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This coin shits on everything.
It will be $20 this time next year.
It is literally better than btc and eth trading at a fraction of their market caps.
The tokenomics are still reasonable especially considering they have $250m in funding to pump tons of projects onto their blockchain to create enormous amounts of demand.
Why the fuck isnt this thing already $500bn?

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what a bag of shit this is.

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absolute shitcoin

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It’s probably got the best tech in crypto atm but no partnerships/marketing

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>no partnerships

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Fuck off bots

Yes it has the best tech in crypto, exactly. That will see it through.

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Marketing chick is kinda hot though. She looks like she could handle several partnerships at the same time.

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based ALGOchad

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Pareto distribution anon. It takes time for lollapalooza effects to accumulate but once they do the growth is exponential. ALGO is the future of the global economy. The biggest shift since the adoption of fiat currency over the gold standard.

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>mfw accrual number goes up

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fuck you nigger

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I'm surprised your asshole is actually able to type words.

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blessed dubs, just bought 10k more.

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Can someone throw me some redpills on this coin? I heard USDC is made on it or something like that?

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bitch i got dat algo

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I have:
10k Algo (got ther during the dip yesterday)
5k Bancor

I have no clue why I like Algo but I do. The speed of transfer + auto-staking wallet are sweet as hell

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>no partnerships

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it sure is starting to smell in here.

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Just read the whitepapers. If that doesn't convince just fomo in two years from now when its at $20+ or four years from now when it starts overtaking eth and btc. This is about as sure a bet as you can find in the crypto market but it requires patience and a clear understanding of the technology. Otherwise, just play the lottery.

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why don't they make Algoswap so we can swap Algo based...oh yeah no one uses Algorand KEK

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you should lurk more, FAGGOT.

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Just think of it as the token with the best fucking tech you could buy.
Supply is up to 10bn coins which is “high”, but the thing is that the demand will explode overtime as more and more projects are built on it.
Its literally superior in every regard to everything else out there so we know that people will switch to algo and build new stuff on algo overtime which is what will ensure demand.

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you’re right just sold my 20k bag

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>The tokenomics are still reasonable
>Why the fuck isnt this thing already $500bn?

>especially considering they have $250m in funding to pump tons of projects onto their blockchain to create enormous amounts of demand.
>Why the fuck isnt this thing already $500bn?
because they haven't pumped that enormous $250 into ANYTHING yet. OOOooOOO look how FAST my ALGOs are! Yeah, no shit, because you're the only one using the network, brainlet.

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How much to make it? Have 505 so far because I'm a poorfag but I can swing $50 into it a week.

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t. doesn't understand the technology

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Imagine thinking that good tech matters in crypto. It seems the bigger the pajeet coin or the worse the user experience (eth/uni) the higher the value the coin, while anything with actual good tech is a shit coin.

I actually wonder if the elite are manipulating the market to make sure that good coin tech stays suppressed because, as anyone who's been paying attention, they hate crypto and are scared of decentralized finance.

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Silvio Micali's on a first name basis with the nominee for the SEC Gary Gensler, and has Federal Reserve backing. Algorand doesn't need marketing. Glowies don't give a fuck whether or not you buy this coin or not. In fact thank you glowies for making this coin public knowledge even without advertising all over kingdom come. Just let me gtfo of the US and live off my delicious Algo steak in peace when this shit finally takes off.

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But it has been designed to scale anon, which means that speed and costs wont get worse as more people use it. There is a reason central banks are looking at using algo.

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can i own doge if i own also

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that's the only way we sail the skys.

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literally j powell just mentioned that they are working with MIT on "a thing" yesterday as well.

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I think the tech behind Algorand is superior to most L1 chains at this point. The only issue I see right now that's preventing this coin from pumping is lack of adoption. I barely see anyone in the crypto space writing Algorand Smart Contracts. Like, it's just sitting there but no one is fucking using it.

What gives?

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>fuck ETH

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fuck nice quints i just bought 1000 more at market

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Cheeeckked and algobased

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proof of stake is defo holding it down big time

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You want the biggest redpill on Algo? The head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, is a professor at MIT and his colleague, Silvio Micali, is also a professor at MIT and is the head and founder of Algorand. Yes, that does mean this coin is a glow in the dark coin but by investing in Algorand, you're investing in the Feds.
>If you can't beat em
>Join em

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They are the only crypto that is funding developers. They commited 250M to this in june. They have gone on record saying they are in talks with 12 central banks. To think this is gonna fail would be insane. They are too well funded.

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To use Algorand is to leave Ethereum.

And that's not hot right now. Algorand will see major usage once a major cloud computing provider ACTIVELY shills it.

I'm the meantime be glad you have more opportunities to accumulate.

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You can always switch out for Monero or some other libertarian "fuck the feds" coin after you make it if you so wish.

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>incel: the coin
Have sex man

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>The only issue I see right now that's preventing this coin from pumping is lack of adoption
Wrong, what's keeping this coin from mooning is the vesting system designed to keep the price within its 30day rolling average high water mark to prevent pump and dumps and keep price stability. Until the vesting reserves run dry (about 1.5B left) expect Algo to not gain significant value outside its 30day average.

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Seriously though, I don't understand white papers but this ISO20022 shit plus Gary Gensler being buddies with the head of Algorand screams I am sitting on a gold mine. Can anyone provide a legitimate reason why I'm not?

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That's the thing, I'm alright being on their side if means I'll be stupid rich in the future.

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What is this chart from

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I appreciate the checking of digits, but finally, a decent response. Is there a site out there that shows how many nodes are online right now?

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Nah, i've been trying to find FUD for months.
One guy every once in a while posts a copypasta and says it's a permissioned blockchain when it's really permissionless with 2 seconds of google. lol

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Outdated transaction throughput, in 2020 during trial phases it was 1k TPS but since this year TPS has increased to 46k TPS, it's in the official website.

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There's your buy signal anons. We just had a double bottom and now instant fudders

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I mean ethically to think of it as a trolley problem, the trolley has only one track and its going to Makeitville, its going to run a bunch of people over, and you have the opportunity to hop on board to go to Makeitville, and what you do or don't do has no effect on the trolley. No lever to pull, just the opportunity to hop on board.

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look at solana its a real potential eth killer and already poomping like hell. algo better come up with something big soon or this thing is dead for real.. like nothings happening with this shit

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I'm wondering if it won't increase over a certain amount because reasons or if I'm staring in the face of the winning numbers of the powerball. I try not to get sucked into the various pump and dumps, but this sounds like if it doesn't make me obscenely rich its because it was designed not to, and not that its some pajeet shitcoin.

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my algos stay going brrrr
like im the federal reserrrve

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why would they want the price to be stable

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i had a holding in SOL but sold and put it into ALGO because I believed this has more room to grow.

I hope im not fucking wrong.

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It's one of the biggest benefits for me. It's really energy efficient comparatively which is a big plus for coins that I will invest into long term. I do think eventually, countries will start cracking down on Bitcoin mining.

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How will hopping on board to Makeitville will run a bunch of people over? Algo's tech has the capability of streamlining merchant processing reducing cost and saving time since Algo's goal is not to take on ETH or BTC but the merchant processors of the world, VISA and MasterCard. The tech is capable of doing so too since Algo can process transactions much faster and cheaper than VISA or MasterCard. This is a win/win tier tech. You are sitting ontop of a gold mine but don't expect gains in value until after 2023 when both the vesting reserves run dry and until after the Federal Reserve completes its transition into ISO 20022

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glowies know

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Boomers and big business are scared of volatility, what they desire is security.

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>I do think eventually, countries will start cracking down on Bitcoin mining.
Good, maybe I can actually buy a decent video card that's not marked up 200% of the original price. Miners are absolute cancer.

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and slightly this, I havent looked into solana, got any quick details on it?

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i got a feeling this drop was the last shakeout before the fun starts but dont know man.. not feeling so good right now

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now i know youre bullshitting

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Because its a glowie coin used to fuck the average person over. I don't think the Federal Reserve is going to act in the average American's best interest. Blockchain has the capacity for evil. There's nothing you or I can do about it though.

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Absolutely not, the reason Circle's USDC switched to Algorand is because the delay and volatility of BTC. There was an article that noted that Circle sent a BTC transaction for a quoted contract and by the time the transaction cleared BTC's price fell far enough to lose Circle millions of dollars.

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Look at who is investing in Algorand, it's not the average American. There's a reason Algorand has been under the radar for so long.

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lmao, seriously the only reason btc has any value at all is because it was the first. Kinda like how McDonald's is the most popular fast food chain cuz it was first, not cuz it tastes the best.

>> No.29613373

seems like a problem with tx speed and not price volatility

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Actually it's because they ended up buying almost all the best real estate all over the world for their restaurants. MickeyDs is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world.

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Checking these digits for luck in algo

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>McDonald's buying up all the real estate
>Mascot is a clown
>Clown world confirmed.

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Both solid points and it's not like Algo isn't volatile as it is volatile but the system in place was specifically meant to reward early investors in the Algorand Foundation. The vesting system is what keeps the price of Algorand at the floor. Look into the developer's posts about Algorand's accelerated vesting system that is used as an anti pump and dump (because PnDs crash coins, this is a defense mechanism). It's automated and based on the 30day rolling average

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Exactly, it seems too good to be true and while that's usually the case, you're going to have hard time convincing me or anybody else that a coin whose developer is buddies with the next head of the SEC and is working with the Federal Reserve isn't the coin to buy. I'm not buying into memes (this coin can't have a good hodling chart to save its life), I'm seeing shit as a layperson that tells me this coin is different than most of the other 500. Anything attached to ISO20022 looks good to me honestly, but I'm on cuckbase so its this or XLM, which I might buy into again when I get more money to throw at crypto.

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Speaking of XLM, XLM is IBM's little gem. I think the problem with XLM though the ridiculously high supply cap.

>> No.29613970

I'd say it has potential to be AT LEAST $30 in the next 3 years. My "make it" is a little over 2 mil, maybe about 70000 Algo.

But we really have clue how high it can go. Could be up to $100/Algo in 3 years. Just do as much as you can friend.

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The tech seems amazing but the idea that important people in traditional finance like this coin makes me nervous about it. How can one be sure there isn't a trick or a trap here? How can one be sure that this isn't just their newest way of rigging the game against us?

Who is investing in it?

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Any OPENbros ITT?
Just announced partnership with algo a few hours ago.

>> No.29614093

You can't. But that's not the point. Consider the alternatives. USD? BTC? ETH? GOLD? I'll take my chances with ALGO thanks.

>> No.29614155

>pnds crash coins

now thats bullshit lol by that logic every coin should be at 0 now but most of them are trading at all time highs.. pumping and dumping is normal market event happens in every asset class

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>checking of digits

>> No.29614213

>42 posters
>83 posts
There is definitely a campaign on some zimbabwean ventrillo chat out there to shill this coin. I've watched for weeks as this coin pump n' dumped leaving new investors with bags. Don't fall for this bait this coin is garbage.

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>Who is investing in it?
And not just ours but dozens internationally.

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lmfao I can never tell anymore whos legit and not lol

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Because they don’t want people to fomo into it then lose their shit when it drops in value and hate it forever
It’s intentionally not a scam pump n dump, thus biz hates it
People also miss the point of algo, it’s not supposed to be currency, it’s supposed to replace Visa for transaction settlement between banks/businesses/individuals. In the end the price won’t matter to those who use it, it’s the speed/finality and how cheap it is. Visa charges 2% on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION IT PROCESSES, this charges 0.0001 cents.

>> No.29614379

The trap is not buying it.

>> No.29614478

I made this thread and im just a normal dude man, obviously hard to believe tho given all the bots and shit

>> No.29614490

Tell me again how long it took to recover from the 2017 pump and dump crash.

>> No.29614592

>It’s intentionally not a scam pump n dump, thus biz hates it
this, /biz/ only cares about get rich quick schemes. The amount of FUD against ALGO should be a sign that its the real deal.

>> No.29614939

>MickeyDs is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world.
Biggest McD redpill, they aren't in the business of selling food. They're in the business of trading real estate.

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>people are gonna algo for transaction settlements and not USDC which runs on algos chain and literally is a stablecoin

now i know you guys are fudding this intentionally lol

>> No.29615137

your point being..?

>> No.29615361

nobody here is trying to convince you to buy algo, the price is going to be limited until the allocated vesting reserves run dry anyway and there's still about 1.5B left so it's not like you'll miss anything for 2 or so years

>> No.29615394

So wait, for those who do care about price, how much will it be down the line after adoption happens on a mass scale and vesting reserves run dry?

>> No.29615432

That PnDs did crash the crypto economy for years.

>> No.29615534

What's the mcap of Visa and/or MasterCard? It easily dwarfs BTC's. Now divide that by 10B supply cap of Algo. That's how much each coin will be.

>> No.29615711

Assuming it replaces visa, given visa standard handling and algo supply, somewhere around 300-600

>> No.29615798

Visa was 500b marketcap with 12 trillion in total volume last year

>> No.29615909

>500b marketcap
I didn't mean the company's worth but
>12 trillion in total volume

>> No.29615965

To be clear btc marketcap is 1.2 trillion but the key issue is that it woukd be impossible for that to ever be realized because even a 0.5% selloff would crash the price
This is where algo’s stability helps

>> No.29615967

>what are bull and bear markets

anon i..

>nobody here is trying to convince you to buy algo

correct, only you trying to convince people to not buy it hmm

>> No.29616056

Well that would make each coin worth $1200 just based off visa.
And here we wre paying a dollar lol

>> No.29616136

It's alright, I have the patience to wait 2-3 years which gives me time to accumulate until then. Nobody but yourself has the responsibility to place your investments where they best belong, I'm just here to entertain the Algo general.

>> No.29616223

>showing eth with low scalability still


>> No.29616243

I'm an ADALGOHXT maxi, and OP is based as fuck, but he's only in on 25% of the future. One must complement their ALGO stack with bags of ADA, HBAR, and XTZ, to truly get onboard the spaceship.

Oh, and checked, my nigger.

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Yeah, yikes is $263 gas fees because guess what....

Eth has no scalability.

>> No.29616365

> costs $250 bucks to spend a dollar
Surely the currency of the future

>> No.29616391

thanks altruistic algo alfredo, gonna accoomolate and ignore everything else doing x100 in the next couple months of this bullcycle

>> No.29616499

>yikes is $263 gas fees
woah, slow down there, ETH gas fees is delicious for my mining rig so I can't hate ETH's gas fees completely

>> No.29616690

nobody said to go all in algo but if you're too poor to diversify your portfolio, than maybe you should play a safer game like Algo

>> No.29616746

Explain by what mechanism Algo could fuck people over? I've compared it to every other project with similar capabilities and certifiable potential, its one of the best if not The Best for everyone. Hell XRP has a privacy feature that could be turned on if the XRPL is updated for that function. Theres a point when you need to let go of your paranoia and understand that you are just naïve. People are afraid of what they don't understand. Since you don't understand much, everything is scary

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i have 5k split between two wallets atm
can't wait to see how quick staking rewards are once i'm able to move the bigger stack to my algorand wallet. i bought 4k worth yesterday and coinbase only let me move 1k into my algo wallet immediately.

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>no partnerships
Its partnerships grow by the day

>> No.29617343

it literally doesn't. it is a shit BFT protocol with the worst tokenomics imaginable.
>tokenomics from hell

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I'm glad this thread is still alive. Take a meme, leave a meme. This is a world premiere. Enjoy, anons.

>> No.29617731

i use it for transfers from fiat to algo to binance, super fast and .1 cents for network fee. great coin with utility

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are you the anon who did these originally?

>> No.29618038

Will it make me cock have massive girth?

>> No.29618074

not yours. i like it better than mine tho

>> No.29618138

no but it may improve your shitty grammar

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>glowies know

>> No.29618509

lmao, based joel havier watcher, was a funny episode too

>> No.29618602

How does 20million inches sound?

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Literally no matter what happens, the price will continue to go down because early backers (like me) are about to get and subsequently dump our algo rewards in early march.
The dev team wants to keep algo near $1 to make it more appealing to 3rd world central governments; if I were you, I'd sell my algos for bitcoin or something and come back in april/late march. The price will be lower and they've already said they have NDAs, but they're making a big partnership announcement in april.
I like algo threads, but I don't want you guys to get burned by the most predictable coin in the history of crypto.

>> No.29618764

post wallet address and send a transaction to prove it.

>> No.29618836

I'm a huge algo bull but it will not be $20 next year unless a sizeable nation bases their currencies crypto on it. And I mean working, not oh we'll do it in a couple years.

>> No.29618992

1500 stacklet reporting in for a 3 year hold

>> No.29619010

Don't invest in ALGO.
All of you, don't invest in it.

>> No.29619290

Algo is my biggest position after btc
Proper networks proper technology and proper developers.
>mafia coin

>> No.29619593


>> No.29619731

any dollar amount is wasted if its the same price in 3 years, the better trade is elsewhere now brainlet according to your weak fud

>> No.29619983

500K buy order at 0.47

>> No.29620040

buy signal

>> No.29620769

I got a question: as a burger, how will staking ALGO affect my taxes?

>> No.29620854

But why would that use-case pump the value of the ALGO token itself? Why wouldn't payment-processing just happen in USDC or some other stablecoin or even a new VisaCoin that runs "on" Algo software but doesn't require the ALGO token itself to function?

>> No.29621096

>what's interest?

>> No.29621101

as much as I like ALGO, this is the biggest and best fud there is. and I can't refute it. but the other day I thought -- what if the US ends up throwing all the value of all the money printed in existence on this thing. that would absolutely increase the value of it, since the token represents ownership of the protocol.

>> No.29621335

really creative meme actually lol

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Regardless whether it's running directly on Algo or a Standard Asset on top of Algo, it would still use Algos and the limited supply cap plus demand.

>> No.29621460

im assuming the best place to keep this crypto is in it's own wallet?

>> No.29621599

if you don't mind losing/wrecking your phone.

>> No.29621699

Does anyone with the Algorand wallet use it to buy any of the assets they have listed?

>> No.29621730

use the algo wallet then pair that wallet using the 25 word seed to the official browser based wallet
wallet.myalgo.com, so if you lose your phone wallet, you'll still have access via browser or desktop.

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Ya but do you have the hat

>> No.29622205

Whatever project running in Algorand's blockchain will need the Algo token as an incentive for nodes to operate and validate their transactions through the Byzantine consensus. If companies and business want the algo sofware magic for their projects they will have to pay the platform using the token.

>> No.29622236

I hold a substantial sum of ALGO and I'm getting really tired of this fucker shitting the bed. BTC goes down, ALGO goes down. BTC goes up, ALGO goes up half as much. The accelerated vesting schedule is way, way too fucking aggressive. This coin enjoys 1/4th of the pumps the rest of the market enjoys and suffers every dump more severely. What a fucking mistake. Unfortunately I'm trapped in this piece of shit for now. Fortunately the 30 day SMA is almost above the price so the accelerated jewing can stop for a brief while and perhaps my asshole can unstretch a bit. Seriously, the tech is great but fuck this coin as an investment. I should have DYOR better before going balls deep trying to catch a pump.

>> No.29622558
File: 235 KB, 800x672, algoballer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hiring memes?
i hope they pay me in steaks.

>> No.29622909
File: 37 KB, 554x387, (((ALGO))).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great, a real answer and a satisfying one too.

Here's a new one. This is a screenshot from the ALGO website. What exactly are we to make of this, other than that the entire system is designed to have a giant backdoor for crooked institutions to exploit?

>> No.29623165

I fucking love algo, I cannot wait till this shit hits $1.50 EOY so I can collect my $5 worth of stakes.
Shit I can’t imagine the faces of the fucking retards that are gonna be FOMOing in in 2030 when I’ve collected $100 worth of stakes and it hits $2. Glowies know, fuck off other shitcoins, algos coming through

>> No.29623251
File: 408 KB, 1232x978, myalgoteam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks anon, but I'd rather not risk my funds with some guy named Nacho on the team (Jesus is impressive, though).

>> No.29623305

>glowies know
you know this was a larp, and so is Q, right?

>> No.29623519

>be me
>put down $300 on algo
>213 algos @ $1.38
>almost lost 1/3

HODL or sell the fuck out ?

>> No.29623854

Fuck off retard. Go to your food coins while I collect my .07¢ a day in algo rewards. You’ll be kissing my ring in the drive thru you’ll still be working at I roll up in my slightly used Honda Civic in 2030. Who knows, I might even fill your bag with .001 algos for a tip.

>> No.29623929

keep stacking.
later on you will be wonder why you sold algos you bought at ONLY 1.38 and sold for a 30% loss, when they're 9.99-10.99

>> No.29624025

How is it going to get to 9.99 with sexy features like "forced asset transfers" and "easy account re-keying" defining the brand?

>> No.29624073

>hey Mauro you know it's picture day right?
>uh yeah why do you say that

>> No.29624398

youll pay taxes on the amount of rewards received by the fair market value of the coin at the time you received your rewards

>> No.29624631

algo is a long term hold, if you're looking for quick gains this isnt the coin to go for

>> No.29624643


>> No.29624728


>> No.29624780

All right, I won't.

>> No.29625120

Yeah right. That's why the price went from 0.35 to 1.70

>> No.29625182

It will be 8 to 9.50 by the end of the year

>> No.29625327

You are both niggers and should kys as quickly as possible.

>> No.29625335


Besides Algo... how's these other coins I got when it comes to long-term hold?


anything else I'm missing ?

>> No.29625344

I can't shoop but I'm a certified /XSG/ schizo and I like ALGO.

Hire me for the social team please!


>> No.29625383

Because that is what the fed and big institutions want you fucking moron. You really think the gov wasn’t going to give itself a backdoor?
Are you really this dense?

>> No.29625543

damn how many Algos for it

>> No.29626041

If you think a coin designed for use by financial institutions aren't going to have asset controls and security built into it, I don't know what to tell you. Buy Monero instead, and burn your fiat currency and any debit/credit cards if you feel that strongly about your financial instruments exploited by crooked institutions.

Besides, RBAC usually stands for Role Based Access Control, not asset control. Basically, it means that some low-level drone at VISA can't see anything regarding your transactions that they aren't authorised to see as part of their role. What's the source on this? Are you sure it's not written by some technical illiterate who doesn't realise there could be a difference?

>> No.29626066

I like how they're all positioned in terms of attractiveness (except for Mauro) first row is most attractive, second is less,third least

>> No.29626235
File: 317 KB, 908x758, 1606235833441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crypto isn't rising in interest because the average person suddenly thinks marginal gains in transaction speed or a 0.0000000001% chance of being compromised is so much cooler than a 0.000000001% chance, anon. Crypto is rising in interest because those reckless institutions are losing their credibility.

Are we really supposed to think that a FedCoin stablecoin with a wide-open back door is ever going to be anything more than a Digital Dollar? i.e., legal tender that smart money drops like it's hot for anything other than short-term liquidity.

>> No.29626318
File: 706 KB, 753x1589, Screenshots_2021-02-23-21-45-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The chosen one.

>> No.29626445


>> No.29626453

It's literally the algorand website you retarded monkey. How long have you been shilling this piece of shit without even reading their own website's page about what they do and how their technology works?

>> No.29626799

What’s up my algobro? Just keep stackin dem bags, we’ll be passing these retards just in our stakes alone. What color used Honda are you gonna get in 2030?

>> No.29627119
File: 1.20 MB, 1146x720, 1546844226953.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another day, another 5% down against BTC. Why did I buy this fucking coin. I should have taken my couple thousand dollar loss when it was in the $1.30 range still... now I've averaged down to who the fuck knows what and this shit just keeps bleeding USD and sats. What a fucking piece of shit. At least I'm miserable holding it. The faggots in the Algo reddit are like "we're excited about the potential of it being $3 in 2030"... fucking why? What have I gotten myself into. I've tried to pump up my hopium on this shit but I just can't... fucking 50 million coins per day just dumping into circulation. Price dropping constantly. Worst hit coin by recent correction. Worst gainer against BTC. Fuck me. Algo is the faggot in pic rel and I'm the dad.

>> No.29627214
File: 139 KB, 1200x627, yugo-the-car-e1574465369837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not a Yugo

>> No.29627332
File: 3.89 MB, 4168x6544, 7009FCAB-6CEB-4CD9-972C-96555D155E09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post rank or gtfo

>> No.29627460

Why cant' this coin have a good hodling chart?

>> No.29627506

Wait? You call each other Algo-Fatties?

>> No.29627516


>> No.29627584

Yes. Why?

>> No.29627600

Fuck, this seems believable

>> No.29627699

How is think not good?
Mid tier fatness instructor btw

>> No.29627792

This* dammit

>> No.29627819

Is it because the use case is an PoS interest generating burgercoin?

I have 2 Adeles, burgers BTFO

>> No.29628265

That’s a fine start. I’m mainly in it as a savings account

>> No.29628363

How does one go directly from fiat to ALGO?

>> No.29628458


>> No.29628865

Indeed. You bought into the Indian scammers shilling this coin for the past two weeks on this board. nice job.

>> No.29629025

algo is a long term hold. its just dipped with the crash. keep buying. never all in your USD. always save some to buy dips.

>> No.29629209

long term way to lose money and hold bags

>> No.29629953

MasterCard on algo. Load up your bags.

>> No.29630156

Something new?

>> No.29630201

Ah because you can’t go fiat into binance?

>> No.29630222

>not like you'll miss anything for 2 or so years
So smash that refresh button for 2 years of compound interest. Got it.

Rolling for Pega

>> No.29630909

why the fuck do coins that have nothing to do with bitcoin fucking track bitcoin 1:1, will algo be the first to distinguish itself from this dumbass cycle?

>> No.29631255


>> No.29631423
File: 121 KB, 823x594, 1614144752807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do almost all stocks fall when the SPY tanks? C'mon anon you're smarter than this..

>> No.29633107
File: 130 KB, 920x962, Compounding.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

make sure to send yourself zero Algo every 12 hours to take full advantage of compounding