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https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-judge-dismisses-crypto-fraud-case-against-bnt-token-issuer With Jews you can't lose

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ready for another big poomp

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based legal jewjitsu

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>people are actually betting against the jews
I can't wait until it bancor is the official Israeli currency and I can get a hot jew wife with huge milkies

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$1000 eoy

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God I fucking wish. Dubs and $1,000 is the floor EOY.

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Let's not get carried away fren
>dubs and we hit $50 EOY

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That would literally give me an unbelievable amount of fuck you money

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we have to keep it low as long as possible so we can accumulate

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i only own 2500 and I know thats a poor fag bag... this would make some anons multi millionairs.

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Holsworth has failed to provide evidence that BNT coins declined in value.
The case’s plaintiff, Timothy Holsworth, alleged that he purchased 587 BNT tokens in 2019

What a fucking moron. Buys the bottom, sues bancor and loses

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Honestly I'd be happy with anything over $15.

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expect something close when arbitrum rolls out

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How does $2,500,000 in 2023 sound?

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With Bancor, you win.

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I'm gonna accumulate a few thousand then set and forget. Currently have a few thousand link in the LP collecting joocy rewards. Comfy hodl.

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what is the minimum bancor stack for staking to be worth it

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starting to really see the multiplier take effect after week 2 of staking. Feeling comfy

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Any amount greater than 500 is a good amount in my opinion if you don't mind getting anally raped by gas fees. I'd only do 1k minimum though.

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I paid ~$300 in gas to park my linkies in the pool. Waiting until arbitrum to pull them out so should be a negligible expense if their foretasted gas reductions are accurate.

How does the multiplier work if I add liquidity to a new pool? Is the multiplier from my older steak applied or does it start again from day 1 gainz?

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the new stake will show up as a new position and starts from day 0

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1000 would be my min.
This is only an issue till April w arbitrum.
Every week your stake gets an additional .25x up to 2x max a week.
So week 3 your getting a 1.5x multiplier
Week 4 1.75x
Week 5 2x

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As long as you don't remove or swap your bnt you never lose your multiplier.
They are incentivizing you keep your stash staked for as long as possible.

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there isa proposal on the forum to allow pool swapping in a single transaction without losing earned multiplier, which would be interesting since its staying on the protocol

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I think its a good idea. instead of dumping en masse at the end of LM season, this will allow ppl to unwind little amounts of their rewards without plummeting the price.

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when is token burn implementation? I’ve been swinging the vbnt bnt cross but i kinda just want to stake now. fuckin hurry up and burn tokens so i can get out at 0.8

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Should be a week or two. Maybe 3.

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im only in week one with 3k staked
feels bad bros

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ya hopefully not too much delay. i got a 3.5k stacklet that I’m hoping to turn into 4.2k with the swap back, then I’ll probs just stake and lever up with the vbnt at 0.8 or better and wait on staking rewards. assuming rewards are extended, I’m happy to wait it out.

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Staking 20k. Next year it’ll be 40k

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I dont think this 0.8 hike happens overnight.I wonder how long it will take to get there

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based thanks anon

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There is pertinent info here:



Now from what I remember hearing, they are only implementing the first part of Vortex at this stage, where the vBNT becomes the leveraged token to staked BNT, the pool for vBNT/BNT staking is open and vBNT can be used to trade/unlock BNT stakes.

The second part, with the introduction of the protocol wide fee and burn, is slated to roll out when (live) testing of the part one is complete. Not sure exactly where I saw this (can't find it now) but I believe Bancor Vortex will fully roll out in 1-2 months. I'll try to find the exact plan and get back to you.

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>$155 volume
>trannies want to expand this pool
Democracy was a mistake.

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helpful links, thanks fren. maybe i should just swap back now and stake...

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Don't get rekt on gas fren, watch the gasstation.

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Checked and green id. Time to set and forget