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$15 EOY.

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i will suck your cock if that happens

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I would metaphorically cum from my dick if you know what I'm saying

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and I'll suck yours

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Unironically earlier than that. We'll top out before summer comes around and a final scam wick up to $25 wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.

Few more months until we all make it, at least the 2017 bros that know when to press the red button. 2021 newfags gonna baghold till 2026 for sure

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Stop FUDing op wtf.

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and I’ll suck yours

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> t. actual gay guy

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HEY there is a cock that needs sucking here guys, get on the train

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OP needs to close the loop

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you really think this is going to reach half a trillion market cap?

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Why cant Cardancels do basic math?

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Another Delusional retard can’t do basic math

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while I suck yours

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you're retarded if you don't think it can reach $300B. Eth is almost that high and it's a complete piece of shit

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or $450B, or even 1T. the entire crytpo marketcamp will keep growing to at least $40T

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$3 EOY

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They are delusional cult followers

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And i will suck yours
It wouldn't even be gay.

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You need a chain that actually works before you can see that kind of money. Efereum’s value comes from people actually using it

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whats the easiest way to buy this shit? am I forced to use binance?

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Can use Kraken too

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It release in 5 days

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8$ EOY

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3.1$ EOY

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>the entire crytpo marketcamp will keep growing to at least $40T

in 2021? I wouldn't count on it. Literally everyone who was here before last year would end up making it.

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Why is Cardano good? Crypto noob here.

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That’s called hyperinflation and very possible and also a buzzkill so please no $40T

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because everyone else thinks it's good, so it drives up the price

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That is not going to happen

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Imagine Ethereum but more decentralized with less autism and no gas fees

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Buy lumens on coinbase and transfer it to kraken. Then turn the lumens to btc to buy ADA

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formal verification translates into security. its THE selling point when it comes to finance. there are shittons of ethereum killers with better tech and they all dont matter

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It’s not

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Fantom and Tezos will kill Cardano. Already have actually

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And also no functioning blockchain and also no one building dApps for it

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its designed to rob niggers in africa kek

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tezos has had that for a long time. Tezos is better than cardano. Tezos has private smart contracts now. It will take at least 1 year and a half before cardano has that

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Please pay attention you look like a retard here

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If that happens I’ll get the ada logo tattoo’d around my asshole and post it here

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I'll be waiting for your pink wojaks noobs.

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because its not a rushed shitcoin, its a slow ass project backed by actual legit researchpapers and topics.

The thing is thought through completely as to achieve enough scalability, interoperability, decentralization and governance.

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>it releases in 5 days bro
>trust the plan
You are the Qtards of the crypto world

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Ok bro

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no not in 2021 but by the end of the decade at the latest

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The prior two are literally the country of Mexico if they were crypto currencies

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I'll sandblast 10 ladyboys if that happens
5$ eoy if everything goes fine

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Literally another research paper
This is smoke and mirrors in its purest form

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you are the moron of any world

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bumping just to let anons see how desesperate Cadano fudders are

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This is low quality fud. Mary isn't a research paper genius.

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>more decentralized
isn't most of the supply owned by the devs?

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The devs are paid in ADA, but I doubt they own most of it (31.11B supply).

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Not sure if I'd cash out much even at that price. Probably keep holding and staking.

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>posts pic of gay nog movie unrelated

how mysterious

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>muh cult
just shut the fuck up and make some money

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Huge ADA fan and I believe this indeed is far more likely

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ADA will be $1.7 - $2.4 EOY
t. 12000 ADA holder.

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>Hedge funds right now

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some major late adopter cope going on here. 15x? buying something so transient as an ethereum "killer" at these inflated double digit billion market caps is some huge cognitive dissonance. a centralized chain that appeared out of nowhere a few months ago destroyed all of these no-show chains, if you're not going to use ethereum's base layer, why would you bother with a half decentralized solution like cardano when you could just use some shitty chinese fully centralized solution instead, with even cheaper fees.

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do we already know what the fees will be?

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oops wrong thread.

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Why remain so ignorant? Have you seen ETH gas fees? Do you hate making money?

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To the nigger in the last ADA General thread before my response got cucked by the thread locking

>ok. which projects are more promising than cardano?
By far Hedera, which I know you'll FUD because Charles hates muh patents (which Hedera has expressed is simply to prevent unnecessary forking). Their protocol is being used in hospitals for COVID-related tracking activities, and multiple companies are considering their protocol for autonomous vehicles (aka its an actual working product that has been seen to have real use-cases outside of finance). They can deliver 10,000 TPS, which BTFO's even credit card networks like SWIFT(175) and Visa (1,700), and major blue chip tech companies already hold considerable stake and operate Hedera nodes (as part of being on their governance council). On top of this Hedera ports to ETH directly and they're collaborating closely with LINK to connect Hedera off-grid. There is no FUD.

>kek. this means nothing
Brings it up, says it means nothing. K.

>you spend too much time on this board as opposed to observing the fundamentals. it's like crying about s.o.y drinking silicon valley faggots buying apple stock. who gives a shit??
All I do is look at fundamentals, and what I see about Cardano is that it's fan-base is fundamentally gay. Whenever I see reddit-tier midwits pile onto a trannycoin like ADA, I know there's nothing of value behind it, and as I dig into all that DD you just did for me, I see that my instincts were correct.

>please do sell your stack asap
I'm not even close to being done profiting off of your shilling yet. You will feel my bags soon enough anon.

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Cardiac-Anal buyers will be broke by 2022

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can they be better than bsc? why bother being an network sitting inbetween ethereum and bsc when people clearly only want fully decentralized (technically bitcoin, not even ethereum, but for arguments sake ethereum will do), or they just dont care and trust their exchange enough to use some 100% centralized platform with almost zero (could even be zero in the future) fees.

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lel stopped reading there. you are truly retarded. enjoy holding to 0

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I would jack off to a picture of Charles and cum on it if that were to happen.

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Cope harder.
Leemon will rape you to death with his Pringles can sized autistic savant computer scientist cock

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Why isnt tezos more valuable than Cardano then?

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Cap this. We'll reconvene in 2025. Winner sends the bagholder 5 coins

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>and make some money
ADA already had insane gains, now you're just buying someone's bags.

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I would buy some nice headphones if that happened.

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It is you dumbo

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Fucking BASED, I want him to read me bedtime stories

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I have pic related cardano coins. I want to hold long term. Should I buy more?

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>prey eyes

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Oh oh oh! Now do this guy.