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And here a flame so grand alight,
The brownness banished, bathed in white,
And with Huobi's might and in it's love,
We go to ATH, beyond and above.

But fees and gas left truth obscured
By fire's light the FUD is lured,
And avarice did tempt fate's ire,
What prideful hand could grasp the fire?

are you next anon?

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Huobi listing in 2 around weeks (5m MC and huobi listing, as first CEX, should be enough for a buy but we're far from done yet)
>Academic and crypto-experienced advisors, Moonwhale CEO is on board
>Alternative to BSC which is not used by asians as much as Huobi products
>HECO chain already had a high quality launch, INJective Protocol, seems like they go for quality over quantity, looking at you pancakecrap
>Elrons, Matic, Orion protocol, Ferrum, Moonwhale, UniLend,Umbrella Network, StaFi, MAHA, Ramp, CyberFi, OinFinance, Yielfields, Gourmet Galaxy
>BSC, HECO, ERC-20 crosschain compatible, more chains to come.
>This means literally almost all assets will be traded on FireSwap (one of their products) via wrapping bridge, yes also your BEP20 tokens.

this is literally on par with the likes of AAVE, Serum, SNX etc. And sits at around 5m MC. Holy fuck /biz/ I really tried spoonfeeding this to you I really did. And now you're fucking lucky to read this thread when it's literally at entry-biz price (after my first post it steadily went up to 1.60).

The future:
>Huobi listing , early march
>BEP20 address and interop
>accelerated liquidity program
>Derivatives, DEX and Loaning platform (all-in-one)
>More chains for interop, more partnerships
>Limit orders on DEX by august
>Ivan already mentioned it shorty in his last video, I think this will blow up once other influencers know about it.

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Matic powered QUICKswap listing was hinted in mainchat earlier, expect more bullish announcements.

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lol nice pic

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FIRE'd up and ready to go!

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Fire with the spic recovery. $20 is fud

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Oh shit, we have a new entrant to the memes! Nice contribution, anon

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Where can I buy this sjit. American here

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hahaha fuck man the dog in burning house meme is PERFECT for fire kek.


on uniswap my burgerfren.
copy contract address from
and connect your metamask wallet to app.uniswap.org (make sure it's the correct link)

then paste in the contract address, unlock and swap.

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Gotta swap on uniswap for now, just keep an eye out for cheap gas prices

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kek yes but your new one(dog) is just fire

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Biz will sleep on this till we're at $10+

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I hope not, its a great opportunity with a strong offering, would be sad to leave some folks behind because they ignore our lil Fire clubhouse threads

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Thanks, have another

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missed quads

we got 6 unique IDs in this thread, I think biz is catching fire. Too bad it's full of retard(ant)s.

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oh shit haha, love this one

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these are the threads we get slid for

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op do you have the white paper? I want to read it htough and make sure its good.

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I got u senpai

This is just...I can't

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How the fuck have I not seen this yet? What the fuck

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Freshie for ya, very relevant

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my fucking sides have transcended to hell :'D

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but you forgot a slash there at biz buddy

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I only swapped the fire logo for some other token logo, I didn't edit anything else. The biz part is bothering me too, but I like to leave a little something flawed with my memes, because man is inherently flawed. Also, I'm lazy.

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awful coin, good luck bag holding while the devs fail to deliver again

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Good luck holding your dad's ball bag while you throat him to completion, faggot

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>Devs have prio products that went nowhere

Discord trannies please dilate

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You already posted that fud in the previous thread, you know no one is even slightly considering to sell if you don't even atleast try to elaborate your larpfud.
Paycheck in 5 days tops, I guess this is when weak wagie fud will stop.

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Oh, yes. The fire rises

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You don't even know the devs faggot only the advisors are public. And even if they had flops why would it matter now? This is endorsed by over 10 platforms and the moonwhale CEO is no joke moonwhale has VC'd great projects.

Gay fud is gay.

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this is next level trolling gotta hand that to you

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This is a FIRE thread, not a Bonfi thread, Bane. Checked tho

Yeah, prob fudding to cheaply fill their own bags.

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This thread is obviously blessed by the firegods. Don't underestimate meme magic and my 3rd post.

>calls me a tranny
>posts little anime girls
It's alright anon we'll be friends when your wagie check cleared or you finally abandon that other project you're in to fomo into my 10x'd bags.

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>13 posts by this id

Whats wrong discord tranny? Did all your shill friends leave you with the bag?

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I don't understand why people FUD on /biz/. You know there's like 30 people here right?

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>Spook one paperhands anon
>line go down 0.0001%

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It mentions XPR (Proton, not Ripple) in their lite paper. Do you know anything about that project?

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I know very little about very little, OP is the dude with the info

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I literally posted a FIRE thread twice a day since february 18th 15:22, check the archives.

so you dropped your fud now for ad homini? Yes I'm trying to keep the thread alive, /biz/ is too fast these days, but I try to add some value to my posts by spoonfeeding basically everyone, even you, troll.

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It's most likely a typo.

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I'm outta here, cya tomorrow

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Cya bumpanon.
One last bump from me too, I'm sure someone will appreciate it.

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This looks underpriced