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Everyone laughed at me when I told them GME will go back to 3 figs. See you at $300.

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power to the players

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You gotta

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Prepare to laugh at me, went in at the top and left with -70%. Going in again tommorow. Inb4 it crashes and Im back to backholding.

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forgive me.

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>buy at 100
>hold for 2 weeks
>decided to cut my losses and sell at 50

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You just have to laugh at those who were confident in either direction.

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i believed in you. bought in at 45

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based GMEchad

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It might fall back to 50 tomorrow. I'm not seeing the same hype as the first time.

Good luck to those who just want to break even though. I hope people in this situation knows better this time.

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See you at 10k OP

We had balls of steel and were destined to make it

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Volkswagen was the most valued company during the short.

Saudi Aramco is 1.7 trillion.

gamestop average share outstanding is like 92M

1.7 Trillion/92 million is like $18k.

Planning to go for $15k.

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They called us retards. They called us schizos. They spent weeks demoralising us. Ridiculing us.

Vindication has never tasted so sweet.

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It's up 200% in a few hours, it never had this kind of jump before.

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Fuck Gamestop


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post yfw this dumps to $20 tomorrow

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its going to 200 AH isnt it

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What’s actually happening with GameStop? Will it sustain this time? 200% off this news seems ridiculous. Are there really a ton of new shorts?

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There he is!

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I wondered where you went

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I'm gonna cry. My long term thesis was $600 for eoy 2020. At this point in time, I've actually got a feeling we're going to hit $10,000 in the next 2 weeks.

So happy.

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don't know but this time paper hands are fucking out. All the retail Hodlers that are left experienced at -70% dip.

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>wake up, see gme at $46
>feel urge to buy it
>everyone calls me stupid
>3:45 pm rolls around
>put in order to buy 5 shares at $91 cuz yolo
>everyone calls me stupid
>cancel it
>change my mind because something feels big, put in order for 2 shares cuz i wanna be on this rollercoaster its just $200 who cares
>go do stuff
>look at gme now


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nigger wtf are you doing

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We tried to tell you anon, why did you listen to the shills instead of the real /biz/ posters?

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It's almost at 200

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This is way faster than last time.

And they know they won't get away with the same trick this time.

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you have no idea how much i coulda used an extra 5gs right now bro... putting in a down payment on a house and the house i want is like 40,000 over my budget and im crying rn cuz i might not get it and its my dream house im LEGIT CRYING FUCK YOU SHITPOSTERS

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Congress is breathing down their neck, and while it's not as much as I'd like, it's at least a little bit of accountability.

Melvin will be too scared to brazenly try the same shit.

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This reminds me of the SAVA pump. If it is the same then it'll get pumped all day tomorrow and then crash hard on friday.

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>crying about money

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Ultimately it doesn't matter unless the shorts get covered, and if that happens we're going into the thousands.

If it drops again, the holders will just keep holding until the time comes. I can wait just like I did before because I did the research and am not randomly guessing in the dark.

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I'm sure they really want to though

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if it goes into the thouasnds then who makes money? People are going to sell but who's going to buy?

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the fucking shorts are contractually obligated to FUCKING BUY.

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They can buy whenever they want and the SEC will let them stall. They OWN THE GOVERNMENT

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This is weird. How is this dead meme pumping now, like why not a few weeks ago

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I'm all up for that shit, i'm in Crypto you know how much crypto would boom if they keep pulling this shit over and over again.

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based trips of truth

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paper hands have left.

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>could wake up tomorrow at $50 or $500
I don't want to hold overnight bros...

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Paper hands are gone and Melvin couldn't keep the price artificially low for about an hour because the Fed's server that allows intra-bank trading went down.

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best decision I ever made

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Do you think your opinion is less wrong when you brand it "thesis?"
Cause it's gonna tank and I'm gonna laugh my ass off.

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Could someone tell me what this candle is?
Did someone purchase shares up to $300?
And I'm guessing that means other people sold up to $300?

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K. I'll make sure it'll dump again.

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>Melvin couldn't keep the price artificially low for about an hour because the Fed's server that allows intra-bank trading went down.
Ah, that makes sense

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LOL you think Congress actually gives a fuck? No one is going to jail, there might be some fines. I say this as a gme holder.

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does that mean they can shut it down again? or is momentum too strong now?

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It’s a win-win either way.
>hedgies wriggle out of buying back shares; faith in the stock market is ruined, money floods into crypto
>hedgies cover their shorts, the price moons, degens sell and move their gains into crypto

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let me place the fucking order AHHHHHHHHH

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It institution and autists vs Melvin. Melvin will be fed to the wolves.

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which coins are you putting your GME gains into?

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i'm just worried the whales are PnD us retailers. We know the crypto world and the stock market is becoming more and more like indian pajeets scamming investors who fomod in

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If he's chad king, then GRT

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go in on fucking Chainlink.

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I didn't fucking buy it when I could have and now I get to anxiously await market opening. I really hope I can at least get something, but I'm not expecting it.

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Retail aren't a big part of this stock anymore. It would be pretty pointless.

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Is the fed crash this morning related to GME?
If so, how?

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>we're going to hit $10,000 in the next 2 weeks.

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Some people have suggested that it limited Melvin's ability to push the price down. Not sure if there is any truth to that.

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Multiple banks/firms are balls deep shorting GME

Fed realizes this and is gonna have to print more money to bail them out once the biggest squeeze in market history happens.

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i wanna ride a few x10 or x100 before i dump everything into ETH and Link. It doesn't make sense for a poorfag like me otherwise

didn't like 30% of burgers own meme stocks in 2021 at some point? They*re probably downplaying it desu but you're right I guess. I'm pretty sure the FED will side with the shorts because making them pay up would "destabilize" the market

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Why did it close at 169?

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based I remember you anon

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be fearful when others are greedy

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>didn't like 30% of burgers own meme stocks in 2021 at some point?
Yeah but they all paper handed. Only the true real deal autists held to this point.

There was a point when 200% of shares were owned by institutions which should give you an idea as to the extent of the longs investment and also how much fuckery has been going on with this stock trying to hide shorts.

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I-I-i can make up for at least parts of my losses if it hopefully goes to the moon, r-right bros?

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It is a risk but it's yours to take.

My advice to you is that if this dumps do not sell at a loss again. Wait for the real squeeze. Odds are good it will come and even if it doesn't you are as well hoping the business legitimately makes a comeback which is not outside of the realms of possibility rather than eating shit and crystallizing a huge loss that you may be able to recover from.

I am $20k into this and it is what I will be doing. I have no intention of selling at the level it is currently at. People called me greedy, retarded and that it would never be above 100 again before. I was right this time and I am confident I will be right again. But stick around these threads and pay attention to the latest news and DD - it will help you make informed decisions instead of acting on fear or unfounded hope.

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I think this time, it will hit 500 but the freezes will come again and they’ll try to bully people in to selling
This could go on for months and months if no one sells their big shares...

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you dont deserve the gains anon

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Wish I had that much only got two shares at 60 bucks but I mean... better some than none!

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Whose money is pumping GME this time? No way this is from retail investors right?

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It whales vs whale now.

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Why are some of the options for several mounts out so cheap?
Like I'm seeing $210 calls for $0.01. is there any reason why it'd be bad to buy something so cheap in case this shit rockets

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Don't listen to shills next time. Usually I'm just playing devils advocate so that someone can convince me to hold longer.

Take it as a learning experience

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Did anyone anticipate that it was gonna happen today? Ever since the big one happened the following spikes got smaller and smaller over time, like a thunderstorm going away. I assumed it was over.

I'm not gonna fall for the "ITS GOING TO 300 MEME". I'm gonna buy back at 50 and wait for the next meme spike.

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The worst performing shitcoin on CoinGecko that day

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God I wish I waited and got in at 50.

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I think a fuckton of people have automatic buy orders that activate when it starts to rise. All it takes is a catalyst to set them off.

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The hype isnt there because prices fell and it became old news.

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Weird. I don't know much about options but maybe the premiums are very high?

To options trading anons:

>what does it mean when they say a spread is very wide/big when talking about options?

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It's Melvin vs Institutions. Whales and retail make a very small fragment of this fight.

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Correct. I think this is what set today off. There was a huge buy order at 50. People had been talking about it a few days before.

If you look in the GME general from premarket a few people were mentioning it and suggesting a gamma squeeze would start if we breached 50, and it looks like that was right.

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Everyone is still laughing at you. Enjoy you're skidding dead cat faggot.

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Which gains tho, theres none so far...

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this is what paper hands deserve

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That's exactly what Melvin wanted you to believe, that was the point of this IPO ladder. Crabbing until it's low enough for them to safely buy back.

The reason nobody predicted this is because the Feds servers had a technical difficulty and were down for an hour, so Melvin couldn't trade with itself and ladder.

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bid vs ask

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this theme will play when the jews win in the end and your all broke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWVYbFodiRo

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well there was the thing about the guy with options if it broke 50 and the report

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Thanks. I'm buying puts tomorrow, just like I did last time.

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>enjoy your splattered racoon hop

Melvin hands typed this

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Delusional. The squeeze will be big, but looking at the VW squeeze as a comparison is not smart. Their stock was held up by institutions almost exclusively meaning trade volume was way lower than GMEs. My optimistic guess is 800ish

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Is it even really worth buying puts? They look very expensive.

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Lol k faggot nobody cares about your meme stock.

>> No.29621828

>The reason nobody predicted this is because the Feds servers had a technical difficulty and were down for an hour, so Melvin couldn't trade with itself and ladder.
holy shit you might be on to something

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Attention RETARDS if you aren't already holding don't buy that shit.
Seriously just DON'T DO IT.

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No i watched for it to crest resistance. I am holding a stack for never. A stack for whenever and a stack for clever. I win un win we all win the shistem

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Except you, you care. You care enough to come here and type that no one cares.

>This is you.

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Probably not. I purchased a few before this second jump that I'll probably keep open though.

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Everyone was comparing post peak GME holder to QTards, but now it seems their conspiracy has come true, does this mean Q was right all along?

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>does this mean Q was right all along?

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>Their stock was held up by institutions almost exclusively
Same is true of GME at this point, do your research

>> No.29622272

even hasthesqueezebeensquoze dot com is saying the covering wont increase the price tho

>> No.29622369

has that even been updated? Last I checked it was like 3 weeks out of date.

>> No.29622378

Yes, I'm 100 percent certain that the Q-Patriots were right and we need to apologize to them and arrest Mike Pence for being gay pedophile

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So my plan right now is to set an $80ish buy order and watch what happens at open. I'm expecting it to drop on open then rocket up immediately after. If it DOESN'T do that, I'm not buying in for anything over $200 and will sell half to cover my investment at $400, then everything from there is just for fun.
Good idea or bad idea?

>> No.29623071

Luffy would be embarrassed by your weak ass resolve. Quit second guessing yourself and just fucking HOLD

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Im putting everything I have into GME the market opens tomorrow. I absolutely need the money I can get.See you guys at $500

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Literally kill yourself, retard.

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>Going in again tommorow.

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You mean 200.

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cope and seethe

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>GME at 49 and change this morning
>purchase 1 $51 call for 2/26 at 3.32
>take a nap
>order didn't execute
>$332 could have been $4200

fuck this nigger earth

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>madness network didn't visit him in the last two days

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reddit in a nutshell

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Rubic of course

>> No.29626414

You are very new. It is after hours trading meaning shares were exchanged at ~$309 between institutions.

>> No.29627026

I am needful for the tendies sirs.

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It's all about having the mentality that your willing to die, you see it plumeting and all I can think is that i'm worthless if it plummets to 0 I deserve it, now I just have to have the balls to do it twice and hold until peak

>> No.29627710

I look better on camera than I thought

>> No.29628888

>It's all about having the mentality that your willing to die
Not really. Fundamentals are strong on GME. Hedge funds wanted to bankrupt GameStop so that they can buy its IP at bargain prices.

>> No.29629052

if you feel like the game is rigged it's not enough to give you faith that it will bounce back, it just becomes an internal struggle of how you think you understand the world around you and wether you're right or wether you had any right to understand the world at all as it all collapses on you and you stop thinking logically and just return to feral instincts

>> No.29629774

My mom confirmed the feds servers were down and she works for dtc

>> No.29629784

>and you stop thinking logically and just return to feral instincts
Human instincts are gonna die once you get those covid vaccines.

>> No.29630629

give it to me straight do i buy tomorrow

>> No.29631335

Yes if you wanna make it. Hyperinflation is gonna drive GME towards 1k by EOY.

>> No.29631371

Jesus christ man. I've been holding

>> No.29631424

My dad works for GameStop. Said we’re mooning.

>> No.29631813

hyperinflation would make all the stocks go up they're all based on the dollar that's still a bad situtation cause cashing out becomes negligible

>> No.29632065

GME is vastly held by institutions and is considerably more shorted.

>> No.29632554

bros I bought in at 230, should I cut loses at the 170 its at rn or do I wait for a miracle?

>> No.29632843

At least it's cheaper to get in right now compared to TSLA or AMZN. GME will be one of the winners for those who can't afford to buy TSLA or AMZN today.

>> No.29633788

Didn't think the anal rape is enough to stop you. How are your figures?

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GME chads please help a pitiful poor fag 0xCa088F11d4a8eB171297366E23bef988017DB12c

>> No.29633921

It's 10:00pm how the hell do you think I'm cashing out

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>only 99,000
Fuck ONIONS paperhands. See you at GME 420691337.

>> No.29634709

I dunno if it's because I'm new to investing, have some sort of autism disorder, or am just retarded, but watching all these paper handed cowards fail to hold a stock, ie exactly what you normally do with stocks anyway, was absolutely bewildering to watch.

>> No.29636405

I think the squeeze is squoze guy gave up and sold, a while ago there was this post the sounded bitter at the situation saying we should have braced for what could happen, luckily I ignored it