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What happens if everyone goes to the bank and tries to withdraw all their money at the same time?

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have you ever opened a history book?

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the jews in charge shut it down

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>He thinks that banks have cash

This is the level ...

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Not much, most people have a low 4 figure sum available in current accounts. That plus daily withdrawal limits which is like £500 here. Bank and customer type dependant though.

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They all catch corona

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Inciting Bank runs is not a good idea

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this... look at any historic market crash...
personally I'm guessing it'll be like ussr collapse but world wide... rough times ahead

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Right especially now that the government removed all reserve requirements. Banks have essentially been given the green light to pretty much create all the money they want out of thin air.

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Why do you think the FED and ECB are shilling the HODL meme so hard? They don't want you to withdraw anything ever

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Someone post the meme with the frogs lining up to withdraw all their funds from the banks, kek

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found it

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