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do you think these epic banned cards will significantly rise in value?

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yeah for sure. Actually I think its funny that they got banned for being "racist"

I mean - When you are at 4chan nothing in the real world seems racist to you (beside nazis hahah)

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No. They will be memory holed and treated like Mengele's science.

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Banned in what sense?

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yeah social justice fags overexaggerated again. i mean if there was a mountain hitler card and a swamp nigga i would understand it. but these cards are just inspired by real history like many other cards.

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you are not allowed to play them in tournaments i guess. and they are deleted from all archives as if they never existed

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Is this a joke?

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Invoke Prejudice would have been a really good buy before this all happened seeing as it went from a cheap card to becoming a $400+ unbuyable on some sites. Buying now is risky IMO compared to other investments in the same game.

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Are there any gay cards? Those can be considered culturally offensive as well by Christians and Muslims therefore should be banned as well.

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maybe we can find some gay cards and accumulate heavy. then spread awareness in social media and profit with 10000x gains

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Lmao mountain hitler

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I have some cleanse and summon gypsies so I hope so

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um, that's not how it works, little perspiring one

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the most expensive one will be invoke prejudice because it has KKK members and it was card no. 1488 in the WOTC card database

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no one tell them about chess.

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why are the ones bannend that are not about black ad white creatures? Actual gampeplay reasons?

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In an actually relevant non-autistic sense, they are banned from all retailers that officially sell WotC product. You cannot get them anymore outside of 3rd party markets like eBay. This along with the politics now surrounding them have caused their price to skyrocket and they are essentially now part of the Reserved List, a collection of cards that will never be printed again.

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holy fuck Cleanse so fucking based I'm going to buy 200 copies of it holy fuck even crusade why no one told me this

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They've missed this one here.

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Daily reminder that Mark Rosewater's "Mona Lisa" of flavor text was Reparations.


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Anon I don't know how to tell you this, but the faggots have already won. There's been literal gay, tranny, asexual, and autistic cards for years.

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haha what are these shitty shits. NFT hype is coming forget this damn cards and keep your eyes on superheroes of ChainGuardians

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Anyone have a link for a "White supremacy" EDH deck?

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One of these artists was actually a neo nazi who put racist symbolism in his works, also the quality of his art is also trash, especially compared to modern artists. https://haroldarthurmcneill.weebly.com/

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There's lots of "white weenie" decks that consist of small creatures that die easily and don't do much. Perfectly describes the white race. Check em out.

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most online shops don't sell them
>building white deck for kitchen table magic because fuck WOTC
>centered around knights
>"wow crusade looks cool"
>card gets banned a few months afterwards

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Fixed the text

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Why isninprison and stone throwing devils banned? Is this magick the gathering?

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>tfw collecting racist cards is rewarded with artificial scarcity
Based west coast retards

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Best of all of that by "coincidence" its collector number is 1488

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Lol, that’s actually kind of funny

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Just how black cards sacrifice their own to pay for things they can't afford, leeching off of the life of other colors, and slinging disease are traits of blacks.

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>this seething nigger that couldn't walk past the thread
Go die lol.

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Black symbolizes death. It has nothing to do with race.

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I'm aware, I typically play Oona control/mill in EDH and am lookin to spice up Saturdays with some controversy. Made a Trump deck with Walls, Land Tax, and a ton of control just to make cheap jokes and am looking to make the same effort in light of these cards.

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Sounds fun. What's the wincon?

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Is there anything more cucked than playing MtG? Imagine owning cards and being told you're not allowed to use them cause they're racist. Imagine complying. Imagine not immediately selling every single card you own after that line of thought left WotC in a press release.

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They already did. The RL/old-school ones are gonna follow RL/OS trends. Wouldn't spec on the already banned common shit though.
I have a pile of these waiting for the next wave.

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there's way shittier art from that era

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[Deadeye navigator + Pergerine Drake] -or- [Palinchron + Phantasmal Image] and mill target opponent is the main way

I've also got some Tunnel Vision shenanigans

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so rename death to grey and life to yellow and most is ok i guess
but what is even wrong with the bottom set of cards or am i missing something in the low res picture
or has gypsie become a new nono word in the recent months

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No we live in clown world its real. They got banned

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Nice. Banishing Stroke + Tunnel Vision probably works well. If you're in UW that is.

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Damn Crusade is actually a white weenie staple depending on the format

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What's wrong with Imprison and Stone-Throwing Devils?

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he seems more like a Boyd Rice style underground artist from the 90s than someone who needs to be hunted down with a pitchfork in the name of sanitizing everything for marketing reasons

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I have mint graded copies of every card drawn by harold "if it ain't white, it ain't right" mcneill

protip: they're going to cancel him entirely so get legends copies of sylvan library if you can still find them cheap

because black people go to jail and apparently stone-throwing devils is a slur used against some arabs that stone people to death

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finally making sense, thank you

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Ayyo mang we wuz rectangles n shiet

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Maybe, I see that Jihad doubled in price since I bought it on ban. Invoke Prejudice did jump up significantly.

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>When you are at 4chan nothing in the real world seems racist to you

i see much anti white racism in real world

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God I fucking hate these SJW faggots

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It's a pretty silly thing and a stretch to say the least. The only cards that could be interpreted as vaguely prejudicial are probably Invoke Prejudice and maybe Cleanse, but that's a real stretch.

The others patently make no sense. Crusade and Jihad were real, historical events that got transliterated into MTG in the early days when they were trying to feel out if they were going to be more of a historical fiction type thing (a la Arabian Nights), or straight fantasy. Neither of those cards are meant to glorify those events any more than a game like Total War or Crusader Kings has them as events either.

Then it just gets more bizarre with things like Stone-Throwing Devils. I don't see how anyone could possibly interpret that along racial or prejudicial lines. It's so vague I don't even know why it's supposed to be offensive. Is it supposed to imply Palestinian children? Isn't it more racist to make that implication through the act of banning the card than simply letting it ride?

Gypsies are a real ethnic group, and are not disparaged in the card, merely represented. Isn't it more racist to erase their representation than to simply let them be part of the game, like a dozen other races are? Like, by that logic, shouldn't you also ban Niko Aris - the latest "non-binary" planeswalker from Kaldheim? Isn't it the same logic that you're exploiting a group of marginalized people for a game?

Anyway, I would buy Crusade, but it's already $50 on Ebay, and I don't want to pay that much for cardboard.

t. 25 year MTG player

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WTF kind of racist game is this? No wonder this generation is so racist

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The football team "The Washington Redskins" is now called "The Washington Football Team" because merely having the name and the logo was racist. A literal native american designed the logo and his tribe supported the name, but approval from the actual group is not enough anymore, racial representation is forbidden I guess.

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No, mtg is very bearish right now. If you have a graded 10/10 maybe a collector would buy it off you.

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Once 4th edition cards start to moon, that's signal to dump mtg. Sell your top cards single, then just lot the rest.

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