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Sirs, I would like your opinion on the best suicide stacks available to purchase right now so I don’t end up with a toaster in the tub

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I don't think now is the time to be looking for a make-it stack. I'm holding boomer metals until the econ collapse, then we'll see.

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DEXG and eRSDL, fren. (10, 100k)

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Prq dexg ocean protocol rose ftm lcx

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I thought dexg suicide stack is 0.2

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long hold

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best suicide stack possible is the 50k BOND suicide stack. seriously if you're looking to just have a bunch of suicide stacks lying around waiting for moon, this is the best one

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Right now buy 10 million HOGE. By nex year that will be worth 10 million dollars

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150 ounces of silver

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Unironically MDX.

Binance clone with sub 100 million market cap that's 2 months old. Literally FOMO bait once this thing is listed on binance (it's CZ's product so you know it will be)

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what do you expect the price to go to? was going to buy into this one before it mooned but I got drunk or something and forgot about it

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Fucking legend

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what is this, 2016 /biz/?

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Checked but still not buying this garbage

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Anything below .25 is good accumulation range. Easily 1.50 in a few months when futures and shit launch

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Helium gas and face cover should do it
If you don't want to die get harmony one

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A based thread idea, OP. I'll be sure to monitor this thread for potential future gains! The use of the least amount of resources in order to obtain the most efficient benefit.

For me, it's McDonalds Coin.

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XRP, XTZ and Chain link

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28 gauge. It's still in stock

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what is a suicide stack for each?