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you know what they have in common ?
the developer who developed quick swap is developing bonded.finance .
this is a sure hold lads. Comfy bags.
> waiting on audit (been a few months)
> Continuous partnerships
> more updates to cum
> Sub 10m mc

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are you sent from heaven because i needed you in my life

sounds good to me

im in

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where does one buy this

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Pajeet dev

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eth has scaled and you're late, sorry
bonded is clearly about to transition to matic, get listed on quickswap, and moon

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>> 29627933
> uniswap or bitmax
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Kek my bags are heavy kind sir

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Pajeets are saving crypto and it’s better to side with them than the Chinese.

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Uniswap or quickswap. Quickswap is cheaper and has less slippage.

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What's the contract address for BOND on Quickswap?

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BitMax has a USDT pair and that’s also where you want to stake it. 50% APY

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soon ;)

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no burgers allowed

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thanks just bought 10k unironically

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Wanted to stake my 50K bondies but America is gay and retarded

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Based. And was almost 3 cents before eve rehung started dumping recently anyways. Will likely be one of the top pairs on QuickSwap and moved there soon. Samdeep is based.

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He literally retweeted this a few hours ago kek

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I added the Matic mainnet to my MetaMask but when I try to withdraw some from Binance, the only transfer network options are Binance Chain and Ethereum. What do?

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Been in perpetual crab state since December. All of a sudden many threads show up. Get off the computer pajeet

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You can’t buy it on QuickSwap yet. But it will come look at pic related. Still just UniSwap or BitMax are best for now.

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eth to your metamask wallet, then you need to go to the matic website and transfer your tokens to layer 2. from there, you can use quickswap to get quickswap.

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my bad bro i thought you meant buying quickswap. Bond is only on uni for now but will be onquickswap soon

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