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thoughts on berry? is it a scam like any other bsc spawn?

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not a scam but looking back i would have put my berries into cake

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this i bought $1k of the following
i bought cake at 5
bake at .80
egg at 40
i bought fucking berry at 22
only one ofmy shitties that isnt in profit
even my EXIF are greenies

i put $40 on all the other scams
bignite rugged
wynaut rugged

but was just lotto gambling with $40 for those

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Its partnered with BAKE, anyone whos up on link would be braindead not to take a small position at least.

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This piece of shit.

Holding till green again.

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Imagine selling before the binance listing lol

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Made a 2x on this but unfortunately lost 50% of the profits on other BSC scams. Anyways yeah it's a scam and now that matic is rolling there's no need to pretend this chink garbage has a future anymore. Dump it all for Quick.

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how many are you holding?
I either want to keep holding bnb or put it in berry if the jump in value is faster

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20, and yea I had 53 but I took profit when I smelled whales trying to dump it to accumulate. Buy the dip.

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One of the less scammy projects in bsc

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i actually bought bry when a crazy guy shilled them around last week here, went in at 6$ and sold at 10. since its still alive i might give it another try

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>two food coins in one
ay caramba

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deeper layer algorithm scam

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Why won't bake do anything. I've been bagholding for days bros. Bought at 1.75