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Not been back to the office for nearly a year now and kinda miss my comfy Herman Miller chair.

Should I invest in one myself? What comfy chair do you use?

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Herman Miller Embody

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just came by to say the same thing

bought it with my gibs

it's the architects chair, OP - get it

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Purchase Embody fot yourself and don't look back

if your company tries to force you into office, force them to buy you an Aeron (if you don't have them already)

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I like the "gamer" omega chairs, I would recc the slightly more wide seated one, I'm 180-190 5'11. legit fixed my back problems from shit chair

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heeeell yeah.. this my make it chair...
f gamer chairs... I don't need it to do "this"

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>Herman Miller Embody
"So intelligent, sitting in it actually helps you think"
Kek, might help my trading.

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is it good for jerking off?

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don't jerk off in your $1500 chair

get a $100 chair for that or use your old one

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If you're a knowledge worker that spends 8+ hours a day at the PC, I think a good chair is a great purchase.
For one thing, a bargain basement office store chair starts falling apart in a couple years so the cost savings isn't real in the long run. And for another thing, your back and neck will be killing you after a while and you'll want to go spend cash on physical therapy.
Some people are a bit squeamish about buying used chairs, but there's some good deals out there with many companies liquidating their office properties.
Personally I went with a Herman Miller Embody. I've had it for a few years now....still feels brand new despite sitting in it 10 hours a day and I'm hopeful it will last at least a decade.

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I jerk off butt naked/put fleshlight inbetween pillows and go to town

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Or you know, use you girls pussy like a normal guy

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I have the HumanScale Freedom w headrest. Very sturdy and comfy all day. Good savings over Herman Miller.

The proper office posture took some getting used to but I am comfy after being in it for almost 12 hours some days.

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>hey babe can I use your pussy to jerk off?
>you mean like have sex anon?
>sure whatever stop talking

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post your girl

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been using this for a year now. Best decision in a while

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literally the best chair ever. Easily worth it. Your back will thank you.

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>put weight on the edge of armrest
>plastic cracks
fucking overpriced piece of shit

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Yes they are worth it; it's much cheaper than back surgery later.

You can get a used or refurbished Herman Miller Aeron for dirt cheap on craigslist or facebook market place or office supply resellers. I've seen them as cheap as $250. The Herman Miller Embody seems even nicer but there no good second hand market to really get a good one for cheap.

The SteelCase series are also extremely good. I got a refurbished SteelCase Gesture for about $500 and it's been amazing. It's not about comfort with these chairs, but about allowing to sit for HOURS without fucking with your back

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Just have sex basically

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They're kinda small

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Nightingale cxo, bigger, cheaper and more comfortable than a Herman Miller

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Alright fags I'm a herman miller expert I have 4 of these chairs:

Best: Aeron. Get a third party matching headrest for maximum comfy. Only chair that doesn't hurt my ass after hours of use. THE BEST ALWAYS

Next best: Cosm. Like a wannabe Aeron but still decent enough.

Third best: Embody. I got this for the ass support but it hurts after a while. I still bought 2 for the office, good for if you're not sitting on your ass for hours and hours.

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bought a herman miller aeron from 1997

sits like a dream, only issue is that it wont lock in its upright position, but who sits like that anyway. Based chair.

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They come in 3 sizes: Asian, Basic, and Corpulent.

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Yes absolutely! I have a Leap V2 at home. Best chair I’ve ever owned. At work my company supplies us with Aerons which are nearly as good if not better.

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yes, the mesh makes it way less sweaty and no sweat stains either.

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I bought that shit last month after the INJ pump. I am in love with my chair and INJ bag. Don't think to buy both of them ma fren

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Link to 3rd party headrests? I am game to buy an Aeron to test out against the Embody.

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Weird, literally getting an Aeron delivered this afternoon, right out of the box. Fucking hyped to get this shitty $250 gaymr chair out of my life

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I got a steelcase gesture (get the headrest unless you are a manlet) and love it. Another thing to consider is desk height, an electric standing desk has helped my back considerably because I can have my legs at the correct angle while sitting.

Oh yeah and dont forget to claim it as a WFH expense for tax purposes

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I bought one 10 years ago and haven't had a single problem with it. I was tired of the cheap chinkshit Staples chairs breaking yearly. So far it's paid for itself.

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Steelcass Amia

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I have a steelcase leap, but i think im gonna get a aeron since i hear so many good things about it, my back still can hurt with the leap

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Hmm I see other people citing this chair as the best, too.

I tried the Aeron but didn't like the plastic rim around the side, it dug into the sides of my thighs and I'm a bag of bones at 65kg lol.

Shame the new "gaming" Embody (recoloured, with some additional foam) is only in that shitty blue, though. I've been badgering them to try and get them to bring out more colours for it. So far they're sticking to the "We've researched what gamers want" marketing spiel.

This is what I proposed, over that shitty blue. If enough people ask for more colours on it, they'll make it if they smell money.

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Interesting I'll have to check which one Mr. Noseberg bought next time

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fuck yeah, ive been sitting in this chair 14 hours a day for last 12 months

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I have been sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron every day for years and now there's a hole forming in the seat. For real. fucking $600 chair.

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worth every penny

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fuck I want to buy this but can't decide to buying this baby or saving my USDTs for CGG sale. I am sure that also a few collectible NFT cardz of ChainGuardians superheroes give me this but I don't want to wait anymore

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just search aeron headrest on Amazon. It's the first result, the "original". You'll know it's the right one because it looks as if Herman Miller made it

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Embody chad checking in

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Stop being fat.

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Bought the Shaq Amphion chair from Office Depot recently. I feel like a faggot for buying the meme nigger chair but damned if it wasn't the most comfortable one there.

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It is to me. I bought it off their site and don't regret it. It was 15% off.

I bought a Mineral colored Aeron with every option but the wheels.

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I got an Aeron Remaster and I don't like it too much. Not sure if it's just me, but the pressure it puts against my spine, no matter how I configure it, just gives me back pain. I've had to put on a thin pillow at the back to make it usable. The lack of a headrest is also annoying, and the aftermarket one I got (Atlas) sucks if you use headphones or move your neck around due to multiple monitors. I think some other brand or the Embody is the way to go.

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I've spent the last year sitting all day working on one of these.

I put a bed pillow on it to stop it hurting my ass.

I'm not destitute, I just can't fit a chair in my spare room.

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lol didn't know Shaq had a chair that nigga puts his name on everything

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we are chair bros
thing is comfy as, only thing I would change is longer armrests backwards. would make it perfect reclined.

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Currently sitting in one, not comfy desu get something else

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MVP ty.

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does it always ''force'' you to sit a certain way and would you recommend buying it blind?

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It has a 12 year warranty though. Wonder if you can ask HM to send you a new seat.

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Yes buy it blind. Free return if you don't like it.
It forces me to sit in a way that I don't really want to get up. Works for me!

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I have the cosm and it’s incredible. Worth every penny and the 12 year warranty shows how well these things are built. Invest in your back - your future self will thank you.

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Is aeron better than embody?

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Life hack right here. And bald, And poor.

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No, the mesh is harsh especially against your ass and thighs if you wear thinner clothing. Like sitting on it with sweatpants at home is unbearable.

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What colours would you nigs want for the "gaming" Embody, if they got off their lazy arses and made them? (Though it's likely due to the Logitech contract they've got that 1 shitty blue colour).
GF wants this.

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If you're going to buy the embody make sure you get the thickest fabric option with the perforated mesh. That one is the most comfortable.

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Thanks for all the opinions bros, was about to upgrade my POS chair to something whole-coiner worthy.

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I like the red one you posted before, better than shades of blue.

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The new "gaming" embody in that pic has an extra layer of foam apparently. So should be more comfy. Unless you've tried both?

This is what I'm going for, but they only have one fucking colour (a really horrible "electric" blue colour).

Same. I'm wondering if they've made only the one colour so far as it was basically a Logitech "Let us slap our brand name on your chair" contract, so they kept it that way so everyone who saw it would know "That's the Logitech chair". Blergh. Really wanting one as my current shitty chair is falling to bits, but fuck that blue.

As mentioned I've been badgering their customer support about it, I'm hoping if enough people complain they'll see the money and bring out some alternate colours. Can't be too hard, surely? They do it for the normal Embodys.

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Haven't tried that one, it was a few years ago

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This is the default. It's even brighter in real life, blergh.

The only real change is the additional layer of foam in the seat and back. Wanting this version as many people have said the standard embody is a bit firm, and I've got a very bony arse.

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Review. Looks very squidgy and comfy. Several people have said that the foam cutting out before the edge of the chair cuts into their legs though, but some guy just shoved some of his own foam in there and it was fine. Surprised they haven't fixed that yet, it's pretty much the only complaint in the reviews on their website.

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What do i look for bois? Im going to test the Aeron vs Embody this weekend

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Sit in it like you would on a normal day. Imagine it in your home. Does it meet expectations?

Pretty straightforward :)

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Test it with the same thing you would wear at home. Don't buy the aeron if it feels like sitting on a thousand needles

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wouldn't adding a cushion yourself fulfill the same goal? or would that defeat the purpose of these chairs? (don't be too comfy)

>> No.29606796

it would defeat the purpose and become too hard and eventually just be painful, along with being sweaty as fuck.

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How would a chair without a headrest (like the aeron) help with neck problems?

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No, I have a herman miller aeron and the cum gets stuck in the mesh seat. It doesn't just wipe off, you have to get a toothpick and push it out of each hole of the mesh.

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I have an Aaron with a headrest. Not the confiest but I dont kill my back sitting down all day.

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because headrests are what cause neck problems in the first place.

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Avoid these Chinese resellers, I've got 2 of their chairs and they suck so much I bit the bullet and went with a steelcase gesture

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