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Otherwise kys

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Your not wrong

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VIKING and EGG are far more profitable right now. CAKE is pegged to BNB which is pegged to BTC. Buy something that actually on the up and ape in to cake later.

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Am I doing it right?

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Staking them cakes

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why would anyone buy CAKE when it traces BNB 1:1 with less gains?

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Pulled my position back to CAKE BAKE BURGER NAR NYA BNB

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can any anon help a burger get some bsc? I need to stake to a LP

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I'd buy EGG if it wasn't so high right now. feels like as soon as I buy into it it'll immediately plummet to 70 or some shit like last time.

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Buy bake too, its the sushi to the uniswap

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50 broken again


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