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If cryptocurrency is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of development?

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That's a man

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all fields. OP is a shill

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a man I'd fuck

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It was too successful as a currency early on.

Bad money drives out good

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what are you even talking about? do 2 mins of research anon.

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That's a 100% man

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normies like you dont, I browse the blockchain dark web, do most of my voice calls, and chatting on blockchain dapps. You're just behind the curve.


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>why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of development?

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Those are definitely what people think of when you say “digital currency:” chatting, VOIP, and dark web.

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What's the matter? Can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?

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The internet was around in the 70s and nobody cared, but now your toaster is connected. Earth shaking technological developments take a little time to play out fully.

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stfu and smd

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Because it takes more than ten years for a new technology to properly be implemented? Crypto is trying to disrupt EVERY SINGLE financial institution on the planet. Do you really think that kind of task can be finished in ten years?

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Because it's so disruptive and important than it's going to take more than 10 years to mature

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People used the internet to do things in the 1970s. Can you name something you can do with crypto? I mean other than buy drugs, which is all it has been good for in ten years.

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There are thousands and thousands of crypto projects. Can you name a single one that has a use case today that’s been implemented by even one customer?

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No it's not, and that was my entire point. This tech has the potential to replace all the facebergs and bezos in the world.

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No because crypto"currency" is a scam

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So your decentralized currency idea didn’t work out... moving onto competing with instant messengers now? RIOT must be a multi million dollar company. IPFS too... right? Must be attracting a lot of investors... right...

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It did work out, you blithering idiot, and every online service WILL be tokenized.

Or would you rather pay the hidden fee, goy?

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China, venezuela, Iran and other enemies of Judeo-christian civilization have been using as currency though (albeit solely because they are trying to dodge sanctions but still.)

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Stay primitive, stay poor

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People who ask simple questions about the idea you've invested thousands of dollars in are "blithering idiots"? You definitely sound like a foot-sure investor.

>every online service WILL be tokenized.

Then why hasn't a single online service used crypto yet? 10 years... Is there a big tech hurdle holding things back? Please, genius, explain.

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kek I mined btc in 2011, have been trading off of that ever since. Now I get why you're salty, nocoiner.

Big tech are like the old emperors of old. They don't want what's best for you, they want to expand their empire.

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Because the mainstream isn't aware of stablecoins yet?

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"I mined and made money off of BitCoin for 10 years, but I can't explain what utility it has."

You're assuming I can't say the same thing? I was on /g/ 10 years ago too. I'm still waiting for an answer.

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are you even slightly aware of how many people worldwide don't have bank accounts and probably never will? not everyone has your spoiled western privilege of having ten different banks on every street

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>Then why hasn't a single online service used crypto yet?
you can tip on chaterbate with motherfucking dogecoin
paypal, cashapp, and more support btc
lumens, celo, BAT exist to "tip" people
you're an idiot

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Built for BBC (Big Black Cock)

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loans in defi
protection from tyrannical governments seizing your money whenever they want

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>there are billions of use cases
>can't execute a single use case
>.. with a single customer

Think about why that is? Several years of development... Millions of dollars invested.

And there still isn't a use case for what you're describing.

What does that tell you, anon? Does that tell you the "Tech isn't ripe yet"? You don't believe that lie, do you?

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>why is no one using it for its intended purpose
Because imagine being this guy


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Yes there's a whole banking and leverage trading economy on multiple different blockchains, companies using it as an incentive to fund their residential solar power company, shopping apps, carbon offsets (which is itself a scam but one considered legitimate business), uncensorable social media, and a whole bunch of other shit.

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*Steals your account at gunpoint*

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You can also tip with USD. What's your point, exactly? That crypto can do exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way as USD, just before converting it back to USD?

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You can make money with crypto

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What are you on about you fucker? Are you saying that BTC specifically failed because it's not the worlds most widely used currency irl? Fuck off nigger

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And that's being used today? By actual customers? You have videos, pictures of that happening?

Wow, crazy, because I think what you're describing is white paper ideas. Not executions.

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Being the currency of countereconomics is the sole purpose of crypto, betting on crypto is betting on the collapse of the current financial system.

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That's not exactly any different from someone stealing your wallet at gunpoint right now, is it? If you don't keep all of your money on you at all times that's not exactly any bigger of an issue than it is already

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anything the average person would be interested in?

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The animal seethes in rage when it is confronted with honest, simple questions.

Think about why you're emotionally reacting this way. It's because these simple questions rock your world view and threaten everything you "believed" in about crypto. You're afraid.

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I doesn't have to have an utility to have value retard, money is just paper but it's still valuable, crypto is the same thing

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what you midwits realize is that 10 years is nothing in terms of technology to widespread adoption. 1983, the internet was born when tcp was created. 10 years later 1993, was still mostly a hobbyist thing, in fact 1993 is when html was first created. retards dont understand how early we are, most of the crypto projects you see now will be gone in 10 years.

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>for its intended purpose
Bitcoin is a bank. When will you people realize that? People are using it as a bank.

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BAT is used by advertisers, many which are fortune 500 companies to buy adspace. It’s also used to incentivize users to brave and for a tipping system to encourage good content without the overhead of traditional payments.

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Yes it's happening right now. Functional platforms, established licensed businesses, etc. Look up AAVE for banking (a six billion dollar platform), Rowan for solar power, Energy Web for carbon offsets.

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>I-it doesn't need a utility to have value!

Tell that to people who buy products.. Trade currency for services.. And actually want to get shit done in the world.

Again: can you name a SINGLE thing that crypto has helped get done? Aside from serve as a massive ponzi scheme and fund drug sales?

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Worst bait seriously.. Stay poor bootlicker

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Because BTC was taken over via Sybil attack to go from a P2P Global currency to a fleeting store of value. You’re looking for BSV fren

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What? With defi there is billionaires that can trade and participate in markets heavily with no one knowing who they are. You can buy property without using banks. Im pretty sure its working.

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>Functional platforms

That's why the entire top 99 is shitcoins and ERC20? The investors seem to really have a grasp of all those great new platforms you've referred to. Can you name one?

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I am a low quality male and I am not yet worthy of her mortal kombat body.

I will train my mind my body and my soul to become a high quality male and I will make her my mortal mombat.

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I'd probably still fk that hairy snatch.

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lol wtf is this

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AAVE is a pretty well established platform at this point that offers 7% APY on dollar pegged coins and more than that for other tokens. That's pretty good just for keeping money in the bank, and you can take out loans if you're inclined.

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How about the Sia network. It's already used by many businesses and is storing hundreds of terabytes of data and had a zero percent chance of going down, unlike centralized glowie bullshit like AWS

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More importantly, why is that roastie flexing on me

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Crypto can allow us to ditch centralized banks, that's one big thing

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What does AAVE do, though? Can you name its utility? What purpose does it serve?

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Lying faggot

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download metamask and use the ethereum main net. it's much faster than web2 and it's slowly making a name for itself. yes people are using it and like the other anon mentioned, mass adoption takes time.

stop moving the goalpost, you went from talking about its usecases to the number of people actually utilizing it. lol yes, you sound underaged, closedminded, and eventually (or possibly now) poor

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sauce on muscle sloot

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It's a bank. You put money there, you earn interest there, you can take loans out there, you can stash your money there if you need it somewhere else for a while. Pretty much all the stuff your regular bank does, just without the whole bank in between.

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two faggots
not based

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>Google these projects
>Last blog post: Dec 2017

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The most important drug crypto has provided is hopium. Can you tell me with a straight face that hope has no value in this fucked world?

People can decide what things are valuable to them, and big institutions especially can decide what is valuable. If all the big boys adopt it and say it's valuable, then it's valuable to the normies.

Whatever happens, I'm in for the ride.

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If I remember correctly Aave is a protocol that lets allows you to lend and borrow money on the eth blockchain. Please explain to me how that couldn't be extremely useful to the 2 billion people without a bank

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imagine she squeezes your cock in that armpit and makes you cum all over her black dress then calls you a fucking loser

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>If fiat is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of loaning?
>If backed currency is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of printing?
>If gold is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of mining?
>If bartering is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of markets?

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Hbar does something with a coupon service stupid nigger

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congratulations, you took the crypto redpill. the fact that the most used coin is some slavnigger shit that cost you 50$ to make a single transaction and they didn't manage to reduce this since 4 fucking years should tell you everything.
>2008 after creepto was invented: "dude imagine the potential, like, money flowing freely, completely anonymous, transactions all over the world, fast, feeless and without the need of a middleman or paying someone any taxes"

>2021, after 13 years "developement": "yes i see, you wanna send 20$, that'll be 30$ in fees, also the transaction will take half an hour. oh and also don't forget to pay taxes on this transaction or you'll go to jail"

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please, stop posting

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Thousands of innocent people have their money seized by authoritarian governments every a year. Other than burying a bunch of gold bars in your back yard, crypto is the only way you can actually protect yourself from that kind of shit, and it has been used many times already to protect people from that. I think it's serving one of its intended purposes pretty well, no?

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Ask the people who paid you to post this.

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if you know, you know.

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>Not using Monero

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That's only true if you use niggercoins like ETH and BTC. So many coins already scale and have privacy so you won't get fucked like that

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the fuck? lol stay poor retard

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>why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of development?
But they are. People said the same thing about cars, planes, the firearm, and pretty much every other major technological advancement.

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Why do any of you keep assuming that I don't own crypto?

You can barely describe what any of your projects do. Your arguments on behalf of your investments consist of pornography, insults, and pepe posting.

Who are you kidding? You're treating the market like an unregulated penny stock. Are you surprised that you can't explain why it's not?

Lmao imagine being mad at ME because you can't explain what you invested in.

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Check out Aleph

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You're a complete moron. After reading your replies in this thread I don't think you have done any research at all on this topic

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High quality DD there bro. Glad you could form a cogent response for one of the only actual discussion threads on the entire board.

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This is your answer right here. >>29608245
If you don't know what he meant, google it. The rest of the thread is redundant and I don't even need to read it. Now fuck off, OP.

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>@ing someone on 4chin
yep, it's newfag time

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Lmao that's a huge fucking head

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They sell empty boxes at gift shops
"for the man who has everything"

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those are some absolutely chad eyebrows

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People use XMR every day. They just don't use shitcoins.

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by "its intended purpose" do you mean using it to pay for whores so it can't be traced?

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What are you talking about, I just bought drugs a week ago?

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Dude you're not having a real discussion either. You haven't adequately debunked siacoin, aave, protection from governments seizing your money, or any of the other things mentioned. You're only replying to posts that help you fulfill your Jewish echo chamber narrative

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yeah, but the next problem is the utter stupidity of your average normie. they are to retarded to copy and paste an adress correctly, so most will at best give creepto a try, and then, at their 3rd transaction send it to the wrong adress and lose the money and then get pissed at "the evil crypto scammers" who took all their money, even though it didn't go to anyone but was just lost. then they'll cry for regulations or abandon the possibility of using crypto alltogether.

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Sorry I can't solely reply to fucking 60 other posters info bro. I'm literally the only one in the thread answering anything.

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I hope you're aware that nobody capable of spoon-feeding you wants to do that. You're at a level of ignorance and arrogance that answering in a satisfactory way is a lot of hard work. You're essentially asking random people to accurately and most importantly, convincingly explain why an infant technology will transform the world. Regardless of whether they are on the right side of the facts, random people cannot do this for you. You should try to meet with the smartest people in the space and have them explain it. Only the most thorough answers will satisfy a neophyte with a faggot attitude

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>ask a simple question

The seething in this thread is hilarious. You niggers never bothered to ask this question to yourselves, and now you're mad at me for putting the idea in your head.

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I buy vpn and porn with crypto

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i didn't want to give the retard a free (you) retard

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What? If you're going to keep reiterating over and over that crypto has no usecases you need to respond to the people proving you wrong.
people actually are spoonfeeding you but you're not listening

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holy shit wtf has this board become, people caring about (yous)
make your parents proud and suck on a 12 gauge you zoomerfaggot

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No, bitch, I am saying we cannot spoon-feed you. You won't be satisfied unless someone gives a perfect and complete answer, because you are both completely ignorant AND a faggot. You're not going to find the right answer here.

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That's probably true right now. It needs to get as easy and effortless as using apple pay for the normies, and given time it probably will

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Yes once crypto is as easy to use as EVERY IMPLANTATION OF USD, surely that’s when normies will use it. It couldn’t be the fact that it has no utility. No way that’s the reason.

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God, why is every ETH dev a pedophile

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you *buy* porn!?

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what "money" options do you have today?

bitcoin just happens to be the best money available today, and it's also in the long price discovery period where it goes from 0 to a muli-trillion market cap. why would you sell before it's established its fair price?

altcoins aren't even at the table for this discussion, without scarcity digital assets have zero value.

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He's a fucking Chad

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the chart says this tweet started a bullrun? may 2017

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1. That's a man.
2. Brave has been utilizing BAT with millions of users for nearly 3 years.

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lto network

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is this a feral woman?

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Oh just another retarded, sorry senpai u gotta stay poor

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This is a high effort meme. Very nice

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Would tongue her anus

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Government partnerships (Ukraine, Afghan)
ETH projects being ported over.

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Cryptocurrencies is moving at an incredibly fast pace for a decentralized open source project. In 10years the market has been able to capture 1 trillion in fiat that is used to secure, transact and experiement with various DLT's and concepts such as PoW,PoH,PoS, among others.

Cryptocurrencies in general is so disruptive to our current way of life that it's not uncommon to see people like you be confused about whats happening. It's like explaining calculus to a dog.

With crypto today you can buy goods and services on the websites that accepts them. (My rolex dealer gave me a discount for paying with btc) This adoption has been increasing. Be it nano payments, verticon, or on the lighting network. You can have micro transactions approve on btc and confirmed within milisecounds.
You can trade if you like from crypto to crypto, stocks to stocks or just outright gambling. You can aslo use blockchain to secure informaton on chain to be verified without a middle man and having that data still be kept secured. This is just what comes to mind.

If you are crafty enough you can help manufacturing companies lower their carbon emissions costs by plugging the gas by product into your mining rig for free electricity. Win win solution for both parties.

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Currently bitcoin is valued in fiat currencies, since that's the most commonly used measure of account(dollar,yen,peso) although most people haven't realized yet that if bitcoin continues (and it will) on its stock to flow ratio, it will evenutally have more value than all assets combined on the planet. More value than all the real estate, metals, corporations, and transactions - in aggregate total.

By then it's likely that not having bitcoin would be the same as not having a checking or savings account. How would you get paid? How do you buy food? CBDC's pose a threat to bank ceo's not central bankers so ironically they have more to gain from this "bitcoin world"

All the shitcoins do serve a purpose. Because we can experiment. You can see what works and what doesn't work. It helps future generations (talking centuries) irregardless of how stupid the concept is they have a base to go off off. Game psychology, the numbers in the anayltics and on-chain analysis among the countless other usefull data.

You're arguments about crypto would be the same arguments nobel prize winning authors made about the internet in the late 70s.
>why would anyone want to send an email of a cat?

Right now we are where the internet is at in the 1990s. In 4 years crypto will be where the internet is at in 2005.

You have been warned.

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Because it's illegal

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BAT is used by millions

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LTO network lol. processes 100k txs daily solely from paying businesses/governments

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since no one asked. source?

>> No.29623474

>intended purpose

and what would that be? seems to be working as intended to me