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Missed the last 80x, have no fear boys.
Grim is presaling in a few hours and they are keeping it small trying to get a multiple. Unironically 50x potential
their tg is @grimreaperfi

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we have already invested everything here, let's just wait

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if i don't make money on it i damn the day i bought it

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if you want to get on the first page of Forsb - this is your chance, don't miss it

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what the fuck is going on here guys? should i buy grim as well?

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faggots, continue typing your bullshit while I am buying grim

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why are you discussing so much, just fucking invest

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grim let's make children with you and multiply our profit

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turn on your brains and make this fucking investment bastards

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this is something new, it seems to me that you have no competitors

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which wallet should i use to buy ??

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* ideal platform for making money entered the chat *

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what news should we expect in the near future?

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My first sex was not as memorable as buying grim

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>Shilling before presale
100% rug

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you will starve to death if you don't buy it

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on which exchange can i buy grim?

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wow dude keep calm and money starts pouring in on you

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on which exchange can i buy grim?

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In this thread:
Everybody from the tg trying to shill their scam coin to each other.

Literal retards.

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Also bots now too....
Anybody who buys this is an absolute spastic.

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the main thing is that u don't starve to death after purchase

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x50????????? REALLY????

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are there any restrictions on the purchase of coins?

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what the fuck did you come here? we are here discussing success, but we have to discuss what kind of asshole you are

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if you haven't invested you are impotent lol

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this news is not enough for you ???

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looks like something normal, grim, are you cool?

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I don't think that they will introduce restrictions, although there are a lot of people who want to buy

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if you think your life is complete shit, I know what will help you! GRIM !!

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This is a fucking Russian roulette game, I want to know if I can make money here

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you can just take a chance or learn tokenomics well

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God, if you exist, make me rich on this project. Amen.

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wow guys, you've come to us with good news! Looking forward to pre-sale! good luck to all!

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do they have a mobile app ???

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losers, I'll be the first to get rich in this

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did you think well ????

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if this is a ticket to the future, then give me more !!!

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if you fucking fagot don't believe in this project then fuck off

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the english itt is so bad that i’m starting to think people are larping as foreigners

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you have to be blind not to see all the delights of this project ...

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But what should a blind man do if he wants to invest? ahahaha

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guys where can i find your site? I want to read more detailed white paper

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does this project have big investors ??

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how to understand that I will not burn out here?

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Stick out your dick out of your mouth and buy this coin

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it's not a problem if you have money and want to increase it

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I heard if u buy grim on presale your dick will get longer lol

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pray about all of us ahhaha

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what will this information give you ??????

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I think this is how he tries to protect himself, but lol, it doesn't work like that

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bro, don't waste time on this, just take my word for it - buy

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either you have superpowers, or you take, invest, and count your money

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ahaha there are a lot of smart people like you here, buy firstly

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Why every time I want to read important information I come across stupid users who shit here?

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I'm afraid to ask why only for men ...

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grim grim grim take my money and give yourself

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I want to press "start" and fly away to my money ...

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Stick out your dick out of your mouth and buy this coin

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because it's 4chan baby

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you don't have to be a superhero to understand that the project will bring profit

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alas, it doesn't work like that, take your money and invest

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Will anybody tell me that purchasing grim is really risk free?

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I am literally trying to grab as many tokens as I can

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read the post carefully, only the most positive

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what the fuck is this and why should i buy

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guys, what kind of project is this? does anyone know something about the creators?

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I'm afraid to ask why only for men ...

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grim PLEASE make me rich !!!!

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how much is gas when buying ???

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Scammers like OP are using token generators which can be found on GitHub (example: https://vittominacori.github.io/bep20-generator/)) to create these rug pull, PnD shit tokens. They then organize raids of /biz/ via telegram to spam their copy-pasta'd shitcoins. That's why you get so many canned responses in broken English when you tell them their "project" is a scam.

To any newfags around here that cant understand this bullshit: The vast majority of people who ape in to PnD and rug-pull tokens LIKE THIS ONE, end up losing everything they put in. Only the first handful of people that buy in end up making money, which is facilitated by rapidly dumping all over everyone who got in later. All you are doing with these "projects" is increasing the net worth of a bunch of lying, subliterate, third worlders, while risking your money.

This is how anything .finance works. This is how anything .money works. This is how PUMPKIN works. This is how POLONIUM works. This is how YIMPS works. This is how GBOI works. This is how YPANDA works. This is how KEBAB works. This is how SWOON works. This is how HODL works. This is how HOGE worked. This is WYNAUT worked. This is how MCDC worked etc... Et al. The people shilling it were early, and the people buying it now, will be dumped on at some point (often in minutes, but some very crafty scamniggers can make a PnD operation last for days, and in very rare situations, a couple of weeks). Stay away, and thank me later.

PRO TIP: If you can't buy something on a single major exchange, if it is being vigorously spammed on /biz/, dollars to donuts it's a piece of shit scam.

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and where can you buy this shit ??

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usually people dont shill presale.. unless its a fucking scam

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>name in the namefield