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What the fuck is this? What the fuck just happened?

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Its the end of the dollar fren

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its the brrrr on overdrive, its at a point where have a million isnt even a goal anymore

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go read a book on MMT you dumb faggot, we'll be fine

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take your meds

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Sorry goy, we accidentally did more Brrrr than we told you.

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Revisions to the H.6 Statistical Release
As announced on March 15, 2020, the Board of Governors reduced reserve requirement ratios on net transaction accounts to 0 percent, effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions and rendered the regulatory distinction between reservable "transaction accounts" and nonreservable "savings deposits" unnecessary. On April 24, 2020, the Board removed this regulatory distinction by deleting the six-per-month transfer limit on savings deposits in Regulation D. This action resulted in savings deposits having the same liquidity characteristics as the transaction accounts currently reported as "Other checkable deposits" on Statistical Release H.6, "Money Stock Measures."

Because of the change in their liquidity characteristics, savings deposits will be recognized as a type of transaction account on the H.6 statistical release. The Board will combine H.6 statistical release items "Savings deposits" and "Other checkable deposits" and report the resulting sum as "Other liquid deposits." Like other transaction accounts, other liquid deposits will be included in the M1 monetary aggregate. This action will increase the M1 monetary aggregate significantly while leaving the M2 monetary aggregate unchanged

The first monthly H.6 statistical release containing the revisions previously discussed will be published on February 23, 2021, inclusive of retroactive updates to the data back to May 2020.

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who cares tho?

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this is bullish for bitcoin

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MMT distilled: "Years of unabated Keynesian monetary policies have failed to keep the liberal-democracy experiment from imploding so we're going to rebrand and double- or even triple-down on every bad idea."

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underage retard fuck off

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thanks for the anti-fud

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Faggot JPOW ain't sweatin and I ain't either.

There's a doomer every decade and they always lose their socks.

If society collapses I'll just roll with it. I'm in great shape.

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>There's a doomer every decade and they always lose their socks.
Based and true
>If society collapses I'll just roll with it. I'm in great shape.
You aren't old enough for this site

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Did they seriously discontinue the series? What the fuck???


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not about being a doomer, it's about acting accordingly. You said who cares after all well I do this makes me perma bullish on bitcoin.

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Money to Israel.

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>You aren't old enough for this site
I'm 24 and I've got a bomb shelter that I inherited from my schizo dad who built it for Y2K
I also run a 5k every morning.

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>If society collapses I'll just roll with it.
Yeah roll it in wheelbarrows. You look at the image and think "that could never happen to us" but that's exactly what is going to happen to you.

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I figure that if we reach the hyperinflation that makes bitcoin viable then there's going to be far too many other problems to worry about keeping a charged battery on your coin wallet.

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I bet that guy was absolutely fine and had a relatively happy life regardless.

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Maybe you should go to reddit and post about your $150 DOGE investment

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The US is SO going to war in 2022

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With ourselves if anyone.
The Qanon Crusades.

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M2/3/4 cashed out what they could - FRED only just publishing now

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They changed the definition of M1 money when fractional reserve requirements were dropped to 0 in march last year.

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Also, can we get a shout out to my boys down at FRED?
Please, as a St. Louisan I have very little to be proud of
The FED sucks but I genuinely believe the FRED represents (old/white) St. Louis to a T - an idealistic high tech project with real meaning

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At least 1 million starved every year under hyper inflation. Yea varily you will be hungry if not dead.

Bitcoin is already viable. People in Venezuela would have preferred being in Bitcoin than any other asset. Those that stayed in fiat suffered as you will.

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>At least 1 million starved every year under hyper inflation.
it really is not difficult to hunt and forage
fucking NPCs I stg.

>People in Venezuela would have preferred being in Bitcoin than any other asset

How'd bitcoin work in venezula?

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Can't they just print food?
Niggers eat earth cookies after all.

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FRED is a service of the St. Louis brach of the Federal Reserve.
Started as an interns project back in the early 90s and is now the go to source of digitally obtained mainstream/nitty gritty economic data

By the way as a native ive pissed on this seal in a drunken rage

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food is so cheap. we have more corn than everyone in the world + 50 year futures can eat.

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sounds like a good drunken story

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>"I don’t own bolívars, Venezuela’s official currency. I keep all of my money in bitcoin. Keeping it in bolívars would be financial suicide."
>In order to buy everyday necessities such as milk, Hernández explained that cryptocurrencies must be converted into bolivars. He uses Localbitcoins to find buyers who use the same bank he does so “the wire transfer can go through immediately,” he said, elaborating:
>"I can’t change too many bitcoins at once, though. The government doesn’t monitor cryptocurrency transactions (yet), but it does monitor transactions in bolívars — and any worth about $50 or more will automatically freeze your account until you can explain to your bank where the funds come from."

We are well prepared it seems for the coming hyperinflation.
Don't forget to find a local network of people you can trade cryptos with!

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Looks like that money that was printed finally moved. Bound to happen eventually. Smart of the jews to wind it up for so long that everyone was doubting hyperinflation.

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compare the current yield per acre of American corn/basedbeans vs two factors: 1. the American yield in 1960, and 2. the median global yield by acre in 2021. Then you'll buy U.S. crops.

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>move $50 of BTC
>pay $20 transaction fee

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>Before May 2020, M1 consists of (1) currency outside the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, and the vaults of depository institutions; (2) demand deposits at commercial banks (excluding those amounts held by depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign banks and official institutions) less cash items in the process of collection and Federal Reserve float; and (3) other checkable deposits (OCDs), consisting of negotiable order of withdrawal, or NOW, and automatic transfer service, or ATS, accounts at depository institutions, share draft accounts at credit unions, and demand deposits at thrift institutions.

>Beginning May 2020, M1 consists of (1) currency outside the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, and the vaults of depository institutions; (2) demand deposits at commercial banks (excluding those amounts held by depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign banks and official institutions) less cash items in the process of collection and Federal Reserve float; and (3) other liquid deposits, consisting of OCDs and savings deposits (including money market deposit accounts). Seasonally adjusted M1 is constructed by summing currency, demand deposits, and OCDs (before May 2020) or other liquid deposits (beginning May 2020), each seasonally adjusted separately.

I'm a brainlet, what does this mean?
And why the fuck does it make sense to seasonally adjust the money supply?

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i mean you guys keep saying hyperinflation but its like what? At least 600% maximum?

Not really a deadly event.

Americans could survive with 1/6th the amount of food they consume

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MMT is unironically racist. I read Milton. John and Friedman

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Wait, to zero. Does that mean you don't need any money held as reserves to loan?

Holy fuck

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We're all gonna be billionaires

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Where do I get MMT?

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Only if they eat garbage. Meat is getting more expensive. The average American will subsist on nutritionally empty calories if hyperinflation happens.

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You already have it.

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Rubic.exchange sir please do the needful my village has but one toilet

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If 80% of us dont get killed by THEM in the process....

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How can we print this much money yet I can't even get a 3% raise?

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Based fellow St. Louis anon investor. What is your stack? Nano chad here.

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Argentinean here, you are doomed, we all are.

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Lol hope you burgers enjoy your $2000 while it lasts. Should have listened to Trump. He said don't give anyone anything.

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He can move it to binance and use the binance chain to transfer it to another account for a few cents!

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I did a thesis on it. Its kinda dumb but I like the public option labor market for civil projects (as a price floor in lieu of minimum wage).
Introduced me to chartalism tho which is based

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Could they not just deflate by burning money like in crypto when they burn some of the supply?

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>it really is not difficult to hunt and forage
>Can't they just print food?
The West is doomed lmao, I'm so glad I have my ticket out of this shithole of a country

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See you later dum newfag

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>hunting is hard

christ how do people like you figure out how to use computers?

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>Not really a deadly event.
Anyone in this thread can read history for themselves. Anytime hyperinflation happens people go hungry. People die. People starve.

>but why don't they just hunt and forage
I'm sure there are idiots who tried that exact same thing. Good luck!

Stay in your clown country and rot. idgaf

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If it was so easy then why didn't they do it in the Weimar Republic?

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Nothing fancy but its worked for me
or at least it did up until last week

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Like can’t they not just press “delete” and get rid of a bunch of money or like burn a bunch?

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Burn the money how exactly? They require a massive amount of money to pay the interest of all debts. Are you suggesting they just default?

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soon the whole world will join you in the economic gutter

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And to think people sold their bitcoins under 50k LMAO.

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>I'm 24 and I've got a bomb shelter that I inherited from my schizo dad
Oh, so you're sub 90 IQ white trash. Got it.
PS at 24 you're still a baby

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He's a retard who thinks he can just hunt for his food after the crash. Along with the 100 other million people who will also be starving.

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have you ever seen a single hunting video?

>> No.29625531

Yep deer will be extinct in two years

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>white trash

If "racism" is wrong then stop saying hateful bullshit like this, moron

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The non-NPCs probably did. Its not like everyone died.

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MMT would only work with a political system composed of actual public servants who genuinely have the interests of the country at heart.

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And that's a good thing. There's a reason why 12 trillion was added to M1. It may be a bit bad and we'll be in a rough waters for a bit, but in the long term, we'll be fine. This might be the key to prevent another 2008 crash.

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It's not the hunting, fishing, or foraging that's difficult. It's the competition and over hunting that occurs in the first 6 months. There will be no fish, no deer, no hogs, no birds, they will all be consumed.

Perhaps in a few areas, but most areas with easy access to cities will be over hunted in the first few months.

>The non-NPCs probably did
You and everyone else are now competing for berries in the woods. Good luck. I'm sure in your dumbass brain you think it will be like fortnite.

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White trash doesn't apply to all whites, Billy Bob. Just slack jawed inbred american trash. I don't think sophisticated multi-lingual Europeans are offended by the term, because it has 0 application to them.

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Our situation isn't anything close to Weimar. Totally different circumstances.
Deflation is a greater risk than inflation atm

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>it really is not difficult to hunt and forage
This is truth. Also you don't even need to eat every day to survive. Eat every couple days and drag out your food reserve as long as possible.

Society has actually created a mental problem regarding food by making people think they're going to starve to death if they miss a meal. The reality is that you only need to eat enough to maintain your calorie and nutrition content and most people overeat and put more nutrients into their bodies than they need and your body just flushes the excess out. Those emergency food supplies that are supposed to last 4 weeks, bet you can drag them out for a whole fucking year, they expect you to eat 3 meals a day lol.

It'll suck at first cuz your body is used to overeating but it'll adapt.

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Again, someone who has never hunted before.

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>Our situation isn't anything close to Weimar
How so. Please outline the differences. Because from my perspective it has so many commonalities down to the rise of antifa, inflation, and cultural degradation.

>Eat every couple days and drag out your food reserve as long as possible.
You actually think you are going to have a reserve of food. Holy shit. hahahahaa

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actually in the great depression we completely overhunted our wild game. git gud and stock up on dry foods.

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unironically this is why having a hobby farm is a good idea, shoot all challengers

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>Our situation isn't anything close to Weimar.
I would love to hear you expand on this.

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>Deflation is a greater risk than inflation atm
That was true back in 2019
times have changed. If there are any recent comms saying this though id love to see them because i havnt seen one

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kill yourself

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>Our situation isn't anything close to Weimar.
Absolute retard-tier take.

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Ok but what's in for us, Europes? Will the omegainflation of the dollar bring the Euro down with it? I'm kinda scared ngl

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Dude give us the playbook. What’s the next move??

>> No.29626804

What happened to precious metals and crypto, respectively, during your ongoing financial crisis?

>> No.29627655

Why would they do this? And aren't they saying that now its M1=M2 or am I reading that wrong?

>> No.29627657

lol, MMT is just literally printing money and everyone knows 100% of fiat currencies in history have ended up in hyperinflation faggot.

>> No.29627733

>t., chad

>> No.29627738

Dollar demand is basically infinite deal with it. Fiat currencies are shit but the dollar is the king of that shit mountain

>> No.29627822

This is America, bitch. We have enough food production to feed this shit hole 10x over every year. No farms are going under. Nobody is losing their retirement. America always wins.

>> No.29627880

>a system designed to fail
>i-it's working fine right now, you bigot!
When will blue id niggers learn?

>> No.29629060

Wow we could have fixed poverty and scarcity decades ago!
Just print money! It's so simple!
It just be because of racism that the government didn't just print infinite dollars before!
"Explain to me how increase in paper pieces can possibly make a society richer. If that were the case, explain to me why is there still poverty in the world. Isn’t every Central Bank in the world capable of printing as much paper as they want?" -Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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Yes. 100% of your money can be gambled in the derivative markets by the banks.

>> No.29629958

Holy fuck

>> No.29630068

this is good for crypto tho right? were all about to make it?

>> No.29630295

Yes we will all be making our own bread in a few months because we won't be able to buy it.

>> No.29630359

this is both news to me (because im a lazy nigger) and completely unsurprising

M1 is ready cash
Ready cash is now digital bits of almost instantly accusable 0s and 1s

M1 (what used to be "how much physical cash can i withdraw") has simply been revised to
"how much cash can reasonably show up in my bank account EOD
which thanks to fintech - which BTC helpped spearhead - is more or less infinate these days

I propose a new number - M!
The amount of physical cash in circulation

Problem is cartels would suddenly become the wealthiest people on the planet - and nobody can have that.


currency is fun

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>Bitcoin goes up to $100k
>Usd value halves
Wash. You're not allowed to win, anon.

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File: 44 KB, 960x684, https___blogs-images.forbes.com_niallmccarthy_files_2019_06_20190603_Retirement.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We have enough food production
So did every country that had hyper inflation.

You are as much of a brainlet as the other guy
>why don't they just hunt???
>why don't they just print food???
>why don't they just keep farming???

>Nobody is losing their retirement.
What retirement?

>No farms are going under.
A farm without the ability to produce crops is no longer a farm. Society isn't some magical apparatus that creates goods out of thin air. You need materials, labor, and equipment. Hyperinflation causes a disruption of labor, then a disruption of materials, then a disruption of equipment.

when you have to say "we won" it's because you lost.

>> No.29630454

so i should invest in bread?

>> No.29631097

>cartels would suddenly become the wealthiest people on the planet
CIA assets are always the wealthiest people. They can't lose.

>> No.29631140

This. Unironically.

>> No.29631223

>330 million people will just hunt and forage for food during a massive ecological crisis where 90% of all animal species died within the past 10 years

yeah youre a nigger

>> No.29631325

It is nice to know that I'll make it just in time for the collapse of the USD.

>> No.29631345

we have been in a mass extinction for the past 1 million years faggot.

>> No.29631477

yeah and im sure your modern fat american will survive a famine. You dumb fucking nigger lol

>> No.29631712

You're an idiot.

>> No.29631760

is it signs to steer away from buying in the US markets

plz explain to a brainlet

>> No.29632865

Fucking idiot. Its been the last 10,000 years as human population grew after the ice age ended. Before Europeans came over the population in the US was likely 600,000, and even then regions like the great plains and southwest couldn't support magnitudes more people.
Now fast forward 400 years of completely transforming the country to support the export agriculture economy and industry. If that is no longer profitable and people are forced to hunt/forage species like deer, wild turkey, ducks would lose 90% of their population within months. Forget about foraging; oh and if for whatever reason the food supply gets massively crippled, you can dig yourself a grave if you don't already have livestock/stored food/ producing garden.

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