I checked, there's absolutely no competition in the steak market and over a billion people. Cows are abundant too, they just walk the streets.

It's a perfect plan. I highly recommend you go all in.

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This. Nothing could go wrong.

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Thanks anon. I thought so too. I couldn't think of any reasons why this plan would fail. It's literally free money for the taking.

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>upholding the life of an unintelligent livestock animal over a functioning human being
I would too if the human was a poo.

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You'll make more money opening a pizza or hotdog shop than a steakhouse. The hotdog is maybe $1 or less to produce and sells for $2-5 or more depending on the market, and the overhead is very low because you only need a few employees and the building itself doesn't need to be anything fancy. The steakhouse will require massive overhead, and the food cost alone will be up to 50% of the price of an entree, sometimes higher. This is why a baked potato costs $15 at a fancy steakhouse. The mark-up on the steak is much smaller, the profit is made on the sides and beverages and it all flies out the window when you need to pay 30 employees + payroll taxes + worker's comp + insurance to keep it running, even during the slow periods. Steak broilers are also VERY expensive to operate compared to a pizza oven, and the equipment to prepare hotdogs is almost negligible.

t. former chef/restaurant manager

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disregard this post, I'm retarded and didn't notice the "in india" part. OP, however, is also retarded.

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How many rugpulls does it take to open up a steak house, /biz/?

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Sirs! Praise vishnu for the blessing of the cow, puller of cart! Beautiful cow, like me he fornicates where he defecates; our glorious streets bless by vishnu's light upon the steam of the cow pie! The cow, he is my brother.

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if guga aint cookin it, i dont want it

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Unironically the best beef ive ever had was in a restaurant in Kathmandu, but now that i think of it it might be that i was simply really hungry after not eating meat for some weeks. You see when you travel with the locals and live with them, you practically dont eat meat as they have a very old and developed vegetarian cuisine. I think it was called Everest Steak lel

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When I worked in Mumbai some Indians offered me to go to some fancy illegal beef restaurants. In Goa there are some aswell

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Illegal beef must taste divine

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India's muslim population is growing and growing, so beef might be a good future-proof business idea.

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that would be like opening a piggery in Abu Dhabi

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ironically Abu Dhabi has already more Indians living there than Arabs so that might work as well

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wow rude

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It could be fine, bison meat is already used

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I suggest you open up a Famous Dave's in Mecca instead.

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>living in India

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I wouldn't want to live with the air smelling like shit 24/7 either. I could maybe visit briefly and go ham trying to get everything up and running with a crew and fuck out of there.

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well, that's kinda based
I don't have some huge hatred for cows or anything

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easy way to get stoned to death

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What the fuck does a cow give you other than milk and meat?

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This is why you could CORNER the fucking steakhouse market in India. There are none.

So the question becomes:
>Do you open a chain of restaurants, low price, high turnout to maximize your reach?
>Or do you open one high cuisine fine dining steakhouse charging a premium experience for curious wealthy Indians

You could even make the dining experience anonymous, somehow, so that they could enjoy their cow in privacy without anyone else knowing.

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Is it really that bad?

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I've seen a lot of copypastas always pointing out how your face is immediately blasted with the foul stench of shit the very moment you get off the airplane after arriving in poo world.

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((pajeets animals))

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No, no, no. I don't like that at all.

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This. Restaurants have the highest failure rate of any biz. Dumbasses like OP are like "i love muh food, itll be fun" then fail when they realize the actual food is the least of what it takes to operate it

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>*poo in loo intensifies

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there will be a muslim genocide happening in India in the next hundred years. mark my words.

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Sounds like you don't have what it takes to run a successful business.

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dubs checked, words marked

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How are you going to make beef from a fucking onion? Pealing it to death? Vegans are retarded I swear.

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based dubly-dubs of predicting the future, hail bharat

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>How profitable is it to open a steak house in India?
Right now?
100% failure rate.

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Nah they eat beef there, those days are well over.
The problem is opening a restaurant during covid.

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Shoey? Swoty? What are you trying to hint at?

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kill yourself

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>fudding because it's a legitimately good idea
Unfortunately for you I won't be letting you run off to become the next billionaire with this brilliant idea. I will profit and succeed first.

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A cow is fine too.

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Pretty sacred those cows

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Canadian here, in alberta, i work with an indian guy who came from punjab a few years ago. He will not eat beef. 2/3rds of India prohibit killing cows. You'd have enemies, they will hurt you.

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>Canadian here
Stopped reading there.

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>that look the cow gives him

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Have you considered a mozzarella bar instead?

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>not having an extensive filter set to remove all syrup niggers
Sorry you had to see his post, anon.

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>you will never drink Ishtar's pee

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Sometimes I forget how comfy america could be if they just tightened immigration a bit.

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glad to know I'm not the only one who thought this

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