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ya'll gave me $sale, $asko, and I made good money off those two. i haven't seen anything good recently. what happened?

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Go back

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nice trips

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Klever, klv, for your trips. You're welcome.

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Wanna keep the karmic balance op? Cause i have so much debt im fucked up

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Gas prices to damn high sir

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It's because you keep posting here instead of lurking.

When all the nu/pol/ faggots found out you could "magically make money over in /biz/" they decided to flood the place with retarded suggestions.
Law of averages took place, and some retards accidentally gambled "correctly," and made money. Those retards then inspired themselves and others to further this behavior. Of course, you had people from before this retard migration that were consistently wrong and fanning these flames by their base nature (as in, literally too retarded not to help this bad trend and force, not even sentient just retarded).

So people go places that aren't here. Like wall street bets. Then reddit found it, and so did the rest of the world during the short squeeze pt 1.

Now we have a lot of "I use new fag unironically to mean people that are new and they're gey lol" type election tourists, faggots from reddit, and just other forms summerfaggotry that has led to /biz/ going the way of /pol/.

We have other places we tell each other about what's going on, of course, and I don't mean shitty telegrams that shill to people like sovereign citizen seminars or multi level marketing companies do, but other boards and places you may not go, because fuck you.

So, sorry to say OP, but it's you and literally you to blame (and most faggots reading this, I'm talking to you Ben and Ryan) that fucked everything up. Maybe instead copying shitty british memes of yourself and writing in cursive with your midget friends you all (not y'all, cunt) could have just fucking lurked and we could have had a nice place here for a while longer.

Not that it matters since I still get good choices from other places.

Here let me throw you a bone: the Cleveland Cliffs shill is correct, and is posting it to make you fud yourself out of making good money on the market. Now is the time to buy (not sell) options. zenon finance. ppay and farm.

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Long term:
BSC Season
$NUGGET (nuggetdefi.com/), $SLIME (http://slime.finance/))

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You’re welcome

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are you fucking blind or something?

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its the bullmarket. the good shit is still here, you just have to read through the gamblers, the chink shills, and the nigger retards.

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Last chance to board before $500

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>ya'll gave me $sale, $asko, and I made good money off those two. i haven't seen anything good recently. what happened?

It's your turn

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Based southerner

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>good shit
Niger you got pump and dumped

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Didn't read, but please don't post walls of text on biz

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nah i sold those both before their mainnet launches

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Pick one.

The main issue with /biz/ now is that everyone only posts when things are up 300% “get on my moon mission cause I’m too dumb to take profits hurr”. Nothing about good project roadmaps or wallet movement. I literally just open catalog these days and look for pink wojacks if I need a easy 30-40%. Otherwise this board is useless.

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How do you pick good projects? Any advice from a crypto veteran would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a newfag, and at the moment I search for low market cap coins with a practical use; however, the coins i choose always seem to be the ones that never blow up. Infact, the only coins that really blow (on here at least) are the meme ones with no value. Said coins aren't dependable since you're essentially gambling that you didn't pick a rugpull.

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Pic related. Just had another partnership announced, this one with Algorand today

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Go back into asko and start staking that shit. Already 46% of ASKO is being staked and they're updating their website in 6 days. Get in before the hype starts up again

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More people need to learn to do that. I'm looking for some pre-mainnet launches too.

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I can't find BOTS, it's just giving me articles on trading bots

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if I had an opportunity to change something I’d like to shoot this nibbas who shilled there that trash
have already lost 2000$ for their scam bot
who this nigger that made this stupid retarded bot
seems like it’s better to wait for full-ecosystem release for Bot Ocean and their strategies
my wallet is crying

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this isn't me being a dick. Read the bitcoin whitepaper, then read the ethereum whitepaper, then read the chainlink whitepaper. then do it again. You'll know more than ninety percent of investors.

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Here is the recipe for shekels goldstein
>buy ftm
>wait for integration announcements
>sell the news like a chad
later me thank faggot

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I remember Zenon being proven to be scam, a supposed fork of BTC endorsed by Jack Dorsey. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMoonShots/comments/f0aj0w/this_will_100x_in_a_few_weeks_spend_3_minutes/fgx8xf0?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

How would you answer this?

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Thank you anon

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DEXG and eRSDL are both going to rocket in the next month.

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>going to rocket
People say this about every coin, every week, every month. Substantiate your claims anon, what makes your coins stand above the rest

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becuz everything is about to crash, bear market incoming

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>that spacing

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Their reddit unironically looks like its being spammed by people paid to type hype.

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the point is to understand what you're investing in. Once you understand that, you'll understand what the next thing is.

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