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Wynaut +201.34% | Meowth +453.24%

The community is getting back on its feet. As we move forward, community members and admins have donated some MEOWTH for a contest going on RIGHT NOW! This is in preparation for the 10x Extreme Speed farming event that starts in 5 hours. See below:

In anticipation for our upcoming Multiplier event, we're running a special competition to double purchased MEOWTH before the farming begins. Here are all the details you need to know:

1. Visit https://wynautdefi.app/ and purchase any amount of MEOWTH. Maximum doubling of 1,000 MEOWTH per transaction. Multiple transactions welcome!

2. Submit your Transaction Hash and wallet address to this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ea7xdGLJ5qPqCU1oITS8bvRRAY9BweKB8gHFIPQTtQk/

3. HODL your MEOWTH! Reselling your tokens will void the chance of winning. You can stake the MEOWTH in pools or farms, but you must not sell! Diamond hands only. Paper hands need not apply!

4. The competition will be closed roughly 1 hour before the multiplier event starts. Winners will be announced immediately after and credited within 30 minutes of the event starting! All winners MUST have the MEOWTH they purchased in their wallet (or a farm/pool) at the time of being selected.

Any questions, and to see more details, please ask on the official Telegram for more information!
>t me/whynotrebuild
>t me/whynotrebuild/45282

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Finer details:
• Players can make multiple purchases of up to 1,000 MEOWTH if they so desire, and submit a new entry for every single purchase they make. However, all funds purchased must be in the wallet (or farm/pool) at the time of selection: you cannot buy and sell the same 1,000 MEOWTH over and over again.
• Winners will be selected using random.org. We will generate 12 integers from a range, which will correspond to an entry on a spreadsheet. The same wallet can win multiple times and in fact, the same transaction can win multiple times. A single person can take the whole 12,000 MEOWTH if they're extremely lucky!
• Please note that this competition only applies to MEOWTH, not WYNAUT.
• You will get your tokens BEFORE the event starts to give you enough time to stake before the Multiplier event!
• Any questions, please ask on the official Telegram for more information!
• Start block is 5173000, end block is 5178000.

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so nice to see the community rally after the shitty last week, good luck to everyone, we're all gonna make it

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Not a hodler but this is pretty based, haven't seen any many communities do something like this publicly. Good luck boys

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Lol if this fucking coin makes a comeback and goes to $1, fuck me.

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Checked. This is a rare af community.

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We're all gonna make it, bros

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Betting on Wynaut feels like an ultimate gamble.

The thrill feels good man

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fuck off telegram trannies

scummy cunts trying to rip people off again. you ought to be ashamed of yourself

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Senpai, this event is being funded by the community and personal funds. Your FUD has no power here.

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>Community member sets aside some of his stack because he believes in the project
>Invites other community members to a lighthearted sweepstakes
>Invites people outside the community to see the progress we've made since the dev wallet theft
>schizo FOMOs fud the thread

Never change

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Back to 10 cents!!, lets gooo!!!!

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is this still alive!! wtf I thought it was dead . what's going on ???????

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Me buying MEOWTH/WYNAUT to stake for the upcoming supercharger event.

Stay mad, fiatcels.

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What would a /biz/ thread be without the schizo-posting

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lmao right

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10 cents coming, lets go!!!

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DAILY REMINDER YOU WERE TOLD. Bodybuilders are buying, Pajeets are buying, manlets aren't.

GL being a manlet.

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We're back! Pajeet Pokemon coin rip-offs BTFO.

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I've never seen Stockholm Syndrome so badly. They know a whales going to dump on them and they keep buying. I can't even.

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fuck me, I pulled @ 70 like a chump and fomod back in at 10

>> No.29627688


Whales gonna dump!

Didn't at 1m
Didn't at 2m
Didn't at 3m


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The community is bringing it back baby!

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>the community
this shit is cancerous hivemind pajeet shit like redditfags.

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No hive mind, just people that stayed around after the original dev screwed everyone over. Including a handful of mods, admins and regular members. We call it the community because it was regular users coming forward offering ideas and help. NFT creators, artists, programmers, dapp devs. It's no longer successful by virtue of its team, the entire community came together. That's how we're still around.

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I went fairly heavy into MEOWTH as soon as I saw this announcement. I 2x'd in about twenty minutes, put my initial back into FTM, and now I am letting the rest ride. I may even use profits to dump into FTM over the coming week. I feel like people are missing out on this opportunity because the OG dev got buttmad and ran off with team funds. Afaik things are safe now, and I actually do wish these guys the best. MEOWTH has treated me really well so far, so I have nothing but love for these coins desu. It's interesting to see a project completely guiding by building fun, cool shit and caring a little less about the money.

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So you've created a community pyramid scheme, how nice of you. Hopefully you've decided who holds the bag at the end.

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How are blockchain Pokemon card NFTs a pyramid scheme anon?

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how is a community driven Pokemon NFT space a pyramid scheme?, If i'm not mistaken the devs even have some ideas for games. And since there's no dev wallet, Wynaut auto burns then we can't be rugged again

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exactly this is a coin of love and friendship.

Take the Wynaut Pill if you want to make it

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do you actually have a good argument beside /biz/ buzzwords? look at what you just typed you tool

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How much are they paying you to post this?

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he is probably salty he sold

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Feeling really glad that I didn't just sell at the bottom after what happened on Saturday. What this team has done is really impressive - ended up buying more after seeing the effort they went through to revive the website and the project.

It's dirt cheap right now so I don't see much risk in just giving it a try.

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I re'invested my money in this "rug" @ 9cents like a true pajeet. Woke up and it was 68 cents. lol.

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>No time lock on farms
>Having a trading competition
>Instantly banned for asking about a time lock

Absolutely a scam. Stay far away.

>> No.29629189

made a nice x2
thank you wynaut, will again after the fuckers get rugged and wynaut-sacred ash appears for another x2

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>implying I need to do something I like for money

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They're actually paying 10 mewoth (5 dollars). Literal paid shills.

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Also they talked a big game about an airdrop, what happened there?

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I haven't collected on any community engagement giveaways for a minute now. I leave those open for newer users to accumulate. Before you start bullshitting, tell me how many coins do referral airdrops and retweet giveaways. I can wait fren.

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From COMMUNITY MEMBERS too. Not even devs.
/biz/ has some serious crab mentality on this shit because people getting together to build something greater than the sum of its parts is apparently a bad thing. Insane that people on a "Business & Finance" board will skip on free money because of their personal views - you guys really don't deserve to make it if you prioritize this petty shit over getting the mf BAG

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It's for the new tokens that you will be able to use the old ones for in a presale. Probably the best way to correct the lost balances.

>Two more weeks.

>> No.29629872

Why do you get so defensive when someone talks bad about your cult?

>> No.29629875

not to me I'm doing it for free
Exactly If I wanted I would've already gotten let's say 100- 200 bucks in Meowth. I'm not entering the sweepstakes out of principle

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Altruism in the ponzi, how noble of you.

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No defensiveness anon, just curious on what you personally think the difference is between doing a referral giveaway on Telegram VS Twitter.

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All I’m gonna say is that I’m not gay but the dude (admin?) with that avatar is damn attractive.

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For anyone here seriously ask about why there isn't a timelock on the farm.

This shit literally screams scam and that they'll implement something malicious (trading competition and high APYs to get the apes in)

Since 90% of this thread is tg posting go ask.

>> No.29630505

fuck off it's already too late to buy

>> No.29630576

Your FUD doesn't work here boy.

>> No.29630586

it's not even 25% of ATH lmao, there's at least another 2x in this bitch before rug

>> No.29630654

I'm actually hodling but I'm not that much a faggot to think a coin can run on good feelings. crypto is supposed to be anti-social!

>> No.29630669

Not fud

Where's the timelock? Farms don't launch without one.

>> No.29630727

You want to know what the difference is between two types of paid shilling? Nothing, its jeety af.

>> No.29630811

Right, so it's safe to assume you think even formal referral airdrops like Apron Network does is also just "jeety af" too. Correct?

>> No.29630816

yeah except you guys fail to mention there's a whale who can tank the price at 0.5 and get a million bucks off everyone, it's not worth buying over .25+ and there are better projects about to 2x now.

>> No.29630903

Where's the time lock? Go ask.

>> No.29631011

>and there are better projects about to 2x now.

Such as?

>> No.29631018

You're the only one bullshitting about that because it's your FUD of the day. I'm good, dude.

>> No.29631085

You don't have a time lock on the farm. Not fud, fact.

>> No.29631100

Shit like tulip (which is having trouble releasing farms atm and is very low price), Nana, even hodl are basically in the waiting room for BTC to stop being gay and being able to moon.

>> No.29631174

"Formal airdrop" lol. You just want to get people through the door to pump your bags.

>> No.29631198

Be honest, you got banned for shilling a shitcoin didn't you? Which one was it this time, slime?

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Begging for or offering free money?


Mods, why is this allowed, every single fucking day?

Why do you allow these reprehensible telegram pump and dump faggots to shit up this board?

>> No.29631265

Answer the question raj. Post them dirty brown hands while you're at it.

>> No.29631324

>Ask about time lock
>We're working on that
>What are you kidding
>Get banned

Yeah I haven't seen this before.

>> No.29631339

The FUD doesn't work. Pokemon NFTs are going to kill pajeet pnd farms.

>> No.29631410

Funny these are my other two picks right now, but I FOMO'd into Meowth earlier and thank god for that because they've done nothing but tank since. For now and maybe for the next 2 days I think hodling Wynaut will be a good play, but as you said >>29630816
$0.50 will be scary to watch out for - at least the whale can't feasibly dump all his bags at once.

>> No.29631451

Oh please, there’s one, one fucking thread about this, compared to hundreds of rubic threads a day. Who’s the one paying the shill here.

>> No.29631500

>price actually sees huge positive movement instead of crabbing 20% all day
geez I wonder anon

>> No.29631604

How much is the whale holding?

>> No.29631770

about 10%, if he dumped he'd have a price impact of 46%, basically death and panic selling to the bottom.

>> No.29631809

At first I was like, "Meh, why would I want to buy this shit"

Then I thought, eh... wynaut.

>> No.29631866

2,338,840 WYNAUT. enough to crash the price by 40% if he sells all at once. I say $0.50 because around that price puts him at around $1m in gains. This market is super bullish but I definitely plan on getting out before then.

>> No.29631900

>there's one fucking thread about this
Lying piece of shit. It's spammed on here around the clock: https://yuki.la/search.html?boards=biz&startdate=2008-02-02&enddate=2021-02-23&sort=descending&postext=wynaut#page=1

>heavy price action
A hallmark of artificial manipulation.

>hundreds of threads spamming wynaut
Another gigantic red flags which screams scam.

Everyone shilling this garbage is a compensated telegram pajeet, and you all fucking know it.

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Moose legit removed this vid I made and said "NO FUD"

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>he didn't buy the dip

>> No.29632028

awwwwww.. i re-invested at 9cents.

>> No.29632047

lololol good fucking work

>> No.29632057

Hilarious how you ignore my point about rubic being shilled 100x more than anything else in this board :)

>> No.29632090

Some guy was also asking if he should sleep with it. I was holding a gamble bag despite knowing of the 46% nuke whale and mentioned it. He fucking removed that too even though it was in the context of genuine advice.

Now people are foaming for the"2% meowth burn" like holy fuck you retards. Moose is also saying "guys 10x soon" desu id ait for retards to pump it more and paper hand that shit.

>> No.29632096

lmao... cry moar faggot

>> No.29632136

Rubic is also trash. It's hilarious how you think people need to point out all the other trash on here in order for their criticism of your trash to be recognized as valid. You're clearly not a part of the reality-based community, and you don't deserve to live.

>> No.29632155

>Everyone shilling this garbage is a compensated telegram pajeet, and you all fucking know it.
or we all want to make money and we've already seen the gains WYNAUT is capable of? you sit and watch other people make money while complaining about the STATE OF MUH BOARD. get a grip loser

>> No.29632201

>Moose is also saying "guys 10x soon" desu id ait for retards to pump it more and paper hand that shit.
The Extreme-Speed 10x APY event is in just over 2 hours. So yeah, soon.

>> No.29632228

Too late to invest, at most we'll see a 2x now, let reddit be cattle for your ponzi.

>> No.29632297

>being this mad

>> No.29632328

Guys this is a SCAM buy LINK guys, guys please buy link. please... buy... link...

>> No.29632347

This is the plan desu, provided that the whale doesn't end wynaut's life in one blow we're giving you the opportunity to be the ones dumping on em

>> No.29632428

10x inflation, this will end well

The real problem is the mods dont seem to care for community. They will genuinely suppress information thats legit and should be known. They dont give a fuck if you get nuked.

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Hi Moose, hope you got your Pokefarm funds back xdxd

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Moose legit fucking deleted it when i posted and another did a + to boost my rep

I was gonna wait for retards to pump to 13 cent but im outtie now taking too long

>> No.29633158

Guys I sold my car an used my mortgage deposit to buy wynaut, you guys aren't gonna dump on me right?

>> No.29633298

How does half a car sound?

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>> No.29633838

Haha..oh man..i am lmao

>> No.29635621

>tfw bought at 5 cents and farming
dont care nigga i literally 10x my money

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