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Why is quickswap $480 on Uniswap and $440 on quickswap exchange?

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Less people buying on one exchange than the other.

>why is x coin this price on x exchange?

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Also more liquidity on quickswap, I forgot to add

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Yeah but it's literally a 10% swing. Why aren't bots or whales profiting off the spread and bringing it closer? Especially with no fees on quickswap. Seems like a lot of money to be made.

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cause all of the liquidity is on Quickswap and not Uniswap.

Quickswap pools reward some crazy APY compared to Uni pools. It may seem like uni pools are larger but Quick has been 2xing every day so the quick pools are actually way more profitable than the uni ones.

Therefore big trades on uni are painful to market price and cause big slippage cause no liquidity.

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Shitalik's gas fees faggot

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The developer of quickswap is also behind Bonded.finance
Do with that information as u see fit.

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our lord and savior - scale me daddy

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Cuz network fees are too high for consistent arbitrage