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Get em Quick.

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im going to coooooooooooooom

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/biz/ will FOMO in at $1000

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why is it violently mooning when everything else is dumping or stagnating.

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Already bought 48

Can’t wait until this shit hits $2k next week

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Cause it saved Ethereum nigger

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Because it is Quick my fellow chad.

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Why didn't you tell me a week ago >:(

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Quickswap is the redheaded bastard step child of Sameep. Bonded.finance is the real deal

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Fren. I failed you.

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i saw quick at $77
made a thread here asking why no one was talking about it
didn't buy because no one replied to my thread other than saying fuck off
fuck all of you i'm unironically roping

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don't do it anon :( wagmi with quick. no matter how small our bags may be.

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It’s still early. I don’t think it’s even 100 mil mcap yet.

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read the fucking threads and maybe you'll understand

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literally have been yall deaf anyway this hitting $1.5B+ and we're still at 60m so do w/e u want

saw that thread and bought more

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It’s possible if it keeps up at this rate.

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easy 1000$ end of week

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In a month when Optimism isn’t ready for launch (it won’t be) and no other dexes are on the same layer as dapps (they won’t be). Eth has scaled

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is there a trading view type chart for stuff of quickswap?

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This will go to $3000-5000

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How do I actually get eth onto Matic network to do the swap on Quickswap? Do I need to do anything special if I am transferring eth from binance?

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No it has 1 million tokens total.
We're at 510 Million already.

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max supply =/= circulating supply.

current mcap: 500*150k = 75m

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the real sleeping giant out there is AAVE

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Well that's a load of BS but ok.

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To me it's simple.
There is 1 billion UNI at $25 per coin, (dont care how many are circulating)
There's 1 Million QUICK at $500 per coin.
Quick is better than UNI, therefore I'm holding till 1 Quick > 1000 UNI

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Current mcap still only $75 this is going x10 IMO

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i tried to and the two threads i made died without any replies.

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Wait you can buy this shit on Ethereum mainnet?

I thought it was only on Matic fuck

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So can you swap anything to anything on Quick? Or only selected pairs?

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And when that happens, I sell a quarter for ETH and a Quarter for USDC and go into the liquidity pool.

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checked. meanwhile, at optimism...

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why are you calling something bullshit when you haven't bothered verifying it? it's literally in the tokenomics article on Medium and on the Matic explorer. DYOR for once.

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I just bought 32 of these niggers on quickswap
bridging my tokens over to matic felt kinda weird though, i doubt many people will ape into this if they have to read a github tutorial to use it. are we just super early?

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Not getting replies is bullish af
Don't you see the 100 rubic, food and Pokémon threads with 200 replies?

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You can actually onramp fiat directly onto Polygon with Ramp network. it's OVER for ETH killers.

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hah, this is hilarious because the shills i have seen that do extremely well are the ones most ignored

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has extensive KYC tho

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Uniswap has the cheapest Quick for the moment.
Quick on Quickswap is running a bit high.

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1 QUICK = 1 ETH in 48 hours. mark my words

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>literal who token
which pnd group did this xD

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Literal a bunch of Twitter shills. Still bought for the pump.

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retarded fucking newfag go back to BSC

increase slippage tolerance

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keep trying to trick people shameet, youll get whats coming to you

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why don't you read about it before you talk shit lmao. Look at how cheap and fast a transaction is on there. This shit just saved Ethereum.

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I am a maxi. No one is going to sell before $500m marketcap, and it will still be undervalued. Currently at $75m marketcap.

>The only competitor to Uniswap
And no BSC shit isnt a competitor. Its centralised af and CZ poorfag is pumping fake volume to it.

>Partnered with DAO Maker
Imagine all the new projects listed at Quickswap, do you feel it?

>Aave is moving to Matic

Grab a bag and dont touch. There is no chance this will not pump at the current Swaps bull season. This is a no-brainer. I am all in

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Optimism is launching in weeks at the latest which allows all dApps to be ported over in March. L2: Quickswitch, loopring, and unipig will offer trading for penny's like it did over a year ago. All of this coming in March. Then Berlin is released in April. Then London (eth 1.5) is released (eip 1559) in July. Ada and bsc didn't have a chance...

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how much did you pool for 0.38 quick a day?

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What's the mcap?

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So we're buying quick tokens right? Not Matic?

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You can do the math, works out to $17k

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i dont care if it's a scam i didnt listen for $SHAKE, i'm not missing this one even if it's a PnD looks like i'm still early

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That sounds about right. Thanks anon.
Except $SHAKE was an actually garbage product.

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if you loved Shake youll love this!

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idc if it was garbage or not what's important is that it reached 15k$

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bullish as fuck. buying the top as we speak

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The chart doesn’t look like a pnd at all>>29644146
it’s not mine. I am liquidity mining matic quick for with 25k and it gets me around 0.5 quick a day so 1%

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141K followers just tweeted about QUICK

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awesome. thanks for the info.

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You welcome bro, honestly, we are late. It did x500 by now
But I still think we can pull x10

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can i just buy MATIC with fiat?

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how did you even find that shitter twitter acc. is that u mate? fake followers with rock bottom engagement?

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not really a 500x since everything was mined. most of the early holders are either AAVE team members who won't sell or pajeets who didn't get filtered by the Indian Matic team and never got to put much money in to begin with

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I could really use a 10X man. I am hopeful and this project really does provide something that can solve the gas problem.

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Its not supported on CoinBase :( how do I buy some of this?

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like every shitcoins uniswap cover your needs, prepare the lube because you're gonna get raped by gas fees

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On quickswap of course.

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Please dont make me fomo into another shitcoin that immediately dumps once I buy

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just don't over leverage yourself

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Does no one here research before buying? Never change, /biz/.