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Can you guys buy this please? I want to cash out my initial investment but i don't want to do it below 3x its worth a really really lots of money i swear. like unironically should be a top 10 MCAP coin because it has single-sided staking and it solved the impermanent loss problem, it just passed 1B TVL on Defipulse and a bunch of other charts and shit show that its like a realy really popular. but you have to buy it so i can cash out comfortably. thank you and your welcome in advance :)

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Redpill me on this coin. Is it true i can stake LINK and is it safe? Whats the catch?

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There is no catch so long as you stake for 100 days. IL protection starts at Day 30 with 30% protected and increases a day from there. Same goes for BNT as well. No matter what your linkies will be safe. Also some pretty solid APR rewards for the next year or so

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i guess the catch is you need to wait for space to open up in LINK pools. You can also try and add BNT to the pool yourself, but their is the risk of someone sniping the space (which doesn't seem to happen too often but the devs have acknowledged it and are working on a way to deposit both at the same time)

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why will uniswap stay xB marketcap and bancor stay in xM marketcap

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Lol y sure i just boughted cash out

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bancor will go to xB marketcap because link whales are follolwing it lol Also, can you read? Single sided staking and IL solutions due to the nature of the token

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>IL solutions due to the nature of the token
yeah after a month so the people at the bottom get crushed when shtf ie a ponzi

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Bancor is either going to get rekt or it is going to make a shitton of money. no middle road with this one.

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Bancor stock isnt really doing well since ICO in

2017.. 100 bnt = 1eth ~3.5
2021 250 bnt = 1eth ~5.5

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How do you select pools to stake BNT? ETH/WBT/LINK were up but now it is stable coins - does it really matter?

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>single-sided staking and

>problem in the smart contract
>your funds are lost

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multiplier rewards (you get 2x after 4 weeks) will probably stick to the 3 coins you mentioned, with stablecoins its kind of up in the air

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Google "bancor backdoor"

The devs even admit that they left in a means to print, move or delete tokens at will. But dont worry goyim it's all in your best interests

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Thanks! on it now.

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With the Vortex release and eventual expansion I say it's on track to make a shitton of money

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its elastic token supply doofus read the whitepapers. dummy

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So link whales with ~250m deposited, not to mention the other pools...They're all just retarded?

You guys realize this has like 10 audits for v2 alone, right? You can find them in the docs