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What does /biz/ think about matic/polygon?

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this will pull and aave chart, rebrands are uberbullish

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APE in , it will hit $1
-Think about it like an undervalued DOT
-potential listing on coinbase (its already in coinbase custody)
-backed by Coinbase and Binance.
-Adoption from users and companies happening
-partnerships every week
-fiat on ramp
-the FEES are the lowest you can get.

buy also Matic companions:
QUICK (Quickswap)
DB (Dark.Build)
-use the network, once you get your money in L2 you will be able to trade with absolute freedom without worrying about fees.

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I like it.
But it still feels isolated from everything else.
I am providing liquidity in Quickswap, but it would help it if it wasn just a Uniswap copypaste.

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Literally antshares / neo in 2017

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arent all the devs pajeets?

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It’s literally one of the best gems u can jump on. Not listed on coinbase yet even though coinbase ventures is an investor in the project. After rebrand they have integrated every L2 tech. Great team , very transparent.

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Half are pajeets. Still not a single woman.
Good enough for me.

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india will unban crypto exactly like china did, the poo will floo trough the gates

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Money is not racist, if the tech is good is all that matters.

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Polygon Matic is not registered in India, doesnt affect the project at all.

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>doesnt affect the project at all.

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good post.

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Their partnership with DxSale is going to be bullish for both.

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the future unironically

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All my NFT games investments are all on Polygon/Matic. They got the decentralized gaming on a choke hold. It won't be long till top 20.

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