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>21 million circulating supply, currently 23c = 5m marketcap
>Only 950 holders
>Platform to launch new BSC projects launched today
>Partnered with Polygon and Zilliqa
>Partnered with Cardano (rumored)
>SALE token will be bridged to BSC in next 2 weeks (confirmed)
>5m private sale wallet will be locked for another 6 months, so no dump (happening today)



>20m tokens have already been burned
>SALE holders get airdropped 1% of all tokens from launched projects
>This will be a game changer as legitimate projects on BSC will be able to launch rapidly and easily through the SALE launchpad


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>SALE stakers receive 1% of all launched tokens in the form of an Airdrop.

>Let's say you stake 50k tokens and there are a total of 5m staked.

>Over the course of a year, 100 legitimate projects are launched and they each reach a marketcap of $10m.

>That's $1b total, and since they launched through DxSale, there are $10m worth of tokens that go to stakers.

>Since you've staked 50k/5m, you get 1% of this, or $100k worth of tokens. Just from staking 50k tokens (currently worth 12k usd).

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Such a comfy coin... $1 before March still on the timeline

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when bsc dear sirs

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3 weeks

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end of april price?

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>Tfw didn't stake yesterday

a-at least I bought in a bit early

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>tfw up 2x and going

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we going at least 10x


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Went all in on the dip last night, already up 2x
.50 EOW $1 EOM
Early rubic vibes

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shitcoin that has zero usage except normies wanting to get rich, devs will dump as soon as they can make a decent profit

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swingies get the rope.... last warning

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got my average cost down to .19 during the dip, beyond comfy

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Wtf is this devs just sold 5M TOKENS

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pajeet... $SALE is the new standard for BSC and after this Sunday, Matic, to avoid getting rugged... you aren't too late... you can still buy and 10x

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It's the private investors wallet. It's locked for 6 months

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you are the guy that lost 2000?

that's the liquidity pool contract... you pajeets are the laziest, stinkiest, motherfuckers I've ever had to deal with. POO IN THE LOO FOR YOU

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Stop with your weak FUD faggot they didn’t sell shit that’s the wallet they use to provide liquidity to UNIswap and hotbit

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No it isn't and they just funneled 5m more tokens https://etherscan.io/tx/0x81eaf31f73f9e6aa01fcc108320a1f36a7965731664d42436f1e67aa733f9052

Today is the day SALE goes to 5c

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Over 30 cents again, straight to 50 lets go

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They just locked 10m tokens with their own locker.
All FUD is debunked

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Hi frens, i'm onboard the DX train

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Let's go fren

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Wow a paid shill is saying it's going up!

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Imagine buying the top of a proven scam. But biz will do it!!!

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I'm new here. Sale is a scam???

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Devs literally just moved 10 million tokens in preparation to dump

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No, these retarded Fudders want to drive the price down with FUD to get it cheap, Anons do it all the time, the devs provide liquidity through the same wallet to UNIswap and hotbit once a month and it states that in their white paper and medium, these pajeet priced out Fudders are saying that’s rugpulling, they’re just dumb.

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Such blatant low effort fud lmao

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Read >>29620591
you dumb pajeet

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