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Gotta show this to kids in highschool lmao

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But was it a nigger that didn't tip?

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this is 15$/hrs lol

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Tipping is retarded

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How entitled do you have to be to expect a tip?

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wagies who expect tips on every order are pathetic. it's not my fault you took a shitty job lmao

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I’m a fan of tips because it provides ability to pay based on service and by doing cash I can help them avoid taxes.

Fuck the tax man

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Circumcision shortly after birth leaves us with a subconscious desire for tips

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Wagie wagie get in cagie. All day long you sweat and ragie. NEET is comfy. NEET is cool. NEET is free from work and school. Wagie trapped and wagie died. NEET eats tendies, sauce, and fries.
r/NEET - Wagie wagie get in cagie. All day long you sweat and ragie. NEET is comfy. NEET is cool. NEET is free from work and school. Wagie trapped and wagie died. NEET eats tendies, sauce, and fries.

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From what I understand American service workers are paid basically minimum wage or less, and its considered normal in your society to tip them to make the difference.
And it seems every time someone suggests removing tipping and increasing the cost of the services to cover the tips, the entire country breaks out into a freak show.

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I work at Domino's and this has been the vibe of the store since the pandemic started. The snowstorm last week was what finally made everyone break down. Three people quit and walked out at once because of how busy it was and how dangerous the job was becoming. Remember that whoever delivered and made your pizza is probably on the verge of killing themselves

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>continues to wonder why his public services are shit and government cucks him

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Companies are allowed to pass off paying low skilled worker's compensation to the public through tips and subsidies from the government like welfare and food stamps. This person, and I use the term loosely here, probably makes like $2.25/hr from waging, and the rest from any tips they acquire. It's become expected. To the point you may have this individual aping on your driveway if you don't give them something.

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no one cares wagie

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Look at this fagot thinking he's hot shit because he doesnt tip poor fags

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Tips are the literal free market.

Big titty blonde? Big tips.
Obese pimply chef? Nothing.

And that’s the way we like it.

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You're supposed to report your tips. So if you don't make what equates to minimum wage, your employer has to cover the difference. Als there's already a delivery fee added onto pizza deliveries. Why the fuck do I need to pay a tip on top of that? Fuck the whole system.

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Why do these people feel entitled to handouts?

Everyone in the United States is guaranteed minimum wage if their wage+tips is any less than the minimum wage. People who have jobs where they get tips will lie about this though.


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Can you imagine? That's her soul screaming out, couldn't hold it back. Other workers are still buried in the sunken place.

A reaction that strong hopefully means she quit.

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Its tough out there, even the tips are becoming skimpy

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I buy digiorno's

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holy shit, I used to uber, but damn

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Shes black tho. Blacks never tip so she should blame her own race and also her decision to work at a fucking dominos.

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t. jew

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post video

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Holy based.

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how is this news? i've delivered a thousand pizzas in the pouring rain. i've hiked the appalachian trail where it rained on me ten days straight

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If you get paid in tips you literally get paid less than minimum wage in some occasions because you're expected to make up for it in tips.

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The government cucks me because they make us pay tax, do you not see our politicans?

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Minimum wage laws are stupid as fuck but they're a necessary evil in some ways, I would genuinely kms if I was a minimum wage worker. I'd rather day trade stocks.

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Cry about it. Drivers at my work make an average of $14-$20 an hour depending when they work and the month. They make more than most other employees. Bitch is mad cause she got stiffed, wah, take 5 more and you’ll make more than everyone else you spoiled cunt.

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Waiters and delivery drivers are paid less than minimum wage, as tipped workers are allowed to be paid under it. They thus rely on tips to make up the difference. If people don't tip then, then they are making less than minimum wage.

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Lmao maybe he needs to do something other than bring me nuggies and fries then?

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retard I hope this wasn't you. You do realize Julian uses Toast for their POS system. It's very easy to Identify who you are by simply looking at the Check number & Txn ID.

t. providence fag

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I have never tipped in my life.

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False, we calculate wages every week and have to compensate if they make under minimum. Which literally never happens btw.

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Cope after generations of generations of babies having the tips of their dicks cut off.
I'm sorry mutts, tipping and receiving tips won't get you your dicks back

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Don't take it out on the workers though, they have no control over that. Yes there's a delivery fee. No it does not go into their pocket, it's fucking Jewish as hell that they charge that fee and expect people to tip. Most of the time it's literally the fucking reason a customer decided not to tip, they thought the delivery fee was already being given to me.

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Not American, but I only tip at restaurants, when I'm dining in.

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That's a man, no joke in the video it's a dude's voice.

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>implying education is gonna save you from the wagie fate

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>/pol/tard who thinks the election was stolen
>doesn't understand economic policy
o I am laffin

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would be based if he wasn't from providence RI
trash ass city

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I'm gonna go back to school for my MBA and that'll show you! One day I'll be your boss!

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It's a literal scam invented by the jews so that businesses can pay their workers less than minimum wage.

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>this meme started by people observing me
Getting reality pilled about my situation is really disconnecting.

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While I understand your point I will defend tipping by saying that our low level workers by and large tend to be lazy. Getting paid on tips is what encourages them to be better servers and attend to the customers better. Even when they’re paid in tips service is spotty at best. I think everyone should be paid on commission of some sorts. Perhaps it shouldn’t rely on the customers, especially in a highly diverse country like America, but commission is best for money motivated people, like Americans.

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>make barely a dollar over 15$ being a wildland firefighter
>Watch has midwits and retards fuck my burger up and yet still get paid nearly the same as me

Im so tired..

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Get a better job then you dough slinging faggot. I'm not your employer. Not my job to pay you. I only pick up anyways and pay in cash so I don't have to tip or worry about some retarded mouth breather begging me to sign their receipt and fill out the tip line.

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Drivers at my work get half the delivery fee. The rest pays for insurance covering drivers, which is expensive as fuck btw.

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yeah, it's totally because government isn't bloated and inefficient, it's because we don't give them enough money even though they constantly deficit spend anyways!!

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Please tip the OP if you're going to post in his thread faggot

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If I told my drivers I’m taking away tipping and paying them regular minimum wage, they’d quit. They make double minimum wage in the current system. Dont talk about shit you know nothing about.

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Blacks will tip other blacks. It’s why we schedule all our black customers for our black employee.

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You know there's a good reason no one would ever work delivery if they weren't getting a tip or if they weren't getting a wage above minimum right?

No one would wanna deliver food to your lazy fat ass (you're the one who doesn't wanna go and get the food yourself) if tipping culture didn't give people the incentive with the promise of making more than minimum wage. They would rather work for minimum wage in a retail store/restaurant where they aren't exposed to the fucking elements and you'd have to go and get the fucking food yourself.

Tip, or don't support a business if they aren't willing to pay their employees reasonable wages for their labor.

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Drivers usually don't make minimum when on delivery. They literally get allmost all the income from deliveries through tips. Depending on how bad your area is you can lose money doing deliveries. I can't think of a worse job.

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Good luck trying to get a raise

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at least when you are a wagie they fly the corporate flags at half mast for you

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It probably wasn't. But yeah, as a rule if they've swiped your card, don't fuck with them. They have potentially a ton of info on you.

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Oh right yes the noble black who can do no wrong. Such a hero race of modern times.

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Yet there's still a tip jar next to the register at places where you do go pick up the food yourself.

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The delivery fee goes 60% to Jews at the top 30% to insurance incase the worker gets in an accident with the car topper on, and 10% goes to the delivery driver
T. worked at a pizza place for half a decade.

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3rd world yanks need to tip everyone cos no one pays anyone properly

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How'd they get the cat to have such a large ball bag like that?

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do the dance wagie

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>no one would wanna deliver food to your lazy fat ass

yeah they would, people like money and delivery is easy. That's why you call people lazy. Because driving is so easy.

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First off, this thing looks like a man but talks and acts like a bitch ass woman. Secondly, GET A FUCKING JOB WHERE YOU DONT RELY ON TIPS YOU ABSOLUTE FAGGOT

How hard is it to get some retail job stocking shit? Where I live, they will practically suck your balls to get employees. This retard should just get fulltime wagie job, get fired and then collect covid bucks.

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>buy online
>don't even have to look at their REEEE faces when they deliver
Covid has some up sides.

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I think that man is secretly doing a roman salute.
Arrest that man!

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KEK! Is the cone an actual thing? Who did this?

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I have been working pizza for 6 years, worked at 5 different locations, and I have never met a driver that makes shit money. They always make around $15/hr, sometimes even 20. I had a driver a couple weeks ago average at $24 an hour. This is the wrong job to be bitching about.

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Here’s the treasure trove of seething wagies, mines of salt here (especially on tipping):


And here’s my personal favorite:

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Kek, bugman are the worst

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This. Niggers eat their own who would have thought

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>$35k robot
>tells min wage super market jannies to clean it up

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>I only pick up anyways and pay in cash so I don't have to tip or worry about some retarded mouth breather begging me to sign their receipt and fill out the tip line.
Good then you faggot. It's perfectly reasonable if you don't wanna tip, you go and get the food your fucking self. I could not ask for a better response.
Sounds like you work for a good business. Sadly it's not always the case.

No where near as expected compared to a delivery, which is why the tip jar is always looks pitiful in comparison to the delivery guys tips, IF he lives in a generous area.

In my years of delivery (don't do that agonizing shit anymore), I found that it's niggers and chinks do not tip. You being also black, or a chink, makes no difference.

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wagie spending

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Yeah man, 2 world wars

>> No.29608082

I fucking hate these god damn machines. Had one auto driving mop thing beep it’s horn at me. I left my cart in front of it and put products all around it and left.

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Your argument is pointless. They are guaranteed minimum wage by law, and I will not be socially pressured into giving them free handouts because "minimum wage is not a reasonable wage".

If "not a reasonable wage" is your only argument, you should be tipping all minimum wage workers who make your life easier, but you don't and you shouldn't.

Tell me, why does the waiter deserve more than minimum wage, as opposed to a guy stocking shelves in a supermarket? They're both doing their jobs for the same pay, and they're both making your life easier by making you not have to walk into the kitchen or warehouse to pick up your food.

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Unironically working as a waiter is what made me stop tipping as much. You get paid absurd amounts of money for zero effort. It's minimum wage work for 3-4x minimum wage at least. And someone not tipping is irrelevant since it all averages out with greater than average tips. Single diners especially will literally tip you like 30% or more very frequently when they are the easiest type of customer to wait on.

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Most of these idiots are flaming retards.
The federal minimum wage is 7.25 and you only need a couple 2 dollar tips to bump that to 12 to 15 an hour, plus you generally get a gas subsidy per delivery.

So if you're not a literal zero iq, non smoking faggot who doesn't get the pizza there in a reasonable time, you'll make 15 to 20 an hour before taxes. Not good money, but half the faggots that fail , do so because they suck at driving, and they suck at customer service. They just hire low skilled 18 year olds and that's the bar set. There is no meme. You can make it in America starting with a pizza delivery job, without question, but you can't make it in America being a literal retard lol..

>> No.29608165

>$500.00 for fucking superchat
wagies deserve everything

>> No.29608175

Right, i forget some people actually have the luxury of a car. I delivered everything on a bike through all the seasons, no matter the weather (New York City), up and down steep ass hills and up and down countless flights of stairs.

Got the sickest fucking quad gains from it. But I fully understand the rage of making a delivery in the worst conditions and not getting so much as a dollar.

>> No.29608276

I never give tips but im a eurochad so thats simply the status quo. Except for wierd cleaning ladies that expect tips after you've used the bathroom in berlim

>> No.29608393

>Remember that whoever delivered and made your pizza is probably on the verge of killing themselves
That's like everyone tho.

>> No.29608438

>I’m a fan of tips because it provides ability to pay based on service
Right, and when the service is shit you still catch flack for not tipping because "I bet they were just busy" or "they could be having a bad day". Also why would anyone tip for carry out? Yet you are expected to tip for what? The cooking of the food?

>> No.29608456

>But I fully understand the rage of making a delivery in the worst conditions and not getting so much as a dollar
You were paid minimum wage by law. The customer paid a delivery fee to the restaurant. You being unable to negotiate a fair wage with your salary is not the customers problem. You've been brainwashed into blaming the customer for not handing you free money when it's your employer that is assfucking you.

>> No.29608473

youtube aside
>spend 20% of paycheck to have one meal delivered from your fucking workplace

>> No.29608500

It's a practice that was made up to excuse paying workers $3 an hour. The people that refuse to tip are usually the same people who don't want to increase wages. Peak clown world, and it isn't all because of democrats. :^)

>> No.29608512

>fat person says they can't afford to eat
aaaand all my sympathy is gone.
why would someone tell such an obvious lie like that?

>> No.29608526

These are the retards who voted for biden.

>> No.29608585


*disconcerting, not disconnecting

> unless you’re a phonefag and it autocorrected

>> No.29608596

Ha I'm actually going to order some pizza this weekend and have it delivered and purposely not tip and. I will also complain that I was given the wrong pizza after the faggot delivery guy leaves

>> No.29608606

I have no idea what you’re on about I didn’t say anything about that. In race tipping is a thing with black people. Idk why and I don’t give a fuck why. Amazon encourages workplace diversity so they don’t have to deal with unions. I mean those emails were leaked. It will be fun to see how corporate America divides people up when they’re all mutts. I won’t be alive to see it but it should be interesting.

>> No.29608629

It's not a handout, you're paying for a service you dumb cunt. It's not the employees fault that the system in America calls for that labor being paid for by people's fucking KINDNESS and not based on the merit of the work.

The point is that if tipping was banned in America, and delivery persons would have no choice but to be compensated a reasonable wage, it would have to be above minimum for there to be incentive, and you would likely be paying even more inflated prices for deliveries to compensate for this.

>> No.29608644

Based, fuck entitled delivery drivers. Get a fucking skill that not any retard with a car can do.

>> No.29608658

holy shit i hope the disgusting fucking parasite that made this has a stroke
>this nigger got mad about not being tipped now give me attention for it youuuuuuu guiiiiiiiiise

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he looks plump and can obv afford designer addidas gear and a gay nosering. prob filmed on the latest iphone aswell.

>> No.29608675

>you're paying for a service you dumb cunt
Yes, it's called a delivery fee. That's the payment, you absolute dunce.

>> No.29608692


it's a gesture of good will. i tip 20% for everything, 20% for the waitress, 20% for the delivery guy, 20% for the officer after i get a ticket, 20% for the land lord; the land lord is crucial by the way, if you can't afford to tip 20% you can't afford to rent.

>> No.29608698

these are funny. needlessly wordy tho

>> No.29608710

>around $15/hr, sometimes even 20
>not shit money

>> No.29608734

>Don't take it out on the workers though
I hate this logic. Nobody is "taking it out on the workers" but they're somewhat complicit in the entire scheme. The business owners basically use their poor workers as hostages to guilt trip their customers into paying more money in tips. Accepting a job in that kind of industry, you're allowing your Jew boss to Jew both you and their customers out of extra money.

How about we all just agree to stop tipping each other just for doing our normal every day jobs and start getting a wage instead. The ass pain will stop immediately.

>> No.29608769

How fucking dumb are you?
Federal minimum wage is 7.50.

If somebody can't get a legit job making more than that, it's their own fault, no questions. But no legitimate, over the books employer is paying service workers 3 an hour, that's literal retard tier thought processes.

>> No.29608788

Employers are required to make up the difference so that the employee meets minimum wage

>> No.29608800

So? Its not a crime to write that. Whats the worst some faggot wagie is gonna do?

>> No.29608804

HAHAHAHAHA you literal fucking retard, enjoy driving for Uber for the rest of your life because you were too redpilled for Union benefits

>> No.29608821

>the white man fights the white man for global dominance
>the black man stiff the black man on a 5 dollar tip in the rain

It do be like that

>> No.29608831

Catch flack from who? Lol. Also no one tips for carryout, some people throw change in a "tip jar" just because carrying change sucks but they don't even prompt for 95% of people who use card.

It does incentivize and reward good service. That's why you don't have to wait 2 hours for food like in Europe where the longer you sit there waiting, the less they have to do anything and the more they get paid. They get paid to browse their phone while your food gets cold and the table next to you has a waiter busting his fucking ass not making a penny more. Fuck that.

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>if I just work hard that promotion is mine!

>> No.29608848

noblesse oblige

>> No.29608928

Sympathy level: 0

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File: 3.89 MB, 200x200, 8D4E34A4-9DB3-4377-8F6F-81A0A81FB833.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any shred of pity I had left for wagies instantly evaporated upon seeing that image.

>> No.29608943

Just make sure you do it from somewhere you don't normally order from because you can be blacklisted for being such a faggot.
Yea that's definitely very realistic. Because workers from all over the place aren't constantly exploited in some way and are of course powerless to it.
Unless everyone organizes and forces restaurants to potentially lose money.
But then if they're forced to pay them a good wage, guess what goes up? The price of your food and delivery.
Then deliveries decrease because it's more expensive. Restaurants and delivery services lose money, more people lose jobs, more restaurants are unable to sustain, and now your fatass can't order tendies because it's too expensive or the restaurant flat out does not offer delivery services, if it didn't close down.

>> No.29608959

start fires to create more demand

>> No.29608961

What am I looking at?

>> No.29608969


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>go to location
>pick up item
>drive to other location
>place item there
>rinse and repeat for 8 hours with intervals in between and a small break

These people are worthless.

>> No.29609022

Im in an MBA program. Its okay I guess
don't do it before you have 4 years of experience

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File: 1.36 MB, 3200x3430, 1613578106655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How hard is it to get some retail job stocking shit?
graveyard shift is what you want. its what i do and its great. they are always looking for good reliable help, because no one wants it, and it pays well enough. you also don't have to deal with people.
there is no excuse, him being a man, he can't be stocking shelves at night and earning an actual paycheck.
you hit the nail on the head when you identified him as a women. he is feminine in mannerism and how he approaches life.

>> No.29609104

Idk man we're all about the money here in the US. We have so much wealth so unevenly distributed that even the poor just throw money at each other, except niggers of course.

>> No.29609157

MAybe that guy needs to stop looking like a junkie faggot? Having a nose ring is a big red flag and noone will hire you.

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Reminder that 99% of wagies earned the position they are in

>> No.29609175

He's right though, that's why wagies defend tips so much

>> No.29609181

It is

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>wagie proudly tweets about working for 30 straight hours
>she died soon after (read the replies)

>> No.29609202

You are posting on /biz/

>> No.29609249

it used to be for outstanding service but then business owners used it as an excuse to pay less to their employees and now tipping is all but mandatory for any level of service.
tipping should be banned

>> No.29609248

>guess what goes up? The price of your food and delivery.
>Then deliveries decrease because it's more expensive
You are fucking retarded. Delivery of food is flourishing in the rest of the world, without the extortionate tipping practices that exist in the US.

I hate you faggots more than anything else, because I know that while you complain about not receiving tips, you are also the last people on the planet who wants to abolish tipping so that you can receive a set wage (even if it's increased to $15), because you know very well that you make a fuckton of money from tips. Waiters and delivery cucks are the most entitled group of workers in the US.

>> No.29609260

this is your average NPC mutt biden voter
Notice how the normal looking guy didnt give a fuck about the video being taken while the bug human hybrid has a spergout
This is why they are trying to get rid of white people

>> No.29609289

This. Tipping was fine in the past when it was just seen as a way to show your appreciation, but it grew to the bullshit explorative system that it is today.

>> No.29609301

because black people fucking suck and I'm saying that as a black guy
it's such an incohesive race

>> No.29609311

>Your argument is pointless. They are guaranteed minimum wage by law
This. A lot of these people who get mad at anti tippers seem to ignore this key part

>> No.29609346

Yea, the only way that's gonna happen is if people stop fucking giving businesses money regardless of what they pay their employees. That's the unrealistic outlook people here have, that it'll just happen because that actually makes perfect sense.
It fucking wont, you think the fat trailer trash is going to give a flying fuck? They wouldn't care if they knew the boss was raping all the workers and had their families held hostage, they're gonna hit that order button and think very little of anything except their fat fucking stomachs being full.

Capitalism would be a great system in theory because it would allow people to vote with their wallets. But just like if you look at the average voter you understand why Democracy is terrible, look at the average consumer and you'll understand why business can get away with murder.
People don't fucking care

>> No.29609352

For the easiest job on the planet that requires nothing but driving, doing some dishes, and occasionally climbing some stairs or walking in the rain, yeah, pretty fuckin good.

>> No.29609361
File: 2.36 MB, 320x240, 1612023442210.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm saying that as a black guy
hey nigger

>> No.29609388
File: 105 KB, 866x1390, poppy-flowers-bulb-neemuch-madhya-pradesh-india-ET035Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

while i love not working being a neet does not buy me drugs so i must work at least a minimum.

>> No.29609414

hard to do that when companies keep importing cheap slave labor ( yay diversity) which is funny because that fag looks like he voted for it.

>> No.29609439

Everyone in this thread is so unbelieveable disconnected from the realities of the world. But...you are regular users of 4chan dot org, so i am not surprised.

>> No.29609441

I run the store, not a driver u fucking retard

>> No.29609463

I gathered that but it's not legal for any employer to do that. What's the backstory

>> No.29609465

late stage capitalism where people depend on the good will of a few others in order to survive

>> No.29609479

You would have to be brainwashed to think countries that have a living wage for wagies and no tips make less than pajeet $5/hr jobs with tips. All it’s doing is an additional service transaction and Boss Chaim doesn’t have to cough up more

>> No.29609481

Was it three McDonald's or one McDonald's with three flags?

>> No.29609501


>> No.29609511

I went to this bar a few years back where you serve the beer yourself. It was a cool set up until I went to pay. They charge you for however much beer you drank, included the fucking tip on my receipt even though they did NOTHING but put a wrist band on me to scan my drinks, and then had the audacity to have an additional field to leave even more of a tip. These faggots literally just sit, put a wrist band on you and collect a tip.

I have always despised the idea of tipping and I delivered pizzas years ago. Id possibly tip if I didn't have to pay a delivery fee. Don't even get me started on the fags I've been out to eat with who will tip even if our server is awful.

>> No.29609519

maybe in amerimutt land its different but here where i live any literal retard can get hired at a fishery or masonry company or similar low iq meathead job and make well above minimum wage. Knew a couple guys who paid off their uni completely by working at fisheries because they'll let you work 12 hours straight if you want to. You make well over 40k a year (probably like 30k-40k in american money) its just the most grueling nigger slave type job you could ever have.

>> No.29609579

It works for the rest of the world without tips, nigger.

>> No.29609584
File: 250 KB, 917x1551, 1611686476291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you're saying I should call them niggerfellows?

>> No.29609585

Your store won’t be in operation in five years :) but Lyft and Uber will let you work your own hours! Relax buddy

>> No.29609609

Its my store, actually. Even though the insurance for drivers costs $14k a year, which is what the charge covers, i still give them half to at least cover gas if they get stiffed.

>> No.29609611

oh you know he got that gofundme money tho!!

>> No.29609625

>countries that have a living wage for wagies and no tips make less than pajeet $5/hr jobs with tips.
Yes? I've been a waiter before.

>> No.29609637

>mcdonalds ubereats
>mcdonalds payroll

>> No.29609657

So what's better than Capitalism?

>> No.29609660

Apparently she worked herself to death.

>> No.29609662

did not expect that voice, but i guess i missed the nose ring at first

>> No.29609663

>Looks and sounds like basic California tranny
Yeah, no sympathy

>> No.29609668

The funny part is it does. The funnier part is people ignore the second part of the sentence where you say "in STEM".

>> No.29609681

Oh really? Half of America shits itself at the prospect of Minimum wage increasing because of how bad it'll affect business and how it causes prices to inflate.

Bet you'll ignore that entirely. It's sustained due to people's mindless consumerism, not because it's fair or makes any sense.
I hate faggots like you more than anything else, you can't tip a fucking dollar despite your fat lazy cunt ass being the one who refuses to get up, walk with his god given legs and get his own food, he wants it handed to him and you don't even want to pay for it. Knowing full well the delivery fee does not go to the worker should change your behavior but you don't because you know very well you save a fuckton of money from NOT paying the tip, justifying it with (i payed the delivery fee, so it's not my problem).
Fuck off. I hope you order frequently, and they recognize you so they can spit in your food.

>> No.29609709

his "bruthas" never tip, and i know that first hand. he isnt getting tips no matter where he goes, except when he goes to be "oppressed" in another races neighborhood.

>> No.29609732

What region do you work? I fly your guy's eye in the sky.

>> No.29609759


>> No.29609760

I’ve doubled in profits from last year, try again faggot.

>> No.29609763
File: 116 KB, 1280x720, 1612383765989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>contracts for uber
>for less than minimum wage
>is a 1099 contractor so has to pay self employment tax

>> No.29609780

>not legal
as if that stops shithole asian countries

>> No.29609802

They already print money for themselves, giving them more wont change how inefficient they are

>> No.29609804

Even STEM is getting oversaturated at this point. I think there was a recent survey that only 50-60% of STEM graduates found careers in the field their degree was based off in the past couple years

>> No.29609819

>americans working minimum wage for 1 hour make more than 90% of africa do in a month


>> No.29609830

> rain delivery
I honestly don't know, is there some kind of decorum to tip more for delivery when it rains/snows?

>> No.29609849

Not him but cry me a river. Get a job where you don't rely on tips faggot. That shit is for literal 16 year olds living with mommy. Not meant for loser manchildren.

>> No.29609855

state capitalism

see: the rising superpower

>> No.29609883

>because it would allow people to vote with their wallets
That's the big myth about capitalism, it's not a democracy. That's why it's usually good for creating wealth, even the "socialist" nations like the Nordic countries know you need some form of privatization to have an economy that's not subject to the incompetence of the masses.

>> No.29609894

>he fell for the meme

>> No.29609923

No one system is perfect, the best form of economy and government is one that changes depending on the needs of the people.
Capitalism is shit, but it's the best shit we've got for now. But unless you want to be bowing down to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in the future, something needs to change until the average consumer and voter isn't such a self centered moron.

>> No.29609963

Hey dipshit, you didn’t mentio that pay rate is AT BEST 5 hours PER DAY that you’re even wanted for deliveries

>> No.29610002

being a wagie is pretty weak but it's understandable, but being an exploited wagie who acts so loyal to the company you think he was an owner or something is the most pathetic shit.

>> No.29610031
File: 133 KB, 640x630, 1577244997114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wagies expect some sort of hazard pay for delivering during bad weather lmao. social media was filled with people posting shots of their menial jobs that they still had to clock in at while a blizzard was wiping away roads

>> No.29610032

Black people don't tip, then complain when black people dont tip. LMAO

>> No.29610059

im seeing a lot of " we calculate total takes and make up for minimum wage shortfall", the problem is a lot of franchisee's are cunts and either don't do that or short change or demand kickbacks, yes its illegal, yes it happens every day, no there isn't immediate or effective investigations.

>> No.29610067

Considering very few countries tip...

Not like youll convince me to tip anyways

>> No.29610084

Kill yourself retard

>> No.29610098

>whites kill each other in the millions
is this supposed to be a good thing?

>> No.29610099
File: 113 KB, 288x300, 1560163076180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is IRS TRES? Is it a tax rebate? Is this a wagecuck thing? Wtf

>> No.29610100

No tip country reporting. We still get our food delivered and decent service with no tipping. I tipped my pizza guy once cause it was a holiday and felt bad for him, dude was just confused.
America is a confusing place, you see an advertised price on a restaurant, but when you go in and order, there are all these unadvertised costs plus the tips. You guys who havnt left america dont know what your missing

>> No.29610119

Tipping was literally invented because depression era restaurant owners couldn't afford to pay their staff.

>> No.29610138

Your reasoning makes zero sense. One person spending money on superchats doesn't mean every single person working for a wage is doing the same thing.

>> No.29610190

that's his stimulas check

>> No.29610194


Well, we are talking about redditors after all, fiending for that karma

>> No.29610196

but the election was stolen

>> No.29610207

Now I feel kinda bad for never tipping. Oh well.

>> No.29610214

I make $22 an hour now doing something else you cunt bagel, if you read my posts I said I don't do that anymore.
Reflecting on that in the context of this thread, sorry, but you're not high and mighty because you decided it's not fair and it's not your fault it's not fair.

You gave the shitty evil boss who won't pay his delivery driver a reasonable wage more money. As long as he keeps getting that money why the fuck would he change? The consumer decided what happens with any business, they want your fucking money. Even the 16 year old, deserves more money if he was hauling ass on a bike through the elements to give your inflamed gut it's daily fried food. You are part of the problem, stop pretending like you're making some self righteous stance, at least admit like some other anons that you're just being a spiteful, greedy little jew. I repeat, you could literally get the food your self.

>> No.29610267
File: 1.02 MB, 584x530, JSUT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya, that's for a few reasons. For one more students than ever, for better or worse, are gradutating with BS degrees in American Universities and some universities have "trimmed" the program requirements to graduate more students and attract more prospective pupils. Also, immigration is no longer just putting pressure on unskilled labor with Mexican migrants, we now have a growing number of quality skilled professionals from places like China and India that are prepared to come to the US and undercut the competition, Bleak future ahead for wagies, not even STEM will be a stronghold, and that isn't even talking about the advancements that might emerge from AI...

>> No.29610275

I'm a boomer, what's YouTube Superchat?

>> No.29610287
File: 50 KB, 736x1024, reddit-alien.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>late stage capitalism

>> No.29610305

I don't think it's too hard to do that in America either. The warehouse i used to work at paid about 11/hr for new hires and usually forced overtime so you could always work plenty of hours for more money. Get a forklift license and they would pay 15. Many distribution companies even offered 17 starting if you could use a lift because demand was so high. The real problem is, do you think blubber man wants to do manual labor in Midwest? Or would he rather be homeless in LA?

>> No.29610310

>doctors and architects and security analysts would be a lot more productive if we tipped them

it's like a dog treat, it's instant gratification for dumb people because it's all they understand. they can't comprehend long-term incentives like health insurance and job security

>> No.29610321

cucks pay just to have their youtube usename stick to the top of the chat for a few minutes

>> No.29610340

wagies are more likely to spend money on useless shit as a coping mechanism for their shit situation

>> No.29610348

>2/10 roastie sperging
checks out

>> No.29610355
File: 90 KB, 869x1024, 1613570603028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Makes it even more pathetic. Poorfags gonna poorfag

>> No.29610443


>> No.29610477

yeah they spend it on other worthless crap.
i worked minimum wage for a while and there were 2 types of people i encountered:
1. people who spend all their non-rent money on weed/alcohol (whether at bars or at home) and eating out/ getting food delivered
2. people who had like 3 children and a wife who also worked 2 jobs and they were trying to support a family on a combined income of like 25 usd an hour
i mean don't get me wrong you can kind of pity the later group, but they 100% got themselves into that situation. i dont uderstand how these people exist without being run over, to be honest

>> No.29610514

Already addressed that here

Our countries economy is such that increasing minimum wage to what would be considered "reasonable" causes everyone to shit the bed, most especially small businesses. It literally sustains on the concept of cutting corners and exploitation.

>> No.29610528

In this thread: Trust Fund Babies sucking on pacifiers.

>> No.29610538

I worked as a delivery drive when the $3 delivery fees started. People were fucking pissed and stopped tipping (average tip then was $2-$3). We would get a few cents per mile, but that was it. Meanwhile you are beating down your car and you have to use your own car insurance in case of an accident. Tipping is dumb though and it's dumb to reoy on begging. I'm glad I had that big wake up call instead of turning into one of the lifers who begged for a living.

>> No.29610544

If you’re not getting into electrical or mechanical engineering at this point there’s no hope for you.

>> No.29610554

I was region 4 last year going back to 5 this year. I make better money despite the chances of dying increasing, but if its 1000 OT season again this year Ill have enough to shove shit into crypto and pay survive while going back to college

>> No.29610576

slave tier cope

>> No.29610623
File: 265 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20210224-171038_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm dumb because you don't know what I'm talking about?

>> No.29610622

>nooooooooo not muh heckin $100 lunch monerinooooooooooooo I need that money so bad you don't understand

>> No.29610625

Yeah honestly don't understand how you end up working mcdonalds or some shit trying to pay rent. When i was 18 I got a job paying 15$ an hour as a contractors assistant on construction sites and all I did was email a bunch of companies.

>> No.29610640
File: 121 KB, 736x919, 1610822227050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

manual labor is unironically based
since i started my overnight job i have lost weight and am generally happier because of the health benefits. you are right too about the forklift and other power equipment. if you are willing to learn, and its not hard, you make some decent cash.

>> No.29610691

Wrong word, stupid!

>> No.29610701

checked and based
the worst is when you pay with debit and the terminal auto prompts you to add a tip

>> No.29610729

Lol if anything its YOU who is the jew. Own any pizza restaurants?

Anyway, tipping should be illegal. Companies should pay their fucking employees appropriately. Sorry if that triggers you Mr.shekelstien.

>> No.29610750


>> No.29610758
File: 324 KB, 1538x1076, 5E6FED9C-5524-453A-B34E-828F31BD68AC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your reasoning makes zero sense. One person spending money on superchats doesn't mean every single person working for a wage is doing the same thing.

>> No.29610774
File: 168 KB, 1242x1540, forklift.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have your forklift shirts yet?

>> No.29610826

Annoying Redditors and chapotards didn’t invent Jameson, people have been discussing entropy and hyper capitalism since the 60’s

>> No.29610833

>being salaried employee

>> No.29610843

These dumb little qhores expect you to tip when you do a pick up order because of their stupid pandemic rules too. Fuck off. Pay for my gas after Biden jacked the prices way up.

>> No.29610931

Clearly reliant on tips.
That's not a wagie anon.

>> No.29610934

With your full name and face? Take a guess.

>> No.29610941

this nigga gave his stimulus check to a youtuber. my lord wagie simps need to an hero

>> No.29610953

no, thank god, and i have yet to see any of the boomers i work with in one.
i don't know who makes that shit but its popular. why its popular is beyond me.

>> No.29610955

Nah you don’t. I do

>> No.29610986


wtf, my cat just lays around all day, and this cat is dancing up a storm?

>> No.29611038

Tips ensure food gets there faster and you get good service. If you tip big for pizza, youll always get yr pizza first if the driver has a lot of deliveries. It also lowers start up cost for restaurants

>> No.29611061


>> No.29611093

Business owners are kikes and realized they could offload labor cost to customers in a VERY direct way. Oh sure, they're supposed to comp employees who don't get tips to match minimum wage, but your ass is getting fired if you're at that point.

>> No.29611133
File: 37 KB, 415x470, 10F8C378-2A6D-4B9F-8DB6-391105E09CA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh hyper capitalism
>capitalism bad

99% of the time when you retards say this, you’re just referring to government interference. Has nothing to do with capitalism you absolute brainlet. Unironically neck yourself and get off my god damn board.

>> No.29611174


>> No.29611234

tfw i used to reach half way to death

>> No.29611279

No you stupid fuck, their employer has to make up the difference.

>> No.29611297
File: 102 KB, 222x321, 1441651311262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All these people posting tips ensure you get good service
>Not knowing tips mean you don't get your food fucked with at this point
It's fucked because it pits employees against owners and customers against employees.

>> No.29611311
File: 21 KB, 233x217, 5f7363d655fa4de46a508a1ec532037d3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29611320

Source on this?

>> No.29611330

>Less than $40 in your bank account
>Blow 2/3 of it on overpriced fast food delivery from the place you fucking work at
Wagies deserve to be poor if they expect to survive while making these kinds of decisions

>> No.29611376

>is this supposed to be a good thing?
for jew

>> No.29611427

i bet there are 'socialist' university students in new york with rich parents who actually believe this

>> No.29611469

The most I've worked without stopping was 16 hours and I don't take pride on that shit.

>> No.29611504

based af

>> No.29611506

Bullshit dude, these delivery fees only became common like ten years ago. It's just jews being jews.

>> No.29611535

don't you generally tip after your food has been served
what are they gonna do, interrupt you and take it back to the kitchen so they can spit on it?

>> No.29611553

Former waiter here, and it depends on the state, but at my job I made $0 after taxes. So tips were my only source of income. I also had to tip out to the host, so if I didn't get a tip, I was actually losing money. I now always tip 20% even on to gos.

>> No.29611561

I'm unironically do tip. I always give 5 to 10 bucks. If its a fancy place, I'll do 25% assuming the tip isn't already included and the service was decent.

What i said still stands. Dont get jobs that rely in tips. They are dead ends and meant for kids in college. You can go work at a grocery store and get a steady wage any day of the week. Im sorry I struck a nerve but those jobs are meant for anyone past like 25. Regardless if I tip you or not, you're probably gonna be holding a bottle of whiskey and pills sooner than later working that shit for decades. How weird it was when I delivered pizzas to work with people in their fucking 50s or more. My God. I should have interviewed them to see how they got to where they are in life so I can learn to avoid those pitfalls.

>> No.29611605

Tip is a gift, if i dont feel like tipping then i wont.

>> No.29611615


>> No.29611635


>> No.29611646
File: 449 KB, 554x692, 1589483746698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

defenders of capitalism are almost as stupid as the defenders of communism
or are you too stupid to see how all the bullshit you see today like feminism and other movements concerned with "equality" all exist to feed the needs of our current capitalist system which requires that people be homogenized units.

>> No.29611649

they need to show her this video.

>> No.29611655

Masturbate? Give an exame of something, retard.

>> No.29611693

Capitalism is synonymous with the natural state of man. Nothing ever was or ever will be free. Even sharing your food with your kin 10,000 years ago came with costs

>> No.29611716

does anyone have the tranny janny edit of this with the dog?

>> No.29611757

>Former waiter here, and it depends on the state, but at my job I made $0 after taxes. So tips were my only source of income. I also had to tip out to the host, so if I didn't get a tip, I was actually losing money.
imagine being such a giant cuck that you actually take a job like that

>> No.29611760

True, but you best not go back to that establishment frequently enough for them to remember you.

>> No.29611788

You don’t have a problem with capitalism you have a problem with technology

>> No.29611806

Come to my door and get shot? Seriously, you going to get me fired from that job I don't have?

>> No.29611808

he can't because any conceivable shenanigans they could potentially do are too complicated for someone making fucking 7 dollars an hour to pull off anyway
if they were smart they wouldn't be working there in the first place :)

>> No.29611931

You know how I know you're an American?

>> No.29611943

that shouldn't be a problem seeing as they will have likely folded within six months. zing!

>> No.29612028

/biz/ needs flags so we can filter all euroshitters and leaf niggers with 1 click

>> No.29612096

>Late stage capitalism
>Coined in the 60s
Any day now

>> No.29612109

>the government isn’t incompetent, they just need more funding

>> No.29612125

You guys are fucked up. I delivered for domino's like 7 years ago. Only poos and blacks didn't tip. You're all acting like subhumans. Delivery guys are usually bros. People who aren't normalfaggots and didn't want to settle with college and shit like that.

>> No.29612133




>> No.29612134


>> No.29612162

I made over 1k a week as a waiter, eh, and I'm not a waiter anymore.
t. probably spat in your food

>> No.29612180

Because it's hilarious

>> No.29612191

Thanks for reminding me why I never go on Reddit, what a bunch of fucking retards

>> No.29612201

>try to wage fulltime
>make decent resume, Computer skills were in high demand at the time, even got a few certs so I'm bound to have the right skillset
>need to write motivational letters for entry level jobs, basically employers asking potential wagecucks like me how much I would appreciate the honor of getting to work for them
>Didn't even get an interview and they are already trying to humiliate me
>get a few interviews, nobody even asks any questions about my skills, all questions about sportsball and how many gf's i've had.
>never hear from them again
>People act as if there is something wrong with me for not getting those jobs, feel like a failure for a year till I give up and just sign up for welfare
>Don't get much but it's something, Spend all my neetbux buying BTC and LINK
>local municipality contacts me, They found me a part time job.
>have to take it or they will cut me off.
>They are looking for someone to help out their IT department, feel skeptical because of my past experiences.
>End up getting paid about the same as I would have working full time in the private sector
>All I do is reboot the occasional computer or tell someone to log out and back in again, and spend the rest of my day doing fuck all. Sometimes I just put my feet up on the desk and take a nap.
>Coworkers know I do fuck all and nobody snitches on me.
>because IT did a lot of work with corona making sure everyone can work from home they all get bonuses, including me
>about to buy a house, looking at decent property
>Buy the dip
>life is good.

>> No.29612220
File: 105 KB, 500x500, 1313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i got dominoes in the rain the other night and didnt tip

>> No.29612224

Sorry you’re retarded man. Not gonna waste my energy on you though. Why the fuck are you brainlets even on /biz/ of all places? Don’t bother answering that, it’s a rhetorical question.

>> No.29612239

Maybe you should have gotten a better job.

>> No.29612248

lmao. Anyway, fuck restaurants these days.

>> No.29612255
File: 85 KB, 1029x1005, 1609374879681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Delivery guys are usually bros. People who aren't normalfaggots and didn't want to settle with college and shit like that.
i cant believe i share a board with these people

>> No.29612270

>spat in your food
That's why you will never make more than 50k/y you fucking loser

>> No.29612284
File: 33 KB, 303x298, 1599465721249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never give tips to niggers
simple as

>> No.29612285

>I'm not a waiter anymore.
You'll keep the eternal wagecuck mentality though. Keep buying those superchats.
And these threads only make me want to never tip wagie cocksuckers like yourself again.

>> No.29612286
File: 45 KB, 554x554, 4FF6816C-DEDB-468B-8E64-5A1936FC4975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love going out, enjoying a nice meal with my family and then writing a big fat 0 on the tip line. It’s funny because I treat the server incredibly kindly all night so they (foolishly) assume that I’m going to tip them well. Watching their face twist from genuine happiness to confusion to masked rage back into a fake smile all over the course of a couple of seconds when I hand them the bill back is always the highlight of my night. Fuck poor people, fuck niggers, but most of all fuck faggot redditors that feel entitled to my money for doing their job

>> No.29612299

Because I speak English properly and am always correct in my argumentation. My general disdain for ideologically brainwashed foreigners may have been a big clue too

>> No.29612329

What is a youtube superchat date?

>> No.29612353

except its considered social suicide now to refuse to tip even if you get atrocious service because everyone is a fucking commie now and no one wants to do their job properly and fuck you fascist karen if you disagree

>> No.29612362
File: 390 KB, 600x616, 01613707957604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and truth pilled

>> No.29612411

This is the highest honor a burger can receive.

>> No.29612426

what the fuck are those side panels for?

>> No.29612460

It's not relevant who the job is meant for. Teens or adults, what matters is being paid fairly for the labor that's being done. Some people are lucky to use cars, but when I did it, I was on a bike. And yes, it was something I did in my late teens/early 20s, not something I do anymore. But I should have had more in my pocket for how hard I was working.

I'm just happy I don't have to work out my legs as much because of it.

>> No.29612478

This. I give a flat rate 3 dollars tip for all my food deliveries and grocery deliveries. Even that is too much. UPS, fedex and USPS don't get tipped.

>> No.29612489

>I can't eat
>be fat too
>and a tranny

>> No.29612492

Cover ears from external sounds

>> No.29612495
File: 138 KB, 960x957, 1499249031547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inb4 his childish attitude gets him a gofundme with 10k+ donations

>> No.29612497

I didn't spit in anyones food faggot ;-)
lmao sure bud

>> No.29612565

What the fuck is in his nose ?

>> No.29612589

Literal retard? No. Close to being a retard? Yes. Most lumberjacks are low iq but actually make pretty good money.

>> No.29612595

>But I should have had more in my pocket for how hard I was working.
Neither the world or the people in owe *you* a goddamn thing and the sooner that lesson is bashed into your fucking skull the better off everyone will be.

>> No.29612625
File: 24 KB, 120x148, harry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe you didn't get more (you)s for this classy banter.

>> No.29612627

People always seem to forget if they dont receive enough tips to make minimum wage, they will be paid minumum wage instead of 2.25hr.

>> No.29612655 [DELETED] 

I deliver pizza and pump my tip money into crypto.

Most of the stiffs are natives, hot single moms, and crackheads. They all live in absolute shithole houses that smell bad with huge piles of trash everywhere. I don't really get pissed anymore when people don't tip. But I do shit like shake up soda bottles for the assholes who pull shit like leaving $0.02 tips.

Pizza is definitely a racket if there ever was won. The amount that they exploit the teenagers who work inside the store is ridiculous. They'll even force them to take unpaid breaks when it isn't busy just to save the store a few bucks.

Yeah and the assholes who order when the weather is shitty and the roads are not safe also never tip.

>> No.29612674

> But I should have had more in my pocket for how hard I was working.
Too bad the market gets to decide that and not sub 80 IQ delivery drivers/ waiters whose only “value” is moving food. If you don’t like your salary bring it up to your Jewish boss instead of demanding random people pay you welfare.

>> No.29612677


>> No.29612757
File: 93 KB, 640x716, 1612478202240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Build something instead of doing fuck all. Always plan ahead you retarded nigger.

>> No.29612818

It reminds me of...
driving into Romania, and the border guard has you drive into a dip
there is a system set up that lets them flood your car in case you try to run
after paying for the travel visa
the guard motions to his pocket rubbing his fingers together
he points to flood button, rubs his finger by his pocket again
so you pay the "extra" fee on top of the official fee

only difference is that instead of the threat of flooding your car
its the threat of socially humiliating you for not tipping

>> No.29612874

If you agree to the wage you are paid then you have determined how much your labor is worth. You. No one else. You live in a society, bucko

>> No.29612939
File: 276 KB, 1600x900, 190F475B-A550-4CEC-9405-E276D8B5495E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I’m HAPPY with fiefdom actually, in fact it’s so natural that it collapses and needs to be bailed out every time a housing crisis or natural disaster occurs. The founding fathers were based! Without capitalism I wouldn’t have my funkopops or iPhones!

>> No.29612957

Why not quit and flip burgers then?

>> No.29612997

As a former delivery driver I have to disagree. If delivering food paid a living wage I'd gladly take the pay cut to go back to it, shit was the easiest job I've ever had.

>> No.29613039
File: 10 KB, 321x339, F7963418-AD58-432A-969C-AF0FD7FDE8BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is your future if you listen to /pol/cels and don’t get a degree because colleges are “Jewish” lmfao. You will be a slave in the “gig economy” not even making enough money to feed yourself.

>> No.29613077

>meme directly references the fact the federal government issued bailouts for giant corporations making the rich richer and state level governments imposed illegal lockdowns making participating in the economy even more difficult
you can't make it up.

>> No.29613098

or you go to Italy...
you park in public parking, pay $20 (fucking thieving kikes!)
and a very unofficial looking parking lot attendant walks up
tells you that you also need to pay parking security
>i dunno maybe... someone... breaks your windows. I take care of that, so no broken window

so you pay the extra fee on top of the parking fee, because of threat scam

>> No.29613128

Doubt it

>> No.29613145

They do if I gave them a good or a service you dumbass.
Every single other job follows this logic EXCEPT delivery/waiters. Though I have much less sympathy for waiters because they get more tips than anyone ever and work the least.

And because you assholes continue to support the bosses for doing this, the workers are completely powerless.
Unless all delivery drivers quit until they're paid more. That means no delivery for you until that demand is met, that means higher fees for you to compensate. Before you bring up how other countries do it and are fine, America shits the bed at raising minimum wage. People's hours get cut, prices get inflated over the years, small businesses literally close.

You cannot justify it, you're just being greedy and your self righteous horseshit is just your way of justifying it. You're not good people and if you can admit that, then we'd stop going in circles. Yes you, the consumer, an the voter IS the very part of the problem.
You can comfortably tell people to simply not work that job, which is again unrealistic, but you can't tell yourself "I can get my fat ass up and get my food my self".

>> No.29613165

>ideologically brainwashed followers

The fucking irony lmao you illiterate faggot, the middle class won’t exist in even 10 years

Bragging about not knowing basic historic theory and thinking that the 1960’s are far away in any regard and not just a repetition of neoliberal economics, genuinely pathetic and desperate, the United States will collapse in your lifetime and you will cry as you are sent to a Bezos wagie work center

>> No.29613180

i found them pretty useful, whoever wears one of these automatically outs himself as a sub 70 IQ borderline retard with the most plebeian mentality you could find. so you know directly what kind of person you're dealing with.

>> No.29613232

>People who have jobs where they get tips will lie about this though

This. I noticed they all lie and act like if they don't get tips then they will be paid $2 an hour legally by their boss. This type of lying is rampant on social media
Meanwhile irl my ex-gf who waitressed made $25-30 an hour with tips.

>> No.29613276

Because the only history you know is 1700 and forward

>> No.29613348
File: 69 KB, 1200x1184, D71220E0-796B-4053-8D42-0A075DD46AD8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29613359

i dont think thats a scam, i think that is straight up racketeering

>> No.29613362

Ask me how I know your a newfag?

>> No.29613380

Yeah, and the boss man is going to fire you if you need him to comp you on every check.

>> No.29613411

>government taking peoples money in taxes and giving it to other people is now capitalism
you learn something new every day

>> No.29613437

but in the end
it all has to do with making it
if you are rich, you don't care what people think of you, you know you are better than them
so when you don't tip you are immune to their scoffs, huffs, and eye rolls
and actually, you just get off on trolling the idiot
who felt entitled to a fucking tip
>what, nooo tip?!!??!
yep, nigger, get an umbrella if you work in the rain, slam door

>> No.29613462

that's the most american thing ive ever seen

>> No.29613469

It’s almost like the state serving monopolies under capital is the basis for any critique of capitalism. You can’t make up lolbertarian logic

>> No.29613612

Imagine being so delusional that you think your small business wouldn’t get raped by Uber without regulations

>> No.29613632


"the only difference" is the entire difference at all

the antiquated term "snowflake" comes to mind

"socially humiliated" lololololol

>> No.29613671

critiques of capitalism usually want stronger government intervention and central planning
well guess what, every time a bailout happens, you're getting that. congrats

>> No.29613684

The funny thing is that before the advent of social media I used to tip fairly well. After seeing the nearly universal sense of entitlement wagies feel about tips though I’ve made it my new policy to never tip when I go out.

>> No.29613739

The food tampering thing always gets to the Bourgeois, because no matter what you accomplish in your life you'll never be able to hold anything over a person who tricked you into eating their spit. They'll always look at you with a little twinkle in their eye, as though they were keeping a secret from a child.

>> No.29613743

what regulations? you mean the ones that make a system like uber necessary in the first place, because of employment laws?

>> No.29613747

Wow, most McDonalds only lower the Local/Franchise flag for dead employees. They lowered the Host National flag and the Global Corporate flag. Color me impressed.

>> No.29613782

hey, im not saying I care, because entire human race is dead to me
I would press the button before they could finish the sentence to kill every single one on the planet

but, one of the exact reasons for that
is because that is how the world works
you don't think that is what they are trying to do?
guilt you into shit?
just like the bum on the corner when he eye balls you, like its your fault that he is broke

>> No.29613873

You’re right. We need to get rid of the employer employee relationship and make everyone an independent contractor because we’re all our own bosses! :^)

>> No.29613928
File: 8 KB, 220x229, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

legitimately better than what we have now

>> No.29613939

I could have sworn one of those things followed me around a store. Can staff operate them remotely?

>> No.29613990
File: 84 KB, 1919x810, 1613576533954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah man whatever you do dont blame the company that refuses to pay you to prop up their entire business model. Whatever you do, do not get a better job.
I have no sympathy for retards holy shit

>> No.29614055

Anon, about skilled labor from India and China...

>t. oldfag net engineer

>> No.29614143
File: 63 KB, 600x718, soy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the Bourgeois
did someone post this thread on reddit?

>> No.29614170

Neoliberal market capitalism will utilize Lifeboat socialism to save itself in times of crisis. If nobody bailed out the banks and we lived in ancapistan they would be privately bailed out because all of this money is just circulation

>> No.29614234

These threads attract wagie waiters and delivery drivers which are (in 95% of cases) redditors that recently discovered 4chan.

>> No.29614248
File: 623 KB, 1280x1290, 1612451982222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he wants to make less than minimum wage with no benefits, unemployment, workers comp, have self employment taxes
And so the wagie looses what little he has

>> No.29614275
File: 52 KB, 500x329, 066C4012-D141-4CE0-AD30-7EA122BA3590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29614342

>have self employment taxes
no thanks sweetie