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John 12:46
>I am come a light into the world; that whosoever believeth in me, may not remain in darkness.

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we have some extremely fucking based whales so far

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Love you

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Ok, I’m thinking my lil fantom stocks doin some.

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am i a whale with 650k? not selling any time soon frens

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2k stacklet here. I can't wait to continue accumulating

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Dude, it would cost someone nearly half a million dollars to have your stack right now.

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I cannot wait to dine with you at the yacht party, ftm schizo

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Bros, we may hit $1 prior to Coinbase listing. Then we pull a GRT.

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feels pretty good not gonna lie, i used to be a link marine but my fanties eclipsed my link stacklet

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WTF was that?

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>bank says transfer is processing
>don't wanna sell GRT to stack more FTM

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Right now.

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yes, a basado thred bout ftm

anyone has any idea why its pumpin so hard? I was lucky to dip my toes at 0.25, my prediction is It'll go all the way to 1.20s, that'd give ftm market cap of 1.7bil, next to IOTA/THETA/TRON

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Not even listed on coinbase yet. Guess 5$ eoy is pretty much a given, now.

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have a 4k stack of FTM i bought for $80 back in 2019.

Only other crypto is 20k stack of LINK.

I think I'm just going to fucking off myself because of this fucking crab coin link.

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Do it now or get priced tf out

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because it's better than every other crypto out right now

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Not FTM schizo, just paying my respects brahs

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>could've bought in @ .15
>lost out on a 5x gain
Why does my brain force me to make retarded decisions /biz/?

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This coin belongs to top10. Ethereum is unusable at the moment, all the traffic is going to Fantom.

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Cg fantombro i must wait till 15$ for my first million

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Is that good or bad

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what about BNB

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what's the absolute cheapest way to get my greedy little hands on this coin? fuck gas prices right now

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Dont worry fren I bought at .05 and sold at .08. Trying to buy stack back now

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also top10, but centralized

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BNB is an ETH test net

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Deposit fiat directly to exchange that has fantom

>Fantom the bnb helper

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Last time I bought something at 60 cents was GRT and that launched to 2.80 a week later or some shit.

Am I going to make it?

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No regrats

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I live in Texas, I'm fucked

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>too stupid to look at pairs on coingecko

how do you people find crypto?

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>fudding his own trojan horse coin

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Kucoin but withdrawals are around 95 ftm rn

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If FTM gets to where its going fast enough, BSC will get BTFO. Unless they get more than STX on their chain, 1 credible native project isn't enough.

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that's higher than what I paid in gas

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lmao, same

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use VPN

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does this make sense guys? any oldfag who can comment on this?

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since binance is adding opera support I bet kucoin will add it soon so wait to withdrawal unless u have a big bag

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fantom pump due to being incredibly oversold making it moon massively combined with afghanistan news, then it consolidateda bunch and now is mooning super hard due to andre moving all defi projects over, tweeting every day shilling FTM hard, new ukraine partnerships and just general market FOMO. Alameda / Coinbase accumulation is likely also.

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have you read the roadmap and Andre's tweets?

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also i know this is retarded and i thought i understood the fUNI but I minted 3k fUSD then swapped for 5.7k wFTM, and if i swapped my 5.7k back for fUSD at .7 I only get to keep 700 off the top?

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>he doesnt know what a vpn is

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Omg you guys fantified my salmon FUCKING BASED haha

I'm getting drunk because I just made my first crypto million boys

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i meant i minted 3k fUSD back at .45

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They don't care about my billing/mailing address for fiat?

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Gratz, Schizo

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I forgot to add a screenshot because I'm dRUNK

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we all congratulated you in the last thread my man


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Why yes frens, I do keep up to date with Andre's tweets and even saw the subtle hint about GRT partnership like week ago, but I thought cryptomarket doesn't react to things like that, also any feedback on the calculation I made? does it make sense or is it full blown retarded?

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How does 300 000 gorillion sound EOY?

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I have a 1.5k link stack and a 21k fantom stack and I'm just happy to be here

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Grats faggot

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congrats, now take your lithium fren

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Reminder that if you don't see fantom replacing bitcoin, you aren't paying attention.

people laughed when I said this, but think of it this way.

— CBDCs will not be based on Bitcoin. (Bitcoins are anonymous as far as retail banks and smaller financial entities are concerned) . I think this will be more for the grey market and as a store of value

— CBDCs will be a tremendously YUGE market. Many trillions, just by nature of a nation shifting its money supply to CBDCs

— a 'better bitcoin' would have smart contracts, bank-grade security, and be interoperable with CBDCs. I would also guess smart cities and the like, for good measure

— a 'better bitcoin' would be based on Ethereum, where momentum and developers are already had

— since the market will be so big, there will be room for a variety of players, each with their own Ethereum-based solution. (XRP isn't it, since there have been too many large and dubious transactions)

there is more to this, but it's all speculation of course

don't think of it like consumers are thinking of it, but banks and large institutions. Quadrillions of $$ compared with a few trillion $$

a 'better bitcoin would essentially have 3 things:

1) layer 1 bank-grade security
2) smart contracts
3) layer 1 ability to perform any kind of financial transaction

Ethereum: no
Fantom: yes
Avalanche: no
Solana: no
Hbar: no

Powell already said in January that the private sector is "looking into development" for a US CBDC.


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Pretty good.

Also bros the RVI keeps going up. If we break through 0.7 we are launching straight to 1.00

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Poorfag here, bought at 0.30 but only had 300 bucks to spend, it was my first crypto week and I didn't want to blow my load early and lose everything by inexperience.
Thinking of putting $1k in but that's my entire budget, and shit keeps pumping fuck

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FTM is the only thing that's been green in the last week for me. I'm still 8% down overall. Only got like $550 in, but still, makes me sad. At least my fanties are panties.

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Haha good my brother!
Im celebrating my first 5 figures as well!

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ftm schizo... you can rest now. you've earned it.

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Nah I'll wait for a dip
It's going to dip soon
The dip is coming this is unsustainable
No way it keeps going
Why isn't it dumping?
Any moment it's going to dump now

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Don't swap around and fuck around without knowing what you are doing bro.

>> No.29628788

Same here. Fuck link. I’m glad I’m making it with Fantom over link now. Shit tier community now. Haven’t entered a thread in months except for making my South Dakota rent for my mom thread

>> No.29628824

Anon please, do a little research, this is meta shit.

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>1M invested
>don't know what that is
Who the fuck is John Morris? :p

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yeah, some i followed some anon's guide and it didn't mention the pairs much and some anon said just experiment lol. I get it now, I probably just poorly timed the fUSD/wFTM pair and now it's about equivalent making my entry almost not worth doing lol.

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oh god i cant handle that much hopium

>> No.29629003

what is the price prediction guys? is 4-5 USD EOY actually realistic?

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Hopium? Or evidence?

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Mega congratz schizo, I owe you for getting into this before it hit .15

>> No.29629022

can someone photoshop that picture of the staircase and the wagie couple is looking at those huge stairs and pepe is riding up the side with a fantom logo

>> No.29629070

ive been here for awhile ive seen it haha. never had anything good happen to me

>> No.29629177

Only because you don't think you deserve it. It sounds gay, but we achieve what we focus on. The universe wants to help you as much as you want it to. Believe in yourself and good things will follow.

>> No.29629218

Do it right fucking now Anon.
Right now I would promise you it will grow massively.
But I don't like promising anything, so just take the hint.

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dubs of spirituality

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More like 4$-5$ EOapril

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Boomer poorfag here. I know you're gonna laugh at my balance, but I feel pretty happy since I got into crypto last month with only $40. I'm hoping to reach 4 digits in a couple of months. Need to get myself some new electronics and pay off a loan.

>> No.29629325

You're right, I shouldn't expect to be spoonfed. Thanks.

>> No.29629336

it all snowballs into more money as long as you dont do stupid shit itll grow a lot

>> No.29629381

Hey man, there are people with 0 ftm. You're srill insanely early

>> No.29629390

Hey, we all start somewhere anon! Good luck in paying off your loan and buying some nice things for yourself

>> No.29629406

hell yeah, gains are gains dude.

>> No.29629423

We all start somewhere anon, the stack is looking nice. Welcome aboard and I wish you luck

>> No.29629436

how does $3k sound?

>> No.29629483



Can any kind anons share the old pic we've been using for FTM threads the last few days? The anime grrl holding our beautiful fanties. I miss it :3

>> No.29629485

Fellow poorfag here, it'ss better to start small when you're new, you're doing great. I started with $500 and lost $100 almost immediately by doing stupid shit. If I started with $50 and lost $10 it wouldn't have hurt as much. Wish I bought more FTM and sooner.

>> No.29629487

Being a “schizo” really is evolution. But you’ve gotta be strong willed inside. Listen to your will and your voice. And the voice of all. This is the foundation and it is written. What effect does creating thousands of new wealthy upon the world - mind you, those that tool and suffer - have? Is it a reset in a way? God bless you brother, and he and it too will bless those families (including mine own) who are truly worthy.

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Numbers go up. Enjoy your monies, fren.

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>> No.29629532

but that would give FTM an insane marketcap, no?

>> No.29629561

yes, 30k is easy make it stack, 10-20k suicide

>> No.29629576

How to buy?

>> No.29629601

you're a hero

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This is something else

>> No.29629643

>subtel hint about grt

>> No.29629648

Thank you for all the nice posts! You encourage me.

>> No.29629696

Welcome boomer fren. You are gonna make it with us :)

>> No.29629698

Post your BTC address. And when I cash out in a year or whenever and have 5 million dollars I’ll send you 25k

>> No.29629699

cograts fren, hows $10,000,000 EOY sound?

you fucking made it bro, kick tf back

>> No.29629721

how is 7.5 bil an insane marketcap?

>> No.29629737

What? Like 8x what it is now?

>> No.29629759

I could have 40% more FTM than I do currently if I didn't swing and fuck around. We all do mistakes. Only thing we can do is learn from them. In any case bro. All entries are totally worth it.

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Fantom is eating up my entire portfolio bros, it grows stronger by the day.

>> No.29629763

redirect all those funds straight to fantom bro, thank me later and good luck, wagmi

>> No.29629812

Fuck it I’m putting another 100 in, poorfaggot here

>> No.29629818

You are living on another planet. I remember going thru the order books on Binance couple years ago when I bought and it was a sea of millions being bought and sold. Just checked now and it’s like 61 to 8,000 being bought and sold with the most 0 decimal points

>> No.29629825

considering it will surpass ETH one day, yeah that's the prediction

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>Centralised, no dapps, no tooling, no docs, no devs.
>Picrel you need 3,175,000 FTM to set up a Node Validator
>staking is garbage
>it costs a 100 ftm fee to withdraw to their wallet which makes it totally fucking useless to do unless you have over a 200k stack which is impossible to get at this point
>the wallet has the option to take on fucking massive amounts of debt and people just say LOL ITS RISK FREE LOL JUST TAKE ON DEBT literally a ponzi
>the price of the coin rises and they never lower the amount of ftm you need to send or use for a node
>they claim it has fast transactions but its actaully 18 tps and cant even be used for anything cant even be used in an exchange for anything except to buy more fantom lol
>entire thread of fantom retards are just telling everyone to stake and never selling knowing in a month when alt season ends everything will drop 70%

>> No.29629861

Well done YGMI

>> No.29629866

every ftm is a step closer to freedom

>> No.29629920

i remember shilling this coin at September >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/22138958

>> No.29629925

Also what are the chances Kucoin adds the opera chain so I can transfer my pathetic stack without loosing 1/5 of it

>> No.29629927

same the rest of mine is pathetic compared to this absolute BULL

I'm so happy bros, I was a 10.7k stacklet and Ive been minting and swinging my way up and now have secured 13.5k. Goal is 20k, but hopefully 25k, we've got a lot more road to travel frens.

>> No.29629971

smarter to do it now before the $1 wall or if/when coinberg picks it up

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I'm probably gonna make at least 50M realistically, but I expect to make 100M from exclusively ftm

>> No.29629984

no bro, that'd be you, you obviously dont understand the implications of this thing over the next decade

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>> No.29630017

Just keep hodling
If this really takes off it will happen

>> No.29630029

All this minting crap makes me nervous. Is this something that helps grow the eco system to create true adoption with the real world? Or is it just a Ponzi

T. 400k holder

>> No.29630044

so you're telling me FTM can easily surpass AAVE by mrkt cap? cos AAVE is at 4.5bil

>> No.29630055

Anyone wanna take over baking? I got the last three, but gotta be done for the night

>> No.29630062

why you writing what exists in picture format and has been posted relentlessly for many months

>> No.29630064

Is Binance literally the only place I can buy this coin?

>> No.29630067

What’s this mean

>> No.29630072

I dont think you know what centralized means

checked and agree bro, this is going to revolutionize the global financial system

>> No.29630100

Doesn’t it basically only need to 2.5 times to get to 4.5 billion ?

>> No.29630104

Kucoin my dude

>> No.29630132


>> No.29630139

No mention of Morris in the article.

>> No.29630147

I don't know if you are serious or not, but there's no harm in trying. I don't think anyone in my family has had that much money since they got scammed off a house in the 90s. Of course I would be eternally grateful if you think of me in a year when you withdraw, but my intention was not to beg. Good luck making it to a few mil though.

I don't feel like selling now while they are dumping and I don't wanna risk it all on one coin no matter how good it sounds. I almost put too much into reef early on.

>> No.29630153

>What’s this mean
means the wall is eroding and we're about to get to 73¢

>> No.29630177
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Think bigger, beyond the financial system. What would the market cap be of a company that theoretically built the internet?

>> No.29630187

FTM is in for a correction, perfect because im here to buy

>> No.29630188

Tell me what this is used for and I'll turn some BNB into it. BNB has BSC/Pancakeswap/Binance. What does Fantom have?

>> No.29630199

I finally understand why people question themselves over whether to sell or not

>> No.29630202

No docs? White paper is right on the website anon

>> No.29630215
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>> No.29630230
File: 159 KB, 563x752, 1613045551184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No shit dumbass. I don't solve riddles, I lay breadcrumbs. Google is your friend niggerfaggot

>> No.29630243

Why easy? fellow FTM hodler here not trying to FUD, I wanna know your viewpoint

>> No.29630252


>> No.29630266

uniswap if you're a fellow burger

>> No.29630302

it helps peg fusd to 1 dollar

>> No.29630318

I know you weren’t begging fag. But your so poor or young or whatever. So I don’t mind helping out if I cash out millions. That’s your BTC address right?

>> No.29630319
File: 1.33 MB, 908x3455, 1613752167704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here ya go dumb niggerfren

>> No.29630323

bitcoin bout to take a shit maybe
not that fantom cares too much. if anything it seems to be helping

>> No.29630386
File: 784 KB, 775x775, Fantom Girl 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one do you want?

>> No.29630387


>> No.29630598

Yeah, that's my BTC address from binance. I turn 30 this year so I don't feel that young anymore.

>> No.29630667
File: 35 KB, 428x343, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you im 30 you piece of shit we're young forever faggot
now drink the piss from the nice anon

>> No.29630722

Where you from

>> No.29630732

Good to know theres more poorfags like me out there. Started with 130€ mid Jan. Now up to 530€ mostly thanks to FTM.

>> No.29630755

bruh you literally cant get liquidated right now as its not programmed in.

>> No.29630776
File: 282 KB, 1303x774, Fantom Based FUD Poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good morning Anon.
Thanks again for the laughs.

>> No.29630781

Morning mid stream urine. The healer and energizer

>> No.29630786

the sheer number of largescale adoptions for one, and the fact that the platform is extremely fast, extremely cheap, extremely scalable and extremely secure

after learning the minting system and seen how much better it is than your average exchange, the partnerships with GRT and LINK and its implications for ETH... this thing is touching all aspects of the ecosystem and optimizing each and every one. it's literally better at everything, than everything...

I'm blown away I was able to get my measly stack, and I honestly am thanking god for it, this shit is going to be crazy. never seen anything like it.

>> No.29630812

No I’m not talking about getting liquidated im talking about fanties increasing their stacks

>> No.29630820

Waiting for my deposit to go through and I should own a nice stack of 500

>> No.29630859

-more nodes make higher tps on DAGs

-amount required is about to go to a vote to change

-staking you can set whether you want 1 week or 1 year or in between, and also burn your rewards if you want to leave.

-100 ftm fee is from eth gas fees, which is fucking up everything, which they put opera on the first exchange today, now it costs nothing.

-tps was sacrificed for finality, and no it's not 18tps, that was old, new evm will come and bring it back up

>> No.29630865

your vita and altruistic nature may make me try it sometime, listening to schizos has only helped me so far
yeah but when they announce it someone like CONNOR could attempt a rugpull and squeeze people who owe him. at least, according to connor who is a huge twat

>> No.29630886
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I'm gonna take profits soon, if you're here, congrats on your timing

>> No.29630892

I’m right there with you

>> No.29630901

Wish I had more than my 3k stacklet :(

>> No.29630927

is fantom schizo right....? the usa using it as a digital dollar? i feel like the usa is gonna want to spend trillions of dollars on their own project to make one

>> No.29630930

Sweden, but I'm tired of all the immigrants ruining my country so I'm hoping to study/move overseas to some Asian country. The immigrants in my country live better than me. That's why I'm gonna take a student loan later this year.

>> No.29630932

Congrats ftm fags

>> No.29630933

k thanks buying 100k

>> No.29630995

mint that shit nigger and turn it into 5k, especially right now in this run up, use the opportunity and help yourself out. sit down and learn the system, make it your only goal until you do.

>> No.29631005

yeah i was the one in there posting about the pastebin https://pastebin.com/5aPVtpUC

>> No.29631009
File: 2 KB, 99x153, 1610449646690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that or algorand, could go either way. ill go with fantom because that would actually help me financially

>> No.29631031

fully leveraged all my FTM LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO

>> No.29631040

Nice, we both increased what we deposited fivefold

>> No.29631043

no one gives a shit about algo another random shitty coin made by some autistic nerd

>> No.29631044

Man I really want to do this, but the fee to transfer off of kucoin is so high for my measly stack

>> No.29631049

hallo fren :3

>> No.29631077

same no looking back, its now or never

>> No.29631122


>> No.29631128

how much is it? I bought in a while ago using uni, havent tried through kucoin

>> No.29631136

got banned from a discord for saying this greatly impacts the stability of the coin and when it goes down it will go down hard but LETS GOOOOOOOO

>> No.29631180

the minting right now is absolute degenerate shit and a ponzi but the losers are the ones providing the liquidity and people who are too dumb to play the game. That said I tripled my stack with it and have the payback fUSD at hand.

>> No.29631181

Curve is going to use ftm to refuce fees

>> No.29631187

how high? gas fees are looking relatively low rn
>fucking sucks $25-$30 is "low" but better than $80

>> No.29631257

cant impact it if the true value is closer to $5+, shits heavily undervalued, leverage like crazy until normies buy in, then practice caution

>> No.29631269
File: 902 KB, 750x1624, 5A14D51B-62B9-4EEA-AC16-7CBCC35114F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a chick I’ve been talking to. Who has issues with her stomach. Instant healing

>> No.29631296

>but the losers are the ones providing the liquidity

one of which is connor who claims he is providing 500k liquidity and considers squeezing people abusing it kek

>> No.29631340

she talking about sipping on your cock? anything else is FUD

>> No.29631441

not a problem if price keeps going up, its being mainstream adopted right now and will for quite some time, all that new money = more liquidity and the learning curve for the minting system is keeping sa lot of people from using it yet. they'll probably introduce liquidation as the flippening looks near

>> No.29631455

how do you mint and turn your stack into more?
1.1k stacklet here

>> No.29631466

Goddamn can’t even make it through that message - don’t know how you guys put up with women’s endless babbling

>> No.29631510

It was 95 ftm last i tried which would put a dent in my 450 stack

>> No.29631512

what price do you think the flippening would be? a dollar, right? so like in a few days? lol

>> No.29631515

Since you guys let me in on FTM, I feel the need to tell you that CKB is blowing the fuck up right now because it was just listed on Voyager 2 hours ago.
Fucking coin has gone from .008 to .013 right now, and is rocketing hard.
Has a small market cap of $444M.

>> No.29631545

wait what made her stomach heal? i need to know this information please.

>> No.29631569
File: 1.71 MB, 750x1624, A746F5EA-8214-4ECE-82CD-87605C4A2773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also have you seen my trauma release exercise threads?

If you haven’t here is one from /x/ but I make them on /pol/ a lot


>> No.29631588

dont do it theyre fucking lunatics just smoke fucking weed

>> No.29631591

I seriously fucking hate the US so much. I'm making a stack and expatriating at the soonest convenience. This shithole is over

And before any of you euros or asians tell me you're full just stfu because im coming anyway

>> No.29631620

1.Buy FTM
2. Stake and lock
3. Mint sFTM
4. Lock and mint fUSD
5. Swap for wFTM
6. Swap for FTM
7. Repeat

>> No.29631638


>> No.29631663

so you heal people and donate to anons? wow thanks. you are doing some really good work...keep it up

>> No.29631720
File: 140 KB, 1024x1023, 1605451013527m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29631757

it really is some ponzi shit LMAO

>> No.29631782

interesting thanks

>> No.29631784

Drinking urine. Healed my Candida infection in a week. I couldn’t eat a lot of foods I was able to eat before. Severe death tier constipation where my insides were basically dead. Read up on urine therapy. All made sense. Shit you not within 5 mins of taking my first half glass my intestines came alive and started gurgling. Shit my brains out the next morning with all sorts of mucousy Candida coming out. Was fine by the end of the week.

Remember, urine is not waste like we’ve been lied to but ultra filtered blood plasma that has all the antibodies, stem cells, minerals, salts, hormones, enzymes, proteins, etc to heal from anything

>> No.29631787

I almost felt bad for you then you I find out you’re from fucking Sweden. Fuck off you already made it just by being born in a nordic country.

>> No.29631839
File: 58 KB, 512x768, raph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>urine is not waste like we’ve been lied to
come again nigga

>> No.29631886

Alright I have been researching this shit for two weeks now, and Fantom seems like the only shitcoin that is going to survive the impending bear market after this bullrun. What's the make it stack?

>> No.29631921

He's right. DILUTED urine can actually be quite healthy for you, for the same reason you can use DILUTED urine on plants - it's loaded with nutrients.

>> No.29631947

imagine being a sad little fucking loser whos already born in a good country, but is lazy and blames the fkin immigrants.
yeah mate, take a student loan and do something with your life, instead of expecting more of that sweet silverspoon you had

>> No.29631955

Ideal for washing down your meds by the sound

>> No.29631966

sold my CKB a week ago at .0095 god damn it

>> No.29632067

lmao rapefugee shitskin detected

>> No.29632076

buy wFTM at the bottom, sell some back to fUSD at the top to chip away at debnts, etc.

you're borrowing against your locked collateral, make good trades and you can easily pay off your denbt and keep the difference.

>> No.29632077
File: 2.14 MB, 164x300, 1614147103867.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why's it wrong for someone to want at-minimum equal government benefits that illegal immigrants get? why should illegal immigrants get MORE than natives lol? fucking race traitor.

>> No.29632086

I don't exactly live in the capital and I was not born with a silver spoon. The crime rates are going up and it doesn't feel like the same country that I grew up in. Statistics show that things are only gonna get worse from here. I've moved a few times the past few years and every time I end up with trouble some immigrants neighbors. I'm not asking for pity because I'm a poorfag, but I've grown to hate my own country and my situation.

>> No.29632116
File: 380 KB, 1102x782, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this post is the entire reason i kept holding

>> No.29632149
File: 1.23 MB, 750x1624, 7F4F0E63-23DD-4837-B651-FB66BD285B76.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just had to dig deep for this shit. No use in hiding it. It isn’t a stock I want to keep hidden. Mental health isn’t in your head, it’s trauma and stress stored in your body this is why meds and talk therapy don’t work . When you tremor with TRE... it discharges all the stress and your head gets right.

Check this dudes testimony out from my pol thread. Pretty insane

>> No.29632204

Your body is like a juicer. The bad stuff comes out the back and good stuff comes out the front

>> No.29632217

stfu mohammed

>> No.29632261

An anxious mind can’t exist in a relaxed body. Unironically all the yoga studios out there should be tremoring studios

>> No.29632287

Post melanin count

>> No.29632294

You're locking your stack as collateral and taking out a loan. Right now liquidation is turned off, but your collateral gets involuntary locked if FTM/USD falls bigly. Eventually liquidation will get turned off. We just get the perk of no liquidation, for now, for being early adopters.

>> No.29632353

where does connor post? telegram?

>> No.29632422

Connor is the biggest fudder of them all

>> No.29632562

hes laughing all the way to the fuckin bank. A validator stack could be had for a measly 6k at one point

>> No.29632608
File: 652 KB, 1920x1080, the fantom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't stop won't stop

>> No.29632615

any reccomended TRE youtubes? I remember this thread from awhile ago and forgot about it. been having a bad anxious time lately.

>> No.29632633
File: 938 KB, 469x317, 1605228421948.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So water world movies were right all along?
>turn 3 figures into 5 (currently) because i felt the schizo energy of ftm in the ether
>kevin kostner was right about piss recycling
>normies reddit gme pumping again
What fucking timeline are we in bros?
Next youll tell me Biden will walk on stage in a full hugo boss uniform in a week.

>> No.29632647
File: 98 KB, 800x744, hashr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought 3500 more FTM's, making my total 4.2k.

>> No.29632731

feels to me that the moment they implement liquidations, then everything is gonna crash and nobody is gonna be able to get out for what they want. Early game minters are probably chilling, but I don't trust it so

>> No.29632804

Liquidation getting activated will have a heads up of at least 24H. Actually they imply more than a few days.

>> No.29632823

if you did that a month ago youd be loaded. people buying these puny ass stacks is making me think fantom might be worth a shit load and even a couple thousannd will be worth a lot

>> No.29632906

bruh you're not even in the 3s yet and calling yourself a boomer? come on man, you made it sound like you're my dad getting into crypto.
>t. 33 yr old this March "boomer"

>> No.29632911

Go in the thread. Second post a couple of vegan tatted whores give a good demonstration in the link

>> No.29632970

sure, but everyone is gonna rush to sell and it'll probably tank the price.

I'm just comfortable staking. No point in gambling my meal ticket with something I don't trust myself on.

>> No.29632989

If ETH solves its scalability issues quicker than expected, what happens to FTM then?

>> No.29633018
File: 104 KB, 960x960, 123233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm from Bulgaria, living in UK so shut the fuck up I'm more white than all of you combined stupid rainbow flag hugging cucks

>> No.29633027
File: 154 KB, 500x450, f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29633087

... y-yes, chad

>> No.29633103

The loan is in wFTM/fUSD, not FTM/USD. I don't know the formula behind it, but wFTM/fUSD is not 1:1 tied to FTM/USD. I've actually seen the w/f exchange rate pump while FTM/USD dumps.

>> No.29633108

I sold my 30k stack I bought at .32 when we hit .50
knowing how ducking cheap it was... it feels so hard to get back in at these prices :(
a major dip is what I’m waiting for, which might happen since march is usually worst crypto month

>> No.29633141

oh right totally, but if you buy fantom with said minting, you could get JUSTED it seems to me. I just don't know, I have a large enough stack

>> No.29633155

Gypsies are still niggers

>> No.29633204

Can someone spoonfeed me an answer to this plz

>> No.29633228

Will 1k stack make it in few years? I had only 30$ on this because my bank had fucked me over

>> No.29633281

you could ultimately, but they've flat out said they're not liquidating anyone right now to encourage people get comfortable with the system, and they'll give a lot of warning if they decide to implement

>> No.29633282

so my fetish wasn't so weird after all
god I wanna drink a cute girl's (2D) pee

>> No.29633332

Switching from Layer 1 to Layer 2 isn't an easy process.

>> No.29633345

It's a normal and healthy fetish.

>> No.29633353

Is that your comeback m8? I'd be surprised if you can point Bulgaria on the map

>> No.29633409

maybe I'll do it then. See what happens. Always a struggle to play with so much money

>> No.29633423

Look at the L1 cryptos that grew 10,000% even when gas was cheap. Crypto is becoming big enough for more than 1 project to be successful

>> No.29633476

that shit wont come for at least 2 years

>> No.29633537

>Living in the UK
Part of the problem.
Buy more fanties to be part of the solution and fuck up while you are at it. This is a comfy bread.

>> No.29633556
File: 70 KB, 296x335, 1546466236522.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will uniswap let me transfer to ftm wallet with no fee?
I have FTM trapped on Kucoin and I want to start staking
Is my only option as a burger VPN+Binance then transfer no fee to FTM wallet to stake?

>> No.29633567

But so is FTM essentially in competition with ETH? Or is it more so competing against the likes of UNI?

>> No.29633665

Fantom is fighting to gain market share as a platform, if/when eth implements their layer 2 solution this will still be the case.

>> No.29633720

Just tired this. I only did it for about 2 minutes because I was worried about having a panic attack or something and I'm home alone. I feel pretty good. Really relaxed and for some reason it feels like I can actually take a full breath and fill my lungs. I'll probably try again tomorrow maybe for like 5 minutes. Thanks for the info.

>> No.29633737 [DELETED] 

Can you not use coinbase? Buy eth/usdc, send to eth wallet, swap for ftm on uniswap, send to fantom wallet via fantom bridge, stake

>> No.29633773

AFAIK there's a gas fee to transfer, somewhere between $30-60$. Make sure the transfer is worth it.
I use my exodus wallet to swap coins via uniswap

>> No.29633804

Competing with eth, polkadot, cardano, avax, etc

>> No.29633885

But Fantom's market cap is still 20x lower than cardano or polkadot.
And those two are basically ghost chains compared to Fantom.

>> No.29633891


>> No.29633903


>> No.29633931

As a burger whose state also banned Binance

>Buy ETH on Coinbase
>Withdraw to Metamask wallet
>Exchange ETH for FTM
>Send FTM to Fantom Wallet

You have to consider gas though.
Gas on Coinbase -> Metamask withdrawal
Gas on Uniswap ETH -> FTM swap
Gas on Metamask -> Fantom wallet (this one is flat 100 FTM right now, but it's changing soon)

>> No.29633944
File: 307 KB, 1258x744, FTM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29633974

uniswap has far better gas fees than metamask in my experience

>> No.29634000

i just ignored the warning and bought it on binance and sent it to the fantom wallet. i didnt even know about it until someone messaged it i just ex'd out of it thinking it was an annoying popup and didnt read a word kek

>> No.29634025

Kucoin is likely cheaper than a metamask swap and you can actually use limit orders

>> No.29634030

Yeah don’t go doing it for 20-30 mins less is more with this. 5 mins is good initially

>> No.29634035

Based and trannypilled

>> No.29634044

Doesn't hurt to check. Metamask will check multiple DEXs and compare for you. If you choose one from the wallet you don't even have to load the dApp as the wallet does it behind the scenes.

>> No.29634173

I’m weary of anything other than eth, only because eth has nearly all of the usage. Unironically Andre is the only reason I’m bullish on ftm than the rest of the field.

>> No.29634177

What are the risks associated with this?

>> No.29634266

Lurk more new friend

>> No.29634272

potentially everyone making a beeline to cover their leverage when they announce liquidations, or liquidity holders squeezing

>> No.29634277

I'll take it slow. I'm excited to see what kind of results this brings.

>> No.29634296

it is a leveraged position. if fantom falls you could lose your whole stack. additionally, if every retard holding fantom does this the drop will be amplified 100x

>> No.29634338

Same as any crypto. It goes to 0

>> No.29634347
File: 91 KB, 768x969, 20210224_193449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love fantom!

>> No.29634406


>> No.29634413

There are no forced liquidations yet because the minting system is still so new. You simply are locked in your position until the price rises again.
Basically leverage without risk, you'd be stupid not to take this offer while it lasts.

>> No.29634492
File: 181 KB, 618x637, f8f058e85e4192a93638a82ee700a36300f10af2bdaaec4688f1693ccd04e28c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It costs over a million dollars to be a validator. The bridge fee is a flat 100 ftm which won't scale long term. It claims to be a dag based smart contract chain but I go to their explorer and see block ids. It's been a year since launch and there's only like 34 validators. In their wallet UI their fSwap doesn't work and shows negative numbers sometimes. Their whitepapers read more like marketing buzzword soup instead of providing formal protocol specifications. Their original founder keeps tweeting about it randomly as a scalable Eth L2 alternative. Seems like he's pumping it not because it's the best choice for YFI gas fee reduction but rather because he wants to get rid of FTM bags.

>> No.29634518
File: 716 KB, 1024x798, 1613111599555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the Sonozaki twins, but seeing them associated with my biggest bag makes me... uneasy.

>> No.29634616
File: 276 KB, 900x600, DA8EB198-C4E7-4F25-8702-E881FCABC91E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have 5,600 fanties will I make it

>> No.29634678

>In their wallet UI their fSwap doesn't work and shows negative numbers sometimes.
I think this has more to do with the fact that no one uses fswap

>> No.29634889

FRESH BREAD -- >>29634869

>> No.29634892

how does a white family of 7 on a huge farm sound?

>> No.29634920

How does 5 600 000$ sound?

>> No.29634945

Fuckin awesome

>> No.29634957

>91.5c fUSD for one wFTM

When is this cunt going to drop, fucking peg this shit already so retard whales stop raping it.

>> No.29635418

where to buy sirs

>> No.29635506
File: 243 KB, 1656x1760, 1611753826587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw only 15 FTM
I'm gonna buy 1 tendie someday
Gonna stake my little boy FTM when Binance lets me tmrw
I'm growing a bunch of different things in stakes like Algo, BTC in blockfi interest growing other money
I'm gonna stake every crypto that is stakable
Here's hoping one or all explodes enough for many meals

>> No.29635511

Fuck anons.. I bought Aergo instead when FTM jumped to 10 cents thinking Aergo will pump next. So mad right now. What should I do? Sell and buy FTM now? Is this going to pump more??

>> No.29635602

you can buy eth through metamask directly as a burger

>> No.29635646

>he doesn't know

>> No.29635723

How do you turn fiat into ETH through Metamask?

>> No.29635745

2015 oldfag here. I've finally made it with FTM. I had 7 million that I accumulated, average buy of 2.3 cents. I had a 10k LINK suicide stack (average buy-in 22 cents) and dumped some into FTM, wish I had all-in'd. FTM is definitely top 30 material, maybe even top twenty. It's ETH but faster and with far less fees because of the Directed Acyclic Hashgraph (DAG) structure. It uses ETH addresses (same public and private key system), and dApps that run on ETH can be copy-paste over to the FTM. I'm the kinda oldfag that missed BTC and ETH (a personal friend shilled me at 25 cents and I didn't bite because I didn't understand smart contracts at the time), but I'm only gonna go in on something that's "the next big thing", for sure gains. I've still got 5M Fanties, holding forever, might be able to live off the staking gains alone. It's an easy 10x from here, WAGMI

>> No.29635892

Delusional fanties need to respect competitors. They seethe everytime AVAX is brought up because they know it's the only true competition in the market. How many validators can FTM scale to? At the moment it's centralised as fuck and there has been no effort to remedy this. The only response I've gotten from FTM is "we can put it to a vote to lower validator requirements later". Okay when can we do that? how many can it scale to? 100? 200? This just gets blown off everytime it has been asked. And I'm not fudding calling fantom a scam I have a bigger bag than 90% of biztards, I bought in at 0.5-2 cents and held through the last 2 years of crabbing.
Also I'm not saying AVAX is perfect either. They're promising near zero fees but in actually a swap on PNG costs about 0.5 AVAX. And when you bring it up to them they're delusional as fuck "Yeah they're going to reduce it in apricot update which will be REALLY soon" really retard? they just had an infrastructure halting bug and you think they're going to release the biggest update to their platform in a few days? And of course the other answer "they cant just lower it, it has to be put to a vote" basically and we haven't seen how low the gas prices will be, just empty promises so far. Same as the FTM response to validator scaling. Governance is such a broken piece of shit system that just lets the devs delay updates to the protocol.

Both are next-gen but im so sick of this superiority delusions the holders have.

inb4 bonus blocks
Yeah a bug in the EVM is not comparable to a bug in the consensus protocol, once trust is renewed in the project it will also moon possibly harder than FTM.

>> No.29635971

>FTM getting used behind the scenes for dApps on other chains
>AVAX still hasn't convinced the market Pangolin won't happen again

t. FTM and AVAX holder

>> No.29636360

Trust won't be renewed in AVAX till they bring in the apricot update and that update maintains stability under high utilisation. Of course after as big a bug as they had, they will be on a change freeze window of minimum 1 or 2 months and Apricot will be on hold, so it's just a matter of having patience. Possibly a month out will be when we see AVAX recover.

>> No.29636676

Trust should never be renewed in AVAX. As far as I'm concerned, it is currently a scam. The tech fuck up is awful, but fixable long term. (Although they choose not to and would rather rush out broken scotch tape tech)

To me the lying and gaslighting about the situation is unforgivable. The fact they tried to hide it, before pulling the "it's not a bug it's a feature!!" Bullshit is exactly what I would expect from a turk roach. FUCK AVAX, I hope their vaporwave bullshit chain goes to 0 and their team goes to prison for their collusion with Binance to defraud holders.

>> No.29636682

>They seethe everytime AVAX is brought up because they know it's the only true competition in the market.
no it's because you faggots always invade our threads
idk if ftm holders go into your threads but you faggots feel the need to bring up your coin in every one of our generals

>> No.29636775

you press the buy button and it takes you to a service called Wyre, it's how I've done almost all my fiat>crypto investments. fuck cuckbase. gotta be on the ETH Mainnet of course. You can also buy through Trust wallet on your phone with other services that are similar, but then you have the same transfer obstacle to deal with in sending that to MM

>> No.29636848
File: 681 KB, 1042x807, 1613004511729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will forever post this meme as revenge to all the avax shillers fudding ftm back when it was still undiscovered

>> No.29636862
File: 2.41 MB, 2316x3940, 1612658199549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>many validators can FTM scale to?
Is that a real question or a fake one? Infinite is the answer.
>They seethe everytime AVAX is brought up because they know it's the only true competition in the market.
No it's because you faggots won't fuck off. It's bad enough you pay to have a minimum of 5 AVAX threads going at any time, you always invade other threads and spew your carcinogens.

>Bonus block
>Double spending
>Bug bounties
>team owns 80% of nodes

>> No.29636888

Probit you dumb fag

>> No.29636914
File: 12 KB, 441x383, buy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see pic related

>> No.29636919

Grats anon, I've started my crypto journey with fantom. Hope to join your ranks soon enough. Wanna share your tale? I'm curious how anons get rich here

>> No.29636956

I have my stack on PROBIT

Los Angeles here

>> No.29637017

I bought ftm since 2018 working a wagekek job and held, learned my shit, and got rich in the process (although the market doesn't think I'm rich yet)

>> No.29637097

what an absolute monster this coin it just keeps going

>> No.29637177

>Trust should never be renewed in AVAX
I agree, but it will be renewed simply because there are no other options that offer its same strengths.
Can you please link me to any documentation that explains the validator scalability on fantom.
And if you NIGGERS don't want people to talk about AVAX in ftm threads then don't fucking bring up AVAX in the first place you fucking retards.

>> No.29637241

you stupid fucking faggot
you avax shills will literally come into FTM threads without any posts and shill your stupid shitcoin. You do it without any prior mention.
go seethe somewhere else

>> No.29637378

You're the one who started white knighting faggot. Projecting much?
>Can you please link me to any documentation that explains the validator scalability on fantom.
Nope. Doesn't exist, I guess AVAX wins. You should sell all your ftm to expand your AVAX position.

>> No.29637412
File: 565 KB, 532x692, fantom&avax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29637670

I just want to thank the fantom bros for shilling the fundamentals on here. I started in December with 600...just hit 5 figures. My first real play was grt. I got in at .18 but panic sold at .48. Turned out the universe was preparing me to manage ftm.

>> No.29637722


>> No.29638195
File: 15 KB, 559x423, pepe blurtard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FFS I just cashed out a make it level stack at 69. At least I kept some fanties so I can keep coming to these threads.

>> No.29638333

Look at the fucking post i originally responded to you faggot, you just heard bout FTM a week ago and you'll sell in a week.
Seriously if you can share any documentation I'd like to see it. I've tried to find anything and failed. The only thing I could find is a couple answers on the discord that talk about how they need to find a balance between security, decentralisation, and accessibility. Any articles about it all mention how they plan on seeing the max amount of validators before network degradation occurs.
Are you retarded? Why would you sell if this is going to 1$ within the week?

>> No.29638398
File: 84 KB, 551x307, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Executive Director at Stanford for Future of Digital Currency Initiative

Also Head of US at Fantom Foundation.

Holy fuck, guise

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